Pace of hoaxes increases as NWO wakes up that its kids are going down

June 14, 2016

The pace of hoaxes has increased under Obama from Bush and under Bush from Clinton. Why? Because they need to keep NWO in a state of contempt and hate towards the people as NWO’s own kids and grand kids are being replaced by the immigration substitution effect.

The Wright Island Model, statistics and common experience all show that the population, Whites in particular, are replaced by the immigrants. This has now reached the children and grandchildren of NWO in the metro DC and metro NYC area.  See the charts of the prior post and links to sources.

NWO has to be pushed harder to hate the victims since the victims are now their own children and grandchildren.  They are crippled with college debt, stuck at home in high real estate areas as immigrants crowd in and take the cheap housing near or in the cities of New York and Washington DC.

Hoaxes teach contempt to the insiders of NWO. That has to be stoked to boiling while their own children and grandchildren are race replaced by immigrants.  At key moments of Wasp replacement by Jews and Catholics there were also hoaxes or events to distract them or teach them contempt of the people. Perhaps WW1 and WW2 themselves are partly in that category.  Certainly the presidential assassinations fall in that group and many other events that are chronicled at websites devoted to this.

Now Whites are becoming a minority and White Catholics and secular Jewish elites are seeing themselves displaced. As did Wasps, they retain a grip on law and banking as they lose their position in many other professions such as medicine, engineering, science, and computer programming.

However, as the noose tightens on their own children and grandchildren they must be taught contempt for the population being displaced. So the hoaxes are more and more obvious and more in number. Still the people can’t wake up and this teaches contempt.

The Paradox of New World Order

June 14, 2016

The Paradox of New World Order, NWO, is that as a secret ruling organization it has contempt for those it rules, a contempt that turns to hatred and out of that hatred it destroys the people it rules to prove the hatred is justified.

Expanding on this, we can restate it as follows in more than one sentence. New World Order dupes the people it rules. This leads to an attitude of contempt. This is needed to perpetuate NWO as a secret society ruling over the people. But over time this attitude of contempt hardens into hate.  This hate becomes a need to destroy its object, the people it rules over in order to justify itself.

NWO can’t escape the Paradox of NWO. It inherently induces contempt towards those it rules in secret. Without that contempt it can’t keep itself going as a secret organization. Nor can it put the breaks on its contempt to keep itself from destroying the object of its contempt.  Thus NWO will destroy its own society.

We see societies collapse totally without sufficient outward sign of why. The fall of empires follows this pattern. Most notably Rome follows that pattern. Rome should have been able to maintain itself against disorganized barbarian groups, but it couldn’t. The rot was from within. NWO was already operating.

The fall of the Soviet Union is another example. Even if pushed by the West’s intelligence agencies, it still collapsed rapidly and with the overwhelming consent of the people it ruled over.

In the West, the NWO shows its hate of the people openly, who openly hate their governments and elites back.  This is the natural outcome of the Paradox of NWO.  The declining fertility and the replacement of population by immigration are characteristics of the Paradox of NWO.

Never married females aged 25 to 30 in counties in NYC and around it are typically 65% or higher.

For New York County:


For Westchester County, the chart is similar, although not quite as bad.


Similar results for counties near DC, although slightly better than around NYC.


The charts do not show up in a search, one has to scroll down to find them. They are not too far from the top.  Similar results show up in Suffolk County MA for Boston and the surrounding counties and Montgomery County PA and other counties around Philadelphia. Moving out, even rural counties are close to 40 to 50 percent 25 to 30 never married.

If females married under 30 have 2 children and the rest have 1, and these are 50/50, we get 2+ 1 for 2 females + 2 males = 3 for 4 or a ratio of 3/4. This is below replacement.

Decline is rapid. 3/4 times 3/4 is 9/16 or roughly 1/2.  So after 2 generations, 1/2 left. After 4 generations 1/4 left. These generations go at roughly 30 years, so 120 years, the population is eliminated.

We see that the federal government and the ruling banking and financial city are exterminating their own employees and families. This is out of the total hatred they feel towards the people they rule. Often family members are not aware of this, particularly as children and are subject to the contempt of NWO towards them. This results in a form of child abuse. The children of NWO are often damaged permanently.

NWO itself writes this off to depression. It blames the victim, which is all NWO can do. NWO can’t learn the math and population genetics of the Wright Island Model, because their attitude of contempt interferes with learning and they can’t abide the truth about themselves, that they are just a hate group unfit to rule anyone.

NWO constantly says the people are too apathetic to learn the information to rule themselves. But it is NWO that is apathetic to learn. Immigration by itself causes the depression in fertility and population replacement. This is published science, the Wright Island Model. See entries on this blog.

NWO is just a hate group. It is full of contempt over the people it rules and destroys, even their own employees and children. They are despicable above all other people.




Jews are opposed to Life for other races

May 4, 2016

Jews oppose the basic mechanisms of life for other races and groups. The basic mechanisms of life are grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA. Jews practice that within their own group.

Jews exclude other races and groups from institutions once Jews gain control over them. This includes Harvard, Supreme Court, New York City, Scarsdale schools, etc.

Jews use grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA in every phase of their life including work. They seek to ban that to other races especially to the White Race that they hate and loathe.

Since Jews are opposed to the basic mechanisms of life for other races, Jews must be separated from the other races and put into their own homeland.  Jews must not run or control organizations or institutions that contain the other races or groups.  This is especially true of Whites.

Because NWO opposes the basic mechanisms of life to non-Jews but not to Jews, it shows Jews are the controller of NWO.  Jews created or took over NWO to turn it into anti-life for non-Jews and life for Jews.  This is by preventing access to the basic mechanisms of life for non-Jews which are all based on grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA.

Grouping, sorting and selecting based on like DNA is the right to Life. Jews deny the right to life to other races and groups while retaining it for themselves.

To see who rules over you, see who can group, sort and select by like DNA. Also see who can’t. Jews can but White Protestants and White Catholics can’t. Thus Jews rule over the White West. Jews control NWO. Jews created it to destroy the White West.

Because NWO opposes basic life mechanisms it will die

May 4, 2016

Life will find a way to live, which means life will find a way to kill New World Order. The members of NWO have an incentive as life to destroy NWO. This is why NWO is being exposed. Whatever reasons they state or think are the reason, the fundamental reason is that NWO is opposed to the basic mechanisms of life which are based on sorting by like DNA, grouping by like DNA and selection by like DNA.

The 911 controlled demolition was a red pill for life to escape NWO which is anti-life. So are the shooting hoaxes and ISIS.  Even the Snowden limited exposure even with its disinfo component. The numerology which exposes the NWO to the public. All these are exposing NWO because NWO is antiLife.

NWO will crack up because it is so opposed to the basic mechanisms of life, which are all based on grouping by DNA, selection by DNA and sorting by DNA.

NWO religion of equality is a toxic meme. It is antiLife and has to be destroyed for life to survive. Life will find a way to destroy NWO.  It is doing that now as NWO cracks itself up.

NWO opposes selection and grouping by DNA ie evolution

May 4, 2016

Selection and grouping by DNA is the basis of life on earth. New World Order, NWO, opposed selection and grouping by DNA and thus is opposed to life on earth.

All life comes from selection and grouping by DNA. By opposing that NWO opposes all life.

Civil Rights laws are a mechanism to oppose selection and grouping by DNA.

DNA selects like DNA to group for tasks related to life. That includes education, work, etc.

NWO opposes grouping by DNA for life tasks like education or work. Thus NWO opposes the mechanism of life, selection and grouping based on DNA.

Selection and grouping based on DNA is the basis of trust. NWO opposes the trust mechanism because trust is based on selection and grouping based on DNA.

NWO and all its laws and advertising and alleged morality is opposed to the basic mechanism of life, selecting, organizing and grouping based on DNA.

Like DNA is a short hand for trust. Humans base trust based on like DNA. So when NWO prevents grouping by like DNA it destroys the life mechanism of trust, which is like DNA.

NWO is mathematically and logically opposed to life mechanisms linked to DNA, which are all life mechanisms.  NWO is opposed to the mechanisms of life and is thus opposed to life.

NWO by interfering or disrupting life mechanisms, which are all based on grouping and selecting that is DNA linked, interferes with life mechanism. NWO prevents Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by interfering with the basic mechanisms of life. The basic mechanisms of life are all based on selecting, sorting and grouping based on DNA.


NWO is a virus on life

May 4, 2016

New World Order is an order based on a public stated religion of equality and a private system of secret societies with layers and information sharing and hiding. NWO’s public religion of equality is inconsistent with evolution.

NWO mixes races in a way that is not selective but instead is destructive of previously obtained prior order or development.  In Star Trek terms it violates the prime directive when applied to human races, nations, regions, states, cities or smaller organizations. Civil Rights laws enforcing mixing also oppose order and structure based on selection which is DNA linked.

NWO tries to stop DNA linked selection calling it racism, ignorance, and bigotry. Any selection based on DNA, NWO opposes. Thus NWO is opposed to evolution which is based on DNA linked selection.

Race mixing of White and Black destroys the order created by evolution and natural selection based on DNA.

By stopping DNA linked selection, NWO is a virus on evolution and on DNA. DNA is based on selection of DNA. By opposing selection of DNA based on DNA, NWO is a virus on DNA and on human life.

Human life prior to modern times promoted selection linked to DNA. The class system promoted this as did the race system and racial segregation.  These all promoted evolution that selected for DNA.

NWO anti-selects. It promotes mixing of the advanced and the primitive, thus destroying the advanced. It prohibits the advanced separating themselves from the primitive.

Advanced and primitive are DNA linked and are not simply IQ test or a similar numerical score or SAT score. Matching based only on SAT scoring is itself another nostrum that is different from the ability to separate based on individual or group perception.

Society doesn’t know the right way to separate or sort or link and so it is left to the individuals or groups to find a way.  NWO prohibits that and enforces its own ideas which do not even evolve based on scientific information.

Civil Rights laws fail a Daubert test. They are not based on science and in fact are anti-science. They destroy order, efficiency and DNA selection mechanism. Civil Rights law are antiLife. NWO is antiLife.







Did Persia teach Ancient Greece NWO?

April 25, 2016

Did the Persian Empire teach Ancient Greece the principles of NWO? Were the Greco-Persian wars put up jobs?  Greece was set up as a new center and the Persian empire taken down?  Then Rome was chosen to be the new center and Greece taken down? Then Rome taken down? And so on?

NWO sets up empires and then takes them down. The population is always worse off afterwards as the empire phase pushes Diversity that destroys the native stock.  NWO now does this deliberately if not from start. Particularly, Jewish run NWO does it intentionally.

UK, British colonies, Germany and France are the main targets now.

NWO is taken over by Jews

April 25, 2016

New World Order, NWO, was not based on exclusiveness as to ethnicity, religion or even race. Jews are.  Just like an academic department such as Harvard Law School or MIT Econ, once Jews get in, they take it over. Jews promote their own. That applies inside NWO just like inside Harvard or MIT or the Fed.

NWO has increasingly become the wrecking ball of the West and the White Race. This is because it is increasingly run by Jews for Jewish goals. Wrecking the White Race has been the main goal of Jews since they encountered Greece and Rome.

Jews have a racial strategy. Jews are racial supremacists and they believe the White Race must die for Jews to have supremacy over earth.  Jews always work to genocide Whites. This includes inside NWO.

Gentile NWO are cucks next to Jews, same as everywhere else.  Letting Jews in is always cuck. The only cure is to expel the Jews. NWO has to expel its Jews to go back to being a service organization that guides the development of the White West.

NWO is based on the White Race and when it loses that it just becomes another Jewish power center. That means it is hostile to all Gentile life on planet earth.

A ruling secret society is not an equilibrium

April 23, 2016

When a secret society rules over a society in secret it is not a stable equilibrium. The larger society will find out and try to overthrow the secret ruling society.  To prevent this, the secret society has to wage war on the larger society.

The larger society has to be reduced to conditions of slavery and desperation in order to keep it in check. However, this in turn leads it to investigate how this is happening and to organize a resistance.

The secret society has to create external enemies in order to say in power and distract the subjects.  So we have always been at war with East Asia as George Orwell wrote.  The wars, the threats are all needed to subjugate the subjects.

Immigration leads to the population being substituted for those outside and this allows divide and rule tactics. The Wasp elite did this in the 19th century and it was dethroned by Jews who worked together to overthrow them. The Jews also turned the Catholics against the Wasps and even many Wasps they turned against them.  The Old Eastern Establishment of Wasps was not just defeated, it was exterminated.

However, the new Judeo-Catholic-Protestant etc elite is still self-exterminating.  To perpetuate their ruling secret society they exterminate their own genes. This is a losing proposition from a genetic point of view.

The ruling elite can’t perpeptuate its own genes if it eliminates its own population. But to perpetuate its secret rule it is doing that. This creates a genetic incentive for its members to bring it to an end.


NWO is genociding Whites for one world government

April 10, 2016

NWO is using immigration of nonWhites into White countries. By the Wright Island Model in population genetics this causes complete genetic replacement. The statistics on women aged 25 to 30 shows some areas like New York County 90 percent never married. Fairfax County is well over 50 percent aged 25 to 30 never married.

Such late marriage or no marriage in history is what happens in periods of extreme economic distress. Which is what immigration is by population genetics. It transfers resources and opportunity to the immigrants, and the native group is genocided. This is what the population genetics theorem says.

What good is one world government if it genocides the White population to achieve it? If its first action is White Genocide isn’t it just evil?  What is in it for Whites? Be slowly sacrificed by religious fanatic leaders?

The real religious fanatics are not in Iran or Saudi Arabia or the fake terrorists, it is the rulers of New World Order. They are genociding their own race and extended families so that they can be important.  But they are not important for achieving world peace but destroying the chance for world peace.

As the White West is destroyed, it won’t be peace. It will be wars with robots and computers.  The worst wars in history.  NWO rulers are just evil to everyone. It would be better if NWO had never existed and its leaders had never been born.  Cursed are they by all Mankind.

Curse the rulers of New World Order. They genocided the White Race the slow way. More effective than any weapons of war. God Damn you All to Hell.


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