McCain Fighting to Recapture Maverick Spirit of 2000 Bid

March 15, 2007

“In the seven years since John McCain and his ‘Straight Talk Express’ nearly derailed George W. Bush’s White House ambitions, the blunt-spoken senator from Arizona has become the very picture of the highly managed presidential candidate he once scorned.”

from McCain Fighting to Recapture Maverick Spirit of 2000 Bid By Michael D. Shear
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 15, 2007; Page A01

7th wealthiest Senator is John McCain (R-Ariz) $25,071,142 to $38,043,014
8th is Teddy Kennedy. 8 Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) $19,189,049 to $93,043,004.
Income inequality in the 20th century is U shaped curve. The top 1 percent got 20 percent before immigration restriction in the 1920’s, got 10 percent up to the 1965 Immigration Act and are back to 20 percent of each year’s income today. McCain and Kennedy are in that group. McCain married money and Kennedy inherited it.


7 of the top 8 wealthiest Senators voted for S. 2611, amnesty, affirmative action, non-deportable crime, and a pathway for the top 1 percent of households to continue to enjoy 20 percent of each year’s income, compared to 10 percent before Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act.  The only 1 of the top 8 who didn’t vote for S. 2611 didn’t vote, Jay Rockefeller.  McCain is 7th and Kennedy 8th in wealth.

Rank Name Minimum Net Worth Maximum Net Worth

1 Herb Kohl (D-Wis) $219,098,029 to $234,549,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

2 John Kerry (D-Mass) $165,741,511 to $235,262,100

Voted Yes S. 2611

3 Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa) $78,150,023 to $101,579,003 Not Voting S. 2611

4 Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) $43,343,464 to $98,660,021 Voted Yes S. 2611

5 Lincoln D. Chafee (R-RI) $41,153,105 to $64,096,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

6 Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) $38,198,170 to $90,733,019 Voted Yes S. 2611

7 John McCain (R-Ariz) $25,071,142 to $38,043,014

Voted Yes S. 2611

8 Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) $19,189,049 to $93,043,004 Voted Yes S. 2611

S 2611 Roll Call

McCain is for amnesty, a path to welfare, affirmative action and non-deportable crime. Illegals move to the head of the line for jobs and school above everyone else. McCain Kennedy also increases legal immigration. Men’s median wages peaked in 1973, see p60-231.pdf page 18 for the graph. Income inequality is a U shaped curve in the 20th century. The top 1 percent got 20 percent of each year’s income before immigration restriction in the 1920’s, got 10 percent after, and get 20 percent today after the 1965 Immigration Act. McCain married money. Kennedy inherited it. They are in the top 1 percent who get 20 percent of each year’s income.


quote McCain is the seventh-richest senator by net worth, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan, nonprofit group that tracks money spent in political campaigns.

The latest personal finances report, filed last May, shows assets worth a minimum of $27.5million for the McCains, with the company accounting for about half of that. end quote McCain, his wealth tied to wife’s family beer business

Dawn Gilbertson
The Arizona Republic
Jan. 23, 2007 12:29 PM


The top 1 percent of households got 15 to 25 percent of all income before immigration was restricted in the 1920’s. That then fell to about 10 percent from the 50’s to 70’s and then climbed back up to the 20 percent range now. Immigration restriction lowered the share that Kennedy got and raised the share the Mary Jo Kopechnes got. Kennedy reversed that in 1965 just like he took Mary Jo Kopchene’s life in 1969.

“NEW DATA SHOW EXTRAORDINARY JUMP IN INCOME CONCENTRATION IN 2004″ By Aviva Aron-Dine and Isaac Shapiro for a graph of income share of top 1 percent from 1913 to 2004.



quote 51 percent of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse – New York Times
In 2005, 51 percent of women said they were living without a spouse, … preparing to live longer parts of their lives alone or with nonmarried partners. end quote. By SAM ROBERTS. Because men’s earnings are low, 51 percent of women live without a spouse. This is caused by Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act.


“Numbers Drop for the Married With Children
Institution Becoming The Choice of the Educated, Affluent”

By Blaine Harden
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 4, 2007; Page A03

PORTLAND, Ore. — Punctuating a fundamental change in American family life, married couples with children now occupy fewer than one in every four households — a share that has been slashed in half since 1960 and is the lowest ever recorded by the census.

As marriage with children becomes an exception rather than the norm, social scientists say it is also becoming the self-selected province of the college-educated and the affluent.

“The culture is shifting, and marriage has almost become a luxury item, one that only the well educated and well paid are interested in,” said Isabel V. Sawhill, an expert on marriage and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Many demographers peg the rise of a class-based marriage gap to the erosion since 1970 of the broad-based economic prosperity that followed World War II.

The 1965 Immigration Act caused this. Men’s median wages are down from 1973. Search p60-229.pdf and go to page 14 on 51 percent of women live alone. This is because men don’t make enough.Female fertility is then below replacement.
This shows income inequality fell from the 1940’s to 1968 and then rose since. This is because of the 1965 Immigration Act.

Legal immigration takes away job security from men and so young adults don’t get married and have kids and stay married. Legal immigration must end completely and no amnesty.


Figure 1 – Change in Income Inequality for Families: 1947-1998 Census.

The Census page on income inequality is:

See page 18 of above for graph of men’s median wages which shows it peaked in 1973 adjusted for inflation. It rose before then, while immigration was restricted and then the 1965 Immigration Act brought that to an end.

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