Obama didn’t know he was black until Ferraro spoof

March 17, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama didn’t know he was black until Geraldine Ferraro said he was running for president because he was black. (Spoof) Obama news conference:

Obama: I had no idea I was black until I heard the statement from the white nationalist Geraldine Ferraro that I was where I was because I was black.

MSM reporter:  Was it a shock to find out?

Obama: It was more a relief.

MSM:  Why?

Obama:  I had thought when my wife Michelle made racist comments about whites that she was talking about me.  Which was doubly strange, because I thought I was Arab.

MSM: What about Reverend Wright sermon rants?

Obama: I did think it was odd that he talked about, what I thought was us white people that way and then befriended me so.  I thought he just liked my wife and was tolerating me for her.

MSM: What do you plan to do now?

Obama: Well I may try to campaign on the program that I will be America’s first black president.  I had expected to be America’s first Arab president, but as Tony Rezko explained to me early on you gotta take what you can when you can.

MSM: Rezko is an Arab from Syria.  Did you think he was befriending you because you thought you were Arab?

Obama: That is why I thought he did the sweetheart land deal with me.  I thought he was just helping a fellow Arab trapped in America.

MSM: How do you feel about white people now that you know you are black?

Obama: I don’t hold it against them.  After all, I’ve been thinking I was Arab this whole time, so why should my attitudes towards European colonialists change?

MSM: You mean the Arabs were in Africa first and its theirs is replaced by the idea that blacks were in Africa first and its theirs?

Obama: Something like that.  Let me just add, I repudiate my own statements, and I never knew I made them if they contradict my current cover story.


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