Roy Beck warns John McCain still Amnesty McCain

February 5, 2008

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA has warned that John McCain is still the same amnesty heresiarch that he always has been.  Lawrence Auster has part of the Roy Beck warning:

The best vote to stop McCain is Mitt Romney, although you may want to consider your state’s situation.  Missouri, Georgia and California voters are in a special position to make a difference.   Missouri is winner take all state wide, and is close between Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee.  A Romney win here would give Romney 58 and take away 58 from McCain.  That would narrow the projected lead of McCain by 100 delegates after today.

Hugh Hewitt

Delegate Projections


McCain 714

Romney 414

Huckabee 183

This assumes Missouri goes to McCain.

The link above also shows how Romney could still win after today.


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