Satan Court

April 24, 2018

The Illuminati must have secret courts. This is where the cult of Skull and Bones decides the fate of lesser mortals, ie they issue death orders. The police and FBI then carry them out or cover them up.

To be director of FBI, the person has to carry out death orders from the Satan Court? So Comey and Mueller both killed people? People who got in the way of New World Order?

This is how they can ethnic cleanse entire cities of Whites? How else could they get away it?


George H W Bush Destroyer of White Nations

April 24, 2018

What is the life of George H W Bush? It is another chapter in the story of destroying White Nations.

Who did GHWB serve? He served Satan Club aka Skull and Bones aka Judeo-Freemasonry.

Who did GHWB hate? You and me. He did all he could to destroy our way of life and our means to sustain the increase of our families. Instead, families dwindle out. GHWB made that.

What values did GHWB have? Betrayal of Whites aka as Judeo-Masonic Values.

Did GWHB ever repent of his betrayal of the White Race? There is a little time left but not much hope he will repent.

I pray that GWHB will repent of his betrayal of White America and ask forgiveness for his part in the sin and crime of White Genocide.

George H W Bush dies April 23 2018?

April 23, 2018

Possibly at 7:29 PM  or 9:11 PM or 9:27 PM or 9:37 PM  or 11:27 PM George H. W. Bush dies on April 23, 2018? April 23 -> 4 2 3 -> sum = 9. 2018-> sum 11. 9-11. The times come to 99 = 9*11. Or times relating to his age of 93.

This way George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush pass the scene before Russia kompromat reaches Clinton and George W. Bush. Or the 9-11 crime comes out and W goes down for that. That would be very sweet. Even sweeter than piggybacking Russia kompromat against the Clinton team.

== Comment added 7:14 PM

Or perhaps another time like 11:09 PM.


Note that Barbara Bush and George H. W. Bush deaths are hoax deaths. She is still alive and he will be too. His illness is fake. They are going to enjoy the show of seeing W roasted over Russia or 911 or both.

= Note 7:18 PM

If they don’t hoax death him tonight, they will probably do it April 25, since that adds up to 11. That gives a double 11 11 as in November 11, 1918 the end of WW1, which is 100 years ago this November.

= Note added 7:32pm

Barbara Bush hoax died on April 17, 2018. So 4+7 = 11. So 111. There were 111 days after 9-11 in 2001 or any year. So if George HW Bush has the same link, 4-23 adding to 9 works, but so do some others.  Note that 4 27 gives 2 11 which is also related to 9-11. Jeb Bush was born on February 11 so it links to that.


GHWB is out of the ICU as of yesterday, April 24. One wonders if they changed the script just to prove me wrong. In any case, I am proven wrong.

Of course, he did come out of the ICU on April 25, which is like a resurrection.


1920s America would be shocked at Bush legacy

April 21, 2018

Barbara Bush was born in 1925. George H. W. Bush was born in 1924. The America of that time would be stunned by the destruction of the American nation. They would not understand how the land was simply turned over to all and any who wanted to take it over.

The New England that the Bush family grew up in would see not only that the common people were destroyed but that they were destroyed as well. It is the Wasp elite crowded out at Harvard by the Jews and their Diversity. The same story at most colleges including Yale. White Gentiles are a minority.

This is a complete collapse and ruin of both their nation and their own class. They were completely defeated and removed from wealth, power and privilege. Now the legacy Wasps still left are only getting crumbs at the Judeo-Diversity table.

Even after all this, the Bush family still push harder to displace their own from a place at the table. Is a minority for Whites at Yale not enough displacement for them? Must it be below 10 percent? Below 5 percent? No value is too low for the Bush not to want it lower.

There is no joy. No pride. No greatness in the Bush funeral. It is a funeral not just for a person but for the nation she was born into and lived in. It is a funeral for a nation killed and murdered.

1920s America would be angry at this betrayal. They would be angry at the supine acceptance of this total defeat. That would unite every White American in the 1920s from the top to the bottom.

Barbara Bush funeral is hollow

April 21, 2018

There is a sense of failure that drapes itself all around the Bush funeral. This family has betrayed America. It has no success for America, only failure, ruin and death. The Bush legacy is betrayal and destruction of the country, people and nation they found when they were born and given privilege in it. They squandered that privilege to destroy it.

The Bush repaid generosity with knavery. They raised up plunderers, looters and foreign warlords to rule over the land and despoil it of its richness. There is no city in America that is nicer than it was when the Bush entered politics.

The Bush found and were founded upon a real blood and faith nation. They leave a land that is now filling up with hostile invaders who ever crowd the original Americans. Original Americans are losing their places in their own colleges, workplaces and government. They are replaced with an ever more hostile and belligerent Diversity.

There is not any real feeling of celebration of the Bush legacy. This family was an affliction on America. Everyone knows it and feels it. No one can pretend that the Bushes carried on America. Everyone knows they ended it.

The Bush hate everyone who made them

April 21, 2018

The Bush family hate everyone who made them back to the beginning. They hate every White ancestor. They hate the idea of White ancestors. The idea of White ancestors is the idea of the White Nation. This the Bushes hate.

No greater hate has the Bush family than towards Whites. The entire legacy of the Bush generations present today is hate of Whites and the genocide of the White Race. They substitute a diversity chaos ruled by diversity which means ruled by Jews.

The Bush are the tools of Babylon and Egypt. They are nothing more.

To be Bush means to betray your own people, your own ancestors and every person who sacrificed for them to live. It is to hate your own line of ancestry so completely as to destroy it from all future on the earth. This is the Bush legacy. This is the Bush hate. This is the Bush evil.

The Bush pulled up the ladder behind them

April 21, 2018

The Bush infestation as part of New World Order pulled up the ladder so the White Race would die. This is their legacy. The Bush legacy is hate for Whites and the destruction of the White nation they found. They substituted a short lived Tower of Babel instead.

Whites should curse the Bush policies and their indifference to the fate of their race. The Bush creed is arrogance ignorance.

The NWO insider chooses ignorance

April 21, 2018

A New World Order insider is someone who can learn the truth about Diversity but chooses not to. They constantly delude themselves with magic diversity. To what end? The end of Whites.

Whites are a product of unique evolutionary circumstances. These can never be replicated again. Once Whites are destroyed, humanity will never have those genes and that behavior.

It is the arrogance and stupidity of NWO insiders to ignore this lesson. Instead, they impose lie after lie about Diversity on us. They compel us to lie and to live their lie. They compel us to lie and to die out from their lies.

The NWO insider is evil. He is the evil we have been waiting for. It is time to cast him out.

You can not build a nation upon Diversity

April 21, 2018

A land built upon Diversity is not a nation. It is a war zone. It can only end by expelling the Diversity or breaking up into separate nations where each nationality settles itself.

Barbara Bush in addressing Wellesley mistakenly said you could build a nation on Diversity. That you could build anything on Diversity. This is totally wrong. A nation is made by a historical process starting with those of low genetic distance to begin with. That is the essential ingredient to a nation. A nation is the work of a thousand years of shared genes, history, culture, religion and institutions.

There are no designer nations. Real nations can not be designed by man. They can be destroyed by man. White nations are being destroyed by evil men who think they are doing good. But no nation was ever made by design of man. Only God can design a nation. He has and they are the White Christian nations we see today alongside of nations of other races and religions.

Who is bothered by the idea of White Christian ethnostates? Jews. Jews can’t abide White Christian nations so they destroy them. This is the literal truth.

The design of the destruction of White nations began in Babylon and Egypt by the priests who became the Jews by their own design. They designed their own nation to be based on father son descent of priests. They designed it so that only this group could constitute their nation’s core. They object to this in any White nation and insist on their right to design it by doing away with the White Christian nation as the first goal.

Barbara Bush is a mindless zombie repeating words she does not understand which imply her own destruction. She is the Bush bonfire of the vanities, as is all Bush imported Diversity.

In contrast to the falsehoods and outright lies of the Bush speech at Wellesley is the Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood speech. This speech still lives on its 50th anniversary without any national media to bludgeon us with it. Why the difference in speeches? Because Enoch Powell’s speech is the truth about nations. Nations are born and age they are not made by a committee of Diversity.

Nations are not formed by an admission committee seeking Diversity as if it was just an extracurricular activity and not a difference of identity so fundamental it rules out being part of the same nation.  Wellesley girls were being told that a nation was the same as the admit committee that admitted them. But that was always false.

As Whites shrink at Harvard and Wellesley these colleges become ghost towns of what they once were. They lose their real vitality and become the rictus of the living dead Diversity committee. Seeking diversity is seeking death of family, tribe, school, college, church and nation. Seeking Diversity is as Enoch Powell to build up the funeral pyre of our own true White nations.

A nation divided can not stand. A nation of Diversity is a nation divided. There is no unity in diversity. E pluribus unum could barely work for Anglo Saxon colonies with a few French Catholics thrown in. It can not work for every nation of mankind.

What is every nation of mankind thrown together? It is the Tower of Babel. It is Babylon. Who comes from Babylon? The Jews. Who wants Diversity for White nations? The Jews. Whose book warns us of the perils of Diversity? The book of the Jews. God has warned us not to seek Diversity but to seek the community of our own nation. We must build our future nation on our past nation of low genetic distance.

God ordained a diversity of nations not a nation of diversity. The latter is an oxymoron. That is why a nation of diversity comes from Satan and a diversity of nations comes from God.

Nations are the work of God. God creates nations. Diversity is the work of Satan. Satan corrupts the nations made by God into the diversities made by Satan. Those who push diversity are the priests of Babylon and Egypt come to us today as the Jews. We must reject their false teachings and send them back to their lands of Babylon and Egypt.

Jews look back to Moslem Spain as their golden age. And what of the Moslems, Christians and Jews of that time? After a thousand years, they are still 3 separate nations of different DNA. A nation is a reality.

Jews are still complaining about Spain. If Diversity was so good, why have Jews not joined with the others to make a new people? Jews only want dominion over others, just like Satan. That was the original plan of the priests of Babylon and Egypt from the beginning.

Bush men destroyed the world of Barbara Bush

April 21, 2018

The entire work of the generations of Bush men has been to destroy the world of Barbara Bush. Everything about the life and work of Barbara Bush, the Bush men have worked to remove from existence.

The Bush men have tried to make it impossible for a woman like Barbara Bush to exist again. They have not yet done it, but they have made progress. They hope it is irreversible. The only zeal they had in life was to kill the possibility of their mother ever coming again.

It is as if the Bush men hated their mother and wanted to kill her by killing the possibility of White women like her. It is like their hate for their mother was so great, that they hated not just her but the very idea of her. They hated her so much they wanted to erase such women from the planet forever.

Who planted this hate for their mother in the Bush men? Who else? Who hates White women like Barbara Bush? Who wants White women like Barbara Bush erased from the planet forever?

Who did 911? Who told the Bushes what to do on 911? Who selected a Bush son to be president on 911?

Who is behind White Genocide? Who hates Whites openly? Who builds museums to their hatred of Whites based on lies? Who arranges every event of history to increase hatred of Whites? That is who hates Barbara Bush.

The hatred of Barbara Bush was implanted in the Bush sons by the nation that has controlled and scripted their entire lives. They even scripted them to hate the idea of their mother so much they wanted to make it impossible for her kind to exist again.

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