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Some new names for since war on terrorism and Islam are out

May 31, 2008

Possible names for the war on terror, Islamofascism, Islam, Islamic terrorism, Jihad and the like might be

Surrender to Islam

Submission to Islam

Surrender in our Lifetime

Submission with a Smile

If the name doesn’t fit, you must submit

Can’t fight them, submit to them.

No submission like PC submission
like no submission I know


Cheddar Man British DNA 9000 Years old

May 31, 2008

By The Associated Press
LONDON — Using DNA from a tooth, scientist have established a blood tie between a 9,000-year-old skeleton known as “Cheddar Man” and an English schoolteacher who lives just a half mile from the cave where the bones were found.
Oxford University scientists announced Friday that Adrian Targett, 42, a history teacher in the town of Cheddar in southwest England, shares a common ancestor with Cheddar Man.
It is the longest human lineage ever traced, the team of scientists from the university’s Institute of Molecular Medicine said.

“They would have shared a common ancestor about 10,000 years ago, so they are related — just not very closely,” said Dr. Bryan Sykes, leader of the research team.

If Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron have their way, the descendants of Cheddar Man will all vanish from the earth and especially from England. BTW British DNA does not mean Pakistani or Arab DNA. Cheddar Man is US Census Code 011 British.

Genocide denying Turks demand Swiss citizenship

May 31, 2008

Swiss are right don’t give Turks and Muslims citizenship in your country. We are fighting a war for our lands. Turks don’t have a right to Switzerland. They ethnically cleansed Turkey of Europeans. Why don’t they accept Europeans? Turks have practiced genocide against Europeans in recent history. They still won’t admit it.

The Swiss are poised to vote on whether to revive secret ballots to decide on citizenship – an issue that has stirred passions on both sides. Switzerland’s Supreme Court outlawed the secret ballots five years ago, ruling that they were discriminatory. But many Swiss say not allowing voters to have the final say violates Switzerland’s system of direct democracy.

Switzerland is not as safe as it was. There are real changes. Its not what it was.


GENEVA: A Turkish politician went on trial Tuesday in Switzerland for denying that the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I amounted to genocide.

Dogu Perincek, head of the Turkish Workers’ Party, called the Armenian genocide “an international lie” during a speech in the Swiss city of Lausanne in July 2005.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland: A Swiss court found a Turkish politician guilty Friday of denying that mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 amounted to genocide, the first such conviction under Swiss law.

The politician, Dogu Perincek, head of the leftist-nationalist Turkish Workers’ Party, called the characterization of the killings as genocide “an international lie” during a speech in Lausanne in July 2005.

Perincek accused the judge of “racist hatred” toward Turkey and said he would appeal the verdict to the Swiss Supreme Court. He told Turkey’s government-run Anatolia press agency that, if necessary, he would take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the court had ignored his freedom of expression. “It is not possible for the Turkish people to accept this decision,” it said.

It is a criminal offense in Turkey to use the word genocide to describe the killings, and nationalists there have reacted angrily to moves in several Western countries to recognize the 20th- century events as genocide. Turkey acknowledges that Armenians were killed in civil unrest during the tumultuous collapse of the Ottoman Empire but says it was not a planned campaign of genocide.


Swiss reject nationalist campaign against mass naturalizations

AP News

Jun 01, 2008 08:31 EST

Swiss voters have rejected a right-wing initiative aimed at making it harder for foreigners to gain citizenship.

Official results were released in 20 of Switzerland’s 26 cantons and only one approved the initiative.

Approval by a majority of cantons was required, along with a majority of votes cast.

A projection by the Swiss television network says 64 percent of the Swiss voted against the campaign.

The initiative launched by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party wanted to overturn a Supreme Court ruling and allow some Swiss communities to subject citizenship applications to a popular vote.

Comment at Rawstory

Voting to lose their votes forever. The MSM probably lied to the people.


June 1st, 2008 at 16:21:56 From: WJM
Fallacy admirer
Dolt. It’s the “right” wing that has been taking away everyone’s rights for the last 28 years, at least in this country. The Swiss are at least not stupid enough to vote against their own self interests. You, on the other hand, clearly are.

Reply to this comment at Raw Story

There is no benefit to the Swiss from immigration. Even Arabs don’t put their money in a Swiss bank to have a Turk handle it. When an Arab calls his Swiss bank and hears a Turk answering, he doesn’t feel reassured.

Religion must not mean I break it God owns it

May 30, 2008

The appeal of Religion is too often I break it, God owns it. This has to stop. Mindless increase of human population and the worst genes is an eco disaster causing a mass extinction of species. This is true whether global warming is happening or is stopped.

We have a mass extinction of species going on because of too much population of humans. that was caused by religions pumping up 3rd world population. Those religions have the attitude, they break it, the ecosystem, and God owns it.

Too many religious organizations and people destroy the ecosystem permanently and say the rapture will solve it or its God’s plan or something like that. This way of thinking is not Godly, it is evil.
Breaking things and saying God owns it is part of the definition of
evil not of good. Destroying the environment and saying it doesn’t matter the rapture is tomorrow is cowardly evil.

Religions need to take ownership of the results of their actions, not say its God’s will and God owns the consequences. Too many religious people say religion means I do what makes me feel good, and the consequences are God’s to handle. This is arrogance not humility.

Too many white religious people say helping blacks makes me feel good and the consequences are God’s or its bigotry to say them. The ecosystem is registering this “aid” as a mass extinction of species.

Virginia Abernathy’s research shows aid does cause population increase and fertility increase. Aid causes overpopulation. Overpopulation causes the mass extinction of species. Religious do gooders cause aid. Therefore the religious do gooders and atheists cause the mass extinction of species.

They say it feels good to them to help blacks in Africa. They say it feels so good to them that its God’s job to solve the mass extinction they cause by what makes them feel good. They are enjoying a drug of feeling good at the cost of robbing the planet of its species. This is not doing good. This is self-indulgent evil hardly imagined in the Bible.

In the Bible, God sent a flood and then promised not to again. The religious left now themselves are causing a mass extinction of species. Unlike God, they didn’t send a lifeboat to save the species. They just destroy them and say its God’s fault he didn’t save them this time. This is arrogant self indulgence evil. It is threatening the survival of life on earth. The religious left say its God’s job to worry about that even when they see they are causing a mass extinction. This is not Godliness. Its the opposite.

The support of immigration from the third world is part of this ungodly behavior. They are not doing God’s work but taking a self-indulgent drug. They have to stop and get off the drug. Stop immigration and reverse it. They have to help develop a new ethics of declining human population with the good genes make it extra copies to spread through the population and bad ones filtered. They have to join an ethics of keeping the white civilized world white so that it can keep the earth on a proper course instead of descending into 3rd world barbarism such as in Africa or under Islam.


It is not just the religious who can say I break it God owns it. Or who say I will jump and God will hold me up. Or humanity will jump and God must hold it up.

Those pushing nanotechnology have an obligation as well. Those giving our know-how to China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. have an obligation to stop breaking things and saying God owns it. DoD and other countries are building robot soldiers of all kinds. These range from artificial spiders or smaller and on up. Their view is also, DoD breaks it, God owns it. This is a typical government mentality.

Government tends toward Utopianism. Government promises Utopia. But when it gets control of technology it may try to deliver and come up with Disutopia instead. Immigration, third world demography, the loss of freedom, mass extinction of species, global warming if true, and uncontrollable change of all kinds, technological and in society are pushed by government, academia, foundations, industry, religion, etc. In every case their attitude is do what I want and someone else is responsible to figure out the consequences of my actions and what to do about them. Bill Gates and H-1B is an example. This is why we have a mass extinction of species going on. That was delivered to us by Bill Gates, Lyndon Johnson, Ted Sorensen, Marx, Lenin, FDR, Bush, Clinton, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Saudi princes, etc.

Florida and Michigan can put own state nominees on ballot

May 30, 2008

Florida and Michigan can put their own nominees on their own state ballot in Nov 2008. Florida and Michigan as state parties should hold state conventions for their state party alone. State parties are separate legal entities from the national parties. The national parties can’t control what state parties do.

Michigan and Florida as separate state party legal entities can nominate candidates and put those on their state ballots as the nominee of the Florida State Democratic Party or the Michigan State Democratic Party. They can choose Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barrack Hussein Obama or David Axelrod or John McCain or George Bush or anyone they want.

State ballots may legally already be those of the state party nominee. This is something to research for me. If so, then the national party would have to run as a third party in Michigan or Florida. If the national party nominates Obama and the Michigan and Florida state parties nominate Hillary Clinton, then she would appear as the Democratic nominee in their states.

Barack Hussein Obama would have to appear as a 3rd party nominee. He might choose Black Nationalist Party or Kenyatta Party or Communist Party or David Axelrod Party or Islamic Party or Invite the Invaders Party or Genocide the Bigots or whatever he wanted. He would have to get signatures and quality in this scenario.

Immigration and Internet turn childhood into giant gang war

May 29, 2008

More knife fightings in the UK. More stories of children having on-line relationships that parents don’t know about. What’s it all mean? We have lost control of this generation. This is because we’ve lost control of our entire society. Immigration does that. Diversity does that. Diversity kills. It turns off minds, it doesn’t turn them on. Multiculti is stupidity because it teaches ignoring what you can see and observe.

Every child killed in a knife fight is killed by the Lib Lab Con parties. They do it for Saudi money and oligarch money. Blair Brown and Cameron bear the guilt for every knife fight. They don’t care. Remember that. They caused this and laugh at us as cowards frightened of the word bigot.

Where do the kids learn to be gang members? From Blair Brown and Cameron. They are the gang leaders of England. Bush Clinton McCain Obama are the ones in the U.S. Sarkozy in France. Liberal left parties everywhere.

Want to stop it? Vote BNP in the UK. Vote Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party in the U.S. Do it for the children. Do it because we must. Do it now. Stop waiting for the gang leaders to change. Voting for gangs to rule over you and take Saudi and Chinese money is the definition of insanity.

Support organizations like NumbersUSA, Fairus, Judicial Watch and the others. Speak up. Call your Congressman and Senator. Make a small donation now even if you don’t have a lot. Support Vdare, Takimag, Amren, Green Arrow BNP, Brussels Journal, etc. Speak up and pay up. The real risk is being cowed by Blair Cameron Brown Bush Clinton McCain and Obama.

They get 300,000 dollar speaking fees from the Saudis. Time to start voting for those who don’t. BNP. Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party, Vlaams Belang and the others in Denmark, Holland, etc. The ones calling you bigot are taking Saudi and Chinese money. Time to stop being silent while they ruin our children’s lives and take them.

Don’t let your child or someone’s child die in a Tony Blair sponsored knife fight because you were afraid to be called a bigot. Every time a child dies, Blair and Clinton get another 300,000 speaking fee engagement from some corporate mobster or Saudi prince. You can’t just say you are a coward while children are killed in knife fights and Blair and Clinton take 300,000 speaking fees for the immigration that brings them.

The Davos Forum is a meeting of child killers. The CEO’s pay professors and journalists to call you a bigot every time a child is killed. They shut you up and blame you for their killing your children. The real ones responsible for Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are the Davos Forum of Child Kidnappers, Knife Fight Instigators, and Evil Incorporated. The same applies to the G-8 members. The G-8 are the gang of 8 childhood and child killers. The Genocide 8 is another good name for them. Except possibly for Putin. Putin shouldn’t meet with them because they are lower than Putin.

This article is hypotheses or opinion. Restate all sentences as questions. Comments welcome. This is draft and preliminary, another child will be knifed and another G-8 genocide gangster will get paid off before you read this. All other disclaimers apply.

Negligent Portuguese Police may charge Madeleine McCann parents

May 29, 2008

Are the police going to stop the parents from finding their child? The best chance Madeleine McCann has is that her parents find her by their efforts. Putting them in prison will stop that. That will avoid the Portuguese police being embarrassed by Madeleine McCann’s parents finding her.

Remember at one point the Portuguese Police said Madeleine was killed by her parents and they stopped all search efforts. Isn’t charging the parents for negligence inconsistent with the police abandoning the search? They also didn’t do what they could have in the opening hours.

Neglect and abandonment are possible charges.

Michael Scheuer’s bin Laden al Qaeda Islam Fallacy

May 29, 2008

Scheuer’s reasoning is

    bin Laden is motiviated by Islam.

    The US in the Middle East violates Islam.

    Bin Laden will fight us until the US is out of the ME.

But this is Scheuer’s mistake, he doesn’t understand Islam
is not defensive, it is offensive. Islam is a doctrine of world
domination and totalitarianism. Islam is not a doctrine for
having reservations in the desert for Arabs to live with their
camels in traditional ways.

Scheuer’s unstated assumption is

Islam is a defensive strategy to hold ground in the ME not to conquer
the world.

But this is false. Islam is not a defensive strategy. Islam was about fast conquest, not defense.

Let’s change our assumption to

Islam strives for world conquest and totalitarian domination of all
people everywhere for the rest of time.

Then the policy solution changes from leave the ME to remove Islam
from the face of the earth completely.

Jim Manzi answers one question on DNA and race

May 28, 2008

Old Atlantic:

You ask: “James Watson said or is thought to have said that the frequency distribution of IQ among blacks is lower than whites and this is at least partly genetic. Whether he said that or not, do you agree with it?

There are sustained, statistically significant differences in IQ-test performance between self-identified racial groups in the U.S., and these self-identified racial groups also have statistically significant differences in genetic content. It has not been demonstrated that these genetic differences cause the differences in test performance. I go into enormous detail supporting this assertion here:

Posted by Jim Manzi on May 27, 2008.


Mr. Manzi,

Thanks for answering one of my questions and directing me to your site.

I typed IQ genes into Google and
hit number 2 is

CHRM2 is the gene

“”If we look at a single marker, a DNA variation might influence IQ scores between two and four points, depending on which variant a person carries,” Dick said. “We did that all up and down the gene and found that the variations had cumulative effects, so that if one person had all of the ‘good’ variations and another all of the ‘bad’ variations, the difference in IQ might be 15 to 20 points.”

You can search on CHRM2 IQ race

The above link has a table on
racial differences and IQ gene DTNBP1.

“DTNBP1 explains 1/3 of the black-white IQ gap.”

You also didn’t answer my question on whether every species has to produce extra copies of good genes each generation and fewer of bad genes. And are humans doing the reverse now? Are humans in a genetic liquidity trap? How can CHRM2 and DTNBP1 variants good for IQ be spread if fewer than 2 copies are made each generation by high IQ parents?

==Other links

Has some on CHRM2 at above link.

Search iq genes

Search CHRM2 IQ race


Many scientific papers on these topics at

White women are most likely to be married among women of all races:


List and Links

NOT SO. I can name a couple of genes and not much more that influence intelligence:

Human neuropsin
and a small amount of genes on chromosome 4



Some comments on Jim Manzi’s article at above link. This is well written and thought out. However, we can measure IQ racial differences at the top of the column easily. Very few blacks produce great math. One exception is David Blackwell and there are others.

To tell if two bodies of water are the same height you look at the top. Same with trees, people, etc. You don’t have to know the chemistry of the insides of the lakes, trees, or people to tell that one is higher than the other. Its the same with intelligence. We look at the top of the races and see a huge difference. That is the measurement. We can look at the societies and civilizations and see a large part of the distribution.

If blacks can’t figure out not to eat lead, that is an indication of intelligence. Whites did figure that one out. Claiming its lead or whatever in the environment doesn’t explain why one group can figure out lead is a problem and avoid it. If lead was the problem, then liberals say its whites fault for not keeping blacks from ingesting lead.,0,6600780.story

Lead exposure in children linked to violent crime
A study finds that even low levels can permanently damage the brain. The research also shows that exposure is a continuing problem despite efforts to minimize it.
By Thomas H. Maugh II and Marla Cone, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
May 28, 2008

Questions for Jim Manzi at Takimag on evolution and good genes

May 27, 2008

Mr. Manzi,

James Watson said or is thought to have said that the frequency distribution of IQ among blacks is lower than whites and this is at least partly genetic. Whether he said that or not, do you agree with it?

In general, is it the job of every species every generation for the last billion years to make more copies of good genes and let fewer copies of bad ones survive? Did species that didn’t do that go extinct? Is the run up of human population in the last 10,000 years an exception? Has that time ended and we are back to make more copies of good genes and let fewer copies of bad ones survive?

Is human population too high? Is this the cause of the mass extinction of species?

If smart people have less than replacement of high IQ genes, how can high IQ genes spread?

How can evolution or even a healthy equilibrium be maintained in any species if its not making extra copies of good genes to spread through the species? How can extra copies of good genes be spread if smart people have replacement or less fertility?

Doesn’t the survival of any species depend on above replacement fertility of good genes and below replacement survival of bad ones? How can humans achieve this if there population has to stop increasing?

One last question. Not making above replacement of high IQ genes I call a genetic liquidity trap. Are humans in a genetic liquidity trap?


This could be called a high IQ genetic liquidity trap to be more precise.

==some additional questions or comments

Is the spread of high IQ genes a civil right? A species right? An earth right?

Is it genocide not to spread them but contract them in number?

I.e. genocide is specific, its spreading bad genes and limiting good genes?

Immigration violates civil rights of good genes and society?

Good genes have rights?

They need to?

Is abortion of good genes a wrong, and of bad genes a right? What if a man with bad genes rapes a woman with good ones? Is abortion a right for society? Especially since women with good genes shouldn’t waste the few births they have now on bad ones?

Affirmative action contributes to the genetic liquidity trap?

Is there an ongoing genocide of high IQ genes?

Is this the real genocide to be worried about?

Also high ethics genes?

Does affirmative action contribute to that loss process?

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