Crimea is not worth a war

January 17, 2018

Why did Putin invade Crimea? Before invading Crimea, Putin did an assessment of Crimea, Ukraine and the West.  What did he see?

Crimea was being ethnic cleansed of Russians by Ukraine allowing Moslem immigration from Central Asia. Ukraine has been under Jewish control and influence and this is the Jewish way of war against Whites.  Once Russians were a minority in Crimea, Putin could lose his bases and lose everything.

Compare California to Crimea.  The American military risks losing its bases in California by allowing it to be ethnic cleansed of Americans. California is no longer an American country. It is a foreign and hostile country. Just look at the “federal” judges who reject American law on immigration. California is in a state of insurrection against the United State government, its Constitution and its laws.

Russia sees this and has assessed it as a deliberate strategy by Jews and Diversity to ethnic cleanse Whites and make America a Judeo-Totalitarian state.  Russia just experienced that, the Soviet Union was exactly such an overthrow of the Constitutional Russian government. That was financed by the same Jews in Wall Street financing the overthrow of the US Constitution and the ethnic cleansing of the American people.

The same game plan is coming out in Europe. The Europeans are being ethnic cleansed and replaced by a Judeo-Totalitarian EU. The Europeans have no say in their constitutional overthrow as the Jews rig the elections, the parties and the media. Legitimate nationalist parties that represent the people and oppose their genocide and the imposition of Judeo-Totalitarianism are destroyed by the state. Showing it is already far progressed.

So Russia’s assessment is that Jews are determined to ethnic cleanse Whites and that Jews are taking over and imposing absolute Bolshevism on America and Europe. Then the Jews will come for the Russians to exterminate them and reimpose Judeo-Bolshevism on Russia.

There is no negotiation with the current Europe and America because they are in the process of being replaced by Judeo-Totalitarian rule. The Jews implacable demand is the genocide of all Whites. Thus Russia will have to fight them. Thus Russia needs to hold on to its bases in Crimea.

There is no “We” to negotiate or fight Russia over Crimea, because we are occupied by the powers of Judeo-Bolshevism. We have to throw off this imposition not fight Russia. Russia is being targeted by the same forces for destruction. So we need to fight our own fight here in America, not venture forth to fight a war for the Jews against our fellow White Christians in Russia.

Charles Bausman at Russia Insider gives an independent assessment of what Russians think of the forces arrayed against them are.  The above was written before reading this article, which rhymes with the above analysis.

As soon as you begin to drill into how other nations relate to Russia, and Russian history, it becomes obvious that the unreasonable hostility towards Putin’s Russia, particularly coming from the US and the UK, is very much a Jewish phenomenon, and has been for centuries. …

The most vitriolic and obsessive Russia-bashing journalists in the media are mostly Jewish. The publications which push these writers most energetically are ALL Jewish-owned, and as a publisher, I know very well, that is where the buck stops.

On the policy side, the neo-conservative movement, Russia’s harshest foe, was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of, Jews.

The following is close to the end of the article, but exactly agrees with my assessment of Russia’s assessment of the war on Russia, war on Whites and war on humanity being waged by the forces of Judeo-Totalitarianism.

Western foreign policy towards Russia, and Russian history, and the Jewish influence there is nothing short of an extinction-level threat to the entire planet.

He discusses what might be behind this.

One serious writer, Michael Hoffman, in his book Judaism’s Strange Gods, argues the problem is with modern Judaism, which has changed radically from the religion of the Old Testament, effectively hijacked by various Jewish sects such as the New Testament era Pharisees who inspire misanthropic behavior among elites.

Basically, that Rabbinic or Talmudic Judaism is an invention of Babylon. By implication we are at war with the priests of Babylon and their mystery schools and secret societies to our own day. To this can be added those of Egypt which seem to have been aligned with those of Babylon from the earliest times in infiltrating Europe to impose Babylonian totalitarianism. This is a totalitarianism of souls not just of bodies. And fits in with a hijacking of the true religion of the patriarchs by a Babylonian conspiracy.

Also read following for commentary and comment thread on this Russia Insider article.




Racism and anti-Semitism

January 12, 2018

It is published science that immigration causes complete genetic replacement. This applies to everyone, not just Whites. In the years from 2006 this blog has pointed this out, almost no one has repeated it. One case was a blogger in Indiana no longer active.

Even the people against immigration don’t repeat it. This is despite the Island Model being published science so it can be used to get an injunction in federal court to stop all types of immigration. Vdare has advocated 250,000 immigrants a year, which still causes genocide.

Even those who push immigration restriction are unable to push the Island model despite it being published science. Why? Because they can only imitate, they can’t think for themselves in this way.

Thus the need to use colorful metaphors. Since the human population can’t respond to a math theorem and published science, we have to use the language they understand and respond to. The use of colorful metaphors to reach an ignorant population is discussed on Star Trek.


The population that tolerates immigration are “Double dumb-asses.”  They will read racist and anti-Semitic comments, make them, but are incapable of repeating published science that proves their own point.  Others are totally unmoved by it, having complete and total apathy as their constant brain wave type.

the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency

The Island Model under Population Genetics is published science. It proves immigration causes total genetic replacement. Under the Daubert decision of the US Supreme Court that makes it controlling. Therefore it can be used to get an injunction against all types of immigration including student visas, DACA, green cards, H-1b, etc. in federal court.

But as long as the Double Dumb Asses are in control, colorful metaphors have to be used to reach at least part of the population.  They may swallow a little science, or take it in the rear if that is the only pathway to their brain.

Jews are not integrated after a century

January 12, 2018

Jews are a highly intelligent, successful immigrant group that still hates the Founding Stock Americans after a century. Jews advocate immigration even though it is published science it causes complete genetic replacement. This is happening for non-Orthodox Jews especially around larger cities like NYC and Washington D.C.

Yet, Jews continue to advocate immigration because they hate White Protestants and White Christians in general. Jews love to hate Whites to the point of even genociding Jews to genocide Whites. This proves Jews are not integrated.  It also shows Asians won’t be integrated either. Being smart and successful does not result in being integrated but in being hostile to the native White population.

Catholic politicians are as bad as Jews, even after a century.



DACA Dumb as Congress Act

January 12, 2018

the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency

Spock “To hunt a species to extinction is illogical.”

Same applies to the White Race by immigration.

The Island Model under Population Genetics is published science. It proves immigration causes total genetic replacement. Under the Daubert decision of the US Supreme Court that makes it controlling. Therefore it can be used to get an injunction against all types of immigration including student visas, DACA, green cards, H-1b, etc. in federal court.



Daniel Pipes on the elimination of the Jewish state

January 11, 2018

Daniel Pipes of the MEF forum with some other neocons like Elliott Abrams doesn’t like people who are part of a movement for the elimination of the Jewish state. What about people who are part of a movement to eliminate the White states? What about (((people))) part of a movement to eliminate all White nations and peoples?

Iran: ethnic minorities comprise more than half of the country’s total population of 82 million, according to mainstream academic assessments. The largest group is Azerbaijanis (approximately 24 million), followed by Kurds (8 million), Lurs (3 million), Arabs (3 million), Turkmens (3 million), and Baluch (3 million).

This is good according to Daniel Pipes. But the same in Israel is bad. Pipes wants to ethnic cleanse Iran of ethnic Iranians? Because they are Aryan. Something the Semites seem to dislike about any Aryan people, just existing.

It sounds like Pipes hates anyone who wants to eliminate the Jewish state. So what about Whites? Can we hate (((those))) who want to eliminate our White states?

Alison Chabloz — the crime of upsetting Jewish people

January 11, 2018

The main charge against Alison Chabloz is that she hurt the feels of the (((Babylonians))) who rule over us.

What about the non-stop hate from (((them))) on TV? Like All in the Family, years of anti-White hate propaganda?

How did Paul Samuelson and Stanley Fischer get away with their decades long plagiarism against Nils Hakansson?  Why was Hakansson not made a Fellow of the Econometric Society at least? He deserved the Nobel Prize, more than Paul Krugman and as much as Paul Samuelson.  That’s why Samuelson plagiarized him.

The Mueller faction in the FBI-DOJ is depending on this fear to continue their decades long cover-up of Russia plagiarism files that includes the theft of the secrets of the atom bomb.  This is how they can investigate Trump for no collusion with Russia while ignoring the (((Stanley Fischer))) problem.

Indict Trump now — for agreeing to amnesty

January 9, 2018

“President Trump: I Will Sign ANY Immigration Bill They Send Me”

Trump has thrown us under the bus.  This means a huge baby-boom of illegals as happened after the Reagan amnesty. That will bankrupt the schools and thus mean police and firefighters pensions have to be ended, as well as huge cutbacks in medical services and a huge increase in the uninsured.  Low end jobs will be gone for Whites forever.  Who wants that?  The Kushnerites.

A fast indictment of Kushner and Trump Sr. may be the best solution. Maybe the only solution.

Those who push ‘illegals are integrated’ are oft not integrated

January 9, 2018

The biggest ones pushing comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for illegals tout that illegals are integrated into America.  By having a job and sending their kids to school at our expense, using our ERs, etc. they are integrated into our (benefits) society.

The ones pushing this agenda are the first to call Founding Stock Americans every name possible. Proving they don’t feel integrated with FSA’s or FSA America.  This shows that integration may in fact be impossible for most groups.  White Protestants can integrate. White Catholics barely after a century or maybe centuries it will take.

Those on an agenda since Babylon, will never integrate.  Their whole agenda is to disintegrate White countries especially Founding Stock America, the country they love to hate even above Germany.

America will be integrated when the entire Babylonian conspiracy and its carrier drones have left the country if not the planet.  What FSAs want is freedom from the Babylonians and their entire system of Babylonian values.

Robert Mueller is in conspiracy with Russia

January 9, 2018

Robert Mueller is part of a conspiracy with Russia to cover up Russia plagiarism files. Mueller has violated US laws as FBI director and Russia knows this. Mueller’s investigation of Trump is in furtherance of Mueller’s conspiracy with Russia. Mueller is trying to keep Trump from exposing Mueller’s conspiracy with Russia by gaining leverage on Trump.

The entire Mueller investigative unit is part of this conspiracy, even if they don’t know it. So all their actions are without legal basis. They do not have the status of a legal investigative unit. Their status is as a conspiracy with Russia.

No false statements made to the Mueller unit are crimes because the entire Mueller unit is part of a conspiracy with Russia to cover up Russia’s extensive network inside America including academia, Wall Street, and even DOJ.

Flynn, Trump, or anyone else can’t obstruct justice by lying to the Mueller unit because the Mueller unit is not a proper legal unit but instead is a conspiracy unit with Russia. Lying to those in conspiracy with Russia to cover up crimes is not a crime. So Trump, Flynn, etc. are not guilty of any crime by lying to the Mueller unit.

It isn’t obstruction of justice to lie to the Mueller unit because the purpose of the Mueller unit is to conceal Russia’s network in America and its past and ongoing crimes. The Trump investigation is a smoke screen to cover up the real Russia network, which is based out of academia, not Trump Tower.

The purpose of Robert Mueller and the Mueller unit is not to expose Russia’s network but to conceal Russia’s network. They do this with a fake investigation of Donald Trump and his family while ignoring the real network and conspiracy based out of academia. Thus there can be no obstruction of justice by Trump or his family or anyone else lying to the Mueller team.

Robert Mueller obstructed justice in the background investigation of Stanley Fischer to be vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve. Mueller stopped the investigation from pursuing Fischer’s network which is a network serving Russia.  Mueller, in effect, and in law became part of the Fischer network and is a tool of Russian state intelligence services.

Trump can not obstruct justice in Mueller probe.

January 8, 2018

Trump can not obstruct justice in Mueller probe because there is no justice being obstructed. This is because Mueller is trying to preemptively get something on Trump to cover Mueller’s own treasonous betrayal on Russia.  Mueller is not searching for justice or truth but survival for Mueller from himself being prosecuted for treason of substance on Russia.

Mueller blocked the following.

  1. Investigating and exposing Russia’s deep network in physics that allowed them to steal the atom bomb secrets using plagiarism kompromat.
  2. Russia’s continual re-use of this to build its academic network and expand it deep into our institutions.
  3. China’s involvement from the beginning of atomic bomb spying.
  4. China’s deep academic network that is expanding into our institutions.
  5. Other countries doing the same.
  6. The use by Russia of this method to get IMF loans and evade their terms in the 1990s.  This involved kompromat over Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers.
  7. Bill Clinton used this to pressure Larry Summers to audit Paula Jones.
  8. After that, Russia used that to get away with the Second Chechen war, which was a crime against humanity. Clinton had to go along.
  9. The use by Bush profs such as John Yoo to influence the Supreme Court during Bush v. Gore to give the election to George Bush.
  10. The use then to pressure the Democrats to allow the Iraq war.
  11. Covering up the extensive obstruction of justice in the Andrei Shleifer case. This was real concealment of real secrets and crimes. This would have exposed Russia’s network.
  12. Blocking a proper background check of Larry Summers under Obama.
  13. Blocking a proper investigation of Stanley Fischer in 2014.
  14. Russia’s further use of this to get away with the invasion of Crimea.
  15. Russia’s use of this to shoot down MH-17.
  16. Russia pressuring favorable ratings from Moody’s and bad ratings for Ukraine from Moody’s.
  17. Iran’s use of this to get its deal.

Mueller is the greatest traitor in American history. Mueller is a criminal. Mueller is not investigating Trump, Mueller is intimidating Trump to keep quiet about Mueller’s crimes and treason. Thus Trump or Flynn or any of them are not obstructing justice. They are simply victims of a criminal, Robert Mueller, covering up his crimes.

The above are hypotheses and speculation.  Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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