Anthony Bourdain suicide Diversity CNN

June 18, 2018

Every time that CNN made Anthony Bourdain praise Diversity on his show, he became suicidal. Of course, the MSM has a cover story on this.

But the real reason is that Diversity is suicide for the White man. Being forced to praise Diversity takes away safe spaces for Whites.

Bourdain praised Diversity more than 9 times, so his safe spaces were all gone. Every time after that was Russian roulette with his suicide mechanism.

Bourdain committed suicide out of loyalty to the White Race. He realized that he was promoting the death of all Whites, so he killed himself to stop himself.



Camp of the Trumpkins not Camp of the Tramps

June 18, 2018

I’ll take Camp of the Trumpkins over Camp of the Tramps. The Democrats and the faux-Republicans like Lindsey Graham are aghast at a little border resistance. All of this hype over separated families is mostly false. The ones separated long term are probably better off.

Trump could send the parents to Afghanistan in work brigades and place the children with families in Saudi Arabia. That would be separation.

We are on the receiving end of a Border Hoax by the MSM to justify the Hollow Border we have lived behind and been invaded through. The real Holocaust is of Whites.

I can’t even believe liberals believe their hype. Liberals don’t want to win. They just want to vent and then have Father Trump protect them from the migrants, legal or not. That is why Father Trump needs to stop all non-White immigration. Let the Libs howl, it is what they enjoy.  A real Father of his Country is doing his job when the Libs are howling.

A border is supposed to separate. That is what it is for. Trump knows that. Libs don’t seem to. Trump must do the same with legal immigration, stop it before it gets here.

JFK Assassination

June 18, 2018

Ron Unz discusses the John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and his own coming to believe there was (and still is) a conspiracy.

There are 3 possibilities.

  1. Oswald shot Kennedy alone.
  2. A conspiracy shot Kennedy.
  3. Kennedy’s death in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963 was a hoax.

Unz documents a media conspiracy to silence discussion of the JFK Dallas event. Unz concludes there was a media conspiracy, although then he seems to move away from that at the end. He also leaves up in the air where he stands on the JFK event itself.

The Parkland hospital ER doctors have come out on record that JFK was shot from the front as well as the back. Thus they now say there was a conspiracy.

The chance of a media conspiracy and a shooting conspiracy by coincidence working together seems unlikely. So there is one big conspiracy to shoot JFK and that controlled the media. The same conspiracy also controlled the government after the event, so it included LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover.

So we end up with a large conspiracy that included or could intimidate a large group of people in Dallas, in the national government, and in the media. Moreover, the establishment continues to insist on the lone gunman theory to this day.

Note that if JFK’s death was hoaxed, we also end up with the same group as part of a large conspiracy to cover that up.

The longer the death is covered up, the more it implies there is a large conspiracy that rules society as opposed to a specific conspiracy to kill JFK. One could almost say that the time for a specific conspiracy has expired and we are only left with a general conspiracy controlling society.

This obviously ties into the general conspiracy to preserve the establishment story on 911, ie 19 hijackers destroyed 3 buildings to the ground and the other things. It is an impossibility for 3 buildings to crush themselves completely to the ground, so the official story on 911 is false. It had to be controlled demolitions. Again a large conspiracy that controls society is the only conclusion.

The immigration invasion of White countries and the reduction of White Gentiles to 20% at Harvard, UPenn and other universities, sometimes more, but substantially under 50% shows the same things. The obvious group controlling this general conspiracy is Jews. They seem to be bent on subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Whites. They also have substantial percentages in every elite institution.

Miles W. Mathis has presented his view of JFK and concludes it was a hoax, JFK didn’t die that day in Dallas on that parade route. Piece of Mindful has concluded that MWM is a committee of writers at the CIA. I believe MWM has the same view of PoM. But both committees agree JFK was a hoax death and that 911 was a controlled demolition. Both agree society is controlled by a conspiracy. And both say that the other committee is part of the conspiracy.

Both committees also point to the role of Jews in controlling the conspiracy. Neither committee seems to spend too much time on Whites being wiped out by immigration. This seems the most obvious and dangerous aspect of the conspiracy. It takes a conspiracy to exterminate a race all the way to the ground. So that conspiracy is the main one.

Since ethnic cleansing of Whites has picked up since 911, we can say that 911 was part of the conspiracy to genocide Whites. So that is what matters in the end. Opposing that genocide is thus critical. So either the conspiracy is defeated or taken over to reverse the flow of Diversity to White countries.


One comment at Unz raises the question of why a powerful conspiracy would kill JFK in such a complicated way. Why not just kill him quietly out of sight.

Technomad says:


Note the numerology of this comment. June ->6. 1+8 = 9. 2018 sums to 11. The matching 18’s. 6:11 -> 9-11.

So the JFK event was staged on purpose. Either as a hoax or to kill him out in plain view. Either way, they wanted to show people in the conspiracy their power to manipulate events.

The Zapruder film could have been produced in advance with doubles according to some people. Or parts of it. There are other films and photos, so you end up with needing many of the people at the scene to be part of it. Of course, that is the point of this event. Like 911 it is to show us they can get a large group of seemingly ordinary people to be part of their staged events.

The Mary Stoneman Douglas high school shooting in Parkland, Florida is the same message. Ordinary people are part of the conspiracy.

Given the conspiracy is genociding Whites, the people in it seem to be stoned. They are stoning their own race so they must be on something.

The deeper mystery then becomes why this conspiracy would genocide Whites since most of the people in it are White. They have been carefully mind controlled by the Jews it appears.

The most basic part of this mind control is that when people in the conspiracy dupe fellow Whites it makes them think eliminating Whites as a whole, including their own extended family, is no loss. Perhaps many of them think that being in the conspiracy will protect their family. However, casual observation shows that people in the conspiracy are not having large families as was typical in the 1950s. So they are manipulated into going along with their own destruction.


If a giant conspiracy did this, wouldn’t JFK have been part of it? You don’t get to be president if you are not part of the conspiracy. In that case, then Dallas was a hoax like the two CIA committees, MWM and PoM, both say.

Jewish Moslem Alliance

June 17, 2018

911 symbolized the Jewish Moslem Alliance and their victory over America and Europe. It was their victory over White people specifically.

The Statue of Liberty is the Babylonian god Marduk. Jews and Moslems secretly worship Marduk together in their Baal religion.

For it is written, “Take not Jews and Moslems as your friends and allies for they are friends and allies of each other.”

The Jewish prosecutors after 911 never indicted bin Laden or al Qaeda. As ISIS is now, al Qaeda was a Jewish front of the Jewish Moslem alliance.

But what of Israel and the Palestinians? Perhaps this is for show. These are hoaxes designed to hide the Jewish Moslem alliance from the Christian West.

No Christian land has been safe once Jews entered it. For of old, Jews are an evil race. Once Jews enter, they form an alliance with Moslems to invade the land and subjugate the White Christians. So it is now in Europe and America.

911 symbolized the Jewish Moslem invasion of America and Europe and that it would achieve total victory by total subjugation and extermination of White Christians. This is what is happening.

Christian countries are subjugated to Moslems and allow Moslems to commit terrorism, to create sex and slave rings, to take over public places for their prayers, and all manner of making Christians second or even third class in their own lands behind Jews and Moslems.

For what is anti-Semitism but the telling of the truth upon the Jews? And what is telling the truth on Jews but the hand of God striking at their wickedness and plans to subjugate all others? Those who speak the truth are doing God’s Will and those who call that truth anti-Semitism blaspheme against God’s Word.

The greatest sin under Judeo Supremacism is to tell the truth on the Jews. But in these times, the truth is being revealed even unto the Jewish subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the Christian White West.

For proof look at all the evil befalling White Christian lands from immigration, Diversity and Moslems. What do the Jews say of it? Their media is silent. Their political leaders are silent. They condemn any Gentile who points it out. This is the truth on the Jews.

If a White Gentile speaks of what is happening to them from immigration and Diversity, Jews quickly condemn him and demand he lose his job and his income forever. Who else does this? Who has such a hatred of the truth that they condemn the person who speaks it to destruction?

It is because any criticism of immigration and Diversity is a truth on the Jews that the Jews condemn it so harshly. The Jews are the author of immigration and Diversity. When these are exposed as hateful lies the Jew screams out because he is the liar.

When these are spoken as actually to be conquest and subjugation the Jew screams out because he is the occupier. Thus the lies and evil of the Jews are exposed. That is why the Jews condemn it.

For it is always the Jews who want Moslems in White Christian lands. For it is always the Jews who want every Diversity in White Christian lands. White Christians are now less than 20 percent of Harvard undergrads. Jews are 25 percent. Diversity is all the rest. Who made this? Jews. Who immediately attacks you if you point it out? Jews.

Jews are the ally of every Diversity that replaces Whites. Jews are especially the ally of Moslems. Jews were their ally from the beginning. Jews have always welcomed Moslems as their ally and liberator.

Jews revere the Moslem conquest and subjugation of Spain. Could it not be more clear? And now that the Moslems are again conquering Spain? Jews welcome it. And of France? Jews welcome it. And of England? And Germany? And Sweden? And Denmark? And America?

Jews welcome all of it. And Jews condemn instantly any person who speaks against it. And organized Jewry does it. This proves it is a Jewish conspiracy from the beginning.

Because it has been going on the same for over 1000 years. From the first day of the Moslem invasion to 911 to today. Jews have welcomed it.

Even on 911, Jews condemned any White Christian who opposed the Moslem invasion of White Christian lands. When Franklin Graham spoke up, Jews condemned him.

Jews condemn the truth about 911 as conspiracy theory. This proves Jews are the cause of it. Which proves Jews are allies of the Moslems who were part of it, whether as cause or front men.

Windber PA Floods, Berwind, and inverted reality

June 16, 2018

A lot to say on this topic. Heard a lot at men’s prayer breakfast for my church. I did a lot of research on this today. Tried to do genealogy on Berwind family, ran into what Miles W Mathis calls scrubbed genealogy.

How did they do the Johnstown Flood hoax? They took over the region with the steel and coal and railroad companies. They got the people in debt to the companies, the banks. Even the farmers had bad years. They used the Pinkertons and state police to intimidate.

The photos were rigged before the flood in some cases. One house is actually a doll’s house.

The John Schultz House is a doll’s house. Then they pasted people in.

Another of John Schultz House at above link. The roof of the house is hinged so you can rotate it to cover the windows of the house. That makes sense for a doll’s house but not a real house.

Click to enlarge and you can see the hinges are there to rotate the roof over the windows. They simply pasted in the men.

Berwind -> Windber. Inverted reality. The Berwind family were probably fronting for the Powell Hare -> Hare Powell family. Another name inversion. Another in joke.

Edward Julius Berwind (1848-1936) was the son of John Paulus Berwind, a German immigrant who worked in piano sales at the Pretien and Berwind Piano Company. He had four siblings, one of whom, his brother Charles F. Berwind (1846-1890), started working for the Powelton Coal & Iron Company as an office boy in 1862. A hard worker, he quickly rose in the company and at only 21 years old became vice president to Robert Hare Powell, the Pennsylvania coal magnate. In 1869, Charles started his own company and partnered with Allison White, a member of Congress, in 1874 to found their company called the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company.


The Powell Hare -> Hare Powell family were old money already. They wanted a front man to handle the mine workers, strikes, etc. That was dirty work. They wanted to be philanthropists.

Notice the Paulus. Like in the German field marshal at Stalingrad. Miles W. Mathis would love that linkage. He would end up with the Berwind family and the Paulus general as Jewish. General Paulus tried to be a naval cadet but was turned down.  Yeah right. The naval intelligence link is in both families.

Another John Paulus Berwind came to America later. More shell game. You can’t go back into the genealogy in Germany. Therefore Jewish using Mathis logic. Which often pans out.

Once you start questioning the flood photos they all start looking fake. At that time, people didn’t know what fake photos looked like. They believed them all. It was the golden age of photo fakery.

Layers of deception in who owned what in 19th century Pennsylvania, as there is today.

There were strikes in Windber PA, probably controlled by naval operative Berwind.


Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch linked to Boris Berezovsky, was involved with the Berwind mansion in Manhattan at 828 Fifth Avenue. Miles W Mathis would link that to Berwind being Jewish.


The Johnstown flood was a way to keep factory workers thankful the factory was still there. It did not close down any factory for long. It was just like North Korea’s nukes, a way to keep all the factory workers in the region thankful the factory was not destroyed. So they would not think about striking for better pay or disability benefits.

The grotesque alliance of the government and rich and the press was on open display in these company towns. Now they hide it better.

Just as then, the rich could not see beyond the tip of their nose. They destroyed their own class with immigration to replace themselves. They also let Jewish finance replace them.

Seeing through 911 vs White Guilt

June 15, 2018

It is 1000 times harder to see through White Guilt than to see through 911. Many people knew 911 was a controlled demolition by NWO at the time. Most of them still believe in White Guilt.

They can’t recognize they were programmed by the same people who did 911. Which proves the purpose of 911 was to intimidate insider Whites so that (((they))) could finish off the White Race.

White Guilt has been programmed for centuries. 911 was simply the cherry on top of the gloating of the priests of Babylon and Egypt that they had subjugated and were about to exterminate the White Race. They hated us from before 2000 B.C. and now they are finally eliminating us.

Why does NWO tolerate North Korea?

June 15, 2018

Perhaps half the world’s manufacturing is in Northeast Asia. Japan, South Korea and China. These are high IQ Asians doing menial factory jobs at low wages. They could be agitating for higher wages. They could want disability pay for repetitive motion injuries. They could be a problem.

North Korea has enough artillery to level Seoul. It has nukes that could hit Japan and China. It might start a nuclear war with America that would spread to China.

High IQ diligent workers go to their low paid factory jobs every day thanking God that North Korea did not blow up their factory over night.

Those Asian manufactured goods are then sold in Walmart to keep middle America from noticing or complaining about the race replacement by Hispanics and Asians.

The wealthy see their stock prices going up.

All is good for New World Order. The program of White race replacement goes forward without opposition.

Now take away the threat of NoKo and those smart fraction Asians doing menial factory jobs at low wages would start to agitate. Soon the prices would rise and exports to America would fall. Complacent Walmarters would then ask where are their high paying jobs?

Gone to Hispanics and Asians, everyone. When will they ever learn. When will they ever learn.

But those questions are not being asked as the factories of Northeast Asia keep the immigration replacement migrations humming along.


Bubba buys his 32 inch color TV at Walmart to watch N-ball. He doesn’t even realize it is rigged. He ignores Hispanics taking his jobs.

Meanwhile the wealthy Whites don’t notice that White Gentiles are fewer than 20 to 30% at elite colleges like Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Berkeley, etc. They watch their stock prices go up and don’t care they are replaced at their own universities.

(((NWO))) gloats in their face at the elimination of White Gentiles, their ancient foe from Babylon and Egypt.

My Trump birthday prank

June 14, 2018

Today is Trump’s birthday, June 14, 2018. So they had a prank going on me, actually a few. They got me over to the bank branch and had me come back the same way as when they did the accident to me last year on May 26, 2018.

Which by the way was also the hoax death day of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The least I can do is learn how to spell the man’s name.


Except the J is an I.

Breeze -> Br-ee-ze drop the ee get Brze

That leaves zinski.

Zinski might be memorable by itself. Monika Zinski.

When in doubt, add z.

So they had a very large suv come up very fast on me and then swerve around me.

Florida plates work out to 99 11 when you sum it one way and rearrange it.

So they got me over to the bank with another bank prank. So like Trump’s birthday reminds me I don’t got much in my bank account. But if I would play along, then I might have some.

Or something I wrote earlier on this blog and later removed. It was a mistake. My apologies.

So they got to me with the fake alarm prank on Tuesday after I voted. Yes, I got angry. So Morris 108 was out today tut tutting getting angry. Hey, considering all they do, it is amazing how few times I get angry. Not to mention they pushed my mom as one of their pranks. That takes a long time to get over. Like forever.

They give me this Mooji one in my list on the side bar.



Reaction of Anger to Unfairness ~ Complete Dialogue

Published on Jun 14, 2011


So then I worked on my patio umbrella. It is a cord draw pulley type. It is oversize, about 9 feet. I pulled it out, and one of the branches hit my let between the knee and foot. It really hurt. It bled some. (Cheers erupt at U Chicago faculty offices.)

Later I almost took out an eye when I was trying to get the branch-spokes properly covered. (The laughter over this would last for days in all the places that hate me.)

So eventually, I got a working system. It is wrong, but it works. Sort of like life under NWO. Except it only works for a little while and breaks.

This is because NWO is a group of uptight control freaks who despite their desire to control are creating uncontrollable chaos that will destroy the White Race, the rain forests by overpopulation, and much else leaving behind voids filled with powerful evil forces.

Those evil forces are the manifestation of the hate that is in NWO for mankind down to the individual level. It is the hate they have pursued me with, and that made my mom’s last 30 years much harder and eventually they killed her because she was in their way.

That is their entire karma. They are full of control desire and that leads to their anger and fury when they don’t get their way and they keep playing pranks until a person’s life is destroyed and someone is killed.

That is why they are genociding Whites. They can’t control Whites so their control fury breaks out to kill the White Race.


So how do you break with the anger of your mom being pushed in a prank that kills her? It isn’t easy to break from that anger.


Especially when they keep doing pranks like the SUV prank today threatening to kill me. How do you break with the anger when they keep doing that?

This shows they killed my mom intentionally. It shows they made her life much harder in the last 30 years intentionally.


Whites are being genocided in this country. The lies about it show it is on purpose.

  1. Theory: Island Model of Population Genetics says immigration causes total genetic replacement.
  2. Statistics on fertility and late age of marriage say that.
  3. Personal experience of most people is they observe the same thing in their extended family or their church or work place.

When theory, statistics and personal experience are all the same, then it is true. The fact that the establishment denies it simply proves they are doing it on purpose. They want White Genocide and are accomplishing it by non-White immigration and Diversity.

Kim Jong Un knew he could roll Trump

June 14, 2018

Pyongyang meeting before Singapore Summit with Donald J. Trump.

Q: When will you know if you can roll over Trump?

Kim Jong Un: I’ll know within the first minute.

Q: How?

Kim Jong Un: Rolling over people is what I do.


Back in the White House.

Q: How long until you knew Trump would be rolled?

Bolton: I knew within the first minute.

Q: How did you know?

Bolton: Trump is desperate for his ego gratification each minute.

Did Bolton do an intentional Munich in Singapore?

June 13, 2018

Munich 1938 hurried up WW2. When Munich crashed and burned, war followed. Is Singapore a repeat? Did the wily Bolton maneuver Youngin into a head long war?

Indeed, he may well be encouraged in this stance by his national security advisor, John Bolton, who, shortly before assuming his current position, supported the idea of Trump-Kim summit as “a way to foreshorten the amount of time that we’re gonna waste in negotiations,” and separately, argued for the legality of pre-emptive strikes on North Korea.



4:45 in above video, Bolton says if we go for low level negotiations, then mid level then high level it will take 2 years. He says by then North Korea has gone too far in its nuke program. “That we can not allow.” So Bolton wants a crisis much sooner and the summit speeds that up.

So Bolton is looking at a military strike on North Korea in the next year?

The above video starts with Tom Nichols of the Naval War College and bud to John Schindler of 20 Committee says that a Trump Youngin Summit will be a Munich.

Bolton then comes on and denies that will happen. Yet it just did. Was that Bolton’s plan? Bolton said on Fox the summit would be an ultimatum from Trump to Jung Un to dismantle immediately. But that didn’t happen as the summit is interpreted now.


Neville Chamberlain = Donald Trump

Adolf Hitler = Kim Jong Un

Winston Churchill = John Bolton


Of course, Joe Scatterborough would want to equate to Trump to Hitler.


John Bolton could move up to Director of CIA or Secretary of Defense or State. Perhaps in that order. Perhaps, even one day, there will be a Bolton Tower as part of Trump properties in North Korea. The Bolton Tower will be a tribute to one man’s persistence to secure regime change in NoKo and a lasting peace based on the total defang of NoKo.

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