New York Times Lays Off Reporters for H-1B (Snark)

April 25, 2008

“The New York Times newsroom is bracing for a bloodbath in the next 10 days.”

So says NY Post columnist Keith Kelly.

More immigration is the answer. The press might start thinking about being disloyal on immigration. These are good paying jobs with benefits.

Are they supposed to get programming jobs at Microsoft? Join NumbersUSA and free fax Congress from your computer to stop H-1B extension from 12 to 29 months for foreign students. That is step one.

They aren’t ever getting jobs as good again, these NYT reporters. Reporters not at NYT are never going to get good jobs like these. Is everyone supposed to go to law school? China is sending its people there too.

MSM is losing jobs because it is disloyal on jobs for its readers. Why should readers support journalists who cheer when we lose our jobs?

What do the press call someone who lost his job? A bigot. That’s why people tune out.

Men’s median wages are the same as since 1973, see p60-233.pdf graph page 16. The press call us bigots when we point that out. Well now its your turn. Wake up and smell the loss of your own jobs and careers.

What about having kids as a young reporter? Are you afraid to have kids because you have no job security? Then why do you call Lou Dobbs and the rest bigots?

Being laid off is the first step to loyalty for the press. Layoffs teach them they are doing something wrong. Wake up and start being Americans. Join NumbersUSA and Fairus. Comment at Dan Stein. Even Amren. Read Vdare.

Why didn’t the New York Times offer to retrain these reporters for programming jobs at the New York Times? Does NYT have H-1B’s doing its programming right now? Writing is writing.

Because NYT thinks programming jobs are for Chinese.  Irish need not apply. Same as Bill Gates.  Maybe NYT should have covered Bill Gates before Congress like Lou Dobbs did.  Gates is the Nero of modern America.  He laughs while our good jobs burn up in smoke.


2 Responses to “New York Times Lays Off Reporters for H-1B (Snark)”

  1. Josh Says:

    There are a number of bills in Congress right now that would expand the H1B program and even one by Zoe Lofgren that would make more employment based greencards available. If any of these bills pass then more citizens will lose their careers, as the law allows most employers to freely replace citizens with H1B people at will, even if the citizens are performing well in their jobs. Once the H1B-ers get their greencards, then the displacement of Americans becomes permanent.

    You can also expect more fake job ads and interviews, like the fraud shown in the *How not to hire an American* videos on YouTube. In these videos, lawyers from the Cohen & Grigsby law firm in Pittsburgh discuss how they help employers game the hiring laws and legally disqualify even highly skilled American job seekers, just so H1B people who are already working in those advertised jobs can get sponsored for greencards.

    Much of the H1B mess can be tied to the employment based greencard program. H1Bers who do get greencards often go into management, where they engage in blatant discrimination against American citizens in favor of people from their home countries. That is why it would be best to shut down both the H1B visa racket and the EB greencard program.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Josh you are 100 percent right. The H-1B program is racist and a violation of our civil-rights.

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