Why does WTC7 look like a high budget demolition?

February 20, 2018

When a building is by itself in the middle of nowhere, they do a low budget demolition. It doesn’t matter if the building sort of collapses in sequence or falls out of its footprint.

When 47 story buildings are demolished in cities next to other expensive buildings, they use a high budget approach to get a perfect demolition. This requires more expertise, time to plan, and use of more charges and better electronics, etc.

If WTC7 fell on its own, wouldn’t it look like a low budget demolition of a factory out in the middle of nowhere instead of like a high quality demolition of a building next to other expensive buildings in a crowded city?

Some of these are low-budget demolitions, some are high quality clean almost straight down demolitions. However, none is more perfectly straight down or cleaner than WTC7.


17 BEST Building Demolitions EVER 💥🏚️💥 [TNT Channel]

But WTC7 was a high budget perfect quality demolition.


WTC7 was a controlled demolition by a high budget team.

Tallest building demolition in Europe. It is by itself and lower quality demolition than WTC7.


Second Tallest Building ever imploded

This is much closer to WTC7.  Notice this building is still easier than WTC7 because it has a small park around it.

There does not appear to be any demolition cleaner or straighter than WTC7. This is particularly important because WTC7 was 47 stories. Very few demolitions are higher. The higher the building, the more that can go wrong on the way down.

According to Wiki

On September 11, 2001, 7 WTC was damaged by debris when the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed.


So if WTC7 was damaged randomly by debris, then it should not have been the highest quality demolition we can find. But it is. There is no demolition straighter or cleaner. That is impossible if it was damaged by debris.

Architectural 743 ft (226 m)[2]
Roof 741 ft (226 m)[3]
Top floor 679 ft (207 m)[2]
Technical details
Floor count 52[3][4]
Floor area 1,681,118 sq ft (156,181 m2)[2]
Lifts/elevators 29[2]

WTC7 was tall and large in floor area. This makes it harder for it to collapse straight down cleanly. For a tall and big building damaged by fire and debris, it should have come down ugly not as clean or cleaner than any other demolition we can find on the internet.

The taller and bigger the building, the harder it is for it to come down the cleanest and straightest of any building. WTC7 stays clean and straight until it gets quite close to the ground. No high cost demolition looks cleaner or straighter. That is impossible unless WTC7 was a controlled demolition.

WTC7 is taller than any voluntary demolition.




Miller Center Strobe Talbott Russia

February 20, 2018

Strobe Talbott, Svetlana Savranskaya on a panel chaired by Philip Zelikow. Recall Zelikow was hired to divert the 9-11 Commission into the 19 Moslems did it with planes.


Bush/Clinton/Yeltsin: “Losing Russia?”

The decade after the end of the Cold War was a complex and fluid time in international relations. What ideas and goals drove U.S. policy? What explains the gradual souring of the relationship after a period of U.S.-Russian rapprochement? Did America “lose” Russia? If errors were made, can they be overcome?

Talbott was named part of a Troika controlling US Russia policy in the 1990s. The others were Larry Summers and Al Gore. Russia was blackmailing Summers over plagiarism by his uncle Paul Samuelson and possible legal liability of his parents in the ongoing coverup of Russia using such methods to gain atomic secrets.

This information likely came to John Yoo from Howard Shelansky who passed it on to Judge Silberman to Scalia to influence the Supreme Court to give the presidency to Bush.

Zelikow was part of the blackmail team to use this to pressure Hillary Clinton to vote for the Iraq invasion? Zelikow also used it to get away with 911 which was a controlled demolition by the Bush team and neocons and (((PNAC))).

So this panel is 2 of the 3 main criminals of Russia Plagiarism Files in recent decades.

Bill Clinton knew Russia was blackmailing Larry Summers. Larry Summers controlled the IRS reorganization when there was no Commission of IRS. Clinton during that period blackmailed Summers to audit Paula Jones or face the prosecution of himself and possibly his own mother.

Yelstin was using loans-for-shares to corrupt the Russian presidential election in 1996 as Svetlana Savranskaya pointed out. Svetlana Savranskaya was the one honest person. But they made sure she was surrounded by the criminals of those times.

That Zelikow was a major part of the 911 coverup is strong evidence the deaths were real. The man is despicably evil.

Robert Mueller as FBI director covered up all of these Judeo-values betrayals of America.

The above are hypotheses and speculation.  Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Trump sets up callathon to register with Mueller

February 20, 2018

Donald Trump in his press conference today set up a callathon for foreign persons to call and register with Robert Mueller that they want to comment on US politics.

Trump: I am calling on everyone in the world who wants to comment on US politics to register with Robert Mueller.  For that purpose I am disclosing Mueller’s direct number. It is  xxx-xxx-xxxx. If that is busy, call Rodenstein at jew-tool-usa*. Please only call if you have a calling plan.

Carl Bernstein: Isn’t this just revenge?

Trump: No, we’ve read the indictment and we don’t want anyone to comment on US elections and get indicted by Mueller and his Gestapo stooges.

Bernstein: What if they don’t want the US to invade more Arab countries.

Trump: They can call.

Bernstein: Do people in Israel have to call to register?

Trump: No.

Bernstein: What about Jews in other countries?

Trump: No.

Bernstein: What about Jews in Russia?

Trump: (pause). No, they don’t need to call. But it is optional. They should call Rodenstein direct in that case.

Dan Rather: Does this mean more wars for Israel?

Trump: Yes.

*Note jew-tool-usa is not the actual number. Please don’t call this number. Thank you.



Stoneman Douglas High to be destroyed

February 20, 2018

Stoneman Douglas High School, site of the JudeoMasonic blood sacrifice of 17 White Gentiles will be destroyed.


Florida governor Rick Scott gave a press interview.

Carl Bernstein: Why is Stoneman Douglas being destroyed?

Gov Scott: Many cops and prosecutors think it was a total hoax. We don’t want them to learn it was an actual Judeo-Masonic blood sacrifice ritual.

Bernstein: Were any Jewish children killed?

Scott: Absolutely not.

Dan Rather: Does this mean more wars for Israel?

Gov Scott: You’re darn tootin.

Trump endorses Romney after blood sacrifice

February 20, 2018

After performing a blood sacrifice together at Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School, Donald Trump endorsed fellow Freemason Mitt Romney.


Trump gave a press conference afterwards.

Carl Bernstein: Mr. President, why did you endorse Mitt Romney who is your bitter enemy?

Trump: Mitt handles an AR-15 like a real pro. You have to respect a fellow Freemason who is so good with a gun.

Bernstein: Had you seen Governor Romney handle a gun before?

Trump: Many times at Bohemian Grove. We did sacrifice to the Owl together many times.

Bernstein: But Romney opposes you on almost every issue?

Trump: That is for the public. We are Masonic brothers and have proved our fellowship in blood of innocents.

Dan Rather: We heard reports that both Jewish children and Gentiles were shot. Were all the Jewish children shot hoaxes?

Trump: That’s right.

Carl Bernstein: Just to verify, no Jewish child was actually shot.

Trump: Correct, no Jews were shot.

Carl Bernstein: So all the blood sacrifices were Gentile children?

Trump: That’s the law.

Dan Rather: Mr. President, does this mean more wars for Israel?

Trump: Yes, it does.


When the govt tells you, you can do evil

February 19, 2018

When the government tells you that you can do something evil, it doesn’t mean you should do it. What it means is that the government is evil and you should resist it.

This applies to the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Principal Thompson of Douglas Stoneman High School told students to lie and that it was ok to do evil.


Playing pranks on targeted individuals is evil. This quickly escalates into killing the most vulnerable nearby person. This is part of how my Mom died.


FuMoR = Full Monte Realist = Racist Conspiracy theorist

February 19, 2018

Political ideologies can be classified by what parts of reality they leave out.

Liberals, New Right, neocons, etc. leave out race. They claim race doesn’t matter, or is a social construct, and if White is bad.

The Alt Right accepts racial reality but doesn’t look at 911, shooting hoaxes, etc. It uses all the hoax propaganda at face value, simply picking what helps it.

The Full Monte of realism is racism plus conspiracy theory. So race matters and 911 was a controlled demolition. Interestingly, this combo lacks a name.

We could call it Full Monte Realism. FMR. FuMoR. If you are a member, you are a FuMoRist. So FuMoRists accept race is real and society should be organized around race not in opposition to race. They also accept that we are controlled by a conspiracy and this is revealed by 911, shooting hoaxes, etc.

I am a FuMoRist.


Lefties can interpret this as F–ing Moronic Racist. But that is leftism in a nutshell, reductio ad f-word, while at the same time insulting your intelligence while name calling you.


Events like the Parkland Florida high school shooting are stage managed events by government. Perhaps no one is killed. If anyone is killed, they are people the government wants killed, perhaps so someone like Romney can kill a child before moving up to the Senate.

NSA funded Judeo-Google surveillance values

February 18, 2018


This modified limited hangout is the just the tip of the (((Googleberg))). Google was always an NSA research project. The same as Satan-book and some of the hedge funds on Wall Street.

They also used (((Bezosberg))) to undermine street retailers who might sell all sorts of things to people.



Charlie Rose, Blood Sacrifice, Entitlement

February 18, 2018

Charlie Rose is not a Jew, but he rose above most Jews in TV. He was on CBS and PBS at the same time. He was an MSM superstar. As a Gentile from North Carolina he must have made a big sacrifice to get that. Was it one of his relatives?

Is that why Charlie Rose felt entitled to exploit women? Is that why he had no loyalty to Whites on immigration? He felt a desperate need to make back his sacrifice by exploiting everyone? Including his unpaid interns? Many of them females that he also exploited?

Charlie Rose is the face of JudeoMasonic disloyalty. He betrayed his own people in the big things like White Genocide by immigration and the little things like unpaid interns and in-between by exploiting his female staff. Charlie Rose is the true JudeoMasonic. He lived a life of JudeoSatanic values. That would be consistent with his making a blood sacrifice of one of his relatives.

It will take 1000s of years for Jews to change

February 18, 2018

White Genocide requires a great hate by a powerful group in position to cause it. This has been going on for centuries. It has to be an alien group. The only powerful alien group in Europe and America for centuries is Jews. Jews manifest an extreme hatred for Whites.

How long until this behavior by Jews will change? Jews were formed from the priests of Babylon and Egypt between 1500 B.C and 500 B.C. Before that those priesthoods go back many millennia possibly to the origin of the cave alphabet, ie over 35,000 years ago.

So they are not going to change on the scale of centuries but of millennia. That means we need separation of Jews from Whites to save Whites. The school shootings, real or hoaxed are just another illustration of how much Jews hate Whites.

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