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Arab Nationalism, Islam Overlap Fred Thompson Spencer Abraham

July 31, 2007

Robert Spencer at Dhimmi Watch.
Treatment of Palestinian Christians ‘Medieval’
Yet most Palestinian Christians still identify entirely with the jihad imperative. Will they awaken to the fact that this is not in their best interests before it’s too late?From Charisma (thanks to Andrew Bostom):

(July 30, 2007) – Arab Christians are leaving the Palestinian territories in droves due to discrimination and persecution from a Muslim-dominant police force and government, Dr. Justus Weiner, a distinguished scholar in residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told reporters and academics at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. on July 17.

The questions raised by the article or elsewhere are

1) Does Arab nationalism exist?

2) What does it consist of?

3) What is the relation of Islam to Arab Nationalism?

4) What is the relation of jihad to Arab Nationalism?

5) If jihad overlaps, at least for some people, with Arab Nationalism, can this set of some people also include non-Muslim Arabs?

Do specific people in the US like Spencer Abraham fall into the group of non-Muslims who identify with, at least in part with Arab Nationalism and the overlap of Arab Nationalism, at least in part, with jihad?

Debbie Schlussel , Vanishing American , and others have been commenting on Fred Thompson hiring Spencer Abraham.

Are there people in these groups who make statements consistent with such views?

Act consistent with such views?

Actually advocate this?

Deny this exists for any person?

search: Debbie Schlussel Fred Thompson 

==Immigration Votes Fred Thompson 

Fred Thompson, we naturalize 500,000 per year. 

Naturalize means give citizenship.  Actually the number is higher.

==Spencer Abraham immigration votes 

==DHS immigration statistics 

700,000 naturalizations (citizenship) in 2006.

1.2 million permanent legal status petitions granted in 2006.


Cucamonga, CA 5 Shot 1 Dead at Party

July 29, 2007

‘MySpace’ Details May Have Led to Fatal Party Shooting
By Melissa MacBride
Police Search for At-Large Shooter

– A party to celebrate a big occasion takes a tragic turn when a gunman opens fire, killing one and injuring four others. Deputies believe the shooter may have found out about the party on

They saw a large group of people in the street screaming that they had been shot. They did find one 18-year-old black male down in the middle of the street. He had been shot, and he was pronounced dead,” said Cindy Beavers, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept.

“We heard three at first, and she goes, ‘Oh, they’re fireworks,’ and then I heard more, and I was like, ‘Those aren’t fireworks,'” said neighbor Melanie Finder.

“It was really scary. We saw the flashes from the guns and all we did was run inside,” said neighbor Erica Elliott.

Neighbors say the girl having the party was celebrating her acceptance into college. She informed the neighborhood that she was going to have a party, but neighbors say things got out of hand very quickly.

Teens in the neighborhood say the party was posted on MySpace. Authorities say the deadly shooting may be gang-related.

“The suspects arrived at the party and began shooting. They were not invited,” said Beavers.

Long-time neighbors say they have never witnessed such a violent crime where they live.

“We have lived in this neighborhood for 31 years and this is the first time anything has happened that even was of this magnitude,” said neighbor Elaine England.

“It was pretty scary. We don’t get that in this Alta Loma neighborhood at all,” said neighbor Lynn Perry.

Investigators don’t know a motive for the shooting, and they’re looking for the gunman who turned a celebration into the biggest tragedy one neighborhood has ever known.

With the investigation continuing, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with information to call them.

You can remain anonymous by calling the WE-TIP hotline: 1-800-78-CRIME.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — A teenager was shot to death and four others were wounded, two critically, when gang members apparently showed up for a going-away party advertised on the Web.

The Saturday night apartment gathering was planned as a celebration for someone who is headed off to college, but about 100 people showed up, said Cindy Beavers of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The party was advertised on the social networking Web site.,1,5301813.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

Father held in shooting death of 23-month-old

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

July 29, 2007

A Utah man visiting relatives in Chino was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter Saturday in connection with the shooting death of his 23-month-old son.

Salt Lake City-area resident Jose Silva, 26, was booked at the West Valley Detention Center in the death of Anthony Silva, who was just three weeks short of his second birthday.

Officers responding to a 911 call about 8:15 a.m. in the 13000 block of 3rd Street found the toddler shot in the head in the seat of a parked sport utility vehicle. Police said his father was standing behind the SUV showing a handgun to relatives when it accidentally went off. The boy was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Parolee caught using GPS

Melissa Pinion-Whitt, Staff Writer

SAN BERNARDINO – A San Bernardino parolee suspected in five armed robberies has been captured with the use of a satellite-tracking device.Police booked Armando Hernandez, 27, into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga Thursday on suspicion of robbery. Police said Hernandez committed four robberies along Kendall Drive late Wednesday afternoon and one earlier in the day.

Investigators working with state parole agents found Hernandez because he had a Global Positioning System bracelet on his leg under a pilot program, Veritracks, that’s catching interest around the state.

“It’s a very valuable tool,” said San Bernardino police Lt. Scott Paterson.

Veritracks was launched by state parole last year and targeted certain parolees, including sex offenders, murderers and other violent offenders, Paterson said. Numerous cities in San Bernardino County use the program, and the city of San Bernardino is attempting to gain more funding to expand it to more parolees.

Similar to house-arrest bracelets, these parole-issued devices track a parolee’s present location and where they’ve been.

When authorities identified Hernandez as the suspect in the robberies, they tracked the man’s
GPS signal to his home. Officers were on their way when they noticed Hernandez left the house and headed to a motel on Ostrems Way, Paterson said.Police recovered a gun they said the man tossed out his car window on the way to the motel.

Police believe they might link Hernandez to other robberies with the help of the tracking device.

DEA shuts down dispensary

Patients and employees protest

By Will Bigham, Staff Writer


CORONA – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided and closed down a medical-marijuana dispensary here as protesters rallied outside Tuesday morning.

Federal agents served search warrants at about 6 a.m. at the Healing Nations Collective dispensary, at the owner’s Corona house, and at a Norco storage locker in his name, said DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen.

Ronald Naulls was arrested at 6:10 a.m. on suspicion of marijuana distribution


Loan News

search Cucamonga News

Cucamonga House Prices and other stats 

Total population: 128,161 (Urban population: 128,010, Rural population: 151 (all nonfarm))


Median price asked for vacant for-sale houses and condos in 2005: $458,700 (lower quartile is $345,300, upper quartile is $632,000)

Median contract rent in 2005: $1,151 (lower quartile is $919, upper quartile is $1,415)

Housing units in Rancho Cucamonga with a mortgage: 24,089 (4,622 second mortgage, 1,747 home equity loan, 81 both second mortgage and home equity loan)
Houses without a mortgage: 2,003

Cucamonga, California “eliminated by European invasion”

July 28, 2007

“The Native American cultures of southern California had stabilized some three thousand years ago, thriving until almost eliminated by European invasion.” From history of Cucamonga, California.

To find the history section. Go to the link, City of Rancho Cucamonga, California, choose Facts and Figures in menu, and choose History of RC.,_California

As of the censusGR2 of 2000, there were 127,743 people, 40,863 households, and 31,832 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,317.0/km² (3,411.4/mi²). There were 42,134 housing units at an average density of 434.4/km² (1,125.2/mi²). The racial makeup of the city was 66.53% White, 7.87% African American, 0.67% Native American, 5.99% Asian, 0.27% Pacific Islander, 13.25% from other races, and 5.41% from a biracial or multiracial background. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 27.78% of the population.

Mel Blanc was on the Jack Benny Program. Mel Blanc was the voice of “Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird and Barney Rubble” for Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera during ” the Golden Age of American animation.”

Another famous Blanc schtick on Jack’s show was the train Depot announcer who inevitably intoned, sidelong: “Train leaving on Track Five for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga“. Part of that joke was the Angelino studio audience’s awareness that no such train existed connecting those then-small towns (years before Disneyland opened). To the wider audience, the primary joke was the pregnant pause that evolved over time between “Cuc..” and “…amonga” — eventually minutes would pass while the skit went on, the audience awaiting the inevitable conclusion of the word. On at least one occasion, a completely different skit followed before the inevitable “…amonga” finally appeared. For his contribution to radio, Mel Blanc has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6385 Hollywood Blvd.

Melvin Jerome Blanc (May 30, 1908July 10, 1989)

“Born in San Francisco, California to Jewish parents, he grew up in Portland, Oregon, attending Lincoln High School. “

“Blanc’s success on the Jack Benny Program led to his own radio show on the CBS radio network, The Mel Blanc Show, which ran from September 3, 1946 to June 24, 1947. Blanc played himself as the hapless owner of a fix-it shop, in addition to a wide range of comical support characters. Other regular characters were played by Mary Jane Croft, Joseph Kearns, Hans Conried, Alan Reed, Earle Ross, Jim Backus and Bea Benaderet.”

“Blanc also appeared on other national radio programs such as The Abbott and Costello Show, Burns and Allen as the Happy Postman, August Moon on Point Sublime, Sad Sack on G.I. Journal, and later played various small parts on Benny’s television show.”

search Cucamonga Mel Blanc

search “All the way to Cucamonga”  or “way to Cucamonga”

Many of the wiki quotes above appear to come from:

Blanc died in Los Angeles, California, and is interred in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California. Blanc’s will stated his desire to have the inscription on his gravestone read, “THAT’S ALL FOLKS”, considered by some to be one of the most famous epitaphs in the world.

Immigration Sample Letter with Data Sources

July 26, 2007

Please use the following as a letter or part of a letter to your Senator, Congressman, State representative, or others.

The links will fit into a standard letter size.  They also will fit into the fax forms that Numbers USA allows you to send.  Join up with Numbers USA and in the second section, after the greeting, clear out their material, and substitute what follows.  You can then add your own material.

This is not to say the Numbers USA arguments by Roy Beck and his staff are not good, but this gives a direct summary of the data sources and scientific papers that show we must set immigration to zero.   This gives variety to the Numbers USA faxes.  Its also difficult for the Numbers USA staff to sound this same material over and over, but for you it can be fresh, so you can deliver it again to the Congress, MSM, and others.

Note the links are to be copied as text, it doesn’t matter that they don’t highlight or form a live link in your letter.  They give the reference, and the recipient can cut and paste or usually just search to find the link.

Dear Senator X,

I am writing in regards to the negative impact of immigration and ask you to vote to stop all forms of immigration.  The reasons for this are as follows, with data sources.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973. See graph page 18:

Women’s wages are below men’s. So women earn less than men did in 1973. The same applies to blacks and Hispanics, all earn less than all men did in 1973.

Labor force participation rates of black men and white men were 80 percent in 1965. Now white men are down to 74 percent and black men to 66 percent:

One-way immigration causes genetic replacement

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.
Copyright notice
The Island Model with Stochastic Migration
Thomas Nagylaki
Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

Black and white fertility has fallen in the US since 1800 except during immigration restriction, i.e. the baby boom, see graph:

The top1 percent got 20 percent of income before immigration restriction in the 1920’s, got 10 percent during it, and are back to 20 percent. This is a U shape.

The fertility graph is an inverted U, its higher during low income inequality and is low at each side. You can put the U shaped income inequality graph over the fertility graph and they are a U inverted U shape, call it a fish diagram.

Suppose US population is stable at 300 million. If people live 75 years, 4 million die per year. If 2 million enter, and pop is stable, then there are 2 million births. 2 million births over 4 million deaths is a genetic survival ratio of 1/2. 25 years birth to parent, so in 75 years, 3 cycles leaves 1/8 genes. Even if pop goes to 450mm and 1 million enter, we get a fraction of 5/6 per cycle, which results in genetic extinction.

This happens by lowering wages and is happening already. There is a substitution effect from births to immigrants.


“Numbers Drop for the Married With Children
Institution Becoming The Choice of the Educated, Affluent”

By Blaine Harden
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 4, 2007; Page A03

PORTLAND, Ore. — Punctuating a fundamental change in American family life, married couples with children now occupy fewer than one in every four households — a share that has been slashed in half since 1960 and is the lowest ever recorded by the census.

As marriage with children becomes an exception rather than the norm, social scientists say it is also becoming the self-selected province of the college-educated and the affluent.

end quote

Sincerely yours,

Your Name Here

P.S. Labor force participation rates of white, black, Asian and Hispanic men are projected to fall from 2004 to 2014:


You can go to Numbers USA right now and use the above text in faxes to Congressman and Senators.  Or you can use it in posting at Washington Post or other sites or at your own web page.  

The data sources and graphs prove that immigration is harmful.  When the graph is on your side, argue the graph.  When the raw numbers are on your side, argue the raw numbers.

So what do the MSM do?

When the graph and the raw numbers are against you, argue studies.   If that doesn’t work, shout bigot.

We can take control of the immigration debate by citing the data sources of the raw data and graphs of it.  This proves the point that immigration, all immigration, is harmful.

Upcoming Bills

Ag Jobs 

Democrat World View: No System of Equations

July 25, 2007

The Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN and Youtube represented the basic view of the Democratic Party. This is that there is no system of equations that determines the future based on actions taken in the present in any way that needs to be worried about.

The Democrat view is not that the US or the West or humanity is part of a system of equations that is moving forward with consequences that need to be determined and controlled. There is no concept of controlling our fate in their minds.

They are like a group on a small boat who don’t have the concept of navigation and destination. For them, all that matters is the bickering in the boat. They, in effect, don’t even look outside the boat. They don’t see the stars and if they do, they don’t imagine to use them to navigate by.

Systems of equations might come to us in different ways. One way is a set of equations that determine the future evolution of the system. If we can formulate these in terms of a control problem, then we have some objective function and we try to maximize it, or at least improve it, subject to some constraints. This is constrained optimization.

One type of constraint equation is a budget constraint. The sum of expenditures equals the sum of incomes, including saving as an expenditure in this case.

The Democrats type of objectives are myopic, i.e. short sighted. They think about people outside an ER room and their objective is to serve them. They think of people in the waiting room for America, and their objective is to serve them.

The consequences of such a policy are not considered by the Democrats. In fact, sustained immigration causes the extinction of every gene here, and every gene that comes here each year. This is an example of not considering the facts and the theorems.

This result is because resources in America are constrained. So an unlimited flow of immigrants will at least partially use each scarce resource. Given an unlimited flow, this will eventually exhaust that resource use for any past cohort of immigrants or stock of those here at any point in time.

This result, the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem is, however, fundamental to all public policy issues. The Democrats ignoring it shows their whole mental attitude. They don’t really have a map of the future, or the present. They simply have emotional responses to what they see on TV. Their idea of policy is to make sure that no one else has different emotions. This is the source of their attack on Talk Radio.

Talk Radio is not visual, so it has to substitute logic and argument for visuals. Without a visual, one has to articulate positions. That then calls out for an opposite view. That then leads to arguing the facts. Eventually, that leads to arguing the theory. Which means there has to be a theory, or several to be argued over.

This leads to what the objective function is and what it should be. To Democrats that is visually based, its TV images of bigotry. Take away the images and you have to articulate an objective function and the Democrats can’t do that. Their objective function is visually based, its not based in logic.

This is why the Democrats don’t have a rational plan for the future. Its why they don’t recognize budget constraints, either financial, or air, water, land, etc. They have a visual unarticulated objective, which is to stop images of poverty, bigotry, etc. on TV. That is their goal, to stop those images.

They make stopping them the immediate, overriding goal, and anything else is bigotry. They use the visuals to, in effect, stop thinking. They are ruled by emotions like an immature being.

The concept of a system of equations that determines the future, and which is under partial control, and subject to budget and other constraints, is not their starting point or ending point.

This is why the visual images get worse. Because they don’t try to control, at least partially, the evolution of the state of the system, they produce outcomes worse than would happen if it was so controlled. The result is images of poverty, suffering, disease, etc. All of these they blame on bigotry, because America is rich.

If we can send a man to the moon, …

How can a nation as rich as this tolerate one child going to bed hungry.

These are not the statements of optimal control theory. They are meant to link to visual imagery of immediate emotion. These are appropriate for when you are in an automobile accident, but not for the planning of a system like the US or the earth.

If nature acted as the Democrats did, the environment couldn’t survive. The environment is based on constraints. Nature has an equilibrium system that is essential, however harsh it may be at times. The harshness is part of the system.

It actually has evolved to be minimally harsh. Nature has found a way to have the least pain by having a system of rewards and punishments to reward good behavior, and punish harsh. It is this concept itself that the Democrats reject.

Harshness in nature is actually a form of mercy. It is this way because it minimizes total suffering by providing a system of rewards and punishments up close to influence every organism to act rationally, except a Democrat.

An alternative goal to the Democrats goal of avoiding bigotry, i.e. all forms of consequences for bad choices, is to avoid the Fermi Paradox, the apparent tendency of intelligent civilizations to destroy themselves. Fermi pointed out that if there were other space traveling civilizations they should have reached earth by now. This implied we were the first, or that they find a way to destroy themselves before they get here.

The way to destroy ourselves is to act like the Democrats do. They focus on the visual image here and now, and pursue policies that set up incentives to increase those images. That then proves bigotry of intent. This is a cycle that leads to unstable chaos. This is what we see today.

Unstable chaos will eventually destroy itself in one way or another. The question is whether we can get off this chaos maker before it throws us off.

27. (ASKED OF LEANED DEMOCRATS) If the 2008 Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, and the candidates were: (Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, or Mike Gravel), for whom would you vote?

                         7/21/07  6/1/07  4/15/07  2/25/07  1/19/07  12/11/06
Hillary Clinton            39       35      37       36       41        39
Barack Obama               28       23      20       24       17        17
Al Gore                    14       17      17       14       10        10
John Edwards                9        8      14       12       11        12
Bill Richardson             2        2       3        3        1         2
Joe Biden                   2        2       2        1        3         2
Dennis Kucinich             1        1       1        *        1        NA
Chris Dodd                  *        1       *        *        *         *
Mike Gravel                 0        *       *        0        *        NA
Evan Bayh                  NA       NA      NA       NA       NA         1
Wesley Clark               NA       NA       1        *        1         1
John Kerry                 NA       NA      NA       NA        8         7
Tom Vilsack                NA       NA      NA        *        *         1
Other (vol.)                *        *       *        *        1         *
None of these (vol.)        2        4       3        3        2         2
Would not vote (vol.)       2        1       *        1        *         1
No opinion                  2        5       2        3        3         4
*Asked Clark 4/15 and previous, Vilsack 2/25 and previous, Kerry 1/19 and previous, Bayh 12/11

Everything about Democrat Party politics is built around this concept of intolerable visual images.

=This is why no immigration questions. Immigration has consequences, which are now becoming more and more evident. Democrats don’t do consequences.

Rob Sanchez at Vdare points out that there was little about immigration, except for a question about health care coverage for the “undocumented.” Sanchez providestwo links on the transcript: [One,Two]

Immigration is about solving a differential equation. Democrats don’t do that. In this case, the solution is that the genetic survival ratio of every gene here, and every gene that comes here in any given year approaches zero as we project farther into the future.


At one point, we gave, in passing, the ultimate definition of bigotry for the Democrats: Consequences for bad choices. That is what the Democrats mean by bigotry, a system of rewards and punishments where bad choices result in negative consequences. Thus the environment is bigoted in Democrat speak. Because man has more control over the environment, he is the most bigoted animal.

This is why the Democrats never consider the consequences of their past, current or future actions.  Because their actions increase the visual images of misery they detest.  Thus they are the biggest bigots in their own misbegotten system.

Why no CNN-Youtube Immigration Questions?

July 24, 2007

Rob Sanchez at Vdare points out that there was little about immigration, except for a question about health care coverage for the “undocumented.” Sanchez provides two links on the transcript: [One,Two]

Why isn’t everyone covered?  Why do they have to be in the U.S.?  Border Bigotry.

Questions were likely filtered out on the following bases:

1) Question had too much fact information that reporters don’t bother to learn.

2) Question has too much theory, and any amount is too much, for reporters to learn.

3) Question would interfere with Anderson Cooper’s speaking fee prospects, e.g. a question about immigration.

4) Question would interfere with fund raising by the candidates, e.g. about immigration.

5) Question would interfere with prospects of Democratic candidates in the general election phase, e.g. about immigration.

6) Question would remind viewers of all those phone calls by the tiny minority of bigots that stopped the Senate Amnesty Bill.

7) Question would otherwise be disrespectful of the establishment. 

The Democrat Debate can be summarized as follows:

  1. There is no moral hazard in government benefits or hand out programs.
  2. Morality is not affected by government handouts.
  3. People don’t cheat to take advantage of the government, except when they work at a company.
  4. Schools, markets, outcomes, etc. are not affected by the people, but are either mysteriously not working or made to fail by big baddies.
  5. Only Democrats can save you from the big bad baddies.
  6. The sum of the costs need not be bounded by available income.
  7. Who the people are never matters, not in the past, not in the present, not in the future.  All that matters is that the right Democrat is in power.
  8. There have never been bad side affects to Democrat Programs in the past.
  9. The only problem is not enough of Democrat Programs.
  10. With enough mandates, “good intentions”, affirmative action, immigration, set-asides, quotas, welfare, ER mandates, criminal statutes, taxes, etc. we can finally overcome.
  11. This is not a world of cause and effect that channels through incentives and individual human behavior. The only incentive people need is a government mandated benefit.
  12. Government is the low cost method to achieve all outcomes.  This is because government has no cost.

Re William Kristol: “They don’t really support our troops”

July 24, 2007

Comment on Article “They Don’t Really Support the Troops” by William Kristol, at Front Page Magazine. Kristol edits The Weekly Standard | July 24, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, mother of a soldier who was killed in Iraq, emerged on the American political scene two years ago. Distraught and unstable, she was shamelessly exploited by opponents of George W. Bush and the war while such exploitation seemed to pay political benefits. When she became an embarrassment, she, like others before her, was tossed onto the trash heap of history by her progressive minders.

William Kristol supports immigration. China has gotten our night vision and sells it at a cheap price. This came from know-how transfer. Chinese H-1B’s, get our know how and give it to China. China provides night vision to Iran and Pakistan who provide it to insurgents to kill our troops.

“Results 1 – 100 of about 2,760,000 for China night vision.”

That night vision is used to kill our troops. How can Kristol talk about supporting our troops when he has been giving our night vision to China through supporting immigration to use to kill our troops?

Why doesn’t Kristol give back all the corporate speaking fees and corporate paid board memberships, and all other money he or his colleagues have derived from these sources? Kristol should give all this money back to the troops that are wounded or the survivors of the dead and apologize to each of their families, one by one.

Noshir Gowadia gave our stealth technology to China. They can sell it to Iran and Pakistan to use against our ships or Israel.

China also got our warhead technology. Giving our know-how to China and other countries to sell to insurgents or Iran or Pakistan is not supporting our troops. It is supporting the corporate speaking fee-ocracy.

What word does Kristol call those who want to keep China from selling our night vision to insurgents or stealth bombers to Iran? Is the word Kristol uses for those people, the word bigot? Nativist? Xenophobe?

How much money did Cindy Sheehan get for flacking for corporations or universities that flacked for transferring our know-how on night vision and stealth to China? How much money did she get from that compared to Kristol?


Go to google and choose image and search on

Walter Reed Iraq

This shows photos of the injured. While they were getting injured, was Kristol getting corporate speaking fees?

Lawrence Auster discusses Kristol on immigration:

“KRISTOL: I am pro-immigration, and I am even soft on illegal immigration.”

“KRISTOL: And they’ve been contributing to the U.S. economy and not damaging U.S. society. ”

“What’s happened that’s so terrible in the last 20 years?”

China got our stealth technology and our night vision and that is part of what produces those images above at Walter Reed. They can sell stealth to Iran to use against our carriers and against Israel. That subjects us to surprise attack. They could wipe out our fleet or Israel before we knew it.

” Is the crime rate up in the United States in the last 20 years? Is unemployment up in the United States in the last 20 years?”

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, search p60-231.pdf, graph page 18.

Labor force participation rates of black men were 80 percent in 1965 and are 66 percent today. White men went from 80 to 74 percent.

Search on black labor force participation rates, and open the xls spreadsheet.

“KRISTOL: And they’ve been contributing to the U.S. economy and not damaging U.S. society. ”

False as shown by wages and labor force participation rates. Women’s median wages is lower than men, so women earn less than men did in 1973. Blacks and Hispanics also earn less than all men did in 1973.

Fertility has fallen except during immigration restriction for blacks and whites since 1800.

See graph:

Labor force participation rates for white, black, Asian and Hispanic men are all projected to fall by 2014:

Comments on the Kristol article are here:


On top of those royalties, some estimates put the money Kristol is making at speaking engagements at around one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars a year.

as well as his very lucrative speaking career, which by some reports nets him $100,000 to $200,000 per year.


William Kristol “speaking engagements”

== Comment added at Front Page Magazine

“as well as his very lucrative speaking career, which by some reports nets him $100,000 to $200,000 per year.”

Also his TV engagements are on corporate airwaves that are pushing immigration for corporate profits. Those should be counted as his “speaking for immigration” money.

Another amputee hero:

“Results 1 – 100 of about 3,420,000 for China night vision goggles.”

“KRISTOL: I’m a liberal on immigration. I mean, I think the Bush approach is right. I think the Senate Judiciary Committee approach is right. If Congressman King thinks that it’s a good idea to go around talking about branding people with the letter A for amnesty, if you (inaudible) see how, to use Brit’s word, repellent that is of an image, you know, for, it’s unbelievable. And the Republican Party will go down the tubes if it takes that position.”

Did he mean to say:

“And my corporate speaking fees will go down the tubes if I takes that position.”


“Iraqi Mujahideen Launch Anti-Air Missle at U.S. Flight Patrol Using Night Vision”

They sing/chant in Arabic at the end of the video and hug each other. This appears to be a Mujahideen made video of their using night vision against us.

Night vision was developed in the US. But China got hold of it through their students coming here to our Ph.D. programs.

“Results 1 – 100 of about 2,030,000 for Chinese night vision.”

Lawrence Auster on Kristol on immigration:

“KRISTOL: I’m a liberal on immigration.”

“What’s happened that’s so terrible in the last 20 years?”

Those are our boys being shot at in that video using night vision that went out of the US from immigrants being admitted to our Ph.D. programs instead of Americans.

China has our stealth. This is real. Kristol takes corporate speaking fee money and advocates for this immigration that gave China and then the insurgents our night vision. They are dancing and singing in Arabic celebrating using night vision technology against the Americans. This is proof to them that Allah is on their side, because Allah let the Americans give their technology to China in American Ph.D. programs and companies. China then sold it to the insurgents.

Kristol takes 100 to 200 thousand a year in speaking fee money to push immigration and know-how transfer to China. This video shows that our boys then take it.

Search Walter Reed Iraq
in images to see our men, some of them amputees.

Its when the insurgents use night vision to plant the IED’s that they can get away with planting them so they work against us.

Another video of insurgents planting IED’s being observed by US with night vision. Despite this, the IED’s worked. When they have night vision on a mission, they are more likely to succeed, although on this mission they didn’t have night vision or its too hard to tell.


IED “night vision” insurgents

More Mujahideen made video:

search mujahideen video “night vision”

The recommended equipment list for the mujahid is specific and long, including: a pocket Quran, night vision goggles, shackles for use in abductions, a GPS system, video cameras for casing targets and an extensive list of other supplies.,8599,660926,00.html

More fascinating than the unprecedented action footage of the suicide attacks are the long glimpses into the culture and mindset of the fighters. In the opening vignette a night vision camera records what’s purported to be a young suicide bomber’s living will and messages to his family as masked men crowd around him. The dozens of fighters then chant as he walks to the cabin of the tanker truck rigged with explosives. The men give the bomber a final hug and farewell. He turns to the masked figures and waves, as though he’s about to board an ocean liner for a holiday. Behind the wheel bomber shows off the wiring to the explosive device and the trigger, a button between the seats. The camera records the truck disappearing into the night and the devastating explosion as it reaches its target,  the American position beneath Khalidya bridge, west of the restive city of Fallujah.

Night Vision footage with the Insurgents

search mujahideen “night vision”

mujahideen “night vision”

34 Percent of UK Conservatives Think Immigration Good

July 21, 2007

 “I believe that immigration has largely been good for Britain”  34.4. percent agree.

The poll authors are disappointed, but some posters are not.

David Cameron does not represent the Tory party on immigration.

Ealing tragedy that threatens Project Dave By Simon Heffer

July 21, 2007

Simon Heffer comments on David Cameron as leader of Conservative Party after Conservatives lose 2 by elections.

“What exactly are conservatives trying to conserve? For example, even if all immigration ceased tomorrow and every asylum seeker deported overnight, Britain would still have a population of around seven million people of non-European origin. Due to their higher birth rate and the increasing levels of miscegenation, the indigenous British population would still become a minority in their own country sometime this century. How many conservatives who proclaim themselves ‘patriots’ have had the courage to even mention this, much less propose a solution?

Posted by David Baxter on July 21, 2007 7:41 PM”

Above comment on immigration by David Baxter is correct. The Wright Island model on one-way migration proves that one-way migration causes complete genetic replacement of the island genes by the migrant genes.

If UK population was stable at 75mm, and people lived 75 years, 1mm deaths per year. If 1mm migrants per year, then births equals zero. If migrants 500k/year, then births are 500k/year, so the genetic survival ratio per generation is 1/2. 25 years birth to death, so 75 years have 1/8 starting genes.

The 500k/year migrants can also be re-interpreted as births to recent migrants. The result is what David Baxter was discussing. Links to journal articles in genetics at link at my name.

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Lindsey Graham Appalachia Plan for All America

July 18, 2007

Lindsey Graham has sold out all of America the way that Appalachia was sold out to mining companies and far off bankers. One of the PBS stations is showing a program on Appalachia. All the same things were tried out by the business interests in the 19th century on Appalachia that they apply to all of America today.

search Appalachia rights “signed away”

Profit-crazed coal companies that practice mountaintop removal / valley fill coal mining are coming to claim this hollow, despite the objections of the people who want to stay on the land they love…people who, so far, have resisted the buyout offers. Long ago, their ancestors, deceived by the slick talk and of company reps, signed away their rights to the coal deposits beneath their land. Of course, those ancestors could never have conceived of mountaintop removal.

For over a century, the coal has been mined from the ground beneath these hills and hollows. For many families living here, the mining jobs provided cash that helped buy what the land could not offer. That cash came with a toll, as tens of thousands of miners died from accidents, or from black lung disease, or from battling the companies in order to establish unions. The coal industry promised prosperity, but the wealth was mostly whisked out of state. To this day, the majority of West Virginians have very little monetary wealth compared to folks in other states.

He does not own mineral rights to the property. Like so many other Appalachian families, Gibson said, his unwittingly signed away the riches a hundred years ago “for one dollar in hand and some considerations” that never materialized.

The companies had propaganda campaigns, and used the MSM of the day to label the people of Appalachia as “backwards”, violent, little educated, and if they thought of it, bigoted. This is from the PBS show on Appalachia, see below. The companies honed everything they do today, including buying senators in the 19th century.
Sunday, March 19, 2006
Gag order #

As noted before in this space (here and here), leases from wind power developers are extreme documents. A correspondent has recently informed us that several people who have given up their land for the huge (120 390-ft turbines so far, many more planned) “Maple Ridge Wind Farm” on the Tug Hill Plateau in Lewis County, N.Y., have been complaining privately about the noise. But they signed away their right to mention it to anyone but the company. Thus as far as the company is concerned there is no noise problem! Cute, huh?

They signed away their right, even to the wind. Earth, air, fire and water. The company owns them all and we have to buy them at the company store. They even lost their right to speak of what the company does to them. They can only lose their hearing, not speak of it. Or they can leave their land.

What do we have left after they take all this? According to the MSM speaking fees, all we have left is our bigotry. They say that’s all we ever contributed to this land.

Graham was born in Central, South Carolina, where his father, Florence James Graham, owned a liquor store. Graham was the first member of his family to attend college…

Lindsey Graham was born in Central, SC which is in Pickens County which is part of the South Carolina Appalachian Council of Governments. Lindsey Graham comes from Appalachia. He was born there. His father owned a liquor store there. These are the people who sent him to Washington, DC.

Lindsey Graham has not just forgotten the people who sent him there, but is ashamed of them. Graham calls them bigots. Graham is ashamed of the people he comes from.

The town of Pickens was founded in 1868 and named for the Revolutionary War hero General Andrew Pickens. Scottish-Irish settlers were the original inhabitants of the Pickens area, with a few traders who lived among the Cherokees. When the new Pickens was being created, Elihu Griffin offered 40 acres of his land for the courthouse; it was this land being offered for sale in the 1869 handbill.

Much of the City’s past is present today, giving a glimpse of its rich and fascinating heritage. Pickens County is proud to have the most Medal of Honor recipients per capita in the nation. This mixture of past and present is one of the factors which makes Pickens a place of historical interest and significance

‘The Appalachians’ Hits Down-Home

By Neely Tucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 11, 2005; Page C01

You always know where home is, perhaps most acutely so when you no longer live there. It is that sense of sorrow and longing that is at the core of “The Appalachians,” a three-part documentary that begins airing tonight at 10 on WETA.

Lindsey Graham no longer lives in Appalachia. He no longer has loyalty to it. He is ashamed to be from there. He doesn’t want those people to continue but to be washed away by immigration and depart the earth as a people.

search Lindsey Graham bigots

search Appalachia bigots

Robert Byrd was on the program. Byrd told the story of seeing the faces of the families that lost men in a mine disaster. Robert Byrd has and knows the fierce loyalty of Appalachia.
Lindsey Graham does not. Graham likely hates who he is, where he comes from and the people. To Lindsey Graham the people of Appalachia are bigots. One such bigot was Seargent York, who fought in WWI to make the World safe for Democracy the way Woodrow Wilson, that son of Virginia told him to do. Wilson created the League of Nations, the first organization dedicated to bigotry among nations, oh, no, it was peace among nations.

Vanishing American has an article on Vanishing Appalachia

The main point of the piece is that Morristown, Tennessee now has a ‘Little Mexico’, which if the influx continues, will likely result in a Mexican majority.

Many of the Appalachian people descended from early Jamestown colonists, as my kin did. So that culture, including the music, the food, the dialect of English, the folk ways, faith, and values all resonate with me; they are much the same as what I knew from my Texas roots.

In our topsy-turvy world, the emphasis is always on ‘respecting’ diverse cultures, and being forcibly taught all about some exotic way of life, …

In other words, why is every culture and heritage valued and promoted except our own? Why is our culture alone marked for extinction, judged unfit to survive?

Why is the Southeast, and the precious Appalachian people and culture seemingly targeted for destruction by our meddling social engineers? It’s a crime not only against the people who live there, but also against the rest of America.
I know from first-hand experience that a lot of northerners, and sadly some Southerners, are indifferent to Southern culture; they have bought the propaganda that it’s all backward, ignorant, and ‘racist’, and that it is not worth preserving. Obviously I disagree strongly. If the culture of the South goes, then we may as well pronounce real American culture dead, too, because to me, the South embodies all that is best about America, all that is truly worth preserving. The South embodies love of country and kin, a warrior spirit, a zest for life, a pride in heritage, and the fierce love of independence that made America what it is — or should I say what it once was?

ERIC #: ED313196
Title: Appalachian Veterans.
Authors: Arnow, Pat, Ed.
Descriptors: Biographies; Essays; Geographic Regions; Personal Narratives; Poetry; Short Stories; United States History; Veterans; Vietnam Veterans; War
Source: Now and Then, v4 n3 Fall 1987
Peer-Reviewed: N/A
Publisher: Now and Then, CASS, Box 19180A, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN 37614-0002 ($2.50).
Publication Date: 1987-00-00
Pages: 53
Pub Types: Collected Works – Serials; Creative Works; Historical Materials
Abstract: This journal issue focuses on Appalachian veterans and on the premise that Appalachians and Americans in general are still fighting the battles and dealing with the psychic aftermath of the Civil War and all wars fought since then. One article notes that Appalachian soldiers were 20 to 25% more likely to be killed in Vietnam than other soldiers. West Virginia had the highest average of battle deaths: 84.1/100,000. Pickens County, South Carolina has the highest number of Congressional Medal of Honor winners in the nation. Articles discuss Sergeant York and profile lesser known veterans of Vietnam and World War II. There are memoirs, fiction, and poetry about experiences of Appalachian natives in Vietnam. A study of Appalachian POWs in World War II reports that problems of former POWs are far more severe than had previously been established. An oral history project records memories of World War II veterans from East Tennessee and includes samples of the veterans’ stories. Other selections describe a soldier’s wife in the Civil War and volunteer work on the frontlines in World War II. Films and books about Appalachian veterans’ experiences are reviewed. (DHP)
Abstractor: N/A
Reference Count: N/A

Pickens County, South Carolina has the highest number of Congressional Medal of Honor winners in the nation.”

That’s where Lindsey Graham was born. Those are the people that Lindsey Graham called bigots. Those are the people that Lindsey Graham is ashamed bore him and raised him and sent him to the Senate.

search: Pickens County Congressional Medal of Honor

From Find a Grave in Pickens County:

  • Howe, James Donnie b. December 17, 1948 d. May 6, 1970
    Viet Nam Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Served in the Viet Nam War in the United States Marine Corps as a Lance Corporal in Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery on May 6, 1970. His citation reads “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a rifleman with Company I, during operations against enemy forces. In the early morning hours L/Cpl. Howe and 2…[Read More] (Bio by: Russ Dodge)
    Liberty Memorial Gardens, Liberty, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
  • Lever, Asbury Francis b. January 5, 1875 d. April 28, 1940
    US Congressman. Elected to represent South Carolina’s 7th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1901 to 1919. Also served as a Member of the South Carolina State House of Representatives in 1901. (Bio by: Gravedude97)
    Woodland Cemetery, Clemson, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
  • McFadden, Banks b. February 7, 1917 d. June 4, 2005
    College Football Player. Generally regarded one of the greatest athletes in Clemson history, he is the only athlete in Clemson history to be named an All-American in football and basketball in the same year, 1939. In football, McFadden led Clemson to a 9-1 record in 1939 and the school’s first bowl bid, a 6-3 victory over Boston College in the 1940 Cotton Bowl. McFadden’s feat of 22 punts of at least 50 yards during the 1939 season still stands as a school record. In 1959, McFadden was inducted…[Read More] (Bio by: Ron Moody)
    Woodland Cemetery, Clemson, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
  • McWhorter, Pvt. William A. d. December 5, 1944
    WWII Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Served as a Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company M, 126th Infantry, 32d Infantry Division. On December 5, 1944 at Leyte the Philippine Islands, Pfc. McWhorter a machine gunner, was emplaced in a defensive position with one assistant when the Japanese launched a heavy attack. Manning the gun and opening fire, he killed several members of an advancing demolition squad, when one of the enemy succeeded in throwing a fused demolition charge in there…[Read More] (Bio by: John “J-Cat” Griffith)
    West View Cemetery, Easley, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
  • Pickens, Andrew b. September 15, 1759 d. August 11, 1817
    Revolutionary War South Carolina Militia General, US Congressman. Born in Pennsylvania, he traveled South with family along the Great Wagon Road in search of land, and settled in Abbeyville County, South Carolina. He was first a military leader against Cherokee Indians, then a prominent Rebel Commander who led American forces against the British in the American Revolution. His troops were successful especially at the Battles of Kettle Creek and Cowpens. He was awarded a sword by the…[Read More] (Bio by: Scott F. Lewis)
    Old Stone Church Cemetery, Clemson, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA
    Plot: Pickens Family Plot
  • Smith, Furman L. b. May 11, 1925 d. May 31, 1944
    World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. He was killed in action. He served as Private in the United States Army in Company L, 135th Infantry, 34th Infantry Division. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on May 31, 1944 near Lanuvio, Italy. His citation reads in part “The group to which Pvt. Smith belonged was far in the lead when attacked by a force of 80 Germans. The squad leader and one other man were seriously wounded and other memebers of the group withdrew to the…[Read More] (Bio by: Don Morfe)
    Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Central, Pickens County, South Carolina, USA

These are the men that Lindsey Graham calls bigots. These are the people he is ashamed of.


Rank and organization: Private First Class (then Pvt.), U.S. Army, Company K, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division. Place and date: Near Sokkogae, Korea, 4 June 1953. Entered service at: Pickens County, S.C. Born: 12 April 1935, Pickens County, S.C. G.O. No.: 37, 7 June 1955. Citation: Pfc. Barker, a member of Company K, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and indomitable courage above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy. While participating in a combat patrol engaged in screening an approach to “Pork-Chop Outpost,” Pfc. Barker and his companions surprised and engaged an enemy group digging emplacements on the slope. Totally unprepared, the hostile troops sought cover. After ordering Pfc. Barker and a comrade to lay down a base of fire, the patrol leader maneuvered the remainder of the platoon to a vantage point on higher ground. Pfc. Barker moved to an open area firing his rifle and hurling grenades on the hostile positions. As enemy action increased in volume and intensity, mortar bursts fell on friendly positions, ammunition was in critical supply, and the platoon was ordered to withdraw into a perimeter defense preparatory to moving back to the outpost. Voluntarily electing to cover the retrograde movement, he gallantly maintained a defense and was last seen in close hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. Pfc. Barker’s unflinching courage, consummate devotion to duty, and supreme sacrifice enabled the patrol to complete the mission and effect an orderly withdrawal to friendly lines, reflecting lasting glory upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the military service.

Photo below:

*LCpl James D. Howe (7th Mar) Six Mile, Pickens, SC
Lindsey Graham on the Bigots of Pickens County:

Lindsey Graham bigots “shut up”

Well some of the bigots Lindsey Graham doesn’t have to tell to shut up are listed above. He doesn’t have to tell them to shut up, because they are dead.

Furman L. Smith from Six Mile die January 17, 1945 (WWII); William A. McWhorter from Liberty died
in September of 1945 (WWII); Charles H. Barker from Pickens dies October 27, 1950 (Korea); James D. Howe from Six Mile died Spetember 9, 1971 (Vietnam).

These are the men Lindsey Graham is ashamed of. Their people, who speak up for the land they died for are the ones Lindsey Graham says to shut up. They are saying, this land, Pickens County, South Carolina, Appalachia, America is our land. They are asying: This land doesn’t belong to Lindsey Graham, it belongs to us. Our men died for this land. They died for us to have this land and for their heirs to live in this county, Pickens County, for as long as this land is free. They are saying that they are the heirs of the bodies of these men who gave their lives when their country called.

What did these men think about when they died, if they had the time?

Audio of the Patton Movie opening speech:

Now, there’s one thing that you men will be able to say when you get back home, and you may thank God for it. Thirty years from now when you’re sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee, and he asks you, What did you do in the great World War Two? You won’t have to say, Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana.

In the Lindsey Graham version, they do have to say, “I was a bigot from Appalachia.”

My country, ’tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring!
My native country, thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love;
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills;
My heart with rapture thrills,
Like that above.
Let music swell the breeze,
And ring from all the trees
Sweet freedom’s song;
Let mortal tongues awake;
Let all that breathe partake;
Let rocks their silence break,
The sound prolong.
Our father’s God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may our land be bright,
With freedom’s holy light,
Protect us by Thy might,
Great God our King.
5 (added to celebrate Washington’s Centennial)[1]
Our joyful hearts today,
Their grateful tribute pay,
Happy and free,
After our toils and fears,
After our blood and tears,
Strong with our hundred years,
O God, to Thee.,_’Tis_of_Thee

Maybe some of these men even were thinking of or even singing this song when they died.

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