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Obama raised by grandparents good Palin does it then bad?

August 31, 2008

The left is saying that Obama is good because raised by his white grandparents. But that Sarah Palin is bad because she may have taken her child’s child as her own to raise.

We can sum this up as:

Obama was raised by his grand parents at key parts of his life, and has little loyalty towards his grandmother, like seeing her grandkids on his last trip to Hawaii which apparently never happened, but expects much of her. On the other hand, if Palin raises a grandchild as her own to avoid shame to the child and an inexperienced parent, that’s a shame on Palin. That’s covering up and keeping information from her supporters who would otherwise trash her for having a teen have a baby.

Vanishing American on this issue has great post

I actually think it would be to their credit, were it true. In ‘old America’ it was not unheard of for parents or other family members to raise a ‘chance child’ as theirs, thus keeping the child within the family fold while not offering an occasion for scandal to the neighbors. I know of a few cases like this among the older generations, wherein a child was adopted and raised by the grandparents as one of their own children. In some cases, neighbors knew this to be the case, and yet it was simply not talked about.

I agree with you VA.

MSM: Edwards, Clinton, etc. they protect for their activity. The MSM doesn’t think Edwards has any responsibility for the child “if” its his.

MSM: Sarah Palin secretly taking responsibility for her granddaughter and raising her without shame is bad, because she even thinks its shameful. Of course, in MSM world, its the hypocrisy that offends them. She is the same as Edwards but she pretends to be better and hides it from her cave dwelling supporters by pretending her wild teen’s child is her own instead of proudly saying its out of wedlock. If she actually believes its a shame, and isn’t doing it just to deceive her supporters, that is worse. Of course, with Edwards that is different. That was just the Republican smear machine. Anyone who disagrees with these MSM views is benighted and likely a covert member of you know what organizations.

Of the 4 people on the tickets, if I had to keep one and throw the rest, I would toss the other 3.

Sarah Palin grandchild

The alleged photo that proves she wasn’t pregnant in February 2008

Where does it say a candidate for president like Obama doesn’t have to reveal his hospital of birth, birth certificate, Indonesian school, religious institution, passport, identity card files, Pakistan passport usage, US passport files, and whatever is in Kenya, Canada, Washington State, Pakistan ISI files, or Saudi files? But on the other hand, a woman has to reveal the birth certificate of her daughter/grand-daughter?

Obama should produce his own birth certificate before he demands the birth certificate of Palin’s child. His supporters should stop calling for the b.c. of Palin’s child, Trig, while calling Texas Darlin and others names for asking for Obama’s b.c.


See Following comment from Raw Story thread

August 31st, 2008 at 13:07:07 From:
McCain’s Anti-Choice Choice
McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin to serve as his VP, is for all intents and purposes, a ridiculous attempt to hoodwink the angry pro-Hillary supporters in America to come over to his camp and is the most insulting, condescending, slap in the face to women I have ever seen on such a scale. And the most frightening aspect is – there are many women AND men who will fall for this complete load of crap and do just that. Progressives need to understand that Sarah Palin is no friend to women. She is rabidly anti-abortion, pro-abstinence, plus she has an intense hatred of the gay and lesbian community, is a card carrying member of the NRA and opposes any legislation to put any requirements on gun ownership, is anti-environment/anti-species protection, pro big oil, highlighted her opposition” to “that bridge to nowhere” — but not her previous reported support for it. She and her husband are ‘said’ to have five kids, the last one being born with Downs Syndrome. But there is an intense debate going on over the suspicion that this fifth child could possibly be that of her oldest daughter. People in the know (classmates) claimed Palin’s daughter had developed a bit of a paunch and then disappeared from school for over five months (some say it was eight). The reason given for her absence was that she had a prolonged case of “mono”. Now, mono can last anywhere from two weeks to three months, but an eight month infection is a freak oddity. Now, for those who don’t know, this is a typical excuse given by many Christian parents to cover up and avoid the terrible stigma of their teenage daughters becoming unwed mothers. And being the daughter of such a high profile, bible thumper as Gov. Palin is, bearing a child out of wedlock has the potential to do even more damage to her mother’s overly pious image and squeaky clean reputation. Sarah Palin’s aides and co-workers were completely unaware that she was pregnant until early March. And they claim she never actually appeared or behaved as if she were pregnant. She continued to wear the same clothing she had worn up to that time and had shown no perceptible bulge to anyone’s recollection. She claims she was at an energy conference in Texas when her water broke. Then she related that it was only a slow leak of amniotic fluid and not a full gush. Then she claims she gave a 30 minute speech, while in labor, left the hall and got on a plane for the long, eleven hour ordeal and eight hour flight back to Alaska. None of the people at the conference, flight attendants or the pilots were ever told of or made aware of her condition. Her plane then made a landing in Anchorage, Alaska. Does Sarah then visit a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city? No. She drives 45 minutes away, to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla. “Trig Palin” is then delivered one month premature, Friday night. Sarah returned to work after three days. The inherent need to absolutely have Trig delivered in a remote and possibly ill-equipped facility for premature deliveries, where Sarah would likely have numerous contacts and the control to keep things from the media, does not sit well. The doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, approving of all of these actions borders on malpractice. Not properly treating leaking amniotic fluid leakage can cause severe infections, and time is of the essence after one’s water breaks. The final point of interest in this story is that Trig Palin has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome . This is an interesting point, as chances of having offspring with Down’s Syndrome increases from under 1% to 3% after a mother reaches the age of 40. Although many supporters who are trying to throw water on this story, claiming it’s nearly impossible for a teenage girl to have a Down’s baby, 80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mother’s under the age of 35 through sheer quantities of births in this age group. Adding even more fuel to the fire on this story, the Alaska Department of State has now removed all photos of Sarah Palin and her family from their website. Word of the pregnancy scandal is spreading around the Internet like wildfire. According to one source, people “in the know” from Alaska are stating it is true, and that Sarah Palin did hide her daughter’s pregnancy. And that the child, Trig Palin, very likely belongs to her daughter, Bristol. And why else does this matter? Sarah Palin is intensly anti-abortion. Great to see she sticks to her guns. But it’s too bad she felt some need to lie about her own daughter being pregnant because of the fact that: Sarah Palin is an avid proponent to abstinence only education. Maybe this needs repeating. Sarah Palin is an avid proponent to abstinence only education. One more time! Sarah Palin is an avid proponent to abstinence only education. Are we beginning to get the picture? Seems as though she needs to spend more time being a mom and less time being a politician if her own daughter was getting knocked up at the tender age of 16, or if Sarah has a new baby that requires extra special care. If Bristol Palin truly did give birth to Trig Plain on April 18, 2008 then this blows open a huge hole in her highly touted, flawlwess, Christian parenting abilities and the abstinence only arguments she supports. Keeping a close watch on your teenage daughter’s activities and behavior is something most responsible parents have known for years, regardless of the intensity of their religious beliefs or political affiliation. You need to educate your kids about sex, but you also need to make them understand there are preventative measures that can be taken when there is a rejection of the abstinence argument. It also shows that John McCain has obviously made one more bad decision in a long string of bad decisions. Lying, secrecy and deceit have become so much a part of the Republican’s modus operandi over the past 30 years that it will likely be very difficult to ever get to the truth of this matter. The fact that it could have been her daughter that gave birth to this child is not the problem though. The problem is the cover-up and her ability to do so with such success that this may be the big attraction that the Neocons had been looking for in a female candidate. So, if this is true, to hell with her political inexperience, right? She’s the kind of champion John McCain’s administration needs when it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of her gullible supporters and constituents. She can attract the women’s vote and she can be trusted to toe the line when it comes to continuing the lies and deceit if McCain were to kick the bucket during his term of office.
August 31st, 2008 at 13:40:31 From:
13:07:07 – you may want to also check her oldest child’s birthdate against her wedding date and do that calculation.
August 31st, 2008 at 14:16:26 From:

The above comments are almost exactly the same as the spoof version. Those in the Obama reality zone are predictable. That means Obama is too. Which means he will follow his heart not his head. That’s not good for us.



Article II of the US Constitution requires the president be natural born, not that the son of the vice president be her own child instead of her grand child. BTW, Trig is a natural born US citizen and not a dual citizen like his mom, whoever his mom is. Sarah, Bristol and Trig Palin and in fact the entire Palin family are all natural born US citizens and once 35 all of them qualify under Article II. But Obama’s extended family can’t say that. Its Obama who has to prove that he is a natural born citizen, not Trig to prove which Palin was his mother. Obama has to reveal his files from Indonesia, Hawaii, US Passport office, Pakistan travel in 1981, etc. He has to prove in Philadelphia in the Berg lawsuit that he is a natural born citizen and was never a dual citizen. But the AP photo says he was a citizen of Indonesia and the US Supreme Court has upheld cases of losing US citizenship by a similar fact pattern.

==Daily Kos photos and videos of Sarah Palin during period in question prior to birth of Trig Palin.

Kos article says Sarah Palin not mother.

There could be calls below to delete this information. Calls that this type of information is muckraking and ‘below us’. The truth is not below any progressive, nor any citizen of the world that is one heartbeat away from having Palin as leader of the free world. We simply ask that she be forthright, honest, and not waste our time with such juvenile games that anyone with eyes can see as fabrication.

Bristol Palin rightfully should be able to embrace her child in public as her own, with no shame, and no quarter. And a mother should be just as accepting.

Obama Zone Reality = spoof. This is why the New Yorker cover was the same as reality.

Great links below:

Early post on it:

Wasilla Police Department
On February 8, 2008, at 1737 hours, Wasilla Police responded to two vehicle collision at Seward Meridian Parkway and Fireweed Drive . Investigation revealed that Bristol Palin, age 17 of Wasilla, was driving a 4-door sedan and attempted to turn into a business when she struck a 2-door sedan driven by Joshua Moffet, age 19, of Wasilla. Palin was issued a citation for Failing to Use Due Care to Avoid a Collision. Moffet was issued a citation for an expired registration and no proof of insurance. 4:15 PM – 7 Comments – 8 Kudos


Some local Alaska comments:


The whole story is based on an insulting view of fundamentalist Christians; that they’d be so freaked out by a teenage pregnancy that they’d have the Governor — the most highly visible and public women in the small fishbowl of Alaska — fake a pregnancy to cover up the sins her of daughter Bristol.


Sarah Palin is no Barack Hussein Obama II

August 31, 2008

Table below compares the two candidates, Palin and BHO II

SP is no Hillary Rodham Clinton, response

  1. I never said I was.
  2. Obama told his people to attack me just like I was.
  3. I’m no Barack Obama either.
  4. I’m not Bill Clinton in the Oval Office either.
  5. I will not be another Bill Clinton
  6. I didn’t get a Rezko deal either.
  7. I was never listed as a citizen of Indonesia on my school registration.
  8. But like Hillary, I do tell people what hospital I was born in.
  9. But like Hillary, I never had an Indonesian passport or identity papers.
  10. I don’t have Axelrod feeding me lines.
  11. My foreign policy experience isn’t getting drugs in Pakistan while in college.
  12. I don’t sneer like Obama did in his Democratic Party Convention Speech.  Nor do I radiate the arrogance, insolence and disdain that he shows more and more.
  13. I don’t have some hidden anger over hiding my dual citizenship so long and so successfully and now being afraid its going to be discovered in a courtroom in Philadelphia, exposing me as the fraud I am.

Sarah Palin Obama McCain Biden Experience Box

August 30, 2008

A proper ticket has a more experienced president than Vice president. The John McCain Sarah Palin ticket is that way. An improper one is reversed. That is the Barack Hussein Obama II and Joseph Biden Jr. ticket.

If we think of the Republican as on the y-axis and Democrat on x-axis, we have a situation where the Republican ticket is right and Democratic wrong on the experience gradient from VP to P.

We can imagine each ticket as being in alignment or not along its axis and then we get a combination of the two. The Republican ticket dominates the Democratic ticket in the way experience is distributed within the ticket. So this is a star combination for Republicans, they are right and Democrats wrong.

All the columns about Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin comparisons miss the point that Obama is inexperienced and his only basis on the ticket is to pander based on his race and identity.

PUMA for McCain Palin, Texas Darlin supports the pick



A lot of great and unique comments here. Teachers are smarter than they are given credit for. Maybe we should have teachers question the candidates. I particularly like the point that we have an experience/inexperience inversion on the Democratic ticket.

VP is supposed to be young and inexperienced relative to P in most situations.

If Palin is pandering to identity politics, what is Obama? If Obama was a white guy, he wouldn’t have been president of Harvard Law Review, or likely even gone to Harvard. Nor would he have been given his book deal because of it. Nor would Bill Ayers have promoted his career to stick it to us with a black nationalist. That’s Obama’s real experience that counts, as a Hyde Park radical on the South Side of Chicago. Vote for that person if you vote for him. Dems will make the point that Obama is inexperienced by attacking Palin. Its hard to imagine McCain is that shrewd, but he might be.

==Dems are saying

Don’t vote for McCain, because

  1. His VP pick is as inexperienced as Obama
  2. Like Obama his VP pick would never have gotten on any ticket except for his identity.
  3. Like Obama, this is pure pandering on race and gender.


OldAtlantic wrote:
Obama’s foreign policy experience:

Ayers and Dohrn launch his career probably starting in the 1980’s and they are still covering up. Ayers and Dohrn’s Weather Undergound bombed the Capitol and Pentagon.

Black Nationalist church of Rev Wright that Obama had to leave in the middle of the election.

Citizen of Indonesia

Traveled to Pakistan in 1981 possibly on Indonesian Passport with Indonesian KTP Muslim identity card.

Joined Muslim faction of his cousin Odinga in 2006 Kenya election to impose Sharia law on Kenya.

Disarm US of nuclear weapons.

in 10th page of comments if number page 1 as first in chrono order. WP uses reverse page numbers but then the page numbers change as total number of pages change.


Obama: young, inexperienced, always got advancement based on identity. Admitted to Harvard for being black. Pres H Law Rev for being black. Elected South Side Chicago for being black. Keynote speaker 2004 for being black. Won caucus votes in 2008 for picking Axelrod to stuff the ballot.

Obama is afraid to release his files from Indonesia and Hawaii and US and Indonesian Passport Offices. At least Palin didn’t go to Pakistan in 1981 on an Indonesian Passport with an Indonesian KTP Muslim identity card.

Posted by: Old Atlantic | August 30, 2008 2:03 PM


“We know Barack Obama from 20 months of campaigning and media scrutiny.”

Iwakiri | August 30, 2008 2:33 PM

Sorry my friend, Obama won’t release his Hawaii birth files, tell us what hospital he was born at, release his school and religious records from Indonesia, release his Indonesian and US passport records, answer an affidavit to the Berg lawsuit in Philadelphia on all questions raised including whether he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 using an Indonesian passport.

Obama turned down Federal clerkships in 1991 because he had to pass a FBI background check. Was he hiding that he gave up US citizenship in 1981 by using an Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan?

Obama has covered up when he met Ayers, Dohrn, what he heard from or said to Rev Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, and so many others we can’t keep track of.


Put dirt in New Orleans Canal before Hurricane Gustav

August 30, 2008

Canal through middle of New Orleans

Time to fill the canal through New Orleans with dirt, sand, concrete until proper sector gates or flood gates are installed on each end.
“Corps officials have called it the system’s Achilles’ heel. To fix the problem, the agency plans to spend at least $695 million to construct a barrier across the shipping channel’s mouth. But that work won’t be done for at least another three years.”

In April 2005, this article on the Harvey Canal Sector Gate

It cost 40 million but was on the west side of the river to protect commercial areas.

So before Katrina, they built sector gates to protect shipping areas at a cost of 40 million.  They’ve built one for the 17th St canal but not the main canal through New Orleans.  They need to fill that main canal with dirt, at least at each end, and whatever else they need to prevent flooding.


Sarah Palin McCain Veepcake

August 29, 2008


Waking up in Zanubamaland

August 29, 2008

We go to sleep in white America and wake up in Zanu-America. In Zanu America, blacks and 3rd worlders rule. They in turn are ruled by their resentments of whites. In ZA, whites are held up as racists and for group hatred by the people. Public occasions are to list resentments against whites and white civilization, there being no black one.

Barack Hussein Obama II drops his Axelrod mask and becomes Zanubama, the disciple of Rev Jeremiah Wright, Ayers, Dohr, Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Marx, Malcolm X, Minister Farrakhan, and Rezko. Zanubama doesn’t have to let Axelrod pull the strings, he can rule openly as who he is, a black nationalist Muslim 3rd worlder who has never had anything but genocide in his heart for white people and white civilization.

The Zanu-Democratic Party has three planks

  1. Kill Nicole, the racist white whore
  2. Blame white racism
  3. Racist blacks and 3rd worlders in majority of a white democratic institution, the jury, misuse it as a weapon of genocide of the whites who created it.

Barack models himself on the Big Black Man. He sees Minister Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Odinga, Jomo Kenyatta, Mugabe, Mandela, OJ and himself as all one. Obama sees them all as black nationalist Muslims.

There is a nation of 3rd world resentment that is the true nation of Obama’s heart. Obama’s heart is a heart of darkness. This is shown in every speech where he speaks from the heart. What pours out is his resentment of whites and what whites have given him.

When Obama gets away from his handlers, and gives himself rope, he shows he wants to hang us with it. This is what happened in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. As it went on, his anger came out more and more openly. His handlers wrote one speech, but as he spoke, out came who he is. Out came Rev Wright’s son, the real Obama. The Ayers Dohrn Obama. The Frank Marshall Davis Obama. The Malcolm X Obama. The Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Obama.

There is no other Obama. Its always one of those evil authority father figures who comes out. Those are who Obama chose to put in there and its now who he is. Not Axelrod nor biographies nor success can exorcise all these demon men in Obama. That is all there is in there. Obama’s mentors and those he admires are a Pantheon of Evil. That is who Obama is. He is that Pantheon of Evil and he belongs in it.

Whites are going to wake up and find that they live in a country where the usual muggings and murders by 3rd world gangs and individuals are now the design of the government. They aren’t just individual acts, but are now tolerated. The resentments behind them are exalted in great stadiums by leaders who pretend to be multicult liberals but are really in the mold of Jacob Zuma. Let the necklacing of white people go forth is their mantra. Its time for them to know what it feels like.

This is the real heart of Barack Hussein Obama’s speech. Resentment, resentment and more resentment. Blaming Whitey. Its willful ignorance not to know it. It seeps from him. As he went on in his speech, his anger came out. That is what really animates him. More than any personal ambition, he carries with him the deep need to see whitey pulled down and off his throne. He needs to see America become Zimbabwe. It will be renamed after Obama, Zanubamaland. For white people, it can only be hard. Just like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Detroit, LA and DC.

Since its going to be hard, and we are going to have to fight for our survival by any means, we should start now. That is the lesson of Obama. We should hold on to our majority while we can and stop the 3rd world invasion and send them back. We don’t have to live in Obama’s nightmare for us. We don’t have to live in Detroit or South Africa. We can choose. We can oppose immigration. We can stop denouncing whites. We can stop agreeing with PC. We can oppose affirmative action, welfare, and other give aways. We can stop supporting bad behavior and bad products and service. We can turn away from multicult multinationals that pump out multicult propaganda. Just turn it off and don’t buy their products. Buy local from people you know.


“The Angry Barack Obama Acceptance Speech
August 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

No surprise that a majority of the chattering class misread this speech in their analysis, they never understand how it is viewed by the Average American. The picture below sums up the angry, lecturing, arrogant speech by Barack Obama.”


Barack Hussein Obama is angry in his speech

August 28, 2008

Obama had a harsh edge that sometimes came out as subdued anger in his speech. He has a lot of resentment at America. Obama’s speech had much for those who resent white America to resonate with. But what did he really have for white America?

The reality is that Obama has spent his life, really dedicated his life to take America away from whites. That is his mission now. That is where the anger comes from. He is still Rev Wright’s son. He is still Ayers and Dohrn’s final bomb sprung on America.


==Above written same night as speech. Below some links added on morning after.

“The Angry Barack Obama Acceptance Speech
August 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

No surprise that a majority of the chattering class misread this speech in their analysis, they never understand how it is viewed by the Average American. The picture below sums up the angry, lecturing, arrogant speech by Barack Obama.”


McCain so senile and stupid needs Lieberman to tell him

August 27, 2008

If McCain wants to win he should appoint Duncan Hunter as VP in charge of immigration. No amnesty, no legalization, a pathway home to Mexico, and a moratorium on immigration above 25,000 per year and that includes student visas, guest worker, asylum, refugees, agjobs, H-1b visa, screw it to the people visas, etc.

McCain has to stop being on a vendetta against whites for leaving him to rot in Vietnam and then leaving South Vietnam to rot when they brought him home.

In every category, Chuck Baldwin, alone of all candidates for president was rated excellent by Roy Beck of NumbersUSA.

America needs Chuck Baldwin.

If McCain wants to win, he has to stop being for legal immigration or legalization.  Otherwise Iran gets nukes and Pakistan puts nukes on subs and sells them for cash.


Obama bin Laden worst case scenario

August 27, 2008

What is the worst case scenario about Obama that has been brought up?

Barack Hussein Obama II is a Kenyan Muslim and citizen of Indonesia who traveled on an Indonesian passport and Muslim KTP identity card in 1981 to Pakistan and then Mecca where he declared eternal allegiance to his Allah.

“PARODY Anti Barack Obama Campaign Ad”

Like New Yorker cover, the parody is close to the truth, about Obama.

Obama morphs into Osama and back

“You know your real enemy?”

Alabama for Obama (SPOOF)

“Barack Obama The Magic Negro”

Obama vs Yo Mama

Jesus Obama

He is the disciple of Ayers Dohrn Malcolm X Rev Wright and the Marxist 3rd world Islam Satan alliance.

But the worst case scenario is pretty close to what even liberals admit is true. Democrats really know how to pick them.

==CNN Calls Americans stupid

Stupid People:

“Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question”

“Miss Teen USA 2007 South Carolina Responds on Today show”

“Are Americans willfully ignorant or stupid?”

Why should you vote for Obama? Because of Obama Girl. That is the non reason reason for Obama

Will Obama Girl elect Obama?

“Britney and McCain in 2008”

Will this get Barack Hussein Obama II who quotes the Muslim Call to Prayer in Arabic to the New York Times? Why doesn’t Kristof release the tape?

==True or False, Immigration causes genetic extinction?

In population genetics, the case of one way migration is often treated in what is called the “Island Model”.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The island model with stochastically variable migration rate and immigrant gene frequency is investigated. It is supposed that the migration rate and the immigrant gene frequency are independent of each other in each generation, and each of them is independently and identically distributed in every generation. The treatment is confined to a single diallelic locus without mutation. If the diploid population is infinite, selection is absent and the immigrant gene frequency is fixed, then the gene frequency on the island converges to the immigrant frequency, and the logarithm of the absolute value of its deviation from it is asymptotically normally distributed.

The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, that under one way migration that frequency becomes the frequency on the island.

From PDF, conclusion:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Its true.


Worst case to worst case.

Dems say worst case is that McCain will draft 2 million men and invade Iran and make them give up their nuclear program. Then make Pakistan give up its nukes and invade Saudi Arabia, the two countries that attacked us on 9/11 and before and since. The Democrats idea of a worst case is we defeat our enemies.

What is the worst case Republicans fear? That Obama is our enemy. Obama a Muslim who is a disciple of the Weather underground terrorists Ayers and Dohrn who claim responsibility for bombing the Pentagon and Capitol of the United States and killed people. Rev Wright disciple, a former Muslim who if he did baptize Obama, didn’t baptize him in the Holy Spirit that any Christian knows. All the other influences in Obama’s life. Communists, Marxists, white and America haters many of them if not all. Those are his chosen mentors and authority figures. Obama who traveled to Pakistan in 1981 while in college. What an interesting choice. Pakistan the center of violent jihad funded by Saudi Arabia.

“July 17, 2005
The Pakistan connection
Extremism is thriving in the provinces and schools, reports Christina Lamb”

“August 13, 2006
Just whose side is Pakistan really on?
An ally in the war on terror or a haven for jihadists? After every outrage, it’s the state in the spotlight, says Christina Lamb”

“Complete 911 Timeline
Pakistan and the ISI Intelligence Agency”

Dems worst fear: McCain defeats our enemies one after the other and takes away their nukes forever.

Republicans worst fear: Obama is an America hater and his whole life shows what he will do, continue the same program of Islam Ayers Dohrn Alinsky Rev Wright Malcolm X Minister Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam.

Do we want a Muslim Indonesian citizen as president?
AP photo showing Obama registered as Indonesian citizen and Muslim

“September 11 2001 Video. What we Saw” (a family’s video from north of the WTC 26 minutes)

“911 – Pakistani Al-Queda Money Connection”

We need a president who wants to take nukes from Muslim nations. That is what Democrats think is the worst case scenario of what John McCain will do. Democrats fear that McCain will spend every waking moment working to take nukes from Muslim nations.


Democrats fear McCain will take nukes from Muslims. Republicans fear Obama won’t.

That is an election that Republicans win.


2001 Anthrax Ivins FBI mailbox spores and chores

August 27, 2008

Elizabeth Ferrari’s list at the Meryl Nass link is compelling that this case needs better evidence and more disclosure and that the only thing closed is the FBI’s mind. The fixing of the attacks on Bruce Ivins by the FBI experts like Vahid Majidi shows an inability to apply scientific methods to detection. It shows sloppy non-scientific thinking. Its really please the boss thinking.

The FBI also seems to have become overly fixed on the Princeton NJ mailbox. They claim it was mailed there both times. But really there is no proof it was mailed there either time.

If the letters had 2g of anthrax each, and each gram had a trillion spores that is 2 trillion spores inside. If there was one millionth of a gram on the outside of the envelope, that is 1 million spores on the outside. 8 to 10 thousand spores is a lethal dose. 125 spores can be detected by a swab. The postal carrier who picked up the letters should have gotten sick. The following table indicates some people who got sick. The FBI should figure out if one of the pick up people got sick and what boxes they picked up letters from.

The following has a good table of the onset of anthrax in some of the postal workers and other victims.

The FBI wants the Nassau St mailbox to be the one, so they can fix it to the sorority. But for the first mailing, if he drove up on Monday Sep 17 when he had leave he could have dropped it in some other box that picked up mail at 9 AM only so that it would be picked up on Tuesday. The Nassau St. mailbox could have been cross contaminated in this scenario. He could have picked a mailbox that was isolated so he could use plastic gloves.

The FBI doesn’t appear to really think straight. This is a reflection of not sharing information even internally. They need to put up charts on the wall and internet that map out every step of what they think happened where and when. Then link those to evidence. They also need to do little probability calculations, even crude ones for each event and all of them together.

Vahid Majidi was chemistry division leader at Los Alamos. If we had depended on him to invent the bomb it would look like the Anthrax Case he has put together. Please the boss Iranian charm doesn’t really get the job done. Sorry Vahid.

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