Ed Rubenstein Vdare at National Press Club Tuesday April 8 1 PM

April 7, 2008

Ed Rubenstein of Vdare and the Manhattan Insitute will present a report at 1 PM Tuesday April 8, 2008 at the National Press Club Zenger Room located at 529 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20045. There is a light lunch for journalists at 12:15 PM.

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Time: 1:00 PM
Event Type: News Conference
Event Location: Zenger Room
Release of New Study on the Costs to 15 government agencies of immigration
News Conference (preceded by light lunch)
Time: 1 p.m.
Location: Zenger RoomDetails: Manhattan Institute Fellow, Edwin S. Rubenstein, will release his new 70-page report detailing the cost of immigration to 15 federal departments and agencies. This first of its kind assessment of the fiscal impact of mass immigration looks at the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Interior, Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, transportation, Treasury, and State, in addition to Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

Copies of the new study will be available.

A light lunch will be available for journalists at 12:15.

Contact: Fran Griffin, PR@griffnews.com, 703-255-2211

Contact: Fran Griffin


This will be on the cost of immigration.

A quick estimate. If we have a 3rd world population of 100 million people and they cost 10,000 per year each then the total is 1 trillion per year. Most of this is not counted in one way or another. Just as dark matter is most of the mass of the universe, so we have dark cost, uncounted costs of immigration. Its not just the arrivals but their descendants. We have a permanent 3rd world nation inside America that is an annual burden of 1 trillion or more per year. Its growing.

Because immigrants substitute for births and fertility of whites is below replacement, the number of whites to support the 3rd worlders is falling. This means the burden per white of the 3rd world nation inside America goes up each year.

The top down cost of immigration is discussed more here with some links to data sources.


Most studies of immigration cost work as follows. The amount on checks with the immigrants name on them given to the immigrant are counted as the total cost of the immigrant. Even the cost of the paper and ink and the salaries and buildings that hand out the checks are not counted against the immigrants tax contribution. The immigrants total payments to government of any kind are allocated totally only against the checks with the immigrants name on them. The difference is called the cost of the immigrant.

This is one source of the dark cost of immigration. What should be done is to apply the pro-rata share of all government spending to that immigrant plus the checks with the immigrants name on them plus the buildings and other costs they are benefiting from as a beneficiary on a pro rata basis. Who pays interest on the debt, national defense, roads, schools, etc? In most “studies” the entire cost of these is paid by non-immigrants. Who pays the interest on the national debt of money borrowed to write a check to an immigrant? The non-immigrants.

Immigrant children may be counted as citizens. We have a 3rd world nation inside America. This 3rd world nation is the real burden of immigration. Its a massive burden. The 3rd world nation is a huge cost. The first world nation inside America is shrinking and has to support the ever growing 3rd world nation. The result is the destruction of America.

Congress is disloyal. Bill Gates on H-1B is disloyal. Contact NumbersUSA, Fairus, etc. to send free faxes from your computer. Write, email and call your Congressman and Senator. This does affect you. It will get worse. Vote 3rd party for president and give them a small contribution. Give contributions to NumbersUSA and Fairus not to John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama who all support H-1B and the increase of the 3rd world nation inside America that is dragging us down.



According to present observations of structures larger than galaxies, as well as Big Bang cosmology, dark matter accounts for the vast majority of mass in the observable universe. The observed phenomena consistent with dark matter observations include the rotational speeds of galaxies, orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters, gravitational lensing of background objects by galaxy clusters such as the Bullet cluster, and the temperature distribution of hot gas in galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

Just as with physical dark matter, the dark cost of immigration is something we can observe in bullet clusters, the rotational speed of illegal drivers, failing schools, budget deficits, taxes, and roads. If you are going in DC think of the cost of your commute. That is because of immigrants. If we had no immigration since 1965, Washington DC would still be a livable city.

They once said DC had northern charm and southern efficiency. Now it has 3rd world charm and 3rd world disloyalty in its government and law firms and lobbying firms.

==Non-government cost is never counted almost.

The dark cost of immigration includes lower fertility, loss of job
security, crime, longer commutes, affirmative action ethnic cleansing
of government, industry and academia and schools, and corruption
of every institution of society.

John Savage quotes Sartre that “Hell is other people”. Immigration is thus the increase in the intensity of Hell.


Immigration substitutes for births and white fertility is below replacement, as is that of educated women. This is part of the hidden cost of immigration.


Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637


The island model with stochastically variable migration rate and immigrant gene frequency is investigated. It is supposed that the migration rate and the immigrant gene frequency are independent of each other in each generation, and each of them is independently and identically distributed in every generation. The treatment is confined to a single diallelic locus without mutation. If the diploid population is infinite, selection is absent and the immigrant gene frequency is fixed, then the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency, and the logarithm of the absolute value of its deviation from it is asymptotically normally distributed.

The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, that under one way migration that frequency becomes the frequency on the island.

From PDF, conclusion:


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.



Since we are eventually extincted by immigrants, immigrants eventually get all the wealth and substitute for us. So ultimately the cost of immigration is everything we own down to the genes in our cells. Thus the cost of immigration is all of wealth, physical and human.


“The total value of all U.S. household wealth in 2000 was approximately $44 trillion.”

Thus the cost of immigration is the expropriation of this 44 trillion plus the human genetic capital which is worth at least the difference between US GDP minus the equivalent 3rd world GDP, almost zero.


its gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated as $13.8 trillion in 2007.[2

The product of 3rd worlders is low. So essentially the substitution effect will eliminate this 13.8 trillion and reduce it to close to zero. Growth rates are lower. Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, women’s median wages the same as men’s were in 1960. (See graph page 16 p60-233.pdf)

We are eliminating this for nothing. In fact, its a negative and a negative can’t be changed into a positive by wishful thinking. We are eliminating the genes and thus the GDP. We are not just transferring the 44 trillion but most of it will disappear as the 3rd world percentage goes higher. We are seeing that already with the sub-prime mortgage situation.

The math of America is driven by genetic substitution. A society that tries to go against evolution by 3rd world immigration, welfare, affirmative action, ER mandates, and lies about it all will disappear. That is the lesson of history. That is what the theorem above says.

For the allele substitution to happen, and it must by the theorem, life must be made bad and insecure. The result is the loss of wages and wealth, and ultimately the most important capital, genetic capital. To update Sartre, “Hell is the convergence of your alleles to those of the immigrants.”  This is especially if its by 3rd world immigration, affirmative action, and the lies of the liberals, Bill Gates, McCain, Clinton and Obama (McClob) who promote it.”


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