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Worthless disloyal cowardly Republicans abandon Michele Bachmann

October 25, 2008

Bachmann, Tinklenberg in virtual tie in KSTP poll

The 6th District race is now considered a toss-up by Cook Political Report.

By PAT DOYLE, Star Tribune

Last update: October 23, 2008 – 10:29 PM

Rep. Michele Bachmann is effectively tied with Elwyn Tinklenberg in the Sixth Congressional District race, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KSTP-TV.

Democrat Tinklenberg leads Bachmann, a Republican, 47 percent to 44 percent, within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Search Tony Perkins, Family Research Council Bachmann

If people want traitors, they can vote Democrat.

Search: Bachmann Obama anti-American views

Obama doesn’t just have anti-American views, he has anti-white views. The Republicans now are afraid to point that out. Cowards.

They abandon us when they are called a name. Worthless.

Obama’s whole life is anti-American and anti-white views. Republicans need to wake up and stop being the 2nd anti-white party. Republicans have to learn to speak up for whites and use the word white. Their cowardice to do so means they lose every fight before it starts.

Search Obama Ayers

Results 1 – 100 of about 3,860,000 for Obama Ayers.

Republicans are hiding from the truth about their opponent being anti-American and anti-white. What truly worthless scum that won’t fight for themselves or us. They won’t tell the truth about their opponent when it would help them. They are truly cowards in their hearts.

This comes from the fear of saying white and standing up for whites. That fear comes out in many ways. The blacks and Hispanics know it and go for it. Republicans have to learn to speak up for whites using the word white. They learn it by doing it. Until they do, they are immobilized by their own fear like a fly in a spider’s web. That’s what the other side wants. The other side knows it has them. The other side knows it can ignore them and us. Its time for us to learn it. The other side is genociding us and Republicans want to genocide us too, just more slowly.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

==Not all cultures are equal not all values are equal is right.

Republican leaders don’t have loyalty and don’t have courage. They should learn that without those values they get replaced.


When the Angry Left Attack Machines comes for you, say I stand by what I said, and in fact, I double it.


Republicans pander to non-whites is getting them replaced

October 25, 2008

Republicans Face Possibility of Big Losses in US Congressional Races

24 October 2008

Republicans face the prospect of significant losses in the House of Representatives during next month U.S. election. Most analysts see Republicans losing at least 20 House seats, but some predictions put potential losses at 30 or more in the 435-seat House. VOA’s Dan Robinson reports, while Americans have generally negative views of Congress, Democrats have taken advantage of a general trend of dissatisfaction.

Republicans pander to non-whites according to the Rove Bush plan. This is getting Republicans replaced. Why should non-whites vote for a white disloyal to his own when they can vote for one of their own?

Non-whites value loyalty to their own. They only tolerate leaders who are loyal to their ethnic group. So they don’t vote for whites when they can vote for their own.

Non-whites know that non-whites are loyal to non-whites. Thus non-whites know in advance they are better off voting for a non-white. That person will stick it to the whites more than a white will. So non-whites vote non-white.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Western civ depends on McCain ie we lost already

October 23, 2008
Video of Obama presidency week 1, the triumph of Bill Ayer’s boy above.

We are headed towards misrule.  Our MSM bliars convinced the public McCain was against amnesty and got him the Republican nomination, thus undermining the resistance to Marxist 3rd worldism.   Russian intended this and worked to undermine and take our universities from us to make this happen.  Its been a decades long effort.  Obama’s basic policy is white genocide.  That’s what he comes home to.  That’s why Colin Powell endorsed Obama.  That’s why he is so excited.  Sort of like South Africa.

Ilana Mercer on South Africa.

Obama and Ayers think it is a plan.  It is.  One made in Moscow.

McCain ask Obama what year he met Bill Ayers

October 15, 2008

John Sidney McCain III should not attack Barack Hussein Obama II on Bill Ayers, JSM should ask Obama over and over, what year did you meet Bill Ayers? Where? When did Michelle Obama meet Dohrn? Did Dohrn or Ayers get Michelle or Barack hired at Sidley Austin? Into Harvard? Both of them?

Barack’s community organizing job? Into Columbia? Into Princeton for Michelle? Did Frank Marshall Davis send Obama to Bill Ayers? To profs at Columbia? Did Ayers and Dohrn sponsor the entire lives of Michelle and Barack from getting into college to now? Paid for their college, law school, and political campaigns? Because of FMD and communist connections? Is there an FSB and a KGB file on Barack Obama? On MIchelle Obama?


Claims against Obama are discredited by:

(1) Ignoring them.
(2) Saying they are discredited.
(3) Rinse and Repeat

If that doesn’t work:

(A) Say they were investigated.
(B) Withhold evidence.
(C) Admit a small part and say that closes the subject.

If its exposed

(A) Say its old news.
(B) Tell whopping lies in front of everyone.
(C) Cow the other side into silence by calling them racist.
(D) Use powerful funding control behind the scenes to get critics scared.
(E) Scream bloody racist over and over.  See Alja-Olbermann if you have doubts on how this is done.

John Warner and Jim Webb please stop the bailout of bonuses

October 15, 2008

Please stand up to add legislation that banks with bailouts have a cap on pay of 400,000 per year. There should be no bailouts while Wall Street and the banks continue to pay bailouts. Not one penny for bailout bonus tribute.

If a bank gets a billion and pays a billion in bonuses, we waste our money.  We then have nothing left if the banks are really in trouble.  They aren’t in trouble when they keep paying these bonuses.  They aren’t in trouble when they say other banks are paying these bonuses so they have to.  Some banks may be in trouble, but the sector can’t be if its still paying out bonuses.  That is basic accounting math and logic.

CEO’s loot our banks and delete us

October 14, 2008

A teenager called 999 in an attempt to escape her kidnapper minutes before being raped and murdered and her body dumped at a roadside, a jury heard today.

Hannah Foster, 17, an A-level student, dialled the emergency services in the hope that the operator would be able to hear the nature of her conversation with Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, a man said to have snatched her off a Southampton street as she walked home.

However, Winchester Crown Court was told, the operator could not hear what was being said and Hannah could not speak directly to the emergency services. As a result the police system automatically disconnected the call, a response intended to prevent the 999 service becoming clogged with accidental calls from mobile telephone handsets.

The CEO’s delete us with workers brought here to delete us.  They bring them here to take our jobs and our homes and our communities.  The CEO’s are looting our banks and corporations.  The CEO’s bribe our politicians.
Then the CEO’s delete us.  We cease to be.  In their minds, we never were.

That’s because we keep silent.  In the face of CEO atrocities, we cower in fear.  They are  more evil than  the barons of old.   At least barons provided protection from marauding foreigners.  Our CEO’s bring them here.   When the Muslims came in 732, the barons knew it was their job to fight and die to try to stop them.  Now the CEO’s welcome them to kill us.  Never forget. Never be silent.  Never see these powerful CEO’s without seeing them as a new form of evil.

Racism stopped Obama getting Nobel Peace Prize spoof

October 11, 2008

The truth has leaked out from the Nobel committee. It was racism that stopped Barack Hussein Obama II getting the prize. A press conference in Oslo was called to discuss it.

Ralph the Reporter: Why did some white guy no one heard of get the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Obama?

Frigut: The prize is awarded based on actual achievements. What did Obama ever do?

Ralph: What does that have to do with it?

Frigut: I don’t understand.

Ralph: Nothing Obama gets has anything to do with whether he earned it or not.

Frigut: But ..

Ralph: Look Obama gets. That’s the rule. He gets in Harvard based on bad grades and low LSAT scores. He gets by based on affirmative action grading. Yeah, its blind, but not that blind. Ayers wrote Obama’s book, Dreams of My Father’s Reparations. Obama is a Senator. Now he is going to be president. He was born in Kenya and travels on the Indonesian passport. Don’t you get it, it doesn’t matter what he deserves, its racism to deny him.

Frigut: Its always difficult to understand you Americans. I think we gave a prize to a man who worked hard for many years for peace.


The Nobel Peace Prize for 2008

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008 to Martti Ahtisaari for his important efforts, on several continents and over more than three decades, to resolve international conflicts. These efforts have contributed to a more peaceful world and to “fraternity between nations” in Alfred Nobel’s spirit.

Throughout all his adult life, whether as a senior Finnish public servant and President or in an international capacity, often connected to the United Nations, Ahtisaari has worked for peace and reconciliation. For the past twenty years, he has figured prominently in endeavours to resolve several serious and long-lasting conflicts. In 1989-90 he played a significant part in the establishment of Namibia’s independence; in 2005 he and his organization Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) were central to the solution of the complicated Aceh question in Indonesia. In 1999 and again in 2005-07, he sought under especially difficult circumstances to find a solution to the conflict in Kosovo. In 2008, through the CMI and in cooperation with other institutions, Ahtisaari has tried to help find a peaceful conclusion to the problems in Iraq. He has also made constructive contributions to the resolution of conflicts in Northern Ireland, in Central Asia, and on the Horn of Africa.

Although the parties themselves have the main responsibility for avoiding war and conflict, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has on several occasions awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to mediators in international politics. Today Ahtisaari is an outstanding international mediator. Through his untiring efforts and good results, he has shown what role mediation of various kinds can play in the resolution of international conflicts. The Norwegian Nobel Committee wishes to express the hope that others may be inspired by his efforts and his achievements.

Oslo, 10 October 2008

Prosecutors make prisoners sing Obama is going to change it spoof

October 6, 2008

A group of prosecutors for Obama, the Obama Posse, have ordered prisoners in jails to sing “Sing for Change”, the hit new kids song sweeping the nation’s institutional settings.

Missouri prosecutor Bob McCulloch:  The prisoners respond better when they sing “Sing for Change.”   It gives them a feeling of inspiration.  We are going to schools.  We are going to have juries sing it.  Judges too.  The whole court room.  Rise for “Sing for Change.”

Jennifer Joyce:  When I sing it with our prisoners and juries before the start of a case in court I feel truly inspired.  Its as if Obama himself were sitting in as judge of that case.

Bob McCulloch: Jesus and Muhammad would both approve this and sing, “Sing for Change” if they were alive.  I truly believe that.

Jennifer Joyce:  Buddha too.

Bob McCulloch: Mao too.
Jennifer Joyce: Che and the Castro brothers.

Bob McCulloch: Not to mention Stalin.

Jennifer Joyce: Allah bless Stalin, who with Trotsky pointed the way for us.

Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment is ok

October 6, 2008
There is nothing wrong with this video. These young men are using the example of Obama as an inspiration to take responsibility for their own lives. There is nothing wrong with the teacher or the posting on the Internet. The problem is not young men like these who are finding inspiration and taking responsibility. Obama is supposed to be a hero to young blacks. What good is he if not that?

They should do more and add their lessons to the video. They can do math problems and also English and other subjects. Much of math can be set to rap. More than is realized.

Within reason, having political views is not bad in students. Apathy is worse. I think the students should get an A and the teacher a bonus. These are fine young men taking inspiration from their hero’s example of hard work and study in school. Obama graduated Harvard Law School by hard work. They are picking careers for themselves and using this as inspiration. What do people want them to do?

Obama youth junior fraternity regiment

They should add a video on Mathematicians of the African Diaspora.

David Blackwell is still alive.

Black organizations need to do more to honor him and use his work and life as an inspiration. The reason they don’t is he did many of his accomplishments before the 1964 Civil Rights Acts. That doesn’t fit their narrative for the history of blacks in America.


The children singing, produced by Hollywood is truly scary.

The children singing is manipulation. The young men are at an age where some discipline for young males is not so bad. I hope they find inspiration to study and stay out of trouble. We need to stop immigration so that the labor force participation of black teenage boys goes back to what it was before the 1965 Immigration Act. The youth and future of young black men was taken from them by cynically substituting Hispanic immigration. They need something to inspire them. It would be better for the teens to switch to David Blackwell for inspiration.

In any case, this is quite different from “Sing for Change”, which reflects Obama’s cult. Obama now always refers to himself as we. He has become a god.

Obama “Sing for Change”

Obama campaign is trying to cover this up now. It is truly sick. Obama’s website is pushing how to indoctrinate kids.

Following is a brilliant discussion of leftism and its pure evil and cowardice:

Pyongyang remix versio

This is what our schools are already. We are being genocided by immigration, its a math theorem. MSM are the same thing.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Many “grown up” people can’t stand these words and call them Hitler. Even on some “right wing” blogs. The math is the truth. PC like the Obama video is so that people react to the math by calling it Hitler. It has happened already.


Black male teens video is not the best solution to be sure. That black teachers and school principals give into using this approach is disappointing. The real problem for black male teens is no jobs. Immigration took away their job chances. So they really are in trouble.

Its ironic that the Hollywood left that produced the Sing for Change are the ones behind immigration that did change black male teen labor force participation rates from high before 1965 to low today. Black male teens once had high labor force participation rates and real jobs to work into.

If we had kept our know-how here, we could have kept our manufacturing jobs here too and still had jobs for black men and boys, not to mention all men and boys. The Hollywood Left are precisely the ones who took the jobs away from these teens. Their video of their young children singing for change is a total lie. They are the ones behind black teenage unemployment and low employment.

black teen labor force participation rates

Thus the Sing for Change video is a lie about what Hollywood liberals really did to black teenagers, took their jobs away is what they did, some change.

The school with the black teens is likely desperate. But whatever they do, they aren’t going to produce jobs for their kids when the Hollywood Left took them away by (1) Hispanic immigration (2) Know-how transfer of technology and manufacturing methods to non-Americans by educating foreign students here and by the whole immigration process which transfers manufacturing jobs outside the US.


Ed Morrissey says Sing for Change is creepier of the two.

Dow falls below 10000 McCain suspends campaign spoof

October 6, 2008

(Spoof) John Sidney McCain III of many houses and cars suspended his campaign when the Dow Jones Industrial fell below 10,000.

McCain: We must come together as patriotic Americans and stock markets to solve this crisis together.

In a townhall meeting later:

Man: Aren’t you a dufus to suspend your campaign because the Dow is below 10000?

McCain:  We must suspend.  Suspend. Suspend.  You will be suspended Sir. You are the Double Dufus.  Norman coordinate.

Dr. Evil then arrived to fix his robot.

Meanwhile at the Obama Axelrod campaign.

Axelrod: My Lord Apophis, the John McCain robot of your rival Dr. Evil is malfunctioning again.  It has suspended its campaign because the Dow Jones is below 10000.

Obama Apophis: The fool.  My victory shall be complete.

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