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John McCain for bailout against us like amnesty

September 29, 2008

John McCain is for the bailout, the amnesty for CEO greed.  John McCain always takes the side against us.  Don’t expect him to be different on Iran either.  He will let them have nukes like Bush.  McCain is Bush III.  Vote Chuck Baldwin who is excellent from NumbersUSA on immigration in every category.


400000 dollar cap all of financial services or no bailout

September 29, 2008

The financial services crisis is not of one firm, but of the whole sector.  It was brought on by lobbyists and contributions to Congress from the whole financial services sector.  All public corporations and all financial services firms must have a 400,000 cap on pay that applies until the crisis is over.  This is as long as the party lasted, i.e. the easy money.


  1. All FDIC insured accounts, the employees of such firms have the 400000 pay cap.
  2. All financial services firms that own mortgages with any type of government guarantee also have the cap.
  3. Any party to a swap contract under ISDA rules is subject to the cap.
  4. Any corporation trading on a regulated exchange.
  5. Any legal entity that takes funds to invest in the securities of other firms.
  6. Any legal entity in the same sector as other firms receiving guarantees or bailouts.
  7. Possibly all traded public companies.

Tax code could be used as well for this.  Tax all pay above 400,000 for those in these sectors.  This can also be considered a user fee.  We can also go back and get all pay above these levels from the time Alan Greenspan became Fed chairman.

House Republicans no Jack Abramoff Tom Delay style bailout

September 29, 2008

House Republicans this is the time to come to the aid of your country. Read our lips, no Wall Street bailout. Cap the bailout at zero. House Republicans can be the party of Tom Paine or the party of Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay. This is worse than the IMF bailout of Russia that didn’t work. Stand fast against the powers that be and we will stand with you.

The bailout of Goldman Sachs by Hank Paulson is not what we want to pay for along with the Iraq war and the high cost of immigration.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Bush, Barack Hussein Obama II, John Sidney McCain III, Kennedy, Lindsey Graham and others who turn their back on us want this bailout for their rich friends or selves.  Stand firm for us, we want no bailout.

Richard Spencer deletes comment at Takimag on Khomeini’s will

September 27, 2008

Richard Spencer at Takimag deleted the following comment from a thread on the debate between John Sidney McCain III and Barack Hussein Obama II

Khomeini’s will declares the US the Enemy of Islam and the Great Satan. The Constitution of Iran effectively incorporates Khomeini’s Will as a binding fatwa. Iran has made America its enemy that it must destroy and is building nukes. We need to stop thinking this is a joke. They are working to kill us and mean to do so. We have to draft 2 million men and invade Iran. The Will and the Constitution are both on line in English. We can no longer afford a press that is worried about getting interviews and not our survival.

Someone had already posted this comment in reply to mine:

I can’t tell. Is Old Atlantic joking? How, prey tell, could Iran “destroy” America even if it wanted to?

Posted by Red Phillips on Sep 27, 2008.

Richard Spencer supported Amit Singh over Mark Ellmore in a Virginia primary for Republican candidate for Congress to oppose Jim Moran. Old Atlantic supported Ellmore. Ellmore won. Moreover, Spencer’s comments were not as data intensive or fact supported. He supported Singh out of sentimentality and as a sophisticated white (from Yale?) who feels he has to support an Indian over a redneck white, because the redneck white is too loyal. In this case, Singh was for massive H-1B and Ellmore was not.

Mark Ellmore Richard Spencer

Spencer’s comments about Mark Ellmore were demeaning, as if Ellmore was a primitive white who was loyal to other whites and to the survival of whites as a civilization. Isn’t that what Takimag’s is about?

Spencer in above column and many others banged the drum for Amit Singh but lost to those commenting for Ellmore. Richard Spencer is carrying this over to trying to cover up Khomeini’s Will and its designation of the US as the Great Satan and the Greatest Enemy of Islam? Is that the purpose of Takimag?

Khomeini’s Will is relevant to Iran. Iran’s Constitution is relevant to Iran. Iran was part of the McCain Obama debate. Few talk about these primary source documents. That makes it relevant. Richard Spencer should try to study them and do the best he can debating them.

==From an earlier post

The USA is the foremost enemy of Islam. It is a terrorist state by nature that has set fire to everything everywhere and its ally, the international Zionism does not stop short of any crime to achieve its base and greedy desires, crimes that the tongue and pen are ashamed to utter or write.

That makes it the law of Iran. Its in the will of the Supreme Leader founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran who gave it its founding law and constitution.

khomeini “enemy of islam” “united states”

Article 107

After the demise of the eminent marji’ al-taqlid and great leader of the universal Islamic revolution, and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatullah al-’Uzma Imam Khumayni – quddisa sirruh al-sharif – who was recognized and accepted as marji’ and Leader by a decisive majority of the people, the task of appointing the Leader shall be vested with the experts elected by the people.

Khomeini’s death is part of the Constitution. So his last will and testament is part of Islamic law that the Constitution makes binding on Iran.

Article 110 [Leadership Duties and Powers]

The constitution accords many powers to the Supreme Leader.

Some say that the Supreme Leader’s powers extend beyond those enumerated in the Constitution because he can use “Islamic issues for justification.”[10]

Richard Spencer has also deleted comments, I believe, at Takimag on the Wright Island Model and a link to the science. Is that the purpose of Takimag?

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

So Richard Spencer is trying to keep readers from knowing of this science and of knowing Khomeini’s Will and its relation to Iran’s Constitution at a time when Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. This is all because he lost the debate on Amit Singh on the merits because he supported Singh for massive H-1B?

Amit Singh H-1b

It never makes sense to be on the side of your own genocide. Its never safe to keep silent when your own genocide is happening. When someone abandons you, you should not abandon yourself.


And did those feet in ancient time,

Walk upon England’s mountains green
And was the holy Lamb of God,

On England’s pleasant pastures seen
And did the Countenance Divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic Mills?
Bring me my Bow of burning gold;

Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold:

Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem,

In England’s green & pleasant Land.

Proud to be British

Anthem for England
And Did Those Feet In Ancient Times – Inspirational Hymns

Chariots of Fire- Jerusalem

Michele Bachmann tells truth Keith Ellison lies and threatens

September 27, 2008

Blaming the CRA is one of conservatives’ favorite talking points and has been peddled by Charles Krauthammer, Fox News,, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and the National Review.

Michele Bachmann told the truth that Steve Sailer has pointed out, that blacks and Hispanics got affirmative action loans from Clinton regs that busted FNMA and FHLMC. We are being busted by 3rd worlders. We have to tell the truth or lose everything.

Women are waking up that their nest is being fouled by men who lie about immigration, blacks and Hispanics. These are men like Keith Ellison, who don’t have their best interests at heart. There will be no safe nests in America when men like Keith Ellison are finished. Women like Michele Bachmann are realizing its not safe to keep silent while Keith Ellison goes around messing with their nests that were once safe.

Debate McCain Obama won President of Kenya

September 27, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama II closed the deal with Kenyan voters in the Ole Miss Debate with John McCain. Obama’s tug on the heart story of his Kenyan father reminded everyone how much he cares about whether America wins or loses with its struggles with the envy of less happier lands.

Obama did a good job projecting himself as a dutiful loyal American and then at the end he lets the cat out of the bag that it was all just pretend. He is still Frank Marshall Davis’s boy. Obama has to worry about Rev Wright’s book and book tour coming up, the Phil Berg lawsuit to expose Obama’s Indonesian citizenship and possibly Indonesian passport and the rest.

Obama the Kenyan v. Putin the Russian doesn’t work. We need Captain McCain to stare down Putin KGB Lt. Col.

Putin’s Career Rooted in Russia’s KGB (
Putin quit the KGB, at the rank of lieutenant colonel, to work as Sobchak’s aide. In 1991, the city governance system was changed, and Sobchak became St. …

==Following are rough notes from reaction after the debate.

Obama is the prof who tells you how the president did it wrong after its over. McCain is the president who fights the fight. McCain won.

McCain total victory over Obama and Iran.

McCain had more of the I’ve been there sale pitch stuff.

Obama can’t match it.

McCain has others to say he’s been there. Press say it too.

McCain ends up winning as press say he is more experienced


Americans feel they are in the fight of their lives and are behind and the underdog.

undergod Obama v. underdog McCain

McCain is on the same wavelength as the American people, this is one of our last chances to win. Obama is really on the side of our enemies. He wants that. He is the man from Kenya he said at the end. He doesn’t identify with us.

Obama’s gaffe: I’m from Kenya. I identify with Kenya.

McCain is one of us, Obama isn’t. That’s what the debate said. If we lose, McCain loses with us. If we lose, Obama’s Kenyan side wins. Obama is hedged on America losing, McCain is in the same bucket with us. If we lose we and McCain go down together. Obama doesn’t. White America can cease to exist and Obama wins. That was the Kenya thing
message, as heard.

Obama was at his weakest – my opinion – in his closing. He told of his father from Kenya, the father from whom he got his name. Hey it’s a good story, but this is America and I am sorry, although we embrace the melting pot, you just don’t talk about places such as Kenya and mention you have a strange sounding last name (he already spends a lot of time convincing folks he’s not Muslim) when you’re running for president of the United States (and my apologies to the good people of Kenya).

Obama running for president of Kenya

Obama: If you lose, Kenya wins. I win.

McCain: If we lose, we cease to exist. We’re in this together. I’m one of you and we are down and the world counts us out and I will fight for you because if I lose you lose and if you lose I lose.

As memories fade, McCain will be thought of as having won.

Decisive. Fighter. Leader. Been there. Goto leader. Men eat up his macho like soccer kids.

Obama professor. After the fact quarterback. Term paper goto guy.
Nothing to follow. Can admire, but can’t follow. Kenya wins. I win. You lose. I don’t lose. That’s the Obama message. He doesn’t really owe us loyalty.

John LaBruzzo of Metairie speaks truth to PC elites

September 24, 2008

The PC elites want our civilization to fall and be replaced by the reign of chaos and evil. John LaBruzzo of Metairie has spoken out against their ongoing plan.

Vietnam POW camp names and John McCain

September 22, 2008

21 September 2008
Here It Comes? MIA Issue Surfacing To Bite McCain
[Peter Brimelow] @ 5:20 pm [Email author] [Email this article] [Print this article] [Print this article]

McCain and the POW Cover-up
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

Research support provided by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute. This is an expanded version, with primary documents attached, of a story that appears in the October 6, 2008 issue of The Nation.

By Sydney H. Schanberg
September 18, 2008

Following comments were posted at Front Page Magazine Feb 5 2008

Dispelling Internet Rumors About John McCain
By James H. Warner | Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vietnam Prison Names Mostly Unknown Still? – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 10:55 AM

“POW Camps In North Vietnam
Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C. 20301
A total of 13 facilities in North Vietnam were used as permanent detention camps for U.S. Prisoners-Of-War (POWs). Five of these camps were located in Hanoi, the remaining eight were outside the city.

With the exception of Hao Lo Prison, the official Vietnamese names for the POW camps are not known. Note that although the Son Tay POW Camp nickname is Camp Hope, Son Tay became the popular name after the rescue attempt in November 1970.”

Why did they keep the Vietnamese names secret from the POW’s?

If they were so incompetent, how did they keep the names secret?

Maybe someone knows now what the names are?

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Why didn’t Vietnam have to tell for trade? – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 11:02 AM
McCain was part of a Senate Committee that looked into missing POW’s in the 1990’s. Vietnam sent people including “Bug” the man who McCain named as torturing him.

Why didn’t Vietnam have to disclose the names of the POW camps at that time to get trade benefits? Wouldn’t that be part of the cooperation that was supposedly required?

Why would the Vietnamese names of the prisons still be secret? How come NSA hasn’t figured them out? Why haven’t they been disclosed if they have?

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What’s in a name? A CONCENTRATION CAMP by – FreeThinke 2/5/2008 1:22 PM
any other name would still be an abomination unto the Lord.

So who cares? It’s a DEAD issue.

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If Vietnam had numbers out of sequence – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 5:21 PM
for the camps, it would show there were more prisoners. There is a theory that half the prisoners were kept and never sent back.

Has links to Senate testimony on a Soviet era document about additional prisoners.

by Dr. Stephen J. Morris who is at SAIS/JHU.

I haven’t read it, I just found the link.

Did the Vietnamese have camp numbers? Can we find original docs on them? Are the camps we know of out of order?

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What if names of Camps were 1-4,8-9,14-16,20-23? – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 11:31 AM
What if the official 13 camp names were the following:

Stalag 1-4

Stalag 8-9

Stalag 14-16

Stalag 20-23

which comes to 13.

If those are the official names would that suggest something
to you? Where are Stalags 13 and 17? Why did the camps
that release prisoners not come in sequence?

If the official camp names were numbers not in sequence, that would explain why the Vietnamese wouldn’t tell us even now. It would be obvious there were additional camps.

When you do an audit you ask for the names of the camps and official docs with the names.

They never told the prisoners or us the names. Why? Why keep it secret?

Why didn’t John McCain do an audit? Why didn’t they hire auditors in the 1990’s when they did the certification that Vietnam had no more POW’s? What sort of audit doesn’t get documents with the official names of the camps? What sort of audit doesn’t send auditors to look at the files?

If McCain couldn’t do that when he was on the committee, why should he be president?

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Found a source with Official Names – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 11:46 AM

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Search on name finds only 3 hits – Old Atlantic 2/5/2008 5:26 PM
“17 Pho Ly Nam De”

This is the camp known as the Plantation according
to webpage

Results 1 – 3 of 3 for “17 Pho Ly Nam De”.

“(2) American nicknames: Citadel, Plantation, Country Club, Camp Four, Funny Farm, Holiday Inn, Lows or Lowes Camp.

Vietnamese name: 17 Pho Ly Nam De ((17 Phoos Lys Nam DDees)); 17 Ly Nam De Street.”

The Plantation is the camp that John McCain went to first in 1967 from the hospital, not including any location differing from the hospital in the first few days after he crashed.

That no one else is using the official Vietnamese name listed on this website in an internet search calls into question its identification as official? It seems to have camp names based on addresses. Note the Camp Four nickname
is unlike some other camps that had no number nickname.

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Some additional links from another poster at Front Page Mag:

Of course, I still wonder about the pictures of him warmly embracing Col. Bui Tin, Vietnamese Interrogator, when he visited the US for the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs in 1992 and Mai Von On, one of the men who beat and stabbed him when he was captured. Nothing like forgive and forget huh??

Interesting Site near Hanoi:

We simply do not KNOW what actually happened and John McCain has failed to give us a reasonable explanation. I would like to state that I do not know if I would have done things better than John McCain when faced with a death like that.

Now, look at what his Senate record looks like, especially recently:

Dispelling Internet Rumors About John McCain – KuhnKat 2/5/2008 6:34 PM

same Front Page article Feb 5, 2008.

Fritz Löhner-Beda stop Muslim immigration now

September 21, 2008

The life and death of Fritz Löhner-Beda is a reason to stop immigration and send the 3rd worlders out. We need to keep Wiener Musik alive not build a concentration camp that is all of the West and bring in our executioners, more thuggish than Nazis.

O immigration, I can’t forget about you,
because you are my fate.
Who lets them in, only he can appreciate
how wonderful our world was!

Anthrax Quantico Letter William Hirzy Robert J. Carton

September 21, 2008,2933,423081,00.html

Two additional candidates to be coauthors of the Quantico Letter are

Robert J. Carton, Ph.D. and Dr. J. William Hirzy. They were president and past-president of the EPA Local Union. Carton was at EPA and Ft. Detrick. He may have been a member of the Camel Club at Ft. Detrick.

Hirzy is now at American University Chemistry Department

“Crystal Mall II Building”

Results 13 of 3 for Crystal Mall II Building. (0.10 seconds)

Search Results

  1. [PDF]

    Index of this Electronic Publication: Page 1 This page Page 2-6 PR

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
    Crystal Mall II Building. 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway – Room 119. Arlington, Virginia. 22202. (703) 305-5805. /s/. James J. Jones, Director pages


    Asbestos in Our Workplace Ceiling tiles in the Crystal Mall II Building were found in 1990 to contain asbestos, and so were targeted for removal. – 59k – CachedSimilar pages

  3. Index of this Electronic Publication Page Page Page

    Public Regulatory Docket Crystal Mall II Building 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway – Room 119 Arlington, Virginia 22202 (703) 305-5805 /s/ James J. Jones, – 63k – CachedSimilar pages

Before calling for a vote of its members on this request, the union arranged a seminar by Prof. Paul Connett of St. Lawrence University and Dr. Bob Carton, our former Local President, covering toxicity data published in the mid and late 1990’s.

The phrases in the Quantico Letter seem to teach away from the author being Bruce Ivins.

Isreal is likely mistyped from Israel because the srea are adjacent keys on the keyboard and its easy to get the order wrong.

Results 1 – 100 of about 2,920,000 for “Isreal”.

The letter was sent to the military police at Quantico because they though the FBI might ignore it. They wanted the letter to get to Ft. Detrick. But they didn’t want to talk about Assaad and Ft. Detrick because that would point to the Camel Club. Carton may have been in the Camel Club. So he didn’t want it pointing back to him.

As it happened, the FBI interviewed Ayaad Assaad and then didn’t tell Ft. Detrick anything. They didn’t ask Ft. Detrick if any “biological poisons” were missing or give them a copy of the letter. In fact, there had been missing stock. The authors of the letter may have anticipated this indifference by the FBI and so hoped that the military police would keep a copy and send it to Ft. Detrick.

Fort Detrick’s anthrax mystery
Who tried to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a former biowarfare researcher at the Army lab? Was it the same person responsible for last fall’s anthrax mail terrorism?

By Laura Rozen

Jan. 26, 2002 | On Oct. 2, Ayaad Assaad, a U.S. government scientist and former biowarfare researcher, received a call from an FBI agent asking him to come in for a talk.

But he is not alone in his concerns about his former colleagues. Another scientist who worked at the lab at the time — and who admits to having been part of a group in the lab that called itself the “Camel Club,” organized as a kind of drinking club that on the side ridiculed the Egyptian-born Assaad — said he also believes that the anthrax in the recent terror scare came from Fort Detrick’s USAMRIID.

“As soon as it came out” about the anthrax letters, “the first thing that came to my mind was Fort Detrick,” said the scientist, who requested anonymity and is now employed in academia. “I don’t know how many labs are utilizing anthrax from Detrick. Detrick represents a repository of many organisms, and they would send it out to various other labs. A lot of people who were working on anthrax in this country got their anthrax from Fort Detrick.”

The scientist also claimed that he understood DNA analysis being performed by a private lab in Rockville, Md., had already determined that the source of the anthrax in the letter sent to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy was from Detrick. However, the private lab has told journalists that it will be another two weeks to a month before they publicly reveal their results.

fluoridation anthrax cipro


This is speculation and hypotheses. This is draft and preliminary. All other disclaimers apply.

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