Musharraf authorized the Bhutto slaying

January 3, 2008

Why don’t we hold Pakistan accountable?In spring 1998, they did their nuclear test and were subject to sanctions. Then in Aug 98 al Qaeda/Taliban hit our embassies in Africa. Pakistan read in the newspapers that al Qaeda was attacking us at a minimum. Yet they kept supporting them. In Oct 2000, al Qaeda hit the USS Cole. Pakistan read that in the newspapers too and continued to support the Taliban and Afghanistan. Then they hit the US on 9-11 2001.

They had 38 billion debt that day with interest greater than their gross exports. General Ahmed of ISI was in DC to collect new loans and take off sanctions in exchange for Pakistan support against al Qaeda. This is an extortion scheme.

Oh by the way, Mush attacked India in 1999 with Pak soldiers and said they were terrorists. He wouldn’t even take their bodies back when India offered to send them. Mush has gone from crime to crime. He thinks he can get away with anything and that we are afraid to denounce him.

The above is opinion, speculation or hypotheses. This is draft and preliminary. All other disclaimers apply.



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