July 4 Dependence Day Donald Trump Macy’s and latest Eloi Kathryn Steinle

July 4, 2015

July 4, 2015.  Dependence Day.  Diversity is dependent on Whites for everything.  Whites are dragged down by it and America itself.  Meanwhile the Lords of Diversity have turned their umbrage at Donald Trump.

  1. Donald Trump says Mexicans are rapists and murderers.
  2. Macy’s drops Trump
  3. Illegal Mexican shoots Kathryn Steinle, White woman, dead in front of her father at the Embarcadero San Francisco.
  4. Boycott of Macy’s takes off on Twitter.
  5. Trump moves up in polls to 2nd roughly behind Jeb Bush.

So where does America go here.  Try to find a big city with a White Protestant mayor and a White Protestant majority in America.  Then White Christian.  These are hard to come by.

White Protestant mayors of big cities are almost as rare as White Protestant Supreme Court justices.  Mitch McConnell is the highest ranked Wasp in America it would seem.  He is married to an Asian and supports Asian manufactures and Asian immigrants over Americans. Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican and is also antiWhite.

Then comes Donald Trump.  An outspoken White Protestant married to a White woman.  Practically a heretic to PC already.  Then he speaks out against their Mexicans and against Asia.  Trump is hotter than a coal in their own Hades to the antiWhite rulers.

Trump is the best hope for White Christian Americans and the PC elite know that.  They are determined to show no White Protestant married to a White and speaking up for Whites can survive their wrath and open displays of hate and calls to hate.

We will see what happens next.  If Whites have sense they will rally round Trump.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev protecting someone? Could it be Russia?

June 25, 2015

No group came forward to claim the credit for the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Russia did however rally round the Tsarnaev family and the Todashev family.  Could Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been working for Russia?  To get favor for their family still in Russia?

If the Tsarnaev brothers did it alone with no help, why doesn’t Dzhokhar tell us which brother shot the MIT police officer Collier?  (Assuming they did.)  Why not telling us more about making the bombs, test runs, etc.?

Dzhokhar was  very concerned in his court statement to push the Moslem button.  Is that to hide the Russia connection?  Distraction operation to the end?

By protecting Russia, Dzhokhar would be protecting his family in Russia.  This is all he has left to do on this earth.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Summer Solstice Sofdu unga astin min 2015 and bits and pieces

June 21, 2015

Sofdu unga astin min

Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir


Click it several times and it plays without signing in. This version is hypnotic.


Will Russia invade Ukraine this week?  Perhaps.

When is Putin’s best window?  Summer of 2015 may be the time that he can get away with it the best.  As 2016 rolls in, Obama may fear the new president investigating him and so may heed a harder line.  NATO countries may be willing to push harder because they know a new president will be here within a year.

If Hillary Clinton is elected will Putin still have leverage over her? Perhaps. But she is White and so is accountable more so than Obama.  Whites are always held to account more than Blacks. So the GOP Congress can impeach her if she repeats the same Obama weakness.

The public will hold Hillary Clinton to a higher standard than Obama. They are tired of presidents who are not held accountable.  So the buck stops with Hillary Clinton more so than Obama.

The summer of 2015 is the best time for a Putin invasion.

MH370 Russia and Limited Signal Terrorism

June 17, 2015

MH370 may have been an act of sophisticated terrorism by Russia. This is discussed by Jeff Wise and others.  In their discussion threads, they find it mysterious that Russia would do this. However, they may mention motives like Putin showing he is wiling to kill people.  They also say how could Russia do it without the US knowing? This brings up the concept of Limited Signal Terrorism (LST).

Limited Signal Terrorism (LST) is terrorism where the intended target of the signal or message is a limited audience. The general public and even some or most experts do not get the signal. They may speculate about the possibility, but lacking certainty or at least a deeper understanding, they don’t have confidence in the speculation.

The US government is different in the case of MH370. It may know that Russia did it, or that some combination of Russia and China or Russia, China and Israel did it. But it doesn’t speak out. It gets the signal. But doesn’t relay it to the public.

Some blogs as background.


A China variant of the Russia theory.


Note Russia and China would likely be acting together, as they apparently have in the last 2 years. In addition, Israel might have some role, such as limiting the public US response.


There may be Limited Signal Terrorism in the next few days or weeks as a preparation to Russia invading Ukraine or Israel striking at Iran.  This LST may involve terrorism to a specific target such as a specific person who is linked to things, such as an academic linked to the academic part of the case or another person linked in to it somehow.

The press and public might be as mystified as the MH370 disappearance even if it was explained to them afterwards what the signal was and who it was intended for. It would basically be Russia signalling to the US government that it had the secrets of high level people including Stanley Fischer and Obama’s role in his appointment.

A way to enhance the emotion of the signal is where the government had information beforehand that it could have used to stop it. In the Boston Marathon Bombing, Russia gave a warning to the US government. The US government had contact to the terrorists. It could have stopped it.

In BMB there may have been a warning from the British possibly combining information from this source and the Russia warning about Chechens in Boston to predict possible terrorism against Harvard or MIT or academics linked to Berezovsky, Russia in the 1990s, and so on. That includes to the Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson plagiarism kompromat and its role with the Andrei Shleifer case and Larry Summers matters including Obama appointing him after some of this information was known to the government.

Russia and Israel may want terrorism at the end of June or in July as a preparation for Russia invading Ukraine and Israel striking Iran. This sends a signal to the US government to let it happen. They both know the kompromat on the US government and are working as allies in effect. This may be the case with MH370. China also is part of their group and has information. The OPM hack is meant to send the same signal to the US government. The press is ignoring this angle.

US gov as well as UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as Germany, France, Switzerland Sweden, etc. should review their case files to find ones that are suitable for limited signal terrorism in relation to the academic case or the people involved and the suitability of such terrorism for limited signal terrorism.

The software systems of NSA and MI5 and other countries should be programmed to go over possible targets suitable for limited signal terrorism. That would include for LST that would work for Russia invading Ukraine, Israel striking Iran and whatever China wants out of this. That should include the academic related cases.

There may be people linked in for which the government has information but who themselves are not really part of the academic cases or government cases. Those people might be the target of LST because the US government could understand after the fact that they were used in that way, but the press and public would treat it as speculation as in the MH370 case.

LST for this purpose could come anytime. June 22 is a symbolic date for the German invasion of Russia in 1941. June 24 is the date of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Other dates may have importance to Russia or to the people involved. Triggers should be set on these in the information systems of NSA and others to try to better use available information.

Russia’s MO in the Boston Marathon Bombing was to have terrorism in a case that the US government could have stopped. This has the added benefit that the US government will reflexively cover up what has happened. This helps cover Russia’s track from the public as well as discredits the US government with the public and its partner countries. That itself is valuable for Russia and a specific reason for the terrorism in the Boston Marathon Bombing assuming a Russia role.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

When if ever did Snowden become a spy for Russia? Is he to blame for everything?

June 16, 2015

One scenario for Edward Snowden is he is a totally transparent truth seeker and revealer who is just what he and Glenn Greenwald say he is.

A second scenario for Edward Snowden is he left the US, arrived in Hong Kong, sold our secrets to the Chinese and Russians and went onto Moscow airport for a staged show and now is a willing tool for Russian propaganda.

Another scenario is that Russia knew about US spying inside the US long before Snowden left Hawaii and that they were searching for a way to disclose this to do maximum propaganda damage to the United States. At some point they became aware of Snowden, possibly years earlier in Geneva as John Schindler has suggested and decided to use Edward Snowden as the young man who tells the truth.

In the Russian plan scenario, Snowden’s epic flight was planned to be part of a sequence of events that started before Edward Snowden and lasts to our present time.  The full maximum Russian plan scenario is partly like this.

  1. Russia had academic kompromat on universities linked to Barack Obama including University of Chicago and Harvard.
  2. Merkel and her chemistry prof husband before fall of Warsaw Pact may have been involved in  analyzing plagiarism kompromat in physics and chemistry including Reinhard Oehme at University of Chicago.  Oehme was from Germany and likely had relatives in East Germany.
  3. Russia planned to use the second term of Obama to retake Ukraine and other parts of the USSR lost due to Yeltsin’s betrayal, in their mindset.
  4. Obama had hired Larry Summers and was compromised into the Clinton coverups.
  5. They formed a deal with Israel to kill Berezovsky and to get Stanley Fischer promoted in the US or at IMF to further compromise Obama.
  6. Stanley Fischer resigned in January 2013 a week after  I asked MIT to investigate him and Boris Berezovsky and Larry Summers.  Previously in 2012 I posted in m own name info about Darrell Duffie kompromat and Russia knew I was pushing harder and they had to use this kompromat now or lose it.
  7. Russia possibly hurried up its plans.
  8. Russia and Israel killed Berezovsky in March 2013.
  9. I provided info to the Brits on Russia possibly using academic kompromat including plagiarism to get IMF loans and that I had asked MIT to investigate this in January 2013 and Fischer resigned.
  10. Brits probably provided a warning to FBI at end of March on Chechens in Boston area.
  11. FBI ignored warning because they were managing the Chechens.
  12. Russia learned of this and managed somehow to hurry up the Boston bombing from July 2013 to the April 2013 Boston Marathon surprising the FBI.
  13. FBI then tried to coverup up and find out what happened at same time.
  14. Putin made statements in press conference after Boston bombing saying Shleifer was a CIA spy in effect.
  15. Russia exposed CIA chief and alleged CIA spy in Moscow at end of April, start of May.
  16. Snowden left Hawaii in May.
  17. Snowden circus ran through the summer 2013.
  18. Russia may have been behind killing of Pierre Wauthier in Zurich to protect Josef Ackermann, Renova Group and Vekselberg and other German assets.
  19. Russia planned to invade Ukraine partially after 2014 Olympics.
  20. Russia staged suicide bombings in Volgograd before Winter 2014 Olympics.
  21. Russia was behind the Maidan and neo-Nazis in Ukraine and fall of government.
  22. Russia blamed this on CIA.
  23. Russia invaded Ukraine pretending to be separatists.
  24. Russia was behind MH370 to blame it on CIA and later MH17 on CIA.
  25. Russia took Crimea.
  26. In July 2014, Russia shot down MH17 while Israel invaded Gaza as part of the Russia Israel deal.
  27. Russia then made further aggression in Ukraine in 2014.
  28. Russia and possibly others have used academic kompromat to pressure Darrell Duffie and Moody’s to give better ratings to Russia and worse to Ukraine. At some point, someone may also have used this to pressure Moody’s to give a worse report on Scottish independence and now on British independence from EU.
  29. China has been working with Russia on this all along.
  30. China and Russia have hacked US government files and made it public.
  31. The US and UK governments try to blame this on Edward Snowden.
  32. Russia is basically still calling the tune.
  33. Assuming the negotiations with Iran don’t reach a deal as scheduled by the end of June 2015, Israel may strike Iran possibly with nukes.
  34. At the same time, Russia may invade Ukraine to fight a battle.
  35. Ukraine is defending forward.
  36. If Ukraine loses a battle, Poroshenko might agree to Russia’s terms to avoid a war.  Poroshenko may be an agent of Russia and Israel and part of this plan.

In this way of looking at things, Edward Snowden likely made his deal with Russia before he left Hawaii and Russia planned on him as part of their sequence.  Snowden is likely a willing participant although he knew only a little concerning himself.

The Chinese hack of US government files was planned to embarrass the US at this time.  This is because Israel and Russia are gearing up to make strikes around the end of June or start of July.  They want the Obama administration to look ineffective and weak to justify Israel’s strike on Iran as necessary. Meanwhile, Russia invades Ukraine at the same time to overload the US and the West so they do nothing as this goes on.   Edward Snowden’s real value was to help overload the West and to make Obama look weak to justify Israel to use nukes on Iran.  Russia gains Ukraine out of the deal.  China gets to hack while taking over the US supply chain and controlling our universities and tech even more through immigration and student and work visas.

There is no effective US or Western opposition to these plans.  The NSA, CIA, MI5 know some of it, but have no effective plan or resistance. They just go along with higher ups.  Higher ups eventually get 500k speaking fees and board memberships so they do nothing.  Israel is able to pay them off through its oligarch network in the UK, America and the West.  The US, UK and West are close to paralyzed.  All they do is sputter over Edward Snowden because that is all they are permitted to do.

What is going on is about Russia not about Snowden.  How much Snowden is a witting traitor and how much a manipulated dupe is difficult to be certain of on the outside.  But what matters is what Russia is doing.  Russia is the main actor and it does have a plan, to retake as much of the USSR as it can and dominate the rest.  It has dreams of shattering NATO but that is not too likely from it.

Russia has used terrorist acts as tactics throughout this sequence.  There may be a terrorist event in the end of June to further show the US has ineffective.  That will further justify Israel to nuke Iran’s sites and let Russia walk into Ukraine at the same time.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Usaamah Rahim FBI has never arrested a man with a knife before?

June 15, 2015

The FBI shot Usaamah Rahim who according to them had a knife. Was this the first time the FBI ever had to arrest a suspect with a knife?  This was not a cop who came upon a suspect in a traffic stop.  This was a staged arrest in a parking lot by multiple FBI agents. They should have a plan on how to arrest a person with a knife.  According to their statements, when confronted with a knife, they were surprised and had no other training but to shoot the person until he was dead.

The FBI discredits itself by this type of incident. Could the Roman Empire arrest a suspect with a knife before guns were invented? Somehow law enforcement arrested people with knives for thousands of years before guns were invented. Perhaps the FBI could manage to discover how it was done.

It is said the FBI training facility trains police officers to shoot suspects dead in any type of fight. This policy has to be changed. The FBI looks suspect itself now. The public doesn’t believe in this type of arrest.

Fox has video with some interpretation.


There are multiple officers converging on the suspect at once.  One method would be

  1. Some officers have guns ready in case suspect has a gun.
  2. Other officers have means to subdue the suspect if he has a knife.  They rely on the officers with guns to handle the case the suspect has a gun.

Not every police officer in a staged arrest has to be using a gun. Some can have some other means. They could have tasers or whatever.

Or perhaps instead of a parking lot just pull a net over the person’s head while walking along the street next to buildings.   This can be used in the case of suspects considered likely to resist arrest.

Why was Todashev interviewed but this man confronted this way?  Couldn’t they have interviewed him at the station?

This killing of a man with a knife in a parking lot where they could plan the arrest in advance discredits the FBI.  It makes people doubt their previous stories. The Todashev arrest, the Tsarnaev  “shoot-outs” have to be re-examined.

Police forces in Europe arrest suspects with knives without killing them.  The FBI could learn from them.

If all else fails, the FBI could hire bounty hunters to make arrests. If arresting suspects is not a skill the FBI has, they can hire contractors to do the work.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Boston Marathon Bombing inside players know truth which immobilizes public

June 8, 2015

The insider players of the FBI and NSA know the truth of what happened, or a considerable amount. The public is not sure, so it can’t move.  This is by intention.

The solution is for the public to react to this cover-up itself.  We face the same stonewalling by government across the board. We need a revolution to reveal the secrets of our own public life.  This is why Snowden is a hero even if he gave other secrets to Russia. We need to know our secrets that the government keeps from us more than we need to keep the rest of the government’s secrets from Russia.

Without knowing the truth of the Boston Marathon Bombing and all the way back to the JFK assassination, we the public are alienated from our own history. This keeps us from self-government.  This is the intent of our rulers. They know they are not ruling for us. They have to paralyze us to maintain that.  Keeping our own history from us, does that.

In effect, the rulers are gaslighting the public.  They hold the cards and then use that as leverage to make us agree to their version of our history while they still keep secret the real truth. The only way out for us is to turn them out. But because we are paralyzed by not knowing our history, we can’t move against them.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

June 22 anniversary of German invasion of Russia. Putin invade Ukraine?

June 7, 2015

Will Putin invade Ukraine on June 22, 2015 to fight back against the “neo-Nazis” who control Ukraine?




“founded the Rurik Dynasty, which ruledKievan Rus (and later Grand Duchy of Moscow and Tsardom of Russia) until the 17th century.”


Operation Rurik.

House Putin will invade Ukraine on June 22, 2015 to restore the rule of the House of Rurik.

Other things might happen on June 22, 2015 as well.  Terrorist incidents, break-ins at private homes to get computer files or papers, remove or plant electronics, and so on.  Russia’s FSB-SVR like to distract and do something in secret while something public is going on.

June 24, 1812 was Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and is the day of the court hearing for Tsarnaev to be sentenced to death by the judge.


As a strange twist, Putin could use the old style calendar for these dates as well. A little joke from the House of Rurik to the House of Putin.

June 24, 1812 was June 12, 1812 Old Style.


June 22, 1941 was June 9, 1941 Old Style.

The dates could also be moved forward instead.

A little numerology fun.  This might appeal to Putin as a student of Russian history.

Or perhaps Putin will prefer to use August 1, 1914 the start of WW1 between Russia and Germany.


The Russians or Chinese may have hacked computer systems to do all manner of mischief.  This could include sending critical people to report to jury duty so they are out of the way.  That especially would have an impact in Fairfax County, Virginia where the FBI, military, NSA, CIA, etc. have personnel.

June 22, 2015 is a Monday and Fairfax County calls at least some jurors to report that day.

Alexandria, VA, Arlington, Montgomery County and similar places also might be used for that purpose.

If such systems have been hacked it could be an indication of what day this is coming.

Something also may happen before or during or after the Tsarnaev hearing date.  Putin loves to blame terrorism on Chechens or Central Asians.  Mongoose or Mangust Private Security may help coordinate that.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



Israel blames Russia Iran S-300 missile deal on Obama

April 17, 2015


Official Israel went right ahead and laid the blame for Moscow’s decision squarely on the steps of the White House. In a call to Putin, Prime Minister Netanyahu decried that “the sale of advanced weapons to Iran is the result of the dangerous agreement that is emerging between Iran and the [six world] powers. After this arms deal [for the S-300 missiles,] is there anyone who can seriously claim that the [framework] agreement with Iran will increase the security in the Middle East?”


In case anyone didn’t get the message, Israeli media blared with headlines such as “The sale of the missiles is Obama’s failure” — attributed to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who, in fact, stopped just short of mentioning the American president by name.

This might raise an eyebrow among Washington Kremlinologists who are fretting over the unraveling ties between Putin and Obama.

Noga Tarnopolsky

Is this the purpose of the deal? Did Bibi and Putin agree to this announcement now to put pressure on Obama to do a better deal with Iran?

Jamestown Foundation is already using the deal in US to pressure Obama.

But Jamestown also says following.

The Kremlin has reported that several days ago, in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Putin spelled out at length Russia’s reasons for delivering the S-300s (Interfax, April 14). The Russian president apparently believes Israel to be important: the latter has not imposed any sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis and has been withholding any possible arms deliveries to the Ukrainians. During the national phone-in, Putin spoke about the Kremlin scrapping a contract to sell S-300 missiles “to one Arab nation [apparently Syria]” because it could have threatened to shoot down Israeli planes over Israeli territory. “We returned to this Arab nation a $400 million cash advance,” he stated (Interfax, April 16).

This supports the idea of an Israel Russia deal that embraces Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the killing of Berezovsky, the advancement of Stanley Fischer to entangle Obama in a coverup and Israel’s interests as well.  Russia shot down MH-17 at the same time as Israel did an operation against the Palestinians in Gaza is another manifestation of this linkage.

The author is Pavel Felgenhauer.


Pavel E. Felgenhauer (Russian: Па́вел Евге́ньевич Фельгенга́уэр; born December 6, 1951) is aRussian military analyst who allegedly has insider sources in the Russian military.[1] He is known for his publications critical of Russia‘s political and military leadership.[2]

Felgenhauer was born in 1951 in Moscow, the Soviet Union; graduated from Moscow State University as a biologist[3] in 1975. He served as researcher and senior research officer in the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and received his Candidate of Sciences degree in biology from the Academy in 1988. He is based in Moscow.

Moscow State University is involved in academic kompromat against Stanley Fischer and formerly against Paul Samuelson the uncle of Larry Summers. 1975 was the year that Kantorovich of the USSR got the Nobel Prize in economics from this kompromat. Samuelson and Fischer both plagiarized Nils Hakansson together in 1969, Samuelson got an NSF grant and Fischer his MIT thesis from which he derives his and his wife’s US citizenship.  Valery Makarov was likely involved then and is now head of the New Economic School Moscow. Sergei Guriev was rector of the NES and was at the Stanford SIEPR day that gave a 100,000 award to Stanley Fischer while he was under review by the Senate and while Stanford, MIT were concealing info about Fischer and Darrell Duffie’s linked plagiarism in the 1990s.  Guriev pretended to defect around the time of the CIA outings in Moscow but this is likely fake.


Guriev got a degree from MIPT Phys Tech which is a very elite school in physics founded by Kapitsa who started plagiarism kompromat in the 1920s and Russia used it to help its atomic spy program and later get Nobel Prize nominations in physics.  This includes intentionally creating plagiarism incidents.  Fischer may have done that and so may Darrell Duffie as well as others in physics and economics.  Guriev’s area was in economics and finance including in the same area as the Stanley Fischer thesis plagiarism and the Duffie plagiarism.

“In 1997–98, he visited the Department of Economics at MIT for a one-year post-doctoral placement.”

This was a key year in Russia applying plagiarism kompromat against Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers.  Daniel Rubinfeld was Deputy Assistant Attorney General during that time and should have told the FBI what he knew from when he was at MIT in 1969.


Why is the deal announced when Russia has no missiles to deliver?  Because right now will give maximum embarrassment to Obama?  Put the most pressure on Obama?

Is there an Israeli Russian understanding still? Is this part of the game?  Or is Russia outmaneuvering Israel?

Does Israel have countermeasures?  Does it have the software codes used in these missiles and radars?  Can it disable them or jam them?

Obama is exposed as a feckless fool by this Russia Iran deal.  It puts heavy pressure on Obama and Kerry to get a good deal or to strike Iran. Israel doesn’t want to strike Iran itself, it wants America to.  Israel would rather have America hit Iran with Iran having S-300 missiles than for Israel to hit Iran with Iran not having the missiles.  Is this a ploy to achieve that?

Why would Putin want the US to strike Iran?  To drag the US into war with Iran. That takes pressure off of Ukraine.  Even without that, the US needs Russia for sanctions on Iran.  So Putin wins leverage over the US and also puts his main enemy on a track for more quagmire in the Middle East.

Putin still wants revenge for US support of rebels in Afghanistan against Russia in the 1980s. Putin is still determined to even the score for the fall of the Soviet Union by bringing down America. Entrapping the US in a war with Iran helps do that.

Israel and Russia share a common objective to embroil the US in war with Iran.  Russia’s announced missile deal with Iran helps do that in multiple ways.  Israel and Russia appear to be working hand in glove on this. So does the Jamestown Foundation.

Russia, Israel and Jamestown Foundation all have interesting links to the Boston Marathon Bombing events.  In timing this appears to follow directly the death or killing of Berezovsky in March 2013 which followed the surprise resignation of Stanley Fischer in January 2013 after a request was made to MIT the previous week in January 2013 to investigate Fischer for plagiarism in his 1969 Ph.D, thesis and Russia using that as kompromat to get Nobel Prize nominations for Kantorovich from Paul Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow.

After the Boston Marathon Bombing came Russia outing the CIA station chief and a CIA agent in Moscow. That distracted attention. That was followed by Snowden’s run and Moscow airport show. That was followed by Larry Summers and then Stanley Fischer considered for the Fed, and Fischer’s nomination.

That was followed by Stanford SIEPR award to Fischer and then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  This ties into the lower ratings for Ukraine by Moody’s than Standard and Poor’s. Stanford’s Darrell Duffie is chairman of MIS board of Moody’s with supervision over ratings of Ukraine and Russia.  Moody’s also gave better ratings to Russia than Standard and Poor’s.

So this Russia missile deal announcement appears part of Israel and Russia working hand in glove to kill Berezovsky it appears and move up Stanley Fischer to Fed vice chairman and do the other things. The end game appears to be to get the US embroiled in a war with Iran.

With the US embroiled in war with Iran, Russia can take Ukraine and even Baltic states and Israel can continue to squeeze Palestinians out of Palestine.  Thus Russia and Israel benefit all around.   This appears to be the case every step of the way.  We also note that Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin are talking over their secure line installed for them to coordinate actions it appears on this deal.

Putin also harbors a resentment towards the White race and Germanics especially.

Late Wednesday, Netanyahu, who was speaking at a ceremony marking Israel’s Holocaust Day, declared that “As the Nazis aspired to crush civilization and impose the rule of the superior race by exterminating the Jewish people,


Bibi uses language to show a conflict with the White Race and especially Germanic Race. Many Americans are of German ancestry and Anglo Saxons are also Germanic so that Netanyahu has animosity towards Americans and Brits not just Germans. This is why he feels no compunction in entangling America in war with Iran or perhaps in not giving America a warning before 9/11. (That however mostly killed Italian and Irish Catholics, who in any also died and lost legs in Iraq and Afghanistan in the US military.)

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Could 19th century pogroms in Ukraine be root of Israel Russia alliance?

April 12, 2015

Israel and Russia appear in many ways to have a secret alliance.  This includes Russia invading Ukraine and Israel having a free hand with Gaza and possibly to nuke Iran.  It also means some Russian cooperation in the talks with Iran. The killing of Berezovsky as it appears and promotion of Stanley Fischer appear to be part of such a deal.  Israel also didn’t vote against Russian invasion of Ukraine at UN surprising the US.

Pogroms in the 19th century against Jews started in Ukraine.


Could this be the basis of Israeli hostility to Ukraine?

Comment thread at very left wing Rawstory is full of hostile comments against Ukraine for removing Soviet era statues.


Many of these are New York Jews descended from the heavy wave of immigrants after these pogroms started in 1881 in Ukraine, Poland and Russia?  They freely equate Ukraine today with Nazis in toppling Communist statues.  Many of those Communists were Jews taking revenge on Ukraine in the Holodomor.

Stanley Fischer’s parents left Lithuania for Africa and he grew up in Rhodesia before going to London LSE and then to MIT where he plagiarized Swede Nils Hakansson.

Jews obviously are known for keeping alive and slight or injury they suffered in the past and justifying their harm to others in the present, no matter how cruel, based on it.  Thus the current destruction of Ukraine may fall into that pattern in terms of the Israeli participation as well as Stanley Fischer participating in this plot.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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