How does NWO correct mistakes?

February 11, 2016

New World Order is set up as a secret conspiracy that manipulates governments, markets, wars, the courts, hoax shootings, academia, and history.  So if it makes a mistake who corrects it?

What is the error correction mechanism for NWO? How does NWO identify its own actions, determine they are an error and correct them? Who has authority to do this? Who has the information? Who can gather information?

Does NWO have courts? Do they have police powers? How do they resolve disputes? How do they enforce their decisions?

Does NWO use the court system in some sort of way? Secret trials in the same court houses with the same judges? They use the FBI and local police? They issue court orders from normal judges who are also part of NWO?

NWO has to control the government including DOJ, US Attorney offices, FBI, etc. It has to control the police and court power.  But in that case, how is it monitored?

When NWO is abusing the courts to enforce its orders, how does it correct if the system goes haywire?  Does it have secret appeals courts?

Does it use different law for trademarks, patents, copyright, contracts?

Does it have separate financial markets? Its own separate TV system? A separate set of sessions of Congress or its own legislature?

Does it have its own FDA? Its own guidelines for medicines?

How does NWO maintain separate control without a parallel system?

If NWO uses the existing system with secret understandings and back door deals, how are these corrected when they go off course?

Is the reason the Congress, courts don’t seem to work is that they are managing double work loads? One for regular business and one for NWO?

When the NWO gets off track, how do they correct it?

Do they have their own law treatises? Ones written for NWO by NWO law profs? How does NWO have a system of law to manage itself? How does it resolve disputes? How does it enforce them?

Does NWO simply contaminate the regular system of courts and police which is why they don’t work that well? The same with Congress. NWO imposes double duties on Congress, which is why it seems to work so poorly?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

What is the meaning of 911?

February 10, 2016

Some possible meanings of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in the borough of Manhattan in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia next to Washington D.C.

  1. To start Middle East wars.
  2. To get the Patriot Act passed.
  3. To keep military funding up after the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War with Russia and China.
  4. Because of the threat of biological weapons being brought into the US.
  5. To make examples of Iraq, Syria, and Libya as countries that had or sought or pretended to have or seek biological weapons.
  6. In some way linked to a Gnostic religion.
  7. To reveal that history had been manipulated.
  8. To show the world is ruled by a New World Order or Illuminati.
  9. To signal to rival countries like Russia and China that the US government was made of stern stuff.
  10. To signal to Europe and developed countries that internal manipulation in them was possible.  The 7 7 attack in London for the same purpose as part of Anglo American alliance.
  11. To show that humans live inside a matrix controlled by a NWO.
  12. Because of conflict between factions.
  13. To show the victory of some faction.
  14. Because Jews took over the Matrix and it was a way to tell the White Gentiles that Jews were in control of genociding them.
  15. A faction wanted to expose Jewish power and control.
  16. Jews wanted to show they had total power over White Christian America.
  17. To spread chaos to countries around Israel.
  18. Because the Gnostic religion required giving people a chance to know they were inside a matrix.
  19. Because the rulers had decided to give self-rule to humanity and this was a way for humanity to come to know they had been ruled.
  20. Because telling people the message wouldn’t work. They had to use self-discovery to understand it.
  21. Because humanity would not believe it if they were told the Cold War, WW2, WW1, Civil War, and maybe slavery had been faked.
  22. To signal to the others in NWO that the control was so total that humanity could not break free of its chains even if shown it was in chains.
  23. As part of genociding the White Race to make the rule of the NWO permanent, because Whites were a threat to it.
  24. Part of the same process of making White cities nonWhite to slow down Whites realizing they were controlled and being genocided.
  25. Because during the 20th century, there was a change in the Gnostic religion because of new discoveries in science in the 20th and earlier centuries.
  26. Because the Gnostic religion had targeted September 11, 2001 as a change in the world from the time of Christ or earlier.
  27. Because the Gnostic religion had decided that at some millennial turning the advance of Mankind would be sufficient to expose the controlled nature of history.
  28. Because the advance of technology in the 20th century had signaled that Mankind was ready for self-rule and so they revealed history had been controlled.
  29. The development of the Internet made it inevitable that Mankind would realize it was controlled and that history had been manipulated.
  30. Because the complexity of the economy and society in the Internet Age made it impossible to continue to rule it by a conspiracy.
  31. Because NWO was a Ponzi Scheme that had run out of White Cattle to tax to keep it spreading world wide.
  32. For the same reasons as the Soviet Union collapsed, such systems of control are unable to manage the complexity of advanced economies.
  33. To speed up humanity’s knowledge, awareness and self-awareness.
  34. Mislead us that NWO is non-violent.
  35. Mislead us that NWO intentionally killed millions in Civil War, WW1, WW2, Cold War.
  36. Mislead us that NWO is killing many in Middle East wars.
  37. Mislead us that NWO doesn’t intend a violent death to the White Race in its lands.
  38. These wars show the Jewish hand in taking over and directing NWO to genocide the White Race in a violent death.
  39. Jewish NWO plan to complete genocide of the White Race in 33 years after 2001, ie by 2034.  Invasion of Europe part of that plan.
  40. Since 911 was a massive deception, we have to infer that there were reasons for the deception, ie malice towards Whites.  Given EU invasion that would indicate an accelerated quick death for the White Race.  Also to cover up the past millions killed in WW1, WW2, Civil War, Cold War.
  41. NWO has to constantly convince its members that it is distorting reality.  If it stops then the effect wears off. So they did a big one to last longer. They had to expose that it was controlled demolition to keep the effect going.
  42. NWO is duping law enforcement, military, prosecutors, media, academia, etc. that it is non-violent by showing no one died in these hoax incidents.
  43. NWO caused Civil War, WW1, WW2 and has to try to convince its own members no one died in them.
  44. NWO members realize that NWO didn’t start recently and that Civil War, WW1, WW2 couldn’t have happened by themselves, that NWO had to cause them intentionally. So NWO has to convince its members no one died in them.
  45. This is made worse by the Internet and the availability of historical info. NWO members can see that NWO was running same tricks before WW2 and so NWO had to have caused WW2. NWO wants to try to convince its members no one died in WW2.
  46. NWO wants to convince its members no one died in Korea, Vietnam because it was firmly in control during those times.
  47. The collapse of the Cold War was resulting in more people in NWO realizing Cold War was a hoax, so they were asking questions about Vietnam, Korea and WW2.
  48. Cold War followed WW2 so quickly that they had to be linked, so if NWO was faking Cold War it must have caused WW2. So its members think it is psychopathic.
  49. NWO members are noticing the ethnic cleansing of White cities and asking questions.  They had to be both intimidated and reassured that NWO had benevolent intentions and a plan.
  50. NWO is trying to convince its members it has a plan.
  51. NWO needs to keep a lid on its members in the Internet Age.  This is much harder and requires more intimidation. They also needed the Patriot Act to spy on their own members to keep them quiet.
  52. They have created a system of confusion in which almost no one knows what is real. Within government or NWO itself, most people are not sure of what is what.
  53. The system of hoaxes is out of control and all sorts of plots are thrown up creating a system of chaos. The NWO members don’t know who is in charge or why it is all happening.
  54. Things got started a long time ago and have gotten into a disorganized mess. The NWO has no checks and balances and can’t be corrected. Once it gets off track it can never be put back on track.
  55. FBI, cops, prosecutors, judges start getting nervous as the hoaxes go on and wonder if it can be maintained. They see it as the racketeering it is.  If it has a pause, they are a risk to renege on NWO deals.
  56. They have to constantly keep elected officials in on the game. One break and they could be prosecuted.  This applies in every country they operate in, which is many. So they had to frighten them all.
  57. The show about Hitler going to Argentina with former CIA agent is also to send message they can find anyone or hide anyone.
  58. They depend on nuclear weapons to keep other countries in line. Countries that fear them or depend on American nukes to defend them from Russian or Chinese nukes. If the nuke hoax is exposed, the whole system collapses internationally.
  59. Social insurance schemes are running out of money and 3rd world immigration is a Ponzi scheme that is breaking first world Social Security and Medicare leading to a crisis in the system. 911 was to try to keep a lid on it a little longer.
  60. Just as the Soviet Union collapsed from corrupt control from above, so the rest of the world is building up unpayable debts from NWO corrupt control from top.
  61. College debt crisis, mortgage debt crisis, financial bubbles are part of the stress as the NWO Ponzi schemes and immigration schemes collapse under their own financial weight. This is like past big crackups like Soviet Union or Roman Empire.
  62. NWO doesn’t know how to keep the game going as the Internet exposes more and more frauds from the past and more people are aware of the scams now and that the Ponzi scheme is about to crash.  They need 911 and country destruction to keep the insiders in fear.
  63. NWO just like any group of crooks that have run out of time to keep their criminal corruption secret.  They are desperate and don’t think very far ahead.
  64. NWO are crooks on a planetary scale who have run out of fresh schemes to keep everyone paid and quiet.  911 was to intimidate silence just like Middle East wars were.

This list may be added to either in this post or another.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Human violence is real not a hoax

February 5, 2016

Human violence is real. The New World Order elite are trying to send the message in their hoax attack videos that somehow when they do it, it is not real.  They are convincing us with their 911 movie and their Boston Marathon movie and the Paris Attacks movie that they are not really behind violence.  They try to make themselves look like some gentle ape incapable of violence.

This is the direction they are taking their expose videos and webpages.  But we know human violence is real.  We also know animal violence is real.  This is a world where violence is a part.

NWO is trying to sell us on the idea that violence itself is not real.  They want us to believe that wars engineered by NWO such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and going back Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, and the Civil War are not real or far fewer died.

NWO did 911 as a controlled demolition. They planned the Afghanistan and Iraq wars beforehand.  They also planned to use selective staged hoaxes to create the idea that no one dies in their wars, or far fewer than thought.   This is to convince their own NWO people that their wars are just and benevolent.

Within NWO there is not truth.  NWO hoaxes itself along with us. Most of NWO is being hoaxed in the same way by the hoax videos that NWO is not violent and is benevolent.

Most of the people in NWO have no greater way to validate the overall level of real violence by NWO than we do.  Even most transactors in NWO only really know what they personally were involved in.  The rest they take on faith. Faith in NWO to tell the truth?

The hoax videos are meant to get NWO insiders to believe the NWO agitprop about non-violence. The NWO insiders ridicule the general public for still believing in 911 or in hoax attacks. This bonding over ridiculing the public makes them believe what they are told by NWO higher level insiders that the wars are not so bad, both now and in the past.

NWO shows it has indifference for the White Race and White Life. Whites have been forced from their cities. This is real, not a movie.  NWO is based on lies and deceptions. The hoax videos are meant to flatter our ego because others are hoaxed. But NWO is not benevolent. It is genociding Whites and doing so in a way painful to those experiencing poor working conditions, low wages, college debt, deferred marriage and so on.

NWO is evil. It is based on deception. It is engaging in genocide of the White Race. It is inflicting conditions of misery. It uses financial market fraud. It subjects young adults, middle aged and elderly to anxiety and worsening conditions of life.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

What was the reason for 911?

February 5, 2016

The attacks on America on September 11, 2001 were done by its own government. What was the purpose?  They were ordered by a president with the consent of Congress and the courts.  How did that happen?

At a tactical level, there may have been reasons given like the risk of Russia’s alleged stockpile of biological weapons being smuggled into the US. Or some other stockpile. If nuclear weapons are a hoax, then the US would be defeated and have to surrender.  That would get cooperation. They wanted to get the power to observe everyone. Thus the Patriot Act was prepared in advance and passed immediately.

However, 911 was not needed for such a purpose. They could have ended immigration including work and student visas and started a process to return Moslems and other foreigners to their own countries.  Instead they chose the strange 911 attacks.

The governing class or New World Order, NWO, had to choose between its social memes of racial equality and White Guilt verses the Constitution and preserving America’s republic and the American way of life. They chose their meme of racial equality and they destroyed the American republic and the American way of life in the name of saving it.

NWO wants to send the message that it has morality. The purpose of the hoaxes is to send moral messages. A racist cop shoots a Black kid and goes to jail.  Violent urban youth are caught in an atrocity and go to prison.  A famous celebrity commits a sex crime and is caught.  A hedge fund manager charges an exorbitant price for a drug and is prosecuted for securities fraud.

NWO wants to be thought of as a friendly benevolent dictatorship that upholds traditional morality by cautionary tales in its hoaxes.  But is that accurate?

NWO floods the country and White countries in general with hostile aliens who make cities unlivable for Whites. This is the reality. It can be verified by looking. It doesn’t require TV or government statistics. You can ride around in a car, on the bus or in a subway and see it.  Their poor schools show it. When promoted by affirmative action, their incompetence and stupidity and ethical indifference show it. Those foolish enough to marry them find it out directly.

NWO wants us to believe that the Civil War, World War 1, and World War 2 were not as violent as we think.  That not as many died. They contrived those wars to advance their agenda. That includes their social engineering agenda and racial engineering agenda.

The results of those wars has been dysgenic at a DNA level and a society level. America and Europe are sick from Diversity, which is a disease that kills the White host.  NWO has brought misery. They have lowered wages and made jobs hard to find. They have laden young people with college debt and difficulty finding a job. They have postponed marriage and childbirth and pushed down fertility. NWO is an evil not a good.

NWO is trying to correct that view with its hoaxes. These are ultimately meant to make us believe no one died in its hoax wars going back to the Civil War.  Carefully planted fake evidence is being exposed to make us think that these wars were a hoax, or at least the deaths, or that far fewer died.

Even if true, the social and racial engineering has been dysgenic at a DNA and society level.  NWO is an attack on White Life itself and requires the total opposition of Whites inside NWO and outside it.

Their hoaxes degrade society and trust, they don’t teach morality lessons. Most of their supposed lessons are simply pushing the same false racial memes they push on their controlled media.  Racial memes that we know are false in real life just by looking.

That is the need for their hoaxes. They need drama to convince us and themselves that their work of racial engineering is working instead of destroying the rise of White Civilization that they take credit for.  Today they are its destroyers not upholders.

NWO is obsessed with racial engineering the White Race out of existence. This crazed meme which is the opposite of human evolution is the reason for 911. 911 was an act of dictatorship by a dictatorship engaged in the genocide of its own people.  That is the purpose of 911, just like everything else they do that is racially linked.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

It is optimal to defect from NWO in DNA terms

February 5, 2016

New World Order, NWO, is genociding the White Race.  The Wright Island Model and Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem entries on this webpage show that. Immigration forever into America and Europe does not create a mixture as a terminal state but simply replaces the White with the brown races. White Civilization is lost.

Up to World War 1 or so, European civilization was eugenic.  Genes flowed from the top down and so created a rising level of IQ and good conduct.  WW1 was itself the killing of many of the best young men, assuming it was real.  However, real or hoax, it resulted in social trends that were dysgenic including welfare so that women at the top bottom had more children.  This included especially Blacks who are manifestly an inferior race.

NWO pours money into Africa resulting in the population boom to 4 billion Blacks by end of the 21st century. They have flooded the White countries with this output of the inferior race.

NWO promotes race mixing between Whites and Blacks, which is dysgenic. Blacks revert to the mean in IQ as Steve Sailer has pointed out. This mean is 70 IQ in Africa, possibly as high as 85 IQ in the US although that likely has fallen.

NWO types are genociding themselves for absurd memes like racial equality.  Racial equality makes no sense at all from a DNA point of view.  It is false in practice and simply destroys Whites.

DNA is billions of years old.

New World Order might be 6,000 years old if one takes some ideas as correct.  During those 6,000 years, NWO or whatever ran human society in Europe was eugenic.  Since roughly 1914, NWO is dysgenic.

Life finds a Way – Jeff Goldblum – Jurassic Park (1993) movie scene

White Life will not be destroyed by a group of elitists who are destroying it.  White Life is based on DNA billions of years old and will not be destroyed by an elite on haywired social meme nonsense like racial equality.

NWO can call Whites racist for wanting to live, but the DNA in White people is billions of years old.  Each DNA has survived billions of years and won’t die just because it is called a name.

When the name calling comes from Jews, a hostile alien race, the signal is given to Whites that they have to find a way to survive. That means find a way against Jews.  It also means find a way against whoever is in their elite working against them.

Those in NWO are helping their own genetic demise. Their own DNA rebels against this. Donald Trump erupts against this DNA self-sacrifice. Jews scream racist and bigot. But that doesn’t work anymore. Jews on MSM screaming bigot are just a virus we have to defeat like the others we have defeated in our billion plus year history of survival.

Whites in NWO are not helping their own DNA survival by aiding it. They help themselves by defecting. That can include undermining NWO without openly opposing it. This can include funding the controlled opposition, but doing it too well.  It can include hiring White and promoting White despite nonsense about racial equality.

Thomas Jefferson knew better than racial equality.  The alien Jewish presence in MSM pushes the false meme of racial equality.  Whites now see that as an attack on them. White Life in NWO will find a way to stop the genocide of the White Race just as White Life outside of NWO does.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Will White Catholics go with Jews or Wasps?

February 4, 2016

One of the central battles of our time is whether White Catholics will side with White Protestants to save the White Race or with Jews to destroy it.  White Catholic elected politicians are almost all antiWhite with a few exceptions in the GOP.  Paul Ryan is an example of one who is antiWhite in the GOP.

Jews in the media and Jewish oligarchs with their money are clearly antiWhite and pushing White genocide, both of White Protestants and of White Catholics.  White Catholics in NYC metro can see that happen clearly. Yet they are unable to break away from the policies of ethnic cleansing of Whites. These same policies also imply the curtailment of social programs including Medicare.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Wasp elite don’t seem to have planned well

February 4, 2016

The Wasp elite have been largely displaced and even ethnic cleansed from America and increasingly from England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  White Catholic elite is getting the same treatment.

The Wasp and White Catholic elites are ruled by emotion. They are subjected to the same memes of feminism, Diversity, nonWhite immigration. So they are being ethnic cleansed.

They are not calculating out the numbers carefully. They are simply going with the big emotions of our time like antiracism, etc.  They are manipulated and their minds governed.  By whom? We always see Jews pushing this. Jews who own entertainment and media companies or have come to influence institutions. They always become more dygenic for Whites when Jews rise.

The switch of the West from eugenic to dysgenic is timed to the rise of the Jews. They are implicated in all the policies pushing the dysgenics. So it is logical to conclude they are behind it. They took over the mechanisms of hoax and deception, added their own twists and are ethnic cleansing the White race.

They are most noted for their brazenness in doing it. They do it in our face. They show their hate openly. They do a victory dance over their White victims.  Even if the victim is in on a hoax, the impact is the same. The depletion of White numbers in elite institutions is real and is the point.  This is not a hoax.  Whites are going down by the numbers, which is what counts.

The group that dances on the grave of Wasps and mocks them in media is Jews. Jews can’t conceal their hate and their victory over the Wasp elite.  They take every opportunity to show this.  They are taking down our monuments, rewriting our history books and excluding us from elite institutions like Harvard.

Even achievements like the Apollo moon landings are taken from us as they turn into hoaxes.  This is itself a form of hostile war.  The 911 attacks as controlled demolition with no deaths end up as discrediting our society and making us feel sick. Again, Jews were the obvious manipulators and they benefit from the destruction of trust in our institutions including media and government.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Could big events like WW2 be a hoax?

February 4, 2016

We are being conditioned by 911 and the shooting hoaxes and ISIS to think that hoaxing is normal. There are also hoaxed assassinations in the past such as likely McKinley, Garfield, Lincoln and Julius Caesar.

We should expect that some of the evidence of past large events has been contrived to be false so that we can be manipulated to doubt the event as a whole if that is desired. However, we can also be manipulated to believe it is true by not pointing out that evidence or making it hard to come by.

NWO creates confusion even within its own ranks. It also creates crises and reasons for managers of the government to have to deal with.  So it will manipulate the evidence at the time so later it can make the event seem real or hoax.

Even within NWO, the managers can’t know. They are in a cloud of confusion as well. They can be manipulated to think they know things at a certain time to get them to act.

However, this mostly has to be done by controlling memes and ideas.  The managers can eventually figure out crude deceptions in some cases. What they can’t get out of are the cultural poison that is destroying the West.  They are even more stuck in that than some who are farther removed from the inside.

In the case of events like WW2, there are plenty of hoaxes or manufactured evidence in them. These can be pulled out to influence our thinking. Just like the Holocaust lampshade hoax makes us doubt the Holocaust, so Hiroshima as not a nuke or Dresden lower casualties can create doubts as to the whole war.


History is a set of lies agreed upon.

Some group of manipulators want to be able to make history plastic so they can change it to suit them. Others simply wanted the evidence of the truth buried forever.  There are records of big and small deceptions. Some are in the open and available, some in private archives or just collections of private or family papers. Some, maybe even most, are not even known or understood to those possessing them.

Many are like the Musgrave Ritual. The meaning has been lost even though a record had been preserved.

If victors write history, then the history being written now is by the victors over the Whites. That would have to be the Jews since no other group has the power to rewrite our history books as they do.  Nor do the Wasp or Catholic elite have an interest to make their past be evil or their heroes be seen as evil.  Jews have that motive. Jews in history are never rewritten into villains, but always the opposite.  Their villains are made heroes and benefactors such as Michael Milken pushing the Zika virus on Charlie Rose this week.

One thing to look at is the dysgenics. If the big event was dysgenic like WW2 was, then it is more likely to be real. It killed the best young men and it also pushed things like women’s equality to lower White fertility.  The latter is true even if the war was a hoax. The latter is also the bigger impact. The Holocaust is also used to batter Whites into submission to their own genocide.  That is done by Jews who can’t conceal their hate of Whites and delight in the destruction of White culture, religion, and civilization and the White race.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

It’s the dysgenics stupid!

February 4, 2016

New World Order, NWO, has adopted a set of policies or allowed them to take over that cause dysgenics in human populations.   This is a recent change.  When it happened precisely is hard to say.  But sometime between 1800 and 2000 it had happened.  Since it was a set of processes that changed, a range of years is useful as a tool for thinking.

We can approximate it by a year like 1900 or 1914 if we want.  We might even go as late as the 1965 Immigration Act or the year when income inequality was the least or median real wages for men or White men the highest, which would give us a time in the 1970s.

One reads about ideas that the Victorian IQ was 15 points higher than ours.

Is there a deliberate dysgenic policy?  It applies within White populations, e.g. low fertility for academic women and across populations, e.g. a high fertility for Black women.

How could this dysgenic policy come about?

  1. The elite at the top want the fraction of high IQ in the population to be low.
  2. A hostile group like Jews has taken over and is manipulating the system to bring down White or even White and Asian IQ.
  3. The NWO is ruled by emotion and confusion the same or even more than the rest of us.  They simply are not focused on this being the main issue to measure and manage.

In centuries past, eugenic practices were the rule by human societies. Human IQ and associated positive qualities were upward. That drove the rise of the West and the East.  It is responsible for the scientific revolution. It is the cause of the rise of equality.

The smart people had higher fertility than the others and this resulted in a rising standard of IQ. But this also led to equality. The upper classes had more children and eventually the middle and even lower classes became them.

It is possible the ruling elites didn’t want the other classes to be them and wanted them to be obvious inferiors, e.g. other races.

However, this policy is impacting the wealthiest and most talented families.  They have much lower fertility than in the past and it is less certain from generation to generation.

There are a whole set of policies that promote lower fertility in high IQ women.  This includes every type of women’s equality and opportunity.

Wars like WW2 have a bigger impact on dysgenics by promoting women’s equality when they went into the work force than the people killed, if the wars were real.

One way to look at this is to find a group that has above average fertility that might be behind this.  Some groups that have had above average fertility in the past century are Mormons, Catholics and Orthodox Jews.  The group maintaining this the most is Orthodox Jews.

If a family has 10 children, than the multiplier is 5. So if one had a million Orthodox Jews at a point in time and a multiplier of 5 than in 3 generations one could have 125 million. So they could take over the country.  Or even take over the entire West.

The Holocaust, real or not, helped set up this to make Jews untouchable.

Mormons could not engineer the policies that are leading to White decline and moreover, they are experiencing them as well. They are finding Hispanics and Asians taking opportunity.

In contrast, we see high Orthodox Jewish fertility in towns near New York City.  Lakewood NJ and Kiryas Joel or in general Rockland and Orange Counties New York and Brooklyn are some examples.

Asian academic women who come to the West tend to have low fertility.  East Asian IQ is being attacked the same as White IQ.   If deception from a hostile group is behind this, Jews seem the best fit.

Jews promote almost all the dysgenic policies. They push extreme feminism. They push women in combat roles. They push homosexuality. They push drugs and cultural destruction.

White ethnostates with eugenic policies in which the average IQ rises and the number of high IQ people is large are most under assault by modernity.  This is what happened up to 1900. The world of 1914 was a world that had seen a millenium of rising high IQ population of European Whites throughout the world. This was what was destroyed by modernity.

The only group that benefited from that was Jews. They were the group most implicated in the causes of this happening. The primary causes are not wars but social changes and immigration. Jews push those. Their Frankfurt School and similar agencies are behind it. They push it today in our face.  They have a religious population with high fertility whose fertility is paid for by the state.

All of this is most evident and extreme near New York City, which is the center of Jewish power and influence.  Protected religious communities with high fertility paid for by the state and the extreme dysgenic policies for the rest including White Catholics in Northern New Jersey, Westchester, New York City itself and Long Island.

NWO works by deception not just of the mass of people but even within the NWO itself. The hoaxes and deceptions are too great for anyone to keep track of.  Some people may know more. There may be some systematic ones like terrorism.  But only deep insiders know the full extent of the misinformation. They also can’t keep track of the specifics even if they have files or an Internet of their own.  There is too much info to keep track of.

NWO is mostly ruled by emotions and disinformation the same as the rest of the population.  The disinformation most relevant to fertility are things like feminism, Diversity, immigration, etc. The NWO elite are as deluded on these things as others for the most part.

The one group that can keep a distinction is Jews. Jews distinguish the bad policies for the Gentiles and the good policies for the Jews.  They openly favor their own.  They openly disdain and hate the others. Their extreme wealth is an indication of their role in the manipulations. They are the only group that makes manifest a hatred of Whites, e.g. in their hate humor against Whites.

The old Wasp elite has disappeared from low fertility and low displacement. White Catholics are experiencing the same thing.  Jews stand out as the group pushing the decline of Whites and wanting it to happen. They say so openly. They make a culture of it. It is in their humor, entertainment, advertising, education, etc.

The policy of bringing smart Asians to America and Europe where they have low fertility also works for the Jews.  It takes out this rival group while at the same time pushing down the White Protestants and White Catholics.  It is a trifecta of enemies defeated in fertility terms.  Those are the terms that count.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.








911 the movie was built around 911 the demolition

January 22, 2016

The way to think about the September 11, 2001 attacks on World Trade Center is not as a demolition put into a movie, but a movie put around a controlled demolition.  The 911 controlled demolition was a standard controlled demolition. The demolition people got exactly what they wanted and the movie people had to make the film around them.

The controlled demolition people said

  1. No planes.
  2. No fires.
  3. No people.
  4. No contents.

Controlled demolition requires planting charges where you want and setting them off as you want. You can’t set your charges around the building and then have an airplane smash them up and burn them and still get the demolition you want. So no planes.  Controlled demolition implies no planes.

For the same reason, controlled demolition implies no fires. You can’t have fires burning up the demolitions and ruining the demolition plan.

You can’t have 50,000 people running around your building in desperation after you planted your charges.  Controlled demolition implies no people.

A standard controlled demolition requires removing the contents. You can’t experiment on 911 with contents of 110 story buildings. You can’t have them fly all over lower Manhattan. So no contents.

These also work together. If there are no planes, how would you get the people to leave the building?

If the building has no contents, the people would not go up in it.  Also if you have no people in it, there is no need to have the contents in it.

The movie was then produced around the demolition.  That included complete control of what was broadcast on TV and confiscation of unauthorized cameras or film anywhere in the area.

Local firefighters were used to control the situation while out of town were used in the outer areas.  Or even better, use military or intel people as much as possible dressed up as cops or firefighters.

Dupe witnesses. People not in on it are made to think the movie is real. These people then convince the others. People are chosen out in advance as trusted witness types to be dupe witnesses. Their testimony is taken as true by people who know them as reliable

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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