270000 Britons lose jobs to foreign workers

November 4, 2007


“Number of Britons in work falls by 270,000 – because migrants get most new jobs 02.11.07”

The number of Britons in work has fallen sharply in the past two years, Whitehall figures have shown.

Despite an economic boom that has created tens of thousands of jobs, the new posts are largely going to migrants.

An estimated 540,000 foreigners have found work in Britain over the past 18 months. But at the same time the native workforce has shrunk by 270,000.

The latest numbers – given to MPs by Employment Minister Caroline Flint – show that since spring last year, 330,000 workers from Europe and 210,000 from elsewhere have found employment in the UK.


James Fulford at Vdare on some related numbers:


Edwin S. Rubenstein at Vdare: (Its worth reading the whole thing, it was tempting not to excerpt almost all of it.  The tables are worth looking at as well.)


Jon Snow is anchorman on Dispatches—a program broadcast on the U.K.’s Channel 4.

Snow’s TV documentary, entitled “Immigrants: The Inconvenient Truth,” reveals which immigrant communities are a “debit” and a “credit” on “Britain’s Balance sheet.” [MPs fear C4 documentary on the cost of immigrants will fuel race hatred By Jonathan Oliver, Daily Mail, (UK) September 30th 2007]

Only 19 percent of working age Somalis are employed. Ten percent of this group are unemployed (i.e., looking for work) while a whopping 71 percent are out of the labor force entirely (i.e., not even looking.) [Table 1.] By contrast, 78% of UK natives are employed;4% unemployed; 18% not in the labor force.


43.4% of Mexicans received means tested income assistance in the U.S.


By Steven A. Camarota:



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