Pyramid tomb robbing another hoax?

March 23, 2018

Ancient Egypt.  It came to pass that the land of Egypt was producing great crops from the Nile and selling them to every land. Thus the people of Egypt became rich. Out of their wealth, they buried gold with their families. In time, the competition to bury gold was harming the economy because people did not have money to spend on goods.

In pharaoh’s palace.

Pharoah Djoser: All the families I know are land poor. They have no gold anymore. Where is it going?

Imhotep:  Families bury their gold with the dead as a sign of respect and to curry favor with the gods.

Djoser: This is bankrupting the best families.

Imhotep: The best families are the most pious and want to show respect the most.

Djoser:  This is sucking the gold out of the Egyptian economy. Without gold, we can’t have trade. Without trade our agricultural surplus is squandered. What can we do?

Imhotep:  You will be buried in a giant tomb with gold. Then it will be robbed. The best families will then realize that if even pharaoh’s tomb is robbed, then it is useless to put gold in their family’s tomb.

Djoser: Brilliant. This will revitalize the Egyptian economy.

Imhotep: You shall be a river to your people.

Djoser: Let it be a rule for every pharaoh to do this until the practice of leaving gold and precious gifts in tombs and graves is ended.

Imhotep: So it has been ordered, so shall it be. We shall build pyramids of giant size so that everyone in Egypt sees that burying gold in a tomb is folly not piety.

Djoser: So the pyramids shall be a sign forever, don’t leave your gold in the family grave, but invest it wisely while you still have life.

After a few centuries, no one buried gold or precious gifts in their family plots, so new pyramids and new tomb robbing were no longer needed. So the building of giant pyramids ended.

And so the pyramids were a giant project of social engineering, one that revitalized the economy and laid the foundation for Egypt’s continued prosperity long after the pyramids were built.

Thus is solved the mystery of the pyramids and the reason for the Sphinx’s smile.


This first Egyptian pyramid consisted of six mastabas (of decreasing size) built atop one another in what were clearly revisions and developments of the original plan.

It was built ca. 27th century BC during the Third dynasty for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by his vizier, Imhotep.

Egyptian chancellor to the pharaoh Djoser, probable architect of the step pyramid, and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. Very little is known of Imhotep as a historical figure, but in the 3000 years following his death, he was gradually glorified and deified.

Just like Fed chairmen are today. Another sign that Jews are descended from the priests of Egypt and Babylon.


Rex Tillerson bids farewell to mean-spirited (((town)))

March 23, 2018

Rex Tillerson’s final remarks to State Department.

“This can be a (((very mean-spirited town))). But you don’t have to choose to participate (((in that))). Each of us get to choose the person we want to be, and the way we want to be treated, and the way we will treat others.”

The most mean-spirited part of the town of Washington D.C. are the mean-spirited Jews at Washington Post.  Mean spirited Jew Dana Milbank and his ilk spread the poison of hate of Whites from Texas like Rex Tillerson.

White Genocide comes from Jews like Dana Milbank who push DACA to genocide Whites by taking away economic opportunity from men in their 20s and 30s.


In Fairfax County, VA, 75% of men are never married before they are 30. That is part of the 30-30 solution pushed by Dana Milbank and WaPo Jews. Only 30 percent of men or less are married by the time they are 30. That is the recipe for White Genocide and population genocide.  That comes from hate, a hate that Dana Milbank and other WaPo Jews show openly for all Whites especially ones from Texas.

The federal government genocides its own employees. That is mean-spirited. The policy of genociding federal employees comes from WaPo Jews like Dana Milbank who push DACA, H-1b visas, student visas, Asian immigration to take good jobs and all the other methods Jews use to genocide Whites in particular and the population in general.

Every time the WaPo Jew opens his mouth, out comes hatred of Whites in the form of immigration to displace Whites. The marriage statistics in every country prove that. The 30-30 solution is designed by Jews to genocide Whites as well as the rest of the population as a side effect.

The 30-30 solution is a genocide that has been planned, and it was planned by Jews. It is now being carried out by the Judeo-Masonic Cuckspiracy.

Travis County Texas another Marriage Genocide Zone

March 23, 2018

Austin Texas is the seat of Travis County, Texas. The percentage of men married before they are 30 is about 25%. Seems the goal of this country is 30-30 solution. 30 percent of men are married before they are 30. (((Their))) genocide plan is working.


Travis County, Texas. Austin is seat of Travis County.,_Texas



Travis County, Texas, Females.

65% of females are never married in Travis County, Texas.


The alleged Austin Serial bombings were committed in Austin, Texas the county seat of Travis County.

The suspect, 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt of Pflugerville, Texas, blew himself up inside his vehicle when confronted by police on March 21, also injuring a police officer.,_Texas

Pflugerville /ˈflɡərvɪl/ is a city in Travis County, Texas, United States, with a small portion in Williamson County.


The DACA serial bombing is part of the genocide of marriage and thus of children in Travis County, Texas.

Michael McCaul who represents Austin, Texas is a B+ from NumbersUSA, and an A+ in this Congress.

Do not agree to any DACA compromise. DACA is unlimited amnesty no questions asked in the federal courts. Most federal judges are not Americans because those who genocide Americans are not Americans.


The 30-30 solution did not just happen. This is a controlled society where such things are carefully planned. Jews planned that only 30% of men would be married by the time they are 30 as part of their plan to genocide Whites. Wake up and smell the genocide.

Why didn’t the allies bomb the camps?

March 22, 2018

Because the camps were to protect the Jews from the war. Jewish men then joined the Gestapo and SS to keep the war going to the last German and last Russian. Then the Jews blamed the camps that protected them from the war on the Germans.

The allies didn’t bomb the camps because the allies were working for the JudeoMasonic conspiracy which was protecting its own in the camps.

The camps were to protect the Jewish elderly and children from allied bombing and food shortages that the general German population was exposed to. Even more so that Poles and Hungarians and others in Eastern Europe suffered in the cities. Meanwhile the military age men were outside the camps running the war and making sure it didn’t stop with an early peace.

John Schindler claims he coined Cold War 2.0

March 22, 2018

John Schindler of 20Committee boasting

Four years ago this week, I coined the term Cold War 2.0 to describe the deteriorating diplomatic and military situation between Russia and the West in the aftermath of the Kremlin’s dramatic seizure of Crimea.

and here


They were using Cold War 2.0 back in Cold War 1.0 after detente failed.

We can Google search from Jan 1, 2000 to Jan 1, 2013. Lots of usage.

John Schindler former Naval War College prof and NSA and current NSA front man is engaging in the typical copying and plagiarism syndrome of the intel agencies. They steal the work of others including their own colleagues and repeat the same hoaxes and false flags.

This is why it is easy to expose the Sergei Skripal poisoning in Salisbury as another JudeoMasonic False Flag.

The ultimate goal is to distract us from White Genocide by immigration.

Anything touted by John Schindler is a false flag or hoax whose ultimate purpose is to distract the Gullible White Goyim from being genocided by his ilk. This includes duping people in the intel agencies or politicians that there is some reason or purpose to this hoaxing. They are just Gullible Goyim insiders to the (((real manipulators))). (((They))) laugh at our White Gentile intel insiders as the biggest dupes of all time. The insider Gentiles know everything but understand nothing.

Marriage statistics for males in Anne Arundel county that includes Fort Meade, NSA’s super secret base of super dupes. See city-data for source. Only 30 percent of males age 25 to 30 are married living with their spouse. This is genocide. Too bad the super secret spooks are too much super public dupes to figure this out.




NSAers are taught to hate their own people by duping them. They are too stupid to understand this. So they willingly genocide their own extended families and often their own direct employees in their 20s.

Any organization that genocides its own employees is evil. Any organization that genocides the county it is located in is also evil. For NSA we know for sure they do that.


NSA front man Schindler tells us

Russia Has an Ideology—and It’s as Entrenched as Communism Was


Russia’s ideology is JudeoFreemasonry. Putin is a tool of the same JudeoMasonic conspiracy as NSA. Russian people are being genocided same as Whites everywhere. JudeoFreemasonry looted the pension plans of Russia same as America. See a pattern here?

Putin’s corruption-laden model for Russia is unsustainable in the long run. In terms of population and per capita GDP, Russia is more or less Mexico with nuclear weapons.

What other country is headed towards being Mexico with nuclear weapons? DACA = Mexico with nuclear weapons. These NSA front men are so stupid. They describe their own treason and project it onto Putin. Makes it easy for them to write their articles.

However, many people did not wish to wake up just yet,

Like the entire NSA and larger intel community.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the retinue of rough men around him, mainly Chekists like himself. I know something about Chekists—and Russians—so I understood that the Kremlin wasn’t going to stop its increasingly aggressive provocations unless it was forced to.

Could describe the Bush administration. Just substitute PNAC for Chekists and Jews for Russians.

The last four years have witnessed Moscow’s march, real and virtual, on one Western institution after another.

Substitute Tel Aviv or (((New York))) or (((Babylon))) to find out the real party behind that. Besides on this score it is already (((Moscow))) and has been.

So who is the real target of John Schindler?

Moscow can no longer claim leadership of an international ideological movement. There are some old leftists who still find it hard to think of Moscow as anything other than a leader in the struggle against global capitalism and imperialism. Its main messages, however, are now crudely nationalist, and so its natural supporters are on the xenophobic right—figures such as Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and Viktor Orbán. Russian sympathizers are now most likely to be found among misogynistic, racist and homophobic parties and movements.


He completely blackwashes the real patriot movements. This shows the genocide of Anne Arundel County is NSA policy. Note also that he has been taught to hate the real patriots by duping the people. This is the real mind control at work, on NSA’s own current employees. This is why they don’t speak out about White Genocide when they retire. They are mind controlled for life. Even their own extended family falling apart and not reproducing can’t shake the mind control.

NSA is caught genociding its own county. That proves everything it says is lies. It is just a corrupt genocider exploiter. They do it for safe cushy government jobs. They see nothing beyond themselves. Even their own children’s future is meaningless to them.

Schindler tries to hide this grotesque betrayal by NSA of the county it lives on by trying to blame the WEIRD elites. But the NSA is the WEIRD elites and they are part of the same JudeoMasonic conspiracy that originates in Babylon to subjugate Whites and then genocide the White race out of existence. Everything that is part of WEIRD is a way to genocide Whites by reducing their birth rates. Something NSA is complicit in for the very country it is based in. Fairfax County is the same thing.

MSM is the Church of the Establishment

March 22, 2018


When you are in church, you go along with every word of the Bible. When you are at home, there are parts you may disagree with. The same applies to the MSM and even testimony before Congress. In those places, Skripal was done by the Russian FSB-GRU complex of evil. If you are in a pub or on anonymous social media, you may say it is a false flag by the Zio-Mossad-I5 crowd.

It is important to understand this applies to the people who are regularly on MSM. They put on their priest frock and tell whoppers they don’t believe. They feel compelled to do so. They fear a fall from grace in the establishment and possibly worse.

‘Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama’ – John Pilger


Russia Today is a rival church with an opposing dogma, or so it seems. Perhaps they both work together behind the scenes to screw the people.

So on a comment thread, the truth may be told and linked to.

The name Skripal is close to scruple. Another intel inside joke. Sergei Skripal is SS. Which is 11 in numerology. If you add HH, ie 88, you get 99 = 9*11.

Why would the UK do this? The UK wouldn’t. The (((UK))) would. London is occupied by (((them))) and has been since at least Cromwell and by cryptos back to the time of the Norman invasion or perhaps earlier. Perhaps (((they))) helped bribe the true English to let the Normans win. The gold of Egypt was used to ply the barons and priests of England to accept a Norman invasion. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Every immigrant crime is a war crime

March 22, 2018

Immigration is ethnic cleansing. The Island Model of Population Genetics tells us it is total genocide. Immigrants are brought to genocide the population and thus immigration is a war crime. The immigrants are brought to replace the population by putting pressure on them.

That pressure includes crime. So every immigrant crime is a war crime. Thus it is the basis of deportation, even of legal immigrants.

Moreover, (((those))) who brought them and insisted on them are guilty of a war crime and a crime against humanity and can be deported for it. Thus we can get back our land. (((Everyone of them))) supporting immigration is engaged in genocide and crimes against humanity and can be deported for it. Basically, the non-White Democratic coalition can be deported.

Gary Condit who killed Chandra Levy id as Austin Texas Bomber

March 21, 2018

Sorry, that would be Mark Anthony Conditt. Note the double t. Mark Anthony at it again. He can’t stop fighting civil wars. And somebody else did Chandra Levy, who by the way, actually didn’t die.

Representative Michael McCaul called it “probably the biggest investigation since the Boston bombings.”[14]

That confirms Austin bombings are a hoax since Boston ones were.

The only benefit of these staged events is it keeps the Masonic cops from making blood sacrifice of somebody’s mom or grandmother or son or daughter or whatever innocent blood they are out looking for.

White Genocide is meaning of 911

March 20, 2018

White Genocide has speeded up after 911. 911 shows a powerful conspiracy rules us. Since White Genocide speeded up after 911, it shows the meaning of 911 is White Genocide. It’s the White Genocide Stupid.

Richard Haass more immigrants is the answer

March 18, 2018

Fareed Zakaria: Is Trump a monster again?

Richard Haass: We can’t solve the problem without more immigrants.

Zakaria: What about this Putin poisoning a guy in the UK?

Richard Haass: We can’t solve the problem without more immigrants.

Zakaria: You mean the UK needs more immigrants?

Haass: Both Fareed.

Zakaria: I love you on my  program.

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