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Happy People New Year not Happy Proposition New Year

December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to those who have read this blog or commented on it elsewhere. This is a wish to the people that read this blog not to the propositions that read this blog.

I hope your and my effort have helped advance the cause of preserving the West and America not simply as ideas but the people there as well. This isn’t about saving the proposition whoever the people might happen to be. This blog is dedicated to the proposition of saving the people living and breathing and creating progeny in the West right now.

Countries that have happy proposition new years but not happy people new years are not ones to actually live in. Those are countries people are trying to leave. People are trying to get into happy people lands not lands that are hospitable to propositions.

The Soviet Union was hospitable to propositions. So are the totalitarian lands today and they know who they are. Those who believe in proposition nations not people nations might want to think about what they are actually wishing for. Its the same as buying real estate, you want it to go up in value.  Its people who make the land go up in value not propositions.

So to all the people who called into the Senate to stop amnesty and have supported this cause, Happy People New Year.


Why does Bush Trust Mush with Nukes?

December 31, 2007

Pervez Musharraf can be trusted with Pakistan’s election  the same way that Bush can be trusted with ours?  We can trust Mush with Pak Nukes?  We can trust Bush?

Who watches the watcher?  Does Bush even watch Mush?

Police Chief stopped the Autopsy.

Scalia stopped the vote counting in Florida.

Mush like Bush.   Mush overthrew the Pakistani government in 1999.  Bush like Mush.

Where does Bush stop and Mush begin?

Restore Clinton Sanctions on Pakistan

December 31, 2007

The whole approach to Pakistan has been mindless. They are simply running an extortion scheme. We would be farther ahead if after 9-11 we had left the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan and done nothing else.

Pakistan was 38 billion dollars in debt and under sanctions for its nuclear program. The terrorism started after their spring 1998 nuclear test that resulted in sanctions by Clinton on them. Then in Aug 98 al Qaeda hit our embassies in Africa. Then in Oct 2000 they hit the USS Cole. Then in Sep 2001 the US.

Pakistan’s General Amhed was waiting in DC at the time and they got sanctions reduced and money. Now bin Laden is in Pakistan and protected. We keep on paying. They are controlling us, not us them.

Re: Panic Over Pakistan Justin Raimondo

December 31, 2007

“The corruption of the Bhutto family, including the martyred Benazir, is indisputable: they plundered the country and socked away $100 million in overseas bank accounts. It’s not for nothing that Bhutto’s husband, Asif Zardari, is known as “Mr. 10 Percent.” ”

“Nawaz was the Kerensky of Pakistan’s Islamist revolution: if Musharraf and the army hadn’t acted, al-Qaeda would have had access to nuclear weapons two years before 9/11. ”

But now Mush and the ISI have the nukes. We need to denuke Pakistan.

“As in Iraq, and across much of Africa, we are left in Pakistan with the legacy of British imperialism, which imposed on the region national boundaries that bear little if any correspondence to real political, ethnic, and religious allegiances. Pakistan never was a genuine unitary state, and today, as the country comes apart at the seams, al-Qaeda is creeping into the cracks and crevices. ”

Separation of Pakistan may be the solution. With the parts too small to be a nuclear danger. In any case, no nuclear power plants in that country.

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Ron Paul No Visas for Students from Terrorist Nations

December 30, 2007

This was handled as follows by Antiwar:

Justin Raimondo at Antiwar gave as the title for his blog article: “Ron Paul’s Disgraceful Ad”

At Digg this was titled: “No visas for students from ‘terrorist nations’”? The person who posted to Digg then wrote as comment in the article description: “What happened to talking to people and trading with them?”

I try to avoid giving my own opinion in the description of the article when posting a Digg article. Although I admit this is sometimes difficult. Instead I try to represent the original and then give my spin in the comments or a blog article on it.

Ron Paul is right. The reaction of some in the antiwar movement to this ad casts doubt on why they are antiwar. Some are antiwar because they think the war is not in our interest. But some are against it because they hate America or have been taught to think hating America isn’t hating America.

Ron Paul is saying why fight them here when we can just stop them coming here. The ones calling Ron Paul racist are saying we have to let them come here to fight us here, whether we fight them there or not. If we are going to let them come here to fight them here, then we will also, inevitably, attack them there after they attack us here. That is what happened.

The ones who are antiwar and want to let them come here to attack us here are in fact neither antiwar nor for our soldiers dying, they are just anti-American. Or at least some are intentionally and others are without realizing it.

Being anti-racist is the good for the left. That means we die when they are racist is good. When we see the hate in their eyes, we are supposed to say we caused it. That is what the left trains us to think. That is why the left so easily buys into they attacked us here because we were in their lands in the first place. (If the left agrees with that, why do they have the right to be in our lands at all, now or on 9-11?) When we say they are the haters and they can’t come here, the left calls us bigot, racist, nativist, white nationalist, Nazi, white supremacist, etc.

Parts of the antiwar movement are showing its really a leftist anti-American movement in their minds. They are saying “we know” they are racist, white nationalist, Nazi, etc. about Americans. They look at each other and laugh, expressing their contentment in the knowledge that we are the racists.

They do think that the reason they came here to kill us was because we violated the Holy Lands of Islam by our presence, etc. The whole idea that we violate the Holy Lands of Islam by our presence is Islamic Supremacy, Arab racism and bigotry. The same attitude of Muslim supremacy is why they are attacking us here. 9-11 was the same Muslim supremacy that says infidels can’t be in the Muslim Holy Lands. They said they were Muslim supremacists as clearly as they could without using the words explicitly.

The Left embraces any racism and bigotry against us. This shows they are not anti-racism or anti-war. They want to see the Muslims come here and conquer and subjugate us. That is their goal. Its the same goal they had when Trotsky came to New York. Its the same goal they had when they shot President McKinley on September 14, 1901 in New York State.

Discussion Threads on this:

There is some discussion on this ad in the comments section at Vanishing American

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LGF also dislikes Ron Paul and calls him a white nationalist or white supremacist or Nazi or at least get close to that.

Ron Paul

(The following was revised to be a little less strong, and might benefit from more of such editing. Its a little inconsistent, retaining some of the flavor of the original post and some attempt to water that down.)

It is interesting to see Charles Johnson at LGF and Justin Raimondo at join together in this regard.

(The work and writing of both are interesting even when I disagree with them and I admire their persistence with distinct viewpoints even when I don’t join them. Raimondo often has good insights even if his overall conclusions are ones I disagree with.)

As a general criticism of the left, without attributing it specifically to any person we might make the following comments. There is a tendency for those indoctrinated in PC to turn on whites and attack them. Whatever the provocation, in moments of angst they fight their real enemy. That would be us, the white nationalist, Nazi, white supremacist folk who actually live in America, Australia Canada, and Europe.

Antiwar is supposed to care about our troops as people. Stopping students coming here would make Americans safer. We need to think about that first.

LGF is supposed to care about saving us from the terrorists. But when we mention that Europeans are white, they turn on us with hatred. For them a white Europe is racism, Nazism, white nationalism and white supremacism. The same applies to a white America.

(The they in the following is not, now, intended to refer to a specific person’s views, but instead the tendency of PC or those under its spell, whether momentary or longer lasting.)

In the end, they both hate us for the color of our skin. They’ve been taught to. They’ve been taught that not hating whites is racism. This is why they both hate Ron Paul, he doesn’t sign on to the hate and eliminate whites agenda of the left.

(The impact of PC is powerful.  It has the ability to overthrow even good minds.  While we may disagree with those acting under the spell of PC we should try to preserve some tolerance for them.  Hate the PC, love the sinner.)

The above is draft and preliminary. It is subject to substantial revision. Comments and corrections are welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Repetition from previous posts:

==Wright Island Model Sustained Immigration is genetic replacement immigration.

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

As pointed out in a previous post:

The theorem doesn’t say you get a mixture of old and new. The theorem says you get complete replacement of the old by the new. The old goes extinct. This is pure genetic replacement. It doesn’t matter if there is an intermediate mixture or not. Over time, the initial stock is replaced completely. Promises of a mixture are false.


300 Spartans Died for Kinship Nation not Proposition Nation

December 29, 2007

King Leonidas, his name means lion not neocon.

300 Spartans laid down their lives for their king and their kin. Therefore they didn’t die for democracy.  We owe our freedom today not to a proposition nation but to a kinship nation. The West as we know it would never have existed except for men willing to die for their kin.

Take away kinship and you are left with mercenaries fighting for money. That is what the Roman Empire ended up as, a proposition nation with multicultural diversity gladiators and multicultural mercenary armies and multicultural tax collectors.

Sounds neocon. Neocons celebrate every foreign soldier who is granted citizenship. Bush has accelerated the granting of citizenship to foreigners fighting in our armies. Before this, most of us didn’t know there were any. I would have thought a non-citizen fighting in our military if discovered would have been tossed out.

Ron Paul who says no to mercenaries is a crackpot. The multicultis are happy to feed Ron Paul to the lions of diversity. The same applies to their feelings for us. We our slaves, thralls, and IED fodder in their minds. If we are different than these things we have to tell them. We have to get behind our candidates, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson and tell the neocons they don’t own our votes or our minds.

We see them giving our nation away as a proposition nation. We were born in a people nation and we have to fight if we want to keep it. The way we fight is to stand up and say to them that it is a people nation first. We have to keep standing when they call us bigot, racist, white nationalist, Nazi and white supremacist.

Neocons use these words to take away our nation and unbuild the people nation we were born into. Our loyalty to our kin demands that we say no to the neocons and stop their unbuilding our people nation by legal immigration. The fight is to those who have the courage, just as it was with King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 B.C..

Analytic Terminology for Muslim Subgroups

December 29, 2007

We need analytic including functional terminology for Muslim subgroups.

  1. West deadenders: Muslims who contribute passively or actively, implicitly or explictly to making the West a deadend. This includes in a probabilistic sense, i.e. making it more likely to deadend.
  2. West-enders. Same as above.
  3. The above can be modified by using active, passive, implicit or explicit. For example Ahmed is a passive West-ender.
  4. West-reducer. Someone who has the effect of reducing the West.
  5. Substituter. Someone who substitutes for a Westerner implicitly or explicitly through some causal channel, including in a probabilistic sense. Thus an immigrant who takes a job is an example. An employer who gives preference in jobs to fellow immigrants.
  6. Pro-Muslim discriminator.
  7. Muslim affirmative action promoter.
  8. Sharia supporters . Those who actively or passively, implicitly or explicitly promote or contribute in any way to Sharia practices, customs, or requirements being adopted, enabled, promoted, or supported. This can include non-government promotion or support. Probabilistic impact qualifies as well.
  9. Sharia enablers. Same as previous. Can modify. Passive Sharia enabling can include bringing a person here or housing them or employing them who then promotes actively or passively Sharia. Any length chain can apply.
  10. Non-assimilator. One who delays, impedes, prevents or hinders assimilation.
  11. Sharia co-enabler or co-conspirator. One who delay simpedes, prevents or hinders any delay, opposition or reduction of or to Sharia. This includes individual practices such as airport foot baths.
  12. Sharia propagandist. Anyone who misrepresents Sharia, the Koran, Muhammad, Muslim history, acts or intentions to promote or spread Sharia or discriminate in favor of Muslims or Muslim practices.
  13. Sharia co-propagandist or enabler or co-conspirator. Someone who hinders, delays, impedes or prevents the exposure of Sharia propaganda or who contributes to the spread, dissemination, adoption, or indoctrination in Sharia propaganda.

The above is just a beginning.

Co-Propaganda Activity

  1. Creating a state of fear in a person to express openly their opposition to Sharia.
  2. Hindering, delaying or impeding the expression of an opinion in writing or verbally in opposition to the spread of Sharia or advocating a roll-back in Sharia.
  3. Limiting the expression of opposition to Sharia or its expansion or advocacy of its roll back.
  4. Banning the posting of comments or opinion advocating the restriction, opposition or roll-back of Sharia.
  5. Threatening the employment, liberty, or good name of those advocating restriction, roll-back or opposition to Sharia.

This is draft, preliminary and subject to revision. All other disclaimers apply. Comments welcome.

Neocon Revolution: Overthrow the People

December 29, 2007

The Bolshevik Revolution is an example of a Trotskyite Neocon Revolution.  The people overthrew the Tsar and set up a people’s government.  They didn’t kill the Tsar.  Then the Bolsheviks revolted not against the Tsar but the people.

The Bolsheviks created a proposition nation, the Soviet Union.  It didn’t even have Russia in its name.  It was an empire that ruled captive nations with repression.  Neocon revolutions result in a loss of freedom and bargaining power by labor.  Labor in the Soviet Union was without the bargaining power it had had under the Tsar.

The neocons take away our bargaining power by immigration. Every type of immigration leads to our loss of political freedom and economic bargaining power.   We are being destroyed intentionally, that is the point of neocon revolutions.

Neocons deny there is an us.  The essence of their proposition nation creed is that there is no people.  Its not an affirmation, its a negation.  They are not affirming our freedom or job bargaining power, they are negating our being a people who can act as a people to protect our freedom and job bargaining power.

As the proposition nation goes up, the people nation goes down.  Its a see-saw.  The

Proposition Nation v. People Nation Seesaw.

As the proposition goes up, the people go down.  Neocons believe if you give me a long enough proposition lever I can destroy the strongest people.  They are following Archimedes on this, but for evil.  The Neocon Lever is being used to push us down.

Bush Backwards Pakistan is the Danger not Afghanistan

December 29, 2007

Pakistan’s Crisis Could Affect War In Afghanistan
By Thomas E. Ricks and Robin Wright
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, December 29, 2007; A01

U.S. officials fear that a renewed campaign by Islamic militants aimed at the Pakistani government, and based along the border with Afghanistan, would complicate U.S. policy in the region by effectively merging the six-year-old war in Afghanistan with Pakistan’s growing turbulence.

Pakistan is our real enemy and danger. Afghanistan follows Pakistan not the other way.  It was Pakistan that did a nuclear test in spring 1998.  It was Pakistan that was put on sanctions by the US as a result.  It was Pakistan that needed the August 1998 bombings of US embassies, the USS Cole attack in October 2000, and the 9-11 2001 attacks in America itself, and the attacks since then.

Pakistan had 38 billion debt on 9-11.  Its interest payments were greater than its gross exports.  It needed 9-11 to get sanctions lifted and debt relief and to keep its nukes.  It got that.  If Bush had left the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan alone after 9-11 and done nothing else, no Afghanistan, no Iraq, we would be farther ahead today.  Pakistan would have had to give up its nukes.  We got it Bush backwards for the last 6 years and counting.

Proposition Nation Building is a Failure

December 29, 2007

The following comment was posted at Vanishing American but makes an important point about why proposition nation building is failing. Proposition Nation Building is what comes from neocons who believe that nations are propositional and not people based, i.e. the same ethnic group, race, religion, beliefs, shared history, etc.

Neocons believe in proposition nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan, and eliminating America, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. as real people nations. They are people nation unbuilding while attempting to and failing at proposition nation building. This is because nation means a people with common ethnicity, culture, identity etc. Culture isn’t something you buy, it comes from history and is not easily changed. It is linked to gene frequencies to some extent as well.

Neocons are failing at proposition nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are at the same time people nation unbuilding America and the West. The latter is their greater crime.

==Comment from VA

I think you are making an important written record of well argued pieces that are heavily sourced to present traditionalism which was once conservatism. Philosophies have to be adapted to our times.

Many of the solutions from the right actually make no sense. Reducing immigration a little is not a solution. Its a failure to understand.

Our basic problem there and here is that we don’t distinguish an us. To really have an us, you have to acknowledge that the people are what make up us. A proposition us, is bad grammar and leads to failing policies.

Us’s are people. Our leaders won’t say there is an us that is non-propositional because they would have to say the W-word, white. You are willing to say the W-word and that its the W-word that makes us an us.

Until we recognize that we are a distinct non-propositional people, we don’t have a logical basis to stop their coming here or to go there, rapidly remove their ability to harm us and leave without further obligation.

The proposition nation crowd can’t distinguish us and them. So they feel the same obligation to nation build them there as to bring them here. The proposition nationalists can’t give a reason why proposition nation building won’t work there.

Proposition nation building is false if proposition nations are false. We are wasting our time there building proposition nations, when that is a fallacy, there and here. We are nation unbuilding here because we don’t recognize that this is not a proposition nation and bring them here simply unbuilds the real people nation we still have here.

You should also consider turning off comments here and linking to a comment thread at the forum on each article here. Just moving the comments to a there will make them seem different than here.

==Neoconism Defined:

Proposition nation build there and people nation unbuild here.

The axiom of Neoconism

Nations are propositions not people.

This is wrong as the meaning of the word. The word nation comes from the Latin word for birth.


The English word “nation” is derived from the Latin term nātĭō (stem nātiōn-), meaning:[4][5]

  • The action of being born; birth; or
  • The goddess personifying birth; or
  • A breed, stock, kind, species, race; or
  • A tribe, or (rhetorically, any) set of people (contemptuous); or
  • A nation or people.

The combining form nātiōn‑ is built on the past participle form nāt‑us “having been born” of the verb nāscī “to be born”. Thus it is also related closely to the English word “native”, and more remotely to the English word “kin”. It shares a common derivation from the Proto-Indo-European root *gen- “bear, generate, etc.”[6]

As an example of how the word natio was employed in classical Latin, consider the following quote from Cicero‘s Philippics Against Mark Antony in 44 BC. Cicero contrasts the external, inferior nationes (“races of people”) with the Roman civitas (“community”).:

“Omnes nationes servitutem ferre possunt: nostra civitas non potest.”
(“All races are able to bear enslavement, but our community cannot.”)[7]

The Fall of the Roman Republic was a Neocon Fall. The neocons switched Rome from being a people to a community. The Roman Empire fell as it took away economic and other freedom to the extent that it couldn’t function and fertility fell below replacement.

Rome became an idea.  Once that happened, it fell to real nations, i.e. people with a common ethnicity, genealogy, culture, etc.  Proposition Nation is a signal for a non-nation that is being destroyed by real nations, real people aka as vibrant.  When they are vibrant, and we are a proposition nation, then we are on our way out, proposition and people alike.

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