War with Russia or White Christian alliance?

December 16, 2017

Russia plagiarism files can easily lead to a crisis with Russia.  What do we want as the outcome? Should we listen to neocon voices of war?  Or should we do the opposite and instead choose a White Christian alliance with Russia?

A White Christian alliance would be based on restricting immigration into both Russia and America to White Christians.  This would then strengthen our people’s bonds to each other by race and religion.

Russia was taken over in 1917 by communists. Under Bolshevik values, Russia was in conflict with America.  It was under the banker values that the IMF loans were used to finance the looting of Russian state assets in the 1990s which resulted in the devaluing of Russian state pensions, which practically everyone had.

The Soviet Union was a giant defined benefit pension plan.  That was looted in the 1990s by the same international bankers who looted America’s defined benefit pensions in the 1980s and 1990s.  The same group also fomented wars in the Middle East for Israel.

Neocon-banker values are mass immigration, the ethnic cleansing of White Christian countries, empty churches, mass entertainment that degrades Christian values and dishonors marriage and motherhood.  Obviously, a unitary hostile elite has governed America and Russia for many decades.  They live on war, terror and conflict. The opposite of what America and Russia were in the 19th century.

The America of Mark Twain and Russia of Tolstoy were far better places than what they have become under the hostile elites who govern them today. These elites want war between America and Russia. These elites want to deplete pensions, social security and Medicare even more in both countries.

Better to make war against the hostile elites than each other.  A White Christian alliance with immigration restricted to White Christians would be a great move against the neocon-Bolshevik values that are ethnic and Christian cleansing both countries.


How did the Russia Plagiarism Files Conspiracy last so long?

December 15, 2017

One of the great puzzles of Russia Plagiarism Files is that it has lasted this long.  It was exposed on this blog in 2006 and I notified my senator. This blog was linked to in 2008 by a former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas Reed from Physics Today.  I met with representatives of the government in 2013.  I contacted many people during the Stanley Fischer confirmation in 2014, in and out of government including many principal people at the universities.  Yet, here we are and nothing has happened.  How?

Going back further, Edward Corson’s orginality retraction in 1947 led to no official investigation or action.  The profs and scientists who talked to the FBI about Klaus Fuchs and Edward Corson did not mention it.

The other acts of plagiarism and Russia’s use of them all passed without any official action. It would seem no one had ever notified the FBI or the media. I did notify the media and posted in comment sections for many years, but that got nowhere.

It is not just apathy.  There has to be a conspiracy at least in part behind this non-action and decades of not noticing.  This has worked its way up to the present time.

Part of the problem is the fear of being labeled anti-Semitic for pointing this out. This in turn highlights that Jews occupy a central role in this conspiracy. In a sense the Soviets were using this from the beginning. They knew that if prominent Jews were involved, it would be hard for Gentiles to speak up, and other Jews would not speak up also has proven out.  The Soviets knew their Jews. In part, because that is what they were. They were inside Jews at a top level.

Senator Schumer led the cover-up for Stanley Fischer in the Senate confirmation hearings.  The White Gentiles were afraid to ask him one question at the second hearing. The chairman made it clear at one point, that this type of information could be asked about, as a sort of “Do you have any questions on anything else?”.  Everyone knew what he meant, and none of the senators asked a question on it.

Meanwhile Jews and their Gentile lackeys in academia flooded Ph.D. programs in science, math, finance, economics with Chinese students. That silenced the White Gentiles from speaking up about what was baked into the published literature. They could read this blog from 2006 and see it all laid out. But none dared speak up.

Max Born Spy Ring Google Doodle

December 15, 2017

Google honored Max Born with a Google Doodle on December 11, 2017, the 135 anniversary of his birth in 1882.


Of course, they said nothing of his spy ring.


Likely members:

  1. Klaus Fuchs
  2. Leopold Infeld
  3. Kun Huang
  4. Cheng Kaijia
  5. Huanwu Peng
  6. L. M. Yang
  7. J. Robert Oppenheimer effectively a Communist by donations, friends, brother, etc.

Those who were in or knew and went along.

  1. Edward Corson
  2. Victor Weisskopf
  3. Werner Heisenberg

And likely many others at least knew. Many of those promoted or hired or vouched for these people or others in security background checks. They duped the FBI, MI5, MI6, and of course the George H.W. Bush Skull and Bones CIA, which was always more interested in investment banking than actual spying.

If anything, the old spy rings expanded and became more entrenched deep in establishment institutions. They then flooded PhD programs with Chinese to make it impossible for White Americans to expose what was going on. Typical. This has been their modus operandi since ancient times.

LBJ J Robert Oppenheimer JFK KGB CIA

November 13, 2017

Did the CIA hire the KGB to kill JFK? Was part of the payoff that LBJ then honored J Robert Oppenheimer?


“- Remarks Upon Presenting the Fermi Award to Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer
December 2, 1963″

JFK was shot Nov 22, 1963, while LBJ was ducking in his car, before the shots were fired. Then 10 days later, LBJ gives an award to J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Recall that JRO concealed from the FBI in the investigation of Edward Corson that in 1947 Russia made Corson retract any originality in a paper where Corson plagiarized Fock in 1946. Corson was at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton and JRO came in as director at the tail end of this incident, so he had to know.


During the Oppenheimer Security Clearance Hearings in 1954, Oppenheimer and other witnesses including Fermi were concealing from the FBI that Corson plagiarized a Russian prof and the Russians made him retract originality.



Edward Corson site:fbi.gov

29 results

[PDF]Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

having had any communication with Corson, records at the BowStreet Jail verify the ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

Dr. Hubbard feels Edward Corson is violently .-. -_ opposed to Communismand socialism. Dr. Hubbard said that Edward Carson “Y was patriotic and loyal to the …


Edward Corson Fock site:fbi.gov

“Your search – edward corson fock site:fbi.gov – did not match any documents.”

edward corson oppenheimer site:fbi.gov

Fuchs – FBI — The Vault

Edward,lgifchaeil_Co;s9§ … Corson also told Oppenheimer that his nits was missing ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean. Acheson.

[PDF]referral responses emil klaus fuchs 65-58805 – FBI — The Vault

been interviewed by the Bureau regarding J. RobertOppenheimer, and itvill. = also be …… Edward Corson was born June 27, 1921 at Long Island, New. York,.

[PDF]bae_Q I5AY 13. __ y – FBI — The Vault

Edward Anato. '00:-son …. Fuchs was not capable of betraying any trust. – personal

or national. Corson also … On April l2, 1950, Br. J; Robert Oppenheimer.



So Oppenheimer told the FBI nothing of the Fock Letter.

“Statement by the President on the Death of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. February 20, 1967″


Oppenheimer was a traitor and honored by LBJ. Does that imply LBJ was a traitor too? And working for the same people, ie the Soviets?

Did elements of the American establishment hire the KGB to kill JFK? Part of the price was to continue the cover-up of Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets? And its ongoing use to penetrate deeply into the American economics and business school establishment? From there into the IMF, World Bank, central banks like the Fed and Wall Street?

This is how they controlled IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s. They controlled Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers through such means. If this had been exposed in the 1960s, they could not have done so.

Russia needed to infiltrate the IMF and World Bank in order to contest the third world with America.

What else did Russia get? The US stopped building ICBMs and the Soviets leaped ahead. The US did not do missile defense. It would take a two decade change in leadership cadres until Reagan reversed these betrayals.

Was the reason because McNamara, LBJ, James Jesus Angleton, etc. were in on the hit on JFK? They hired the KGB and had to pay the piper.

It took a full generation to reverse their acts of treason on ICBMs and missile defense. A new generation of leaders had to take power, who were not involved in the JFK assassination, what Nixon called the Bay of Pigs matter.

Was Vietnam lost on purpose as part of this deal?  America has won every war in the 3rd world easily since then. Did McNamara and LBJ lose on purpose because they had hired the KGB to kill JFK?

Robert McNamara did what after losing Vietnam and stopping America’s missile defense? He went directly to president of the World Bank.


Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers and the other MIT econ academics would all serve in high level positions in the World Bank and IMF. That is where they gave the loans to Russia in the 1990s that were promptly looted and the loan conditions not adhered to.

robert mcnamara reagan missile defense sdi

“In the United States, McNamara provided one of the strongest institutional voices against strategic missile defense, arguing that it would inevitably amplify the expensive, destabilizing arms race between the United States and the USSR.”


Robert McNamara violently opposed the Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI. This is what the Soviets feared and Reagan’s SDI is part of what helped lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union when they could not keep up in the arms race. SDI was destabilizing, it destabilized the Soviet Union and in fact the entire Warsaw Pact. America won without firing a shot, freeing Eastern Europe and the captive nations inside the USSR including Ukraine.  Robert McNamara was opposed every step of the way.

In fact, McNamara was always opposed to American victory. From the Bay of Pigs to the souks of Saigon to Hanoi Jane prancing around to SDI bringing down the Soviet Empire and freeing Eastern Europe.

The American establishment needed the KGB to kill JFK for the cover-up.  The trail of the JFK assassination leads to the KGB in Mexico City and then disappears. If the US had done JFK by itself, it would have had a much harder time to cover it up.  By outsourcing, the KGB would have the records not the CIA or FBI. But that would then make them beholden to the KGB. That seems to be what happened for a generation of treason.

From JFK’s death on November 22, 1963 to Reagan’s inaugural on January 20, 1981, America went from defeat to defeat. But then within 10 years of a new generation of leaders in America, the Soviet Union collapsed completely including the Warsaw Pact and the liberation of Europe.  Doesn’t this prove something was rotten in the previous 20 years?

9-11 Dirty Tricks with home health aide

September 12, 2017

On 9-11, our health aide did not show up. I had paid her last Friday, and did withholding. I emailed and called and left a message on her cell. Then she called back and I identified myself, she said hello and then I asked who I was talking with.  I did not have caller id on that phone, and was not sure of her voice. She hung up. Then I called back and left a message asking her to call me.  She didn’t.

Who gets a check from somebody and then won’t talk to them? From an employer doing withholding?

Her not coming caused my mom to become anxious. Another dirty trick from the rat section of the government and ruling elites.

These techniques were not developed just for me, or recently. These are techniques honed over centuries and millennia.  This is how they keep any senator from saying 911 was a controlled demolition.  These techniques of fear are their stock in trade.

Robert Mueller conflict of interest to investigate Donald Trump

September 9, 2017

Robert Mueller conflict of interest to investigate President Donald Trump in matters related to Russia.

Robert Mueller has a conflict of interest because he blocked the investigation of Russia having files on plagiarism by professors in the US and using those to obtain

  • a) atomic secrets
  • b) Nobel Prize nominations in physics including Kapitza
  • c) Nobel Prize nomination in economics for Kantorovich
  • d) IMF loans in the 1990s controlled by Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.


In 2008, former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas Reed published a book on nuclear spying, Nuclear Express, that cited my research that Russia blackmailed professors to gain atomic secrets. He also obtained release of FBI documents showing that the universities concealed information on this from the FBI investigation of Edward Corson.



I had already disclosed as part of the same research that Russia likely had blackmailed Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers in the 1990s when they controlled IMF loans to Russia.

Moreover, they had concealed information from the US Attorney Office Mass District investigation of Andrei Shleifer from 1997 to 2005.  Robert Mueller should have investigated this topic at that time but didn’t.

Subsequently, Russia posted information on the internet showing that Darrell Duffie had plagiarized me. Duffie became outside head of the board at Moody’s supervising rating changes. As I recall leading up to the Ukraine crisis, Moody’s lowered the credit rating of Ukraine earlier than S & P. Moody’s gave better credit ratings to Russia than S & P at that time. However, I can’t find my notes on this and am not sure of it at this point. The FBI was notified of this leverage and Robert Mueller blocked the investigation. This was under Obama.


When Stanley Fischer was appointed to the Federal Reserve under Obama, I sent emails to the professors who knew of his plagiarism with questions for them to answer and provide to the FBI and Senate confirmation. I forwarded these emails to a person at the Federal Reserve who had cited my work as well as to my contact at FBI/JTTF. Robert Mueller blocked this investigation as well.

Many elderly professors in physics and economics died while Mueller was blocking these investigations.  Mueller could potentially be prosecuted as an accessory to atomic espionage and subsequent crimes for obstructing these investigations.

Thus Mueller has a conflict of interest to investigate Donald Trump over Russia related issues. Mueller needs leverage over Trump so Trump does not prosecute Mueller for obstruction of justice of Russia’s blackmail over IMF loans in the 1990s and an accessory after the fact to atomic espionage.

In addition, I was intentionally trapped on an elevator in Switzerland in 1998. The group of academics Summers, Fischer and Daniel Rubinfeld likely conspired to use DOJ approval of the merger of Zurich Insurance and BAT insurance operations to force Zurich Insurance to trap me in the elevator on the Sunday that Marcus Rohrbasser resigned for insider trading.

The elevator moved a few feet. This left a gap where I was pulled through. I could have been crushed at that stage, killing me, and preventing me giving the paper that was unhelpful to Fischer, Summers, and Samuelson during the LTCM crisis and Clinton impeachment. That paper was delivered the following week from being trapped in the elevator on a Sunday and then published in the conference proceedings. Daniel Rubinfeld was part of the same group as was Franklin Fisher who chaired the Fischer thesis containing plagiarism in 1969 and who was chief economic witness for DOJ in US v. Microsoft.

Zurich Insurance CEO was present at this unusual Sunday meeting in a basically empty building. He was clearly forced to go along with this action by his actions and facial gestures. But it appears he thwarted killing me at the last minute. Rohrbasser manifested behavior and animus towards me consistent with his having intended to crush me in the
elevator when I was pulled through it.

DAAG Daniel Rubinfeld was in control of the approval of the merger at DOJ Economic Analysis Group and could have used that to pressure the Zurich Insurance CEO to trap me in the elevator.

The reason for this was that a few days later I presented a paper at an actuarial meeting that would imply to those with a guilty conscience that Paul Samuelson and Stanley Fischer had plagiarized Nils Hakansson.

At an econ conference in January 2005, I attended a session by Rubinfeld. After that, he passed me in the hallway and gave me a look that could kill. That would fit if he was behind the elevator incident and in fact they intended to kill me.

Analysis posted by me since 2006 indicates that oligarch Boris Berezovsky likely learned of this when he was a prof at the Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow in the 1980s and was blackmailing these professors in control of IMF loans to Russia while Berezovsky in effect ran Russia in the 1990s. This is likely why he gained influence and power, his role in running this blackmail scheme based on his know-how as a professor at the Institute of Control Sciences in the 1980s. There are professors from ICS in the US who could testify on Berezovsky’s knowledge.

I posted an article linking Stanley Fischer to the kidnapping of me in the elevator in 1998 in Zurich Switzerland on the evening of Friday September 1, 2017. Fischer than resigned on Wednesday September 6, 2017. Fischer is aware that this blog is the one cited by the Secretary of the Air Force for Russia’s blackmail over plagiarism and where extensive information about his plagiarism and Russia’s blackmail over it. During his confirmation as Vice Chairman of the Fed, extensive information was posted as I contacted professors and government employees by email pointing out the extensive information on
Stanley Fischer’s actions.

A strange series of coincidences this year have spurred me to try to bring these matters forward again. Some of these are discussed in the September 1, 2017 article that seems to have spurred the unexpected resignation of Stanley Fischer for personal reasons.


As a reminder, Fischer was appointed as vice Chairman of the Fed because Janet Yellen, the chairman, is not very competent in economics compared to Fischer. Thus it is unusual for Fischer to resign for personal reasons leaving in place a chairman who is not competent for the job from the academic viewpoint, which Fischer certainly shares. Fischer taught advanced material to Ph.D. students at MIT, whereas Janet Yellen could not pass a current Ph.D. exam in economics, or use a current statistics package for econometrics.

Iran seems to have read my webpages on these matters and they tried to horn in on it during the Iran nuclear negotiations.  They used this as leverage over Obama.


This proves President Trump was right about the Iran nuclear negotiations by Obama.

Robert Mueller knew this, because the FBI monitors these pages, and I have met with a rep of FBI/JTTF at my home discussing my web pages several years ago.  Mueller knew Iran had this leverage during the nuclear negotiations. But he did nothing to stop this. This shows Mueller had consciousness of guilt of his role already in blocking these investigations into Russia’s spying and blackmail to protect presidents Clinton and Obama and their staff.

All that President Donald Trump has to do is declassify the responses of professors to the emails I sent in the Stanley Fischer confirmation for Fed Vice Chairman. This will show that there was a basis to investigate and that Robert Mueller as FBI director blocked this investigation into President Obama and President Clinton’s economic teams and Russian blackmail.

Doing less social media to spend more time with family

September 3, 2017

I am doing less social media to spend more time with my family.  I will also be working on my math books and financial software.  Hopefully, some of them can be part of that work as it starts to make money.

3 police cars pull up in front of house

September 2, 2017

Three police cars pull up in front of my house and then the officers go down the block and soon leave. One of them is the same as the one who came on July 18, 2017 when my mother fell or was pushed by a home health aide behind her. This after the flat tire on the car that I was planning to use to go back to base that has a valid decal.

I did internet renewal on my other car and don’t have the tags left, so the base may give me problems going in.

This on the day my mother is to be pushed out of the hospital with fluid still on her lungs.

Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

My car gets flat tire over night

September 2, 2017

As I am getting ready to go to the hospital to see my mother on her discharge day, I find the car has a flat tire.  This is after I wrote the previous post on strange doings at a military hospital.

Strange doings on my mother’s healthcare at military hospital

September 1, 2017

I have been cited by a former Secretary of the Air Force and nuclear weapons designer, Thomas C. Reed for exposing that Russia blackmailed professors over plagiarism to gain atomic bomb secrets.



More recently, Russia has blackmailed two econ profs in charge of loans for Russia in the 1990s, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer. Fischer is vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.  His confirmation process was put on hold because of information I requested various professors to send to the FBI.

My mother was supposed to be kept at a military hospital until the fluid was off her lungs. She is then scheduled for a skilled nursing facility to get physical therapy.

I talked to a pair of people around 3 pm today, one of whom was insistent she not get skilled nursing care. Then I drove to the hospital and the doctor in charge (not her regular doctor at the hospital) came in around 5 pm and said he was going to release her the next day without getting the fluid off her lung. This sabotages her chances at physical therapy.

The doctor said he had just talked to one of the same two people, although not the one so insistent on no skilled nursing.

(Note, I don’t believe her regular doctor at the hospital is part of this.)

At this stage I was having to cover my face with my hand to try to hide my scowls at how irritated I was by this afternoon. The military saw that including the doctor in charge (not her regular doctor).

Their protocol is 2 nurses help my mother walk. But then they cut that down to 1 nurse while I was there tonight.

This one nurse held her oxygen cable but did not even stand near my mother, so she could not support her at all.

Then a few hours later they sent in an old man with a hook hand to help her walk by himself.  Again he would have to hold her oxygen cable and keep her from falling. This was too much so I asked him how he could do that.

He said he had been doing nursing for 47 years and would find a way somehow.   He left. I went to the nursing station and talked about my mother being a fall risk and that this man could not carry her oxygen  cable and prevent her from falling.

The protocol is 2 nurses present when my mother tries to walk or uses the bath room or portable commode. They cut that down to a single old man with a hook hand. All after they talked to this certain person on the phone, who doesn’t want her going to the skilled nursing home.

This isn’t coincidence. Why are they so insistent?  Because I have been pointing out some uncomfortable ideas?  Like that I was trapped in an elevator in Zurich in 1998 with the elevator moving 3 to 4 feet and then being stuck. My boss opened the hallway door. This was a Sunday. No maintenance man was present. This can’t just happen.

They smirked but did not actually promise to get a maintenance man to get me out.  They let me stand there until I became impatient and asked them to haul me out. Some of them were reluctant to do so.  Perhaps it was supposed to crush me? They had been told that in advance?  It would have looked like an accident?

The following week I presented a paper that strongly implied to those with a guilty conscience that Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson had plagiarized Nils Hakansson.  If I had died in the elevator, that paper would not have been published in actuarial proceedings in the UK. This was during the Clinton impeachment and the LTCM crisis. Not a good time for the MIT Economics Dept profs in control of loans to Russia to be exposed as being blackmailed by Russia over plagiarism.

When I got out, the CFO resigned for insider trading. But the company was giving him a 30 million dollar company and the people who were there at the elevator would get about 3 million each in cash and stock.

Now I have lately realized this was all done intentionally with the people told in advance. I have been discussing this on social media, sometimes anonymous and sometimes my own name.  On one Twitter feed with my own name it was suspended very quickly after I did so.

The CEO present there did not like what was being done to me.  He had sabotaged their plans it now seems to me based on the way they acted.

Later the Deputy Assistant Attorney General at DOJ who was in charge of the 18 billion dollar merger underway gave me a look that could kill when I attended one of his sessions at an American Economics Association Meeting.

I have also speculated on the internet that my brother was intentionally given a lethal dose of drugs.

So between these two incidents, someone may feel nervous.

As mentioned above, I was cited by a former secretary of the air force and nuclear weapons designed for exposing that Russia blackmails professors over plagiarism.  This was over nuclear secrets in his book. More recently the professors in charge of loans for Russia, Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers through Summers’ uncle, Paul Samuelson.

There have been a series of seeming attacks on my mother and health care aides present when she had unexplained health problems including unexplained urinary retention and a rapid accumulation of fluids in 3 days unlike anything in her past. These were one week after another. She had not had anything like these problems in the past. Health aides present at both times. Health aide behind my mother when she fell.

Same person hired the health care agency for when my mother fell and when she was unable to urinate.

The same person wanted her to go to a nursing home, but now that she is to get physical therapy at a nursing home there is opposition to it.  After talking to him, the doctor in charge changed his mind about keeping her until the fluid was off her lungs.

There is ambiguity to this and different people involved in the pair of persons, and the military may simply have taken advantage of this to make it look like he was the prime mover, when he is just a patsy.

If I had been planned to be killed in Zurich in 1998, then others would have known this was intentional and not an accident. That same man was involved in my life at that time.  Coincidence? Or did they promise him something to go along with it? Or does that make him a better unsuspecting patsy for the military?



My mother was anxious today. Why would they send in a man with a hook hand to help her walk by himself when he has to carry her oxygen cable and support her with the other “hand”?  This is sheer terrorism by the military. Why?

They are terrorizing my mother to get at me.  Why? What is their secret? What drives them to terrorize a 97 year old woman to get at me?

Why do they refuse to get the fluid off her lungs before she goes to physical therapy?

The above is hypotheses and speculation.  Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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