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Lou Dobbs China expropriates 3Com by default

April 30, 2008

Lou Dobbs on CNN reported tonight that China had taken all of 3Com but the share certificate register. The CEO of 3Com is named Mao and he gave the R and D, know-how and manufacturing of 3Com all to China and then went to live there.

Robert Mao is CEO and fluent in Mandarin. He has a masters from Cornell and MIT but doesn’t disclose where his BA is from. Could that be in China? Was he born in China? His parents likely were, wherever he was born.

How stupid are we? Chinese come here working for China. They put Chinese first. This is racism. We are fools to turn over Berkeley to China as well as 3Com. We have to wake up and face the Chinese racism that is taking us over and discriminates against us when it gains power in our institutions and uses them against us.

Lou Dobbs also reports on H-1B also known as the joint Indian Chinese intelligence spy agency in America.

Michael Chertoff might as well be the head of Chinese intelligence in America. He extended H-1B from 12 months to 29 months for all Indian and Chinese “students” in America.

Dobbs said that Congress is stacked with fools. We are the fools to keep voting for a Congress that betrays us to China. Vote Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party for president. Support 3rd party candidates at local levels. The House Republicans are the one part of Congress on America’s side. Vote for them.

For those of us in Virginia, let’s hope Jim Webb and John Warner listen to Lou’s broadcasts and do something about them. Send email, fax and phone Congress about Lou’s Red Storm Rising series. Let them know we care and they need to be loyal to us not to China and not to institutions in America already taken over by China like Berkeley and 3Com or Chairman Robert Mao.

China is stealing our know-how and companies from within. China is at war with America and is engaging in ethnocide of American workers, scientists and potential academics at every level. This is ethnocide up and down.

How much money has the Bush family gotten from China?  For presidential libraries?  For family members?  What about the Clinton family?  These are treason dynasties, just like Harvard and Berkeley are treason spots.


Obama takes offense that Wright told truth on Obama

April 30, 2008

The South Side of Chicago has no fury like a politician whose confidant tells the truth on him. Obama knew all along is what Wright told us. From the beginning, Obama knew what Wright was preaching. It was Black Liberation Theology from the 1980’s to now.

Byron York

April 30, 2008 4:00 AM

For Obama, the Danger From Wright Isn’t Over
Why the pastor will remain a mortal threat until Election Day.

Steve Sailer

There are several good articles by Steve Sailer in the past week at Vdare in his archive or at his blog.

Wright at National Press Club

Link to event webcast

Jim Geraghty at NRO points out inconsistencies in Obama Philadelphia Story on Wright and Obama Washington Story on Wright.

In an interview published May 13, 1992, the hip-hop MC, author, and political activist Sister Souljah was quoted in the Washington Post as saying,

If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?[1]

This is what Black Liberation Theologists were saying in 1992. Obama joined Wright’s church in 1992. The same controversy was going on then in the larger sense. Obama knew all this then, and chose his sides in 1992.

What did Wright do in 1992? Did he denounce Sister Souljah too? Jesse Jackson is based in Chicago. Its not like people in Chicago didn’t know about this then.

==Also in the Wiki article above on Sister Souljah moments

Also in the 2000 campaign for the Republican nomination, Arizona senator John McCain stated, “Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.” This was similarly seen as a repudiation of the religious right; columnist Jacob Weisberg called it “a pungent Sister Souljah moment.”[11]

Lets not forget the Scots proverb, fool me once on amnesty, shame on McCain, fool me twice, shame on me.

McCain pride in Ancestry v. Immigration Replacement

April 29, 2008

In his memoir, he wrote: “When I heard my father or one or one of my uncles refer to an honoured ancestor or a notable event from our family’s past, my boy’s imagination would conjure up some future day of glory when I would add my own paragraph to the family’s legend.”

Of all the claims in support of John McCain’s bid for the White House, perhaps none is quite as grand as this. As he arrived in London today, the publishers of his new book insisted the Republican senator’s family was descended from the Scottish king, Robert the Bruce.

But McCain as policy supports immigration replacement.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

McCain is acting like an infinitely long lived individual in these quotes. But his policy of immigration replacement would cut that off for Scots Irish or English. Since they are going extinct, they have no line of ancestry to add to for a future young John McCain to want to emulate or even hear of.

The new immigrants will tell stories of their descent, from Aztec kings or from Muhammad or a Chinese emperor. Their loyalty will be to their group.

Replacement immigration means people don’t have the same incentives or rewards from their choices. So their rational behavior changes. As society adapts to that, its morality changes as well. Loyalty to old groups for example disappears, hastening their demise. People identify with new groups. Promises made to old members from old groups, Veterans benefits, social security and medicare, may not be honored by the new groups, who may have less money in any case to spend on the dying elements of other groups.

Vanishing American has a discussion of McCain and his Scots Irish ancestry.

VA makes the point that many in the South are English, more so than Scots Irish and that this may apply to John McCain.

Some in the UK have noted that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are Scots who pursue genetic replacement immigration of the English. The Labour party depends on Scot votes, and would lose its majority without representatives from Scotland. It would in fact sink like a rock into obscurity without them.

Takemag had an article on Jim Webb who is Scots Irish.

What the Hell Happened to Jim?—James Webb Talks Like Pat Buchanan, Votes Like Harry Reid

Posted by W. James Antle III on March 17, 2008
Webb enjoyed the support of many paleo bloggers familiar to readers of this webzine. The leading paleo magazines discussed his candidacy in the same glowing terms that once appeared in reviews of his books. My former boss, The American Conservative editor Scott McConnell, hoped Webb would be Virginia’s “most interesting emissary to the upper chamber since the 19th century” and jokingly asked the day after the midterm elections, “Is it too soon for a ‘Webb for President’ bandwagon?” Not to be outdone, I observed, “Webb is presented as a kind of folk hero, equal parts Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and—at least among his more conservative backers—Ronald Reagan.” The specific comparisons were made by my sources, but the high hopes were mine as well.
If paleoconservatism is, as Chilton Williamson has written, “the expression of rootedness: a sense of place and of history, a sense of self derived from forebears, kin, and culture,” then Webb easily fits the bill—he was after all the author of books like Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America.So the question then becomes: Why has Jim Webb proved such a boringly conventional Democratic senator? Far from being some kind of right-leaning maverick, he has voted with his fellow Democrats in the Senate nearly 90 percent of the time. Were we wrong to ever expect otherwise?

It seems the Scots as in Blair and Brown and the Scots Irish as in McCain don’t really have loyalty down on immigration. Jim Webb is still uncertain. He finally voted against amnesty. He campaigned against guest worker. But he hasn’t come forward to fight H-1B. What is it in these Scots leaders? They see the future is not to the Scots Irish so they lose their loyalty? That is the theory discussed above that immigration cuts off the rationality and morality of ultimately long lived individuals. We instead get Bush Clinton Blair Brown and Cameron.

McCain has made it clear his passion is amnesty. Hillary Clinton has made it clear her passion is health care. Expect a president to pursue the issue they identify as their passionate one if they get the chance. What other issue does McCain identify with so deeply?

From UK Guardian article

Durie added that despite his romantic reputation, Robert the Bruce was “an absolute scoundrel”.

“He changed sides five times and would have ended up making Scotland a vassal nation to the English if Edward I had supported his claim to the throne. The first thing he did after taking power was destroy Stirling castle and he was a self-serving, vainglorious opportunist who was determined to be king at any cost.”

Wallace evaded capture by the English until 5 August 1305 when John de Menteith, a Scottish knight loyal to Edward, turned Wallace over to English soldiers at Robroyston near Glasgow. Wallace was transported to London and tried for treason and the execution of civilians and prisoners at Westminster Hall where he was crowned with a garland of oak to suggest that he was the king of outlaws. He responded to the treason charge, “I could not be a traitor to Edward, for I was never his subject.” With this, Wallace asserted that the absent John Balliol was officially his king. Wallace was declared guilty.

Following the trial, on 23 August 1305, Wallace was taken from the hall, stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield. He was hanged, drawn and quartered — strangled by hanging but released while still alive, emasculated, eviscerated and his bowels burnt before him, beheaded, then cut into four parts. His preserved head was placed on a pike atop London Bridge. It was later joined by the heads of his brothers, John, and Simon Fraser. His limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle, Berwick, Stirling, and Aberdeen.

This is what happens when you lose your own country. “John de Menteith, a Scottish knight loyal to Edward” turned in Wallace. Being loyal to Edward in our times translates being loyal to immigration. That is why John McCain is called Juan McCain. Voting for McCain is like voting for John de Menteith. Readers may wish to click on the links above as to what was done to Wallace by the English. The words were implemented literally. Don’t vote for John McCain. Vote for Chuck Baldwin. Insanity is voting for John de Menteith and thinking you won’t end up betrayed like William Wallace.

Human Rights Watch has reported that blacks and Hispanics gang rape white men in prison. Where is the loyalty of society? To PC.

When the John McCains are silent about white men being raped in prison, and only say amnesty and legal immigration, you know where their true loyalty lies. Don’t vote for John de Menteith McCain. John de Menteith was the Scots knight loyal to immigration. So is John McCain. Vote Chuck Baldwin for the Constitution Party for loyalty. John de Menteith and John McCain have both substituted pride in immigration and invasion for loyalty to their people.

John McCain has substituted pride in amnesty for pride in ancestry. Indeed, John McCain would call pride in ancestry as a reason against amnesty as bigotry. That is where his true heart lies, when he calls us bigots. And the reward for bigots in John McCain’s mind is what was done to William Wallace. The rapes by black and Hispanic gangs in prison are what John McCain intends for us.


As a boy, McCain had pride of ancestry. As a man, he doesn’t. What changed? The hypothesis that immigration changes rational behavior and morality would explain it. Immigration means McCain won’t have descendants 700 years from now, the time since Robert de Bruce, to look back at him with pride. Instead, genetic replacement will have happened. So McCain has switched his loyalty to the immigrants.

Immigration has changed rational behavior, loyalty and morality. Ending immigration completely is needed to change it back. That is the wisdom America found in 1924. To change loyalty to be internal, we have to prevent family reunification immigration. We have to cut the chain outside. That means under 25,000 per year. The figure of 250,000 per year is the figure of immigration in 1957 when immigration stopped the rise in fertility and started it down. (The pill was not introduced until 1960, after the peak in fertility.)

25,000 per year, including illegal immigration, does send the message that immigration is over. That is the decisive act to change future expectations of immigration replacement. That is what the nation realized in 1924, that a future of immigration replacement means no rationality to loyalty and that the morality of society is no longer controlled by those here.

==McCain may actually be descended from the Menteith family

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Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 02:13:52 EDT
Local: Sun, Mar 23 2008 2:13 am
Subject: Re: John McCain

Ahhhh… better yet.
I’ve found an ascent for Mary Louise (Earle) McCain to the Menteith family.
Here on OWT


Menteith, Monteith and Robert the Bruce all on this line:

There also may be a Menteith Monteith variant in spelling.

Search Menteith John Mccain

So it appears John McCain is descended from the greatest traitor in Scots history, until Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Barack W. Obama debates John W. McCain spoof

April 27, 2008

Who is a 3rd term of George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama or John Sidney McCain III?  Who is the real W?

Obama: I am a uniter not a divider.

McCain: You win the W on that one, I’m a divider not a uniter.  Everyone knows that.

Round one: Obama wins a W.

Obama:  You are a 3rd term of George W. Bush, war in Iraq for the next 100 years.

McCain: Well you want war in America for the next 100 years, your preacher says it every Sunday.

Obama: I thought you said mentioning my preacher’s anti white racism was itself anti-black racism.

McCain: Listen my friend, you are the divider here.

Round two: Score W for McCain.

McCain: Why?

Judge: Because you negated your own counter-point to him, so you defeated yourself.  Which now that I think of it, is another Bushism.  So you get a second W.  Plus you called your own base racist, while yourself engaging in the same thing or worse. Another W tactic.   The man says Franklin Graham is a bigot and then tortures Muslim.    So we are going to give you 3 W’s for the round.

McCain: Clarify what’s the score now?

Judge:  1 W for Obama 3 W’s for McCain.

McCain: You are a bigot.

Judge: Another W for you.

McCain: He calls whites bigots too.

Another W for Obama.

Obama: What’s the score now?

Judge: 2 W’s Obama, 4 W’s McCain.

Judge: Amnesty.  You both support it still?

Obama: Yes.

McCain: Its not amnesty.

Judge: 2 W’s for McCain, 1 for Obama.

McCain: Why 2 for me, we both support it?

Judge: You keep saying amnesty isn’t amnesty, contradicting your own past calling of it amnesty.  So you lie like Bush about amnesty as well as being for it.

McCain: Like he doesn’t lie about his racist minister?

Obama: I thought you said it was racist of you to bring up my minister?

McCain: Junior senators shouldn’t contradict their seniors.

Judge: Another W for McCain.

McCain: Why?

Judge: Your preachy falseness is grating like Bush.

McCain: What about him?  He gets caught in anti-white racism and then blames it on whites saying they caused it.  Then he says what terrorists did 40 years ago doesn’t count, but what happened in the 19th century does.  Talk about hypocrisy and lies.

Obama: I thought you said it was racist to talk about my record.  When are you going to admit you are two faced?

McCain: What’s the score now?

Judge: 4 W’s Obama, 6 W’s McCain.

What is your position on Saudi Arabia?

Obama: Clinton took 300,000 dollars in speaking fee per pop for letting them get away with killing Americans and continuing Muslim immigration and funding al Qaeda.  I need money too.  Bush will cash in on this money too.

McCain: Criticizing Clinton for taking Saudi money is bigotry and not the sort of campaign I run.

Judge: 2 W’s for Obama and 1 for McCain.  Total is now 6 W’s Obama, 7 W’s McCain.

Obama: Why 2 W’s for me?

Judge: Imitating the worst in Clinton is classic Bush Rove.  Next.  What about Chinese students coming here, getting Ph.D. fellowships at Indiana and North Carolina State while laid off mill workers and steel workers have to see their kids go into debt to get a liberal arts degree while Chinese TA’s won’t teach them math or science at all.  Are you going to keep doing that while taking Chinese money like Clinton?

McCain: That is such a bigoted racist question.

Judge: 2 W’s for you.

Obama: While we have to consider education of our own, we do need the best talent from China we can get.

Judge: 2 W’s for you.  Its now 8 W’s Obama, 9 W’s McCain.

Judge: After 9/11 Bush removed the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan for its nuclear program.  Pakistan spread nuclear know-how and harbored bin Laden.  Would you restore the Clinton sanctions on Pakistan?

McCain: Its Iran that is the problem.

Obama: Its Afghanistan that is the problem.

Judge: 2 W’s each.  You are now at 10 W’s Obama and 11 W’s McCain.  What would you do about Darfur and other problems in Africa?

Obama: Invade.

McCain: Invade and let them immigrate here.

Obama:  I meant that too.

McCain: And use too few troops.

Obama: I was thinking that as well.

McCain: Forget about Pakistan’s nukes while we do it.

Obama: I agree.

McCain: Ignore that Saudi Arabia spreads radical Islam in Africa and has ruined it for centuries.

Obama: I agree although sometimes I admit I think about nuking the Saudis for the role of Islam in the slave trade within Africa and in East Africa.

Judge: That’s a lot of W’s.  I count 5 each and I will throw in an extra for Obama, since I think he has more revenge street cred in this fight, which W had with Hussein.  So now its tied.  16 W’s even.

We now come to the tie breaking question.  The ultimate who is the bigger W.  Will you reveal all the records of the Clinton and Bush presidencies and allow the public to know all the evidence tying Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to 9/11 and all the stealing and criminality in our government for the last two decades of misrule, or will you be thinking about Saudi money for your presidential libraries?

McCain: How many W’s is that if you go the full way?

Judge: Let’s call it 3.

McCain: I’ll take 3.

Obama: Me too.

Judge: So its a tie you each have 19 W’s.  You each can use W as your middle initial.  You each can campaign as the third term of W, actually the 5th term of Clinton Bush or maybe the 6th if you count Bush senior as part of this.  I recognize you as John W. McCain and Barack W. Obama.

Obama Pay Teachers Merit Pay Why not pay merit genes?

April 27, 2008

Why not merit pay for good genes?  With incentives with people with bad genes to have no children?  For example, if you have an IQ below 95 or so, you can get sterilized and in exchange you can smoke marijuana.

Separate Platform Convention from Nomination

April 27, 2008

Parties should have a platform convention the year before the nominating convention.  Delegates to the platform convention would be selected from party members and would not have any pledge to any candidate.  No straw vote or other indication of support of a candidate would be allowed.

The convention would determine a platform.  It would also determine some key positions required for a nominee.  To run for the nomination the person has to pledge to push those key positions when elected.  These would be kept to a few.  Those running would also have to fill out a questionnaire on every position in the platform as to whether they could support it.

The point of the nomination process for president is to find someone who will support and promote the platform.  Those who can’t would not be allowed.  The entire candidate selection process should be confined to within the party members.  However, by limiting the candidates to those who agree to support the key issues and at least 50 percent of the rest of the platform, the ability of non-party members to determine the ideology of the party would be reduced.

In 2008, Democrats and Independents have determined what the ideology of the Republican party is, not just the candidate.  John McCain is for amnesty, for immigration, for H-1B, for foreign students getting the Ph.D. Fellowships in math, physics and engineering at US schools, and helping China with the know-how.

Candidates know that every candidate can get speaking fees from Bill Gates even if only one gets the nomination.  So the current system is not a race for the votes of people, its a race for Bill Gates money.  That is true for Democrats and Republicans.  All the candidates pledged fealty to Bill Gates on H-1B in both parties with the exception of Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter.  They all knew that only one could win, but all could get money from China and India and their representatives in America like Gates.

No Person shall accept Republican Nomination not approving NC ad

April 27, 2008

The following resolution is proposed for adoption by the Republican National Convention. This would be adopted before voting for the nomination for president of John McCain or anyone else.

No person may accept the Republican party nomination for president who does not first in writing do the following:

  1. Approve the North Carolina ad about Reverend Wright and Obama
  2. Take the NumbersUSA no amnesty pledge.
  3. Pledge to end the H-1B program.
  4. Pledge no temporary or permanent legalization of those illegally in the United States.
  5. Pledge a moratorium on immigration.
  6. Say that Islam is not a religion of peace.

LGF reverses its position to call whites who assert any white or European identity as Nazis as it did with Vlaams Belang and BNP and everyone who supports them?

So white doesn’t equal Nazi to LGF now? But white is still the color of the sheets of the KKK for John McCain.

Immigration Separates Rationality from that of Long Lived Individuals

April 27, 2008

Vanishing American quotes Daniel Webster on the human ability to connect with past and succeeding generations. They are “Links in the Great Chain of Being” as VA titles the post and which phrase is embedded in Webster’s quotation. The Wright Island Model tells us immigration cuts the link. Eventually, descendants have nothing in common with previous members of a society in genetic terms.

What consequences flow from this? It undermines the basis of thinking that people today act as if they were infinitely long lived. By severing this link among the generations, human rationality is altered. Thus the rationality and morality of society are altered.

What worked as rules for pseudo long lived individuals to preserve the society for a long time no longer work for individuals who won’t be linked to future generations by descent. This will result in the society no longer being able to survive. The society becomes a random walk of morality, customs and institutions.

Infinitely long lived families can help substitute for the short lives of individuals so that they replicate the behavior of infinitely long lived individuals. Immigration eliminates the possibility of infinitely long lived families in a genetic sense. This follows from the Wright Island Model Theorem. Thus immigration eliminates the family as a pseudo infinitely long lived individual in a genetic sense. Thus the morality of a society that tries to replicate the morality of infinitely long lived individuals through the means of infinitely long lived genetic families is rendered no longer rational in the way it was.

(The following is the original comment posted at Vanishing American. It may repeat some of the same ground as the above.)

Human rationality is based on this capacity and tendency to identify with past and future generations. Society rationality has to be derived from this form of individual reality. The family helps mediate and to create both forms of rationality, individual embedded in time and the progression of individuals, and that of society embedded in time and the progression of its members.

One way migration by the Wright Island Model causes genetic replacement. Thus the basis of rationality in society is cutoff. Societies can’t be rational because the basic goal of life has now been made impossible to be achieved. This applies to powerful and poor alike. Both then behave irrationally relative to a society where the progression of generations is based on the family, not on immigration.

A progression of individuals based on immigration does not induce the same behavior “as rational”. What is rational in a progression of individuals in a succession of family units is not rational in a progression of individuals or even families by immigration.

The welfare state has the same impact to some extent, but not as great. The result is that by eliminating the family mechanism by which progression in time of individuals creates the ultimate members of society, the society no longer has the same basis of rationality.

The new basis of society’s members means that down the road the society is not connected by blood to those who act on it now by their choices.

An infinitely lived individual has incentives. A succession of blood descendants while not the same as an infinitely lived individual comes closer. But a succession of unrelated persons is not an infinitely long lived individual.

In each step away from an infinitely long lived individual, what is rational for that person changes. As a consequence the rules and rewards of society for that individual don’t work the same. So what is rational for an immigration society is different than what is rational for a blood descent society. The immigration society is also effectively separated completely from long lived individuals. Thus the immigration society is separated in what is rational from the infinitely long lived individual society. This separation means that rationality and thus morality are separated. Infinitely long lived individuals and the immigration society are completely
separated. Thus their morality and rationality are separated.


Economic theory and game theory often rely on infinitely long lived individuals to derive behavior of individuals that we recognize as moral and rational. Economic theory and game theory can also be applied to institutions. Keeping those institutions as moral and rational also depends on infinitely long lived individuals.

The overlapping generations model builds in an overlapping of generations where each young adult generation cares for the infant generation and the old generation. When the genetic succession is ended, the assumption that this happens in the same way is undermined. So that the rationality of what society defines as moral can change.

The result of immigration is to disconnect the generations. Thus the overlapping generations model of economics is no longer moored in traditional behavior and traditional societies. It thus becomes a mathematical model less linked or unlinked to human reality in an immigration society. The result is that individuals will no longer feel the same incentives to behave as the overlapping generations model assumes they will.

New immigrants are not part of the old bargain and may substitute new ways or new loyalties. The basis of morality and rationality in a closed overlapping generations model is in doubt in the one way migration society. The overlapping generations model as a moral model where rational behavior is what we think of as moral is linked to it being applied to a traditional society of genetic descent.

When we switch to an immigration society, we have to switch to a different model. What would we call that? Invasion might be a term. In an invasion model, we don’t get the same rational behavior. Thus what is moral is different. In an invasion society, ethnic cleansing, breaking old bargains, substituting new customs to show new bargains is what is rational and what is moral.

By using new customs, the invaders show that they are making bargains only good within their ethnic group or race. Thus when they break the old bargains of the society, they tell their young there is a still an inter-generational deal going within the new invading group. Thus the invading group tries to replicate the old traditional overlapping generations rationality. This is done to replicate traditional overlapping generations morality. That guides individuals in the new invading group.

What happens in the old group? Without viable succeeding generations of its own, it is cutoff from the old overlapping generations rationality and thus morality. It really is morally adrift. It is simply dying. Its now just parts for the new people and the new society which is the customs, traditions, institutions and families of the new society. Those customs are meant to signify that the inter-generational deal is only within that group, and there is no loyalty outside the group.

The new groups ethnically cleanse the old. The young males of the invading group force out the people of the old group, young or old. They are part of an inter-generational deal that is for the new group alone. They act according to what is rational under the customs of the new group. Those customs are intended to signify separation of that group from other groups and the old society.

Thus an immigrating group acts like an invading group. It adheres more to its customs than in the old country to signify to its members that the inter-generational deals in the new land are within that group only. The group should not feel loyalty to the other groups in the new land or expect it. Fair dealing is confined within the group, and trickery violence and deceit are what is given and expected from the other groups.

This is the morality of the 3rd world. Its the morality of the collapse of the Roman Empire, and of other empires. When the overlapping generations deal is destroyed, rationality and morality are altered. The old society no longer exists once it can no longer deliver on the overlapping generation deals.

Immigration means that the old society can’t deliver on the old overlapping generation deals because the new groups are separate and distinct and maintain their separate customs to signify the overlapping generation deals are within group only. Thus the old society is dead once immigration starts. This is because the old overlapping generation deals are dead.

We see this in immigration societies. The customs and traditions change. These signal a change in loyalty and a change away from loyalty to the old groups and society. This happened in the 19th century. It is happening in the post 1965 immigration even more because the people and customs are even more different. Both signal that overlapping generation deals are within group only. That means the old society is dead. That means its deals are dead.

The death of a society is a feedback loop, just as the birth of a new one is. Immigration fuels the decay feedback loop with the same strength as it fuels the new growth feedback loop. The faster the immigration growth the more the old society dies. Moreover, as soon as its internal growth rate dies, the deal making capacity of the old society dies. So it dies instantly.

Immigration as a regime causes an instant death of the old society in that its long term deal making capacity is dead. But its entire rationality and morality was wrapped around its ability to deliver on long term overlapping generation deals. This in turn let it simulate by genetic families infinitely long lived individuals. This made acting like infinitely long lived individuals rational for its people.

Immigration ends all of that immediately. The old society’s long term deal making is dead. That means its morality is dead.

The new customs of the new groups signal they are alive unlike the old dead society. They are living and it is dead. It is now just spare parts for them. Their group customs and morality signal that to its group members.

Only a total cutoff of immigration can stop this. Just as starting immigration immediately kills the old society, totally stopping immigration can at least partly revise it. Sending as many newcomers and new customs back as possible also helps revive its long term deal making capacity and thus its very life and ability to dictate a morality by its control of those long term overlapping generation deals.

Roman history often talks about old families. One sometimes sees that part of what made Rome work, particularly the Republic, was long lived families. As their role diminished, the Republic died. The Republic became a form of immigration by conquest. The result was similar to the above process of immigration in place so to speak. The Empire died as its ability to preserve families died. It lost its ability to make overlapping generation deals. So its morality died.

As this happened, it changed religions. But it changed religion in place, not as a flow of new people. Christianity in Rome was an in-place change that signaled a return to traditional morality. One reason it lasted longer in the East is they had less of the amoral Roman customs like gladiatorial games.

The new religions of immigration in the West signal the old society is dead. These are part of invasion, not a change in place to try to restore traditional morality lost by Rome in its expansion. In effect, Rome created immigration by expansion and needed a new religion in place to try to return to the traditional society that Rome lost by no longer being a city state.

New religions from immigration are the opposite. New religions brought by immigration signal the death of the old society and that the new group has no loyalty to the old group. New religions from immigration signal that the old society can’t deliver on its old intergenerational deals.

Islam in particular is an invasion religion. Its entire character signals takeover and replacement. It institutionalizes such thinking as its basic message to its members. Islam also played a substantial role in ending the old Ancient world and the remnants of the Roman Empire.

In fact, Islam hunted down every spot on earth it could get its hands on the old Roman empire and destroyed it. The Fall of Constantinople in 1452 was an over 800 year struggle to do so. But that struggle still goes on. Islam is delivering on its original deal to destroy the West and the religions and adherents of the West.

Among immigrants, Islam is stronger to signal that they are not loyal to the old society and that the intergenerational deals of the old society don’t apply. Islam is a religion of replacing the people and the customs. This is why Islam is so particularly violent. It is also why Islam seeks out confrontation and to lay down markers and impose accommodation to it by the institutions of the old society. That this accommodation is granted signals to old and new alike that the old society is dead.

To remedy this, immigration must be stopped to almost zero. This means 25,000 per year or less in the U.S. The point of stopping immigration is precisely to end family reunification. Family reunification immigration signals the death of the old society. But all immigration does that by the Wright Island Model. A new change has to signal that there will be no significant genetic influx. Moreover, it has to be permanent to work. To signal that the old society has the deal making capacity of intergenerational deals, immigration must be dead forever. Only then can traditional rationality and thus traditional morality be restored to life and have credibility.


Daniel Webster

See page 26 for the phrase “Links in the Great Chain of Being”.

Search “Links in the great chain of being” Webster

It is precisely because humans understand themselves as such links that they have a morality that promotes the survival of families and society. Immigration cuts the link. Immigration ends traditional morality. Our sorrows flow from this. Our dysfunctional education system flows from it. So does a Bill Gates who doesn’t stress training his workers but replacing them from India and China. When genes circulate within a society, we all have a stake in each other. Rationality reflects the circulation. Morality then encodes that rationality.

When they replace from outside, that cuts all the links. The circulation model is replaced by the invasion model. That changes rationality. That changes morality. The disloyalty shown by Bill Gates shows how morality changes instantly when immigration is started. There was an instant fall off in morality in the 1960’s and that has picked up and intensified until we could see it on our TV screens on 9/11 as well as on our streets, and in our schools, workplaces, colleges, hospitals and government.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

It is the alleles of rationality and morality that are changed as well. The very sinews of a society are replaced. Its institutions lose the ability to command loyalty or reward it. All see this. All act on it. The new rationality and new morality are transmitted instantly.

The president praises what killed our people on 9/11 in his Religion of Peace Speech. That signaled his submission to the new rationality of Islam, the new morality of Islam. Everyone understood that. That is why they dictate what cartoons we watch, what books we read, and what we say or think, even in our homes. They decide what is taught to our children in schools and colleges. They are the future. They can deliver on promises and threats, the old society can’t. The Empire is Dead. That is what we saw on 9/11. That is why we reacted as cowards in the days and years afterwards. That is why we continued Muslim immigration instead of sending them back.

That is why we submit to foot baths at airports that are subjected to intrusive search of us because of the violence of their young men to ethnically cleanse us from our land. And it is ethnic cleansing, not just religious cleansing. This is about genes. It is about the Links in the Great Chain of Being, which are genetic links. Culture follows the genetic trail. The new genetic trail imposes a new religion and morality that signals that it doesn’t owe any loyalty or any performance to the old society or the old people. 9/11 was meant to signal that, as have all the humiliations that we have accepted since then.

All of the humiliations signal that the old society is dead because its old Chain of Being is cutoff. The humiliations signal that promises in overlapping generation deals can’t be performed by the old society. So its not rational to be loyal. So there is no morality of loyalty to the old society or to the old ethnic groups. Their ability to deliver on promises on an intergenerational basis is dead because they don’t produce people, immigration does. So loyalty dies. Bush could not have pronounced the death of the old society and old loyalties and old morality more clearly than he did by praising the Religion of Peace, i.e. submission and the death of the West.

The smartest people get the message quickest. The wealthy and universities and MSM get the message that old loyalty doesn’t pay in the new immigration order. They are the ones who have abandoned the old society the fastest. They embrace a morality a betrayal. They choose our list of candidates and we have to vote for the lesser of many betrayals.

This is why reform means zero immigration. Zero means less than 25,000 total per year including students, temporary workers, illegals, family reunification, etc. It means showing the elites its just us. It means showing everyone not permanently here the door. It means a circulation model of genes and the traditional morality it implies. The foreign presence among us must be minimized in all ways possible. This means no mosques that reach the sky. This means no foot baths. This means no PC that limits our traditions and empowers theirs. It requires reversing at least some of the recent flow. This is true in all the Western lands.

No student visas is essential.  Colleges and universities are where young people mate.  They can’t be the locus of immigration.  The message must be sent of circulation of genes, not immigration.  That means almost zero student visas.  The few are exchange students with other Western lands.

Immigration lowers life expectancy by stagnant wages

April 26, 2008

Published: April 27, 2008

Peter R. Orszag, the budget office’s director, said that the decline in life expectancy among some Americans was “remarkable in an advanced industrial nation” and that he believed the growing gap related to income inequality. “We’ve had sluggish income growth at the bottom and rapid income growth at the top for the last three decades,” he said.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973.  See p60-233.pdf graph page 16. Women’s median wage is the same as men’s in 1960.  Immigration is keeping wages down.  Bill Gates wants us to die and asks for H-1B.  Gates is the Nero of modern America.  So are George Bush, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, all of whom have sold out on more immigration and amnesty to get speaking fees and other corporate money like John Edwards has.

Re romanticising the BNP v. Clinton’s Speaking Fees

April 26, 2008

Lawrence Auster and Jeff in England have a thread in part discussing romanticizing the BNP and other issues at VFR.

What did we get with Clinton?

  1. World Trade Center was attacked in 1993.
  2. Clinton let Saudis keep funding al Qaeda after a series of attacks, embassy bombings in August 1998, USS Cole 2000.
  3. Clinton allowed continued Muslim immigration.
  4. 9/11 2001
  5. Saudis continued funding al Qaeda
  6. Clinton took 300,000 per time speaking fees from Saudis and Dubai.
  7. Bush rinse and repeat.

What is it that BNP is supposed to be worse on? Its a matter of romanticizing Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama, and the rest that makes us say BNP is beyond the pale. The Bush-McClob is already causing us to be digested into oblivion. With Cameron and Blair and Brown its the same thing. Tony Blair is cashing in. David Cameron and Gordon Brown are allies against BNP because where their Bill Clinton Tony Blair payday is coming from is the same place as Clinton’s comes from.

There is also small party dynamics. When a small party gets x percent, some say its 10 percent, one or both parties switch to the small party platform. Most small parties today are built around one person. That person persists in running it for more than 10 years. It would be nice if small parties could switch their leadership every 4 to 8 years and still continue on. This doesn’t seem to be happening. But perhaps its something to strive for, like Condorcet voting or its variants, and national referenda.

==Start Schumer quotes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2003


At Judiciary Hearing, Schumer details how top officials in the Saudi government help finance schools and mosques in the US and Middle East that spread militant teachings

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security held a hearing today on “Terrorism: Two Years After 9/11, Connecting the Dots.”

US Senator Charles Schumer discussed the role that top officials in the Saudi government, including Interior Minister Prince Naif , play in spreading militant Wahhabism in the United States and throughout the Middle East. Schumer detailed how prominent members of the Saudi royal family have set up charities that funnel money to mosques and madrassah schools that advance Wahhabi teachings. In the United States alone, Saud Arabia boasts of supporting over 18 mosques and schools, including the Islamic Center in Washington. The following is Schumer’s statement:



New US documents identify Saudi Arabian families as among the first financial backers of Al Qaeda and show that Al Qaeda got funding from Saudi charities

Schumer to urge end to stonewalling that has kept hidden information on high-ranking Saudis who served as ”funding fathers” of Al Qaeda

Schumer says documents could help relatives of 9/11 victims prosecute perpetrators of World Trade Center terror attacks

With hundreds of pages of new documents linking some of Saudi Arabia’s most influential families to Osama bin-Laden in the possession of the Justice Department, US Senator Charles E. Schumer today urged the federal government to release all of the information it has on Saudi financiers and charities who have been tied to Al Qaeda.

==End quotes Schumer

Clinton speaking fees from terrorist nations

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

One way migration causes genetic replacement even if there is an intermediate mixture as an intermediate state. Liberals promise mixture but deliver extinction. We are being digested for Clinton Blair to get speaking fees. Voting the major parties is romanticizing this process. When you vote for a major party you are releasing the stomach acid of the 3rd world to digest you and everything you know and care for.

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