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Appalachia Reservation Proposal ARP

January 30, 2009

Convention on the
Prevention and Punishment
of the Crime of Genocide

Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.

Article 2

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


It is a scientific theorem that one way migration causes genetic replacement.

That this is a violation of the 1948 Convention on Genocide.

That this was known science in 1948.

That the 1965 Immigration Act was a violation of the 1948 Convention and this was known in 1965.

That communities of Founding Stock Americans are losing their traditional way of life.

That speech patterns are being lost.

That local culture and identity is being destroyed.

That distinct genetic groups are being destroyed and abolished contrary to human rights and genocide protocols of international law.

That the human rights of Founding Stock Americans are no longer acknowledged by other groups and that founding stock Americans are considered non-human by the cultural, political and legal elites,

That the exercise of the Christian religion as communities of Founding Stock Americans is being denied for which purpose they founded America

Therefore it is resolved that

The entire Appalachian System including mountains and waters is declared a separate reservation for Founding Stock Americans (FSAs).

FSA’s include those in America and up to the start of the 19th century great wave of immigration (and those of the same stock who came later).  Because of homogeneity, immigrants up to the Civil War or of the same strains would be permitted on the reservation as identified by the 1924 Immigration Act classification system.

The Ellis Island Wave or Second Wave Americas are those who came to America from Europe from the Civil War to 1924 or those of the same stock as these who came after.  The pre Civil War Americans from Europe can be considered first part of Second Wave Americans or included in First Wave Americans.  That includes those of the same stock as these.

Similar reservations could be declared for the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi Valley, the Lone Star State of Texas, parts of California, Oregon, Washington State, the Great Lakes Region, etc.  These would typically include FSA’s and Second Wave Americans.

These latter regions would include the stock that settled them historically including 19th century immigrants.  Also Second Wave Americans who are deeply rooted in the reservations for Founding Stock Americans would be allowed to remain in them.

A second reservation system as indicated above would be established for the joint use of Founding Stock Americans and Ellis Island immigrant waves from the Civil War to the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act (and the same stock that came later).  This would cover areas settled jointly by the two waves or areas densely settled by the second wave such as the Coastal New England Reservation.  Northern New England stretching from Maine along the Canadian border and down Upper New York State and into the rest of the Appalachians would be part of the Appalachian Reservation for FSA’s.  From there to the coast would be the Second Wave American reservation for joint use of FSA’s and SWA’s.  The Mid-Atlantic Coastal Reservation would include New Jersey at the least and be for FSA’s and SWA’s.

Immigrants from 1924 to 1965 would be classified in the same way as in that act.  In effect, the 1924 classification scheme would be the draft of the reservation system eligibility.  This would include post 1965 immigrants who fall into the 1924 protected peoples.

Post 1965 diversity immigrants not in the 1924 classification would not be allowed into the reservations and would have to move out.   These include from Mexico, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  Those persons were brought with the specific intent of violating the genocide treaty.

The national system of reservations would protect the communities, traditions, religions, and ways of life of the different waves of immigrants or founding stock.  This would preserve their way of life.

It is acknowledged that the current immigration system is scientific genocide in accordance with the Wright Island Model which is already accepted science for decades.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

In exchange for the adoption of this reservation system, politicians in all 3 branches of government would not be subject to prosecution for genocide.  But that requires ending all further immigration and relocation to the extent possible of post 1965 diversity immigrants to their countries of origin. (Post 1965 immigrants of the same stock as FSA’s and the Ellis Island Wave (i.e. SWA’s from Europe) would not be included.)  The reservation system could be adopted without that return, but politicians in the 3 branches of government might not get immunity because their genocide handiwork had not been reversed.  If the 1965 diversity component is returned, then the harm inflicted will have been partly repaired and that would be the basis of giving the amnesty to the politicians who participated in genocide of FSA’s and Second Wave Americans, SWA’s.

In essence there are 3 waves.

Founding Stock Americans.   Europeans who came up to the Civil War.  Also those of the same ethnicity who came afterwards.

Ellis Island Americans or Second Wave Americans.  These are Europeans who came through Ellis Island.

Ethnic Cleansing Wave or Wright Island Model Wave or Genocide Wave.  These are those who came post 1965 who were not European.  They came from Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc. and were intended to ethnically cleanse Europeans and to violate the genocide convention according to the math of the Wright Island Model.

The Ethnic Cleansing Wave was brought by Second Wave Americans who resented Founding Stock Americans.  They were intended to finish them off and remove them as having control over America.  These intents were clear violations of the Genocide Convention and are Wright Island Model methods of genocide.   They have to go back in order to deny the result of genocide.

Other groups can be mentioned.

Native Americans would continue to have their reservations.

Hispanics or others in Spanish or other territories at the time they were taken to the US.   They but not others from Latin America could stay.  The others were brought for the purpose of genocide, which crime can’t be allowed to succeed.

Hawaii is a natural place for Asians who came before the Ethnic Cleansing Wave to have a reservation.  However, whites with roots in Hawaii should be allowed to remain.

Blacks would not be considered part of the FSA’s or Ellis Island Wave.   They would either be in cities like Detroit or the South Side of Chicago or they would follow the noble purpose of lifting Africa up instead of pulling America down.   Blacks in the US have an IQ of 85 at least 10 points higher than blacks in Africa.  Blacks in the US are on the bottom and pull it down.  In Africa, they would be on the top and pull it up.  This seems their manifest destiny because it is a great and good thing for them to do, whereas staying in America they are simply an evil that destroys cities and the institutions of society and preys upon the others so they can’t walk at night.  Obama could lead them back to Kenya.  With genetic testing, it can be determined which part of Africa they most belong to.  Because behavior is genetic, they will fit in there and contribute positively according to the institutions of their own people.  In America, they contribute negatively because the institutions are adapted to different genes.  Here they interfere negatively and destroy.  That is not a great and noble purpose for them.  Because of their lack of purpose here, they are predators and beggars.  Back in Africa they would be contributors and leaders.   They are a legacy of an earlier stage of evolution.  In America, they are a hindrance to progress.  In Africa, they would be part of progress with the genes from Europe they have picked up.  They would have a moral purpose in Africa.  Their lives would then have meaning.  In America, their lives can never have as much meaning because they are a prior stage of evolution that holds us back. We can call this following in the footsteps of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. who did return to Africa where he did fit in.

Local communities should start to adopt Reservation Declarations.  These parallel the Declaration of Independence.   The list of grievances are similar, except that immigration especially post 1965 diversity immigration is genocide immigration and intentional ethnic cleansing according to the Wright Island Model.

The Old South would be another reservation area.  That would cover the states of the Confederacy including Texas.  The Rocky Mountain Reservations is another.  The Great Plains is another.  The Great Lakes is another.  The Mississippi Missouri is another.  These may overlap and require the derivation of borders for them.   Another would be the Southwest Desert.   Western reservations would include Mexican or Hispanics there at the time they entered America.  19th Century Asian immigrants would receive protection in their China towns and other districts.

Note that unlike global warming, the WIM is a mathematical theorem, there is no doubt about its validity.  A proof for lay math people is indicated from the internal OAL link above.

Local communities and states should start adopting Reservation Declarations of Independence indicating their support of the Appalachian Reservation Proposal or its variants for the other reservations.

Within these reservations, Indian reservations would continue.  There could also be other smaller reservations for local communities to preserve themselves.  The Amish.  The Mormons.   Hasidic Jews.  And many others not so well known or even as distinct.

These are not simply arbitrary rules.  Behavior is genetic.  Ellis Island Wave Immigrants and the Ethnic Cleansing Wave have both ethnically cleansed Founding Stock Americans.  Both still think any type of hate humor against Founding Stock Americans is funny.   Both routinely put down FSA’s.  This is genetically encoded antagonism that is semi-permanent over the time scale of centuries.

Its because behavior including conflict is genetic that there need to be reservations.  This is why the Ethnic Cleansing Wave has to go back to their original lands.  They will not try to ethnically cleanse FSA’s or Ellis Island Wave when they are back in their own lands, as they are genetically programmed to do here.   Blacks fit into that same scientific analysis.

Steve Pinker: behavior is genetic:

James Watson said the same thing.   Pinker can be considered a representative of Second Wave Immigrants and Watson of FSA’s.  They both come to the same conclusion.  Behavior is genetic.  This includes anti-social and aggressive behavior.  That includes of the Ethnic Cleansing Wave against FSA’s and Ellis Island Wave and of the Ellis Island Wave against FSA’s.  An antagonism they display every time they can, such as the hate waves against Sarah Palin.

Vanishing American has done a better job than any in documenting the treatment of FSA’s and their ethnic cleansing in every way from this land.  This includes removing books by or about FSA’s by Ellis Island or black or Ethnic Cleansing Wave immigrants.   Those other waves, particularly after Ellis Island, can’t accept the cultural contributions of FSA’s as is.   If they can’t mutute them into being hostile to FSA’s they get rid of them.  That is why FSA’s need their own reservations.  That FSA’s let in the Ellis Island Wave is reason that the other reservations be primarily joint reservations.  But some sole Ellis Island Wave reservations fit into this scheme.

Similar analysis applies to Australia, Canada and Europe.  Post WWII ethnic cleansing immigration in these lands was intentional genocide especially of British stock.   That genocide can only be stopped by those waves returning to their own lands.  The genetic based conflict applies there as well as here.

Others have pointed out that WWI and WWII were about getting one state for each nationality and that this work came at a heavy cost of life.  The breakup of the Soviet Union was the same thing.  We should respect the truths of history by our arrangements for the present and future not act in defiance of them.

Humans can’t change their biology yet or fast enough.  Thus their arrangements must reflect reality as James Watson meant to discuss when he was attacked. The attackers believe the only logical conclusion is separation and a return of the Ethnic Cleansing Immigrants to their own lands.

In fact, we do agree on the logical conclusion, that’s why the PC don’t want the discussion.  History has gone to the logical conclusion when people could, separation.  Diversity means that people don’t fit into the institutions of their society which can only be adapted to one set of genes at a time.  Diversity is like misshapen atoms and molecules that can’t fit together as they used to.  The result is cancer and a complete collapse of the larger systems built from them.

Advanced genes can only spread through the human population if more copies are made each generation than in the prior generation.  Instead we are doing that with the inferior alleles.  The result is reverse evolution.   From a health point of view, or evolution point of view, the direction of immigration is reversed.  The advanced alleles should spread to the 3rd world and replace those there, not the primitive alleles already replaced in Europe should override the new innovations made in those genes in Europe, such as ASPM.

The above is draft and preliminary and subject to revision.  Comments and suggestions welcome.


Blago son of immigrants defense works spoof

January 29, 2009

Blago: I am the son of immigrants.

Illionois Senate: Hallelujah.

Blago: I do what all immigrants do.

Illionois Senate: Hallelujah.

Blago: I take from the Wasps and give to myself.

Illionois Senate:  Praise the gifts of the horde.

Blago:  My people would do the same if they had a chance.

Illionois Senate:  Hallelujah.

Blago:  What works on Wall Street works on Government Street.

Illionois Senate:  Praise the gifts of the hoard.

Blago:  Bail me out Scotty.

Illionois Senate:  Hallelujah.

Illinois Chief Justice: Does anyone object to what this son of immigrants has done?

Illionois Senate:  No.

Illinois Chief Justice:  Then let’s praise the Lord for this son of immigrants he sent us as governor.  All vote not guilty.

Illionois Senate:  Aye, Hallelujah, Bless Blago.  Praise this son of immigrants.

Illinois Chief Justice:  Free at last.  Free to take the last dollar.  Blago you are free and we follow you in all things.

Geert Wilders incitement Daubert junk science

January 22, 2009

Geert Wilders is charged with incitement to violence.  But no scientific proof of incitement to violence is offered.  This is junk science.  The case should be dismissed.  In the US, this can be done with a Daubert motion.

Whether statements incite is either subject to proof or it can’t be the basis of legal prosecution.  Do the statements incite is not how the judges feel subjectively.  The judge’s feelings are not proof.  Nor are insulted Muslims.

Do Wilder type statements actually incite violence? And compared to what?  TV shows?  Events in the Middle East?  A t-statistic has to be computed for the alleged incitement.

A Daubert motion is a motion, raised before or during trial, to exclude the presentation of unqualified evidence to the jury. This is a special case of motion in limine, usually used to exclude the testimony of an expert witness who has no such expertise or used questionable methods to obtain the information.

The case should be dismissed because there is no actual evidence of incitement.  Proof of incitement to meet the Daubert standard means a scientific proof of incitement.  That means real evidence.  That means the type of evidence that is valid when you try to convict someone from bloodstains.  Its not how the judges feel about the bloodstains.

Even though Daubert is a US rule of law, the equivalent should be asserted in this case. There is no scientific standard for incitement of violence by a film or TV show.  There is no expert who is qualified because there is no body of public science on that subject.

There are no scientific journals on it.  Nor has any scientific journal published a paper on scientific tests of incitement to violence.  Thus the case has to be dismissed as being junk science.

Science means it can be replicated by others.  Scientific proof involves protocols of gathering samples, tests, and analysis of data. It means protocols of statistical significance.  Science is in the form of falsifiable hypothesis.  These are then subjected to tests.  The methodology of the tests is described in writing.  Others can then try to replicate the tests.  If they can’t with the same results, then its not science.

The incitement to violence charges against Wilders are just hysterical.   They are not based on any scientific theory.  Nor is there any comparison or benchmark standard.   They are not based on science and can not be subjected to scientific standards.  Therefore there is no way to use evidence in evaluating such charges nor can it be done in a fair, independent and replicable way.

That means no fair standard to defendants.  That means its a violation of human rights and basic universal concepts of law and justice.  Law that is against or outside of science is not within the modern concepts of law and justice.

Daubert is the law in the United States.  So any US case of hate speech, hate crime, etc. is subject to it.  Because Daubert draws on general principles of fairness and science, it should apply universally.  Daubert reflects (judicial) codification of scientific learning about evidence into the law.  Daubert is not some random decision.  It reflects decades of practice in the US courts.  To the extent that the same science is used in courts in the Netherlands with the same scientific protocols, the same reasoning applies there.

This should have been applied in other cases like the Mikko Ellilä case in Finland.  There a government ombudsman on his own initiated a case.  But that was without any scientific evidence.  In fact, it was mostly against science.   Science itself is evidence against non-scientific claims brought by agitated individuals, whether in government or not.  Taking offense is not scientific evidence of incitement to violence.

A possible partial solution to the anthrax mystery

January 21, 2009

A possible solution to the Bruce Ivins FBI anthrax mystery is outlined in a comment at Meryl Nass produced below.  This arose from an extended discussion of many but including Ed Lake and Attorney Barry Kissin, Ross Getman, some anonymous experts, and others.  Perhaps Vahid Majidi and Director Mueller of the FBI could consider this.

Article by Paul de Armond linked to by Ed Lake :

Ed, thanks for the link and discussion.  Of course, if you take everything in the article linked to as valid, it would tend away from Ivins in my view.  But I wouldn’t hold anyone to such a standard.

Reactivation of the endospore occurs when conditions are more favourable and involves activation, germination, and outgrowth. Even if an endospore is located in plentiful nutrients, it may fail to germinate unless activation has taken place. This may be triggered by heating the endospore. Germination involves the dormant endospore starting metabolic activity and thus breaking hibernation. It is commonly characterised by rupture or absorption of the spore coat, swelling of the endospore, an increase in metabolic activity, and loss of resistance to environmental stress. Outgrowth follows germination and involves the core of the endospore manufacturing new chemical components and exiting the old spore coat to develop into a fully functional vegetative bacterial cell, which can divide to produce more cells.

One article I saw in a search talked about 3 to 7 hours for one stage of this or maybe all 3.  But some said it can be up to 60 days or never.  The article I linked to above on runs found some dud runs. Even your linked article said it looked like multiple runs some duds were tried.

When a bacterium detects environmental conditions are becoming unfavourable it may start the process of sporulation, which takes about eight hours.

If the idea is to start Friday night and have spores ready Sunday morning, he is going to take 8 hours or more to activate to ready for exponential growth.  But then its almost time to stop and go to work to put them to sleep, sporulation.

Ivins needed to be done Sunday morning to prepare the envelopes and clean everything up and get out.

Ivins knew the above biology already.  He knew that starting with spores Friday night and ending with spores Sunday morning meant the time to grow would be zero.  Moreover, he knew from long experience the time to activate was highly random and the initial growth highly random.  The dud runs in the article I link to above show that.

The evidence from the article linked (by Ed) is that 10 percent of some of the first letters were spores and the rest growth material.  Ivins knew that is what would happen.  Ivins knew his schedule, and he knew spores to growing dividing cells back to spores by Sunday morning was a fool’s errand.  So why did he do it?  Dr. Popov in his discussion indicates it takes days to do anything meaningful including prep time.  (There is also thorough cleaning to avoid detection here.)

Alternative scenario.

Someone someplace else as part of a conspiracy started growing spores the week after 9/11 on orders from someone.  They were told to grow and prepare them.

Then the order came in to take what they had and mail them right away.  That is, it was unexpected to stop the growth and mail what they had.  That means it wasn’t Ivins. Ivins would have known he had to be back to spores Sunday morning.

So someone else in place X was told to prepare a lot of anthrax by growth.  But then within a couple of days of that order they were told to stop and do sporulation and mail out what they had.  This means it wasn’t Ivins acting alone.

Moreover, the place was not Ivins lab, it was someplace they expected to be able to run a large fermenter or shaker incubator for 7 to 14 days like in the paper I linked to.  Run to completion and test for completion like the paper did.  But then they were surprised and had to sporulate what they had and mail it. That means it wasn’t Ivins.

Its a classic detective story plot.  (Too bad the FBI can’t figure these out isn’t it? But that is for the amateur detective?) We just needed to activate the little gray cells together mon ami.  N’est-ce pas?


Searches that are interesting are

bacillus sporulation

and activation, germination, out-growth, anthracis, subtilis, etc.

==Prior posts

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said…

I would like to bring up the government’s own tests on how long it takes to incubate that they released in 2004 when they wanted to prove Ivins and others like him couldn’t do it in a prosecution of Hatfill.

They used a

New Brunswick c25 floor shaker incubator

See page 12 of pdf, 2.9.2.

This weighs 400 pounds.

Note they were doing 1 liter flasks. Those produce in the best runs somewhat under a gram. To produce 5 to 10 grams for the first letters would require 5 to 10 liters.

See page 2 for photo. The unit is bigger than a man and weighs 400 pounds.

There is a smaller unit

It weights 230 pounds.

The paper above ran at 30 deg C using the incubator shaker. So if one didn’t use something that good it would take longer.

They started with 1ml of bacillus per liter of CD. So that is a factor of 1000, which is roughly 2 to the 10 power. So if you start with more you cut down the growth time needed. Even so, there doesn’t appear enough time.

Look at Table 6 on page 20 of the pdf.

They checked the runs every 24 hours to see how far along they were. The best run was 3 days to produce .5238 grams for the starting liter of CD. So to get 5 grams you need 10 liters of CD. Note even if you start with more than 1 ml of bacillus you still need the 10 liters of CD to get the 5 grams.

If we take 10 generations as 3 days, we get approximately 3 generations in 1 day, i.e. a factor of 8. Divide the 5 grams by 8 and we get 5/8 grams he needed to start with to get done in 24 hours. If he had a liter flask and the ratios are the same, then he needed to use 5/8 of his reference flask, if it was full to 1 liter.

Note, he could have put some back at the end.

If things didn’t go so well as this perfect run, it can’t work.

He also has to do centrifuging, rinsing, re-centrifuge, and eventually lyophilize.

Every piece of equipment he used to make it go faster had to be cleaned and put back where it belongs.

To do it all in one run and get the best possible growth times he had to have the best equipment.

Note if he had the 400 pound floor incubator, then if anthrax got on the bottom of it he couldn’t clean it. Even the 230 pound unit, he couldn’t clean.

Did the BSL3 have these big units?

As you consider all the other steps needed, including cleanup, intermediate steps, getting the CD ready, lyophilizing, putting it in letters, covering his tracks, etc. it becomes hard to believe he did it from Friday night to Sunday the first weekend.

Table 6 in the paper records total dud runs. Some runs take 7 days. For those runs even if he started with all of the RMR 1029 flask and ran 1 day, he wouldn’t get 5 grams.

Because at 7 days, you are doubling at 7/10 of a day. So if you double twice your at most 1 gram you get 4 grams. You then have to put 1 gram back, so you have 3 grams.

The paper above is sort of difficult to read and get everything out you need at one sitting. Its important to go over it more than once. That’s the benchmark.

To run 10 liters, Ivins needed a big C25 style. There are other fermenter units not as good. But they likely will take longer. It still takes at least a 10 liter one. If he didn’t get a perfect run, we should think 25 to 50 liter fermenter.

If you search on

“50-liter fermenter” anthrax

You get some interesting hits. That is what they had at Dugway in Utah for Project Bacchus.

January 19, 2009 10:05 AM


Mr. Lake is mistaken.

Gerry Andrews, Ivins’ supervisor between 2000 and 2003, is not under a gag order and has addressed all these issues as quoted above and elsewhere.

Two other supervisors Jeffrey Adamovicz and Dr. W. Russell Byrne, also disagree and have spoken publicly on these issues. Jeffrey Adamovicz worked with him for more than 12 years. Dr. A was his boss from 2003 to 2004. He remembers the day the scientists opened that envelope, placed in a double-sealed bag inside a protective hood designed to deal with dangerous pathogens. “The anthrax was floating around inside the bag,” Mr. Adamovicz said. “It was very scary.” He said he turned to Dr. Ivins and said, “That stuff is amazing.” “Yes, it is unbelievable,” he recalled Dr. Ivins replying. “I have never seen anything like that.”

Dr. Ivins, his colleagues said, argued that al Qaeda was responsible. “He was very passionate about this,” former boss Jeffrey Adamovicz said.

None of these men are under a gag order contrary to what Mr. Lake suggests. Mr. Lake apparently has never contacted them to be apprised of the facts. He instead offers his own opinion even though he is not even a microbiologist.

January 20, 2009 6:37 PM

Blogger Old Atlantic Lighthouse said…
Ed, there was some prior discussion on the number of square feet of plates it would take.

Based on the paper cited above,

I came to some estimates of square feet of plates from 15 square feet on up. The paper did runs with plates and you can get some numbers there and in the prior posts on this subject.

Popov estimates at least 100 plates per letter.

Plates take up too much space and in these volumes are a lot of work. Plus you have to have that many plates. It then takes a long time to work the plates at each stage.

There is also the activation time or dormancy time or time to first generation. I have searched on various terms. There are many papers on this, some sponsored by the FBI. The following search gets many interesting hits.

bacillus spores “time to germinate”

One can substitute or try phrases like anthracis, “germination time”, dormancy, endospore dormancy
“spores remained dormant”

and so on. The articles I found didn’t seem to hit spot on the issue of how long until exponential growth starts from the time you take spores and put them in the growth medium.

If we go back to the paper I linked to further above that did the trials of growth times, some runs were duds. It may be that it takes hours or even days to start.

Also as the container is saturated, it should slow. Hypothesis:

dN = k N(Nmax – N) dt

Nmax is the maximum number of spores the growth medium in a flask can support. If he spiked a flask with more starting spores, then he will have a slower growth rate than the average from the paper I cited which started with 1 ml of spore solution per liter of growth medium.

January 20, 2009 9:05 PM


Blogger Old Atlantic Lighthouse said…
Ed, your point about the 10 percent or so of the first letters being actual spores is important. I was thinking this might be an issue, but didn’t have time to research it or factor it in. I believe Dr. Popov mentioned something in his discussion, but I am not sure if he had a specific number. Can you document the source on the 10 percent figure?

I admire your taking on all comers in a spirited debate. We can learn a great deal from such a discussion and learning science this way is in general valuable.

January 20, 2009 9:39 PM

==Rougher notes which may have repetition of the above

Early administration of antibiotics after
exposure is essential – with inhaled anthrax, a delay of just a
few hours is enough to significantly reduce the chances of
survival. Because spores can take a long time to germinate,
antibiotic treatment should continue for 60 days.
Source: JAMA, 1999. 281, 1735-1745.

bacillus spores “time to germinate”

The research is funded by LLNL’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development program, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Spore and Vegetative Cell Preparation: Purification and Germination
Conditions. B. atrophaeus (ATCC 9372) was obtained from the
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC, Manassas, VA).
Spores were produced by using Schaeffer’s sporulation medium
and purified as described (36). Spore germination was
induced by the addition of 100 mM L-alanine, 1.65 mM
L-asparagine, 2.8 mM D-glucose, 2.8 mM D-fructose, 5 mM
potassium chloride, and 25 mM TrisHCl buffer, pH 8.0. The
germination time course was characterized by phase contrast
microscopy before performing AFM imaging. More than 95%
of spores turned phase dark with

page 5

The time-to-germination (t(germ)), defined as the time required for the CaDPA band intensity to decrease to the midpoint from its initial value, was found to be stochastic for individual spores with a typical value of approximately 30 min under the experimental conditions.

bacillus “time-to-germination”

bacillus spore “germination time”


endospore dormancy

“spores remained dormant”


Ed, there was some prior discussion on the number of square feet of plates it would take.

Based on the paper cited above,


The actual spores in the first letters may have been mostly grown as opposed to mostly started with.  That means the start time was several days earlier.  If it was in the middle of a run that takes 7 to 14 days it might have started from before to after 9/11.


The FBI in its released warrants or affidavits or its news conferences made it seem like the time he spent in the BSL3 was the conclusive proof he did it. Daschle said so and the FBI briefed him special.  The FBI didn’t say it had secret evidence of his guilt and that the time in the BSL3 was not a major part of the evidence.

According to the FBI, Ivins was in the BSL3 2 hours 15 minutes each day Friday, Sat, Sun after 9/11.  That is the amount of time he would have had.  It may be that he was in and out.  Could he go from spores to cells back to spores to envelopes and clean everything and dismantle all makeshift equipment in that time?

If he had 5 liters of solution
on Saturday, how could he reduce it in time to powder spores?  (The evidence from above is that there was an attempt to grow a lot.  Note there were 5 letters in the first mailing according to current thinking according to the Wiki article.)

1) Build his own lyophilizer and dismantle it when finished.

2) Use a large capacity lyophilizer at the lab.  (This seems out.)

3) Spray dryer.  Likely not available.

4) Speed vac.  Probably too small and might run too long?

Think about boiling a one quart pot of water on the stove until its dry.  How long does that take?  Note that boiling water with anthrax for over 30 minutes will likely kill it all according to sources that I found.  Heating to 40 deg C without a speed vac or hood or special equipment to remove the vapor would likely take too long.  There is always the contamination issue of the lab as well to consider.

He would presumably centrifuge the solution first, if he had sufficient centrifuge capacity.  He then has to clean the centrifuge.  All the equipment he uses has to be cleaned to avoid detection.  He has to wear his suit while doing cleaning and every other step.  That makes it take longer.

Does it make sense to try to make 5 grams of anthrax starting with spores in 36 hours with a limit of 2 hours 15 minutes per day in the lab?


Let’s recap two competing scenarios, among more I know.

In scenario one, a lab with all the equipment to do 5 to 10 gram powder runs is set up somewhere.  Workers can work without having to worry about being discovered.  They have the top equipment of every type, large floor shaker incubator, big centrifuges, spray dryers and lyophilizers, test equipment, etc.

This lab is given the order to produce 5 to 10 grams.  Its sets that up and starts running.  But the other comes in to stop and hand over what they have to someone else.

Then in the second batch, they are given the order to prepare more.  Possibly right after this aborted attempt.  They just go back to work immediately.

Note that the second letters were mailed Oct 19.  If you think about a 14 day run in the paper I linked to above and then days to process the powder, it could take 3 weeks going flat out to produce good powder for the next run.

In the Ivins case, Ivins didn’t have the equipment the first time, nor the second.  Ivins never had the good setup described above or in the paper I linked to previously.  In the Ivins scenario, he doesn’t start again until 2 weeks later and has only 1 week to do it. So again, he has too little time, can only work part time at it, and doesn’t have the equipment.

In comparing likelihoods, each run is less likely for Ivins.  So the total likelihood of Ivins is much lower looked at from this point of view.


The reason Friday Sep 14 to Sep 16 is so important is that the FBI presented this as the psychological proof Ivins did it.  Daschle was briefed by the FBI and he said he believed because of the nights before the mailing.

But now we are told it wasn’t even possible to prepare the anthrax in the nights before the first mailing.  This is presented as if the FBI had never said or implied that.   Did they go back and tell Daschle this?

The reason Friday to Sunday is so important is the chance not to be seen.  If it takes 3 days (72 hours) or more to let an incubator or fermenter run in the lab, then it has to run during a weekday, Friday or Monday and possibly more.

That means others can see it.  We are talking about preparing 5 grams or more in a run.  That is a bigger run of anthrax than has been done at Ft. Detrick in the recent era.  So it would be noticed.  It would be a giant run relative to normal.

Moreover, the stats on the paper I showed show that to get 5 grams of powder one should really aim for more like 25 liters to 50 liters because its unlikely that a liter will produce a gram of powder.

The strongest evidence connecting Ivins to the mailings is the lab time.  That’s the FBI crown jewel of evidence.  But if in fact, he would have to let a large run of 5 liters or more in a flask run (or hundreds of plates) then it is not such great evidence because it would have been noticed.

Note also for 5 grams using Dr. Popov’s 100 plates per letter estimate we get 500 plates.  1 minute per plate comes to 500 minutes, longer than a 2 hour 15 minute period.  So he didn’t have time to manipulate 100’s of plates in each step, set up, drying and scraping.  Remember, you wanted to have the plates scraped.  Well scraping 500 plates takes more than 2 hours 15 minutes.

That the first letters show an attempt to grow shows he needed to.  That means the anthrax of the second letters had to be grown.  But that means running on week days.

The first letters were unsatisfactory.  So new anthrax had to be grown.  If it takes 72 hours, then he had to run on a weekday, either with 200 or more plates for 2 grams (if not 400 for 4 grams) or 2 to 20 liters of material in a rotating shaking fermenter.  If he used a flask only, his runtime would be longer.

To get 2 grams of powder would likely take 7 days to 14 days not 3.  Then it has to be dried.

Air drying will take time.  He doesn’t have that on the first weekend.  If he air dries he has to stop on Saturday.  In which case, how did he expect to get 5 grams to grow if he was going to stop on Saturday to air dry?

Some Ivins emails have been released.  Some contain extensive statistical output before 9/11/2001.  So he knew how to count.  They have tests of statistical significance.  So he understood variability.  The paper I cited before shows many runs are duds.  Ivins knew that.

The FBI used the times in the lab before the mailing as its proof for Daschle.  But those times are not adequate to do all the steps.  So the FBI case is gone.  What is the evidence left?


Ed, try commenting on following.

Page 12 of pdf methodology.  Page 20 table of results.

Note that both plates (NSM) and liquid used an incubator.  In each case, 3 days was the best time.  But some runs were duds even after 10 to 14 days.

The person thought they could grow at least 5 grams it appears, but stopped with only .5 grams for the first letters, relying on Ed’s linked source and a guess of 5 grams material.  But maybe its 10 grams and 1 gram?

It appears someone expected to run 3 to 14 days and harvest a full set.  Then they had to stop and give what they had to someone or use it themselves.  Then immediately after that, i.e. around Sep 18 they started on the run for the second set.

Did Ivins have a centrifuge to handle 5 liters or more?  The paper talks about centrifuging multiple times, each time taking 30 minutes.  If Ivins had 2 hours 15 minutes max on each lab day in the first set, he doesn’t have time to centrifuge the 5 liters even once if he was limited to one liter per centrifuge run.  Maybe his centrifuge was even smaller than in the paper.  Note the paper has a floor size shaker incubator for the liquid runs which weights 400 pounds.  The paper had much better equipment than Ivins had.  That means Ivins run times would be much longer and his chances to have dud runs or low yield runs much higher.

From the first run having only 10 percent spores according to Ed’s source, we can infer that they needed to grow.  That means the second run had to be grown between Sep 18 and Oct 6-9.

If those took 7 to 14 day runs plus centrifuging multiple times, etc. then the work likely started right after Sep 18.  So it wasn’t Ivins.

It seems on the first run, someone was in a hurry to dry it.  This is more consistent with someone who unexpectedly had to deal with a short time horizon.  If Ivins had a small centrifuge for smaller jobs than one liter than he couldn’t have really expected to dry 5 liters or more.  So he wouldn’t have tried at all.

Dont’ forget the subtilis that was different from Ivins lab.  It is likely a trace of subtilis was present at the start of the run and that this grew along with the anthracis.  That argues that a smaller amount of anthracis was used to start and that there had already been several days of growth, i.e. it wasn’t a run from Sep 14 to Sep 15/16 but a run somewhere else started more like Sep 11 or even a few days before.


Top of line unit appears to be 300ml capacity.  The dtic paper did 30 minute centrifuge runs and did multiple ones.  So for 5 liters, which is the minimum size run he was doing, it would take 6.5 hours.  But he was only in the lab 2 hours 15 minutes each day the first weekend.  So there wasn’t enough time to centrifuge even once.

In a BSL3 lab, you don’t want giant centifuges.  When you have to clean it, and its when not if, you want as small a one as possible.  Also you can’t throw it out instead of cleaning it.  Everything has to be cleaned before being thrown out.  You want small equipment that is robust and won’t break, not giant centifuges that are going to have repair and break down problems and need a technician to repair who is an expert on that unit but unused to the BSL3.


The dog that didn’t bark in the night.  Ivins spent only 2 hours 15 minutes each on Fri Sep 14 to Sun Sep 16 by FBI’s own affidavits.

The material that was sent was not sufficiently centrifuged and washed to separate the spores from the rest.  This implies the person who sent it had run out of time.

But Ivins had loads of extra time.  If Ivins had a centrifuge on those days, then he could have spent extra hours centrifuging and washing.  If he didn’t have a centrifuge in his lab, its hard to see how he ever did it.

It appears one of the letters was more thoroughly prepared to cause inhalation anthrax.  So if Ivins was doing this and did that one better, why didn’t he do another one better too?  He had the time.  Lots of it.  But he didn’t.  This is the dog that didn’t bark in the night.

Ivins didn’t do the Florida run and the New York runs at the same time on this weekend.  But that was the FBI’s whole argument.  Moreover, Ivins had time that last weekend to do at least one letter better but didn’t.  So he wasn’t in there just doing the letters.


Lets not forget the subtilis contamination.  That indicates a test run was done with the equipment first.  That equipment was at least rinsed presumably.  Then the subtilis had a growth phase is likely.  So there was probably a growth phase of at least a couple days and possibly 7 days.

If we look at the paper I reference before some runs go 14 days.  They tested the runs at the end of each day and stopped when they reached a conversion of food to spores.

The people doing the run may have counted on 3 to 7 days and then they got a slow run and they went with what they had.  So they started say Sep 11 to mail Sep 17/18 and then got to Sep 16 or so and went with what they had.

One theory (Ross Getman or Kenneth Dillon?) is that there was a transfer in Maine by Atta to someone else that took place on Sep 11.  That would then explain their hoping to get a good run before Sep 17/18 but it not working out as shown by many runs in the dtic paper that don’t.

So one scenario is the subtilis prep run was done before Sep 11.  That ran in under 7 days.  Then that group got the anthracis from Atta who got it from someone who got it from a US site that had it.  Then the anthracis run was slow so they went with what they had.  Then they started their next run on Sep 18 and got it ready to mail Oct 6-9.

==Comment posted at following thread at Meryl Nass

This is a good dialogue with good contributions by many.  Ed Lake is to be commended for his efforts and taking it in stride as have others.

The more steps, time taken, resources used, ideas exploited, money, etc. the more it indicates it was many who did it and not Ivins.  Its clear that the silicon fits that.

One test is to look for spores with silicon in the BSL3 or look for silicon on equipment that might have been taken out.  If he had leakage into BSL3 in processing then there should have been spores in BSL3 with silicon.  Or there should have been silicon left from the processing.  This could be under equipment, desks, etc.

Also if he took a lot of spores from the RMR1029 flask to speed up production, used silicon in processing and then put some spores back in RMR1029 to tank it back up, then there would be silicon back in RMR1029.  It appears there is none.  That means he likely didn’t add back to RMR1029.  That means his ability to use a large starting amount from it is less.

This means he needed more growing time to produce his runs.  This is very important for both sets, the Sep 17-18 and the Oct 6-9 mailings.  The former was on a tight schedule and did have .5 grams of bacillus anthracis spores according to some estimates.

The second run had at least 2 grams of spores.  So he had to grow this and he couldn’t speed up the growing by using more from the flask and then returning it.  That is very important.  Because it means he needed longer run times.

Carey, Laurie F. ; St. Amant, Diane C. ; Guelta, Mark A.

Is the paper with times for production.

For an external party, not Ivins, putting spores back in their source would not be an issue and we don’t have their flask.  For them it would make sense to use silicon to grow.  Ivins, however had reasons not to.  One is returning to the flask.  The other is it would leave a signature of spores in BSL3 that could be detected and finger him.  But it appears no such spores have been found in BSL3.  It seems almost impossible that Ivins worked quickly to do these large volume runs without leaving spores in the lab containing the same silicon.  Thus this is another proof that Ivins didn’t do it.

The subtilis contaminant is another proof he didn’t start with more from the RMR1029 and then put some back.  So we have to count on longer runs from smaller numbers of starting spores if Ivins did it.  Together with the dtic paper linked to above, that implies Ivins didn’t have the time is the reasonable interpretation of the evidence.

Also there should be some subtilis spores in the BSL3 if he prepared it there.  Some of those should have silicon too it would seem.  Those also were not found and that’s more evidence it didn’t happen there.


Given the large production volumes and the short time and ad-hoc equipment that was likely not up to the volumes done so requiring mutiple use, there should have been spores of anthracis and subtilis spiked with silicon all over BSL3.  None have been found.  That is pretty strong evidence the processing didn’t happen there.  Not with make shift methods of drying, processing, etc.  Not with feet of plates all over the place if he used plates.  Not with drying that didn’t have an adequate hood.  Etc. Etc.

Also the silicon was in both runs.  So it should have been
in the BSL3.  Since the silicon was in both runs, his ability
to start with a larger amount to speed up a run wasn’t possible
with either run.  So that method is subject to a sum inequality,
i.e. the amount taken out from his flask in sum was limited
by whatever bound we have on the decrease, at most the flask
size minus the amount in it being one estimate.  (There is
still remove and add water to consider?)

His better method was to start with more from the RMR1029 flask not
use silicon and then put back some into his flask.  Both times
that was his better method.  After the first failure, he should
have tried that the second time.

For an outside scenario, they could start the second run
on Sep 18 and get it done in time and do a precision job,
taking as long as needed for each step to get it right this
time.  The date Oct 6-9 when mailed was when it was ready.
Ivins could never feel such freedom.

The fact of a second run
with everything done right by itself is unlikely for Ivins
since he would never have the feeling that he could afford
to do each step of the procedure until that step was done
right and then pick up the next step.

In fact, each step would
have to end or be interrupted for the need of concealment.
His lab times are insufficient for each step to be done
perfectly.  He couldn’t produce a perfect run with a start stop
limitation over the last week, Friday to Friday.


If the spores he cleaned up in his work area outside BSL3 had silicon in them, shouldn’t there be some traces still?

Obama gives whites finger metaphorically

January 21, 2009

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest,
and in the joy of a new beginning,
we ask you to help us work for that day
when black will not be asked to get in back,
when brown can stick around,
when yellow will be mellow,
when the red man can get ahead, man;
and when white will embrace what is right.
That all those who do justice and love mercy
say Amen.

Rev. Joseph Lowery

Above as formatted at Lawrence Auster


I was shocked when I heard it.  I wondered if I had misheard it I was so surprised.  I tried to invent a word to fit and came up with might.  But it seems I heard right.

Just because Obama makes a face doesn’t mean he didn’t know it.

You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig.  That’s with him saying the words.
Obama giving McCain the finger

Obama giving Hillary the finger

Obama smiles broadly when white comes up.  He doesn’t grimace, he just lessens his smile near the end.  Moreover, he smiles broadly when its over.  You can see it below.

Its Obama.  This was deliberate.  Obama gave The White People the finger at his inauguration.

Obama Inauguration Religion of Equality

January 20, 2009

The Religion of Equality was the theme of Obama’s Inauguration.  The concept of America’s direction being equality is a fallacy of the Religion of Equality.  It can’t be the direction, because its impossible.  Humans are part of an ecosystem, whose purpose is not equality and whose law of motion does not allow it.

Evolution doesn’t select equality.  Evolution selects genes.  Evolution can not be stopped by man.  Not even man’s evolution can be stopped by man.  Although Obama and Dianne Feinstein and Rick Warren all proclaim the ideology of equality, their words can’t change scientific reality of life on earth.

Equality is a means to search.  In search for the global maximum in high dimensions, one can’t follow the steepest path to the global maximum.  One arrives at a local maximum. Even in low dimensions this is true.  To have a chance to get to the global maximum, one has to start the search in many places.  Even then its not assured.

Equality is a means of allowing for many starting points and many methods of search.  But equality is not absolute.  Nor can equaliy of results help search.  If every search ends with the same result, we get nowhere.

Freedom and equality are only part of the means to optimal search.  We have to have the means to search efficiently, record the results of searches, obtain the benefits of better searches, and build on the know-how and information gained.

Its not just equality that leads to progress.  Progress doesn’t mean just equality.   Selecting good genes and replacing bad genes is part of progress.  There can not be progress in fact without replacing bad genes by good.  This is true since people die and are replaced.

When bad genes replace good, its not progress, its not even health maintenance.  Its replacing good genes by bad that is genocide.  Replacing bad genes by good is progress.

ASPM came along around 5000 to 4000 BC and changed human brains.   Writing then came into existence.  This happened in the Middle East and Europe and spread throughout those areas and somewhat to Asia.

The advance of genes is the advance of man.  The decline of genes is the decline of man.  This is reality. Detroit and New Orleans both show that. So does the ethnic cleansing of whites from the South Side of Chicago.

Search means not just freedom and equality but selection, criteria, discrimination, contract, information, truth, integrity, reward and punishment, etc.  The Religion of Equality is so against reality that it doesn’t lead to a progression of genes, society or equality in the end.  The Religion of Equality, which was in full strength in the 18th century already, is irrational.  It doesn’t promote search it silences discussion.  It ends thinking.  It doesn’t promote progress.

Obama’s Inauguration is not about freedom.  Its about silencing the truth.  Its not about the truth about race, its about suppressing the truth about race.  Its not about genes.  Its not about Steve Sailer type truth about blacks or the South Side of Chicago or Barack Obama.

The reason we are in our problems now is because we have let the Religion of Equality silence truth.  We can’t tell the truth about our problems, because its race and immigration that caused them.  Its non-whites who have brought down white civilization or are ending it now.  They are not progress when they come here they are the reverse of progress.

Non-whites have destroyed the institutions of our society.  Non-whites destroyed trust because they are thieves.  They take.  They steal. They destroy.  They are corrupt. They lie. Their institutions and countries show it.  They are destroying our civilization because that is their genetic nature.

Blacks didn’t build America.  Nor did any other race but whites.   Blacks and whites didn’t build it together.  This is a white creation.  Moreover, British stock built this country the way it is.  Other groups have chosen to attack the British stock and try to tear them down.  They couldn’t do that without tearing down America too. The result is its not the 1830’s America that De Tocqueville found and recorded.

Behavior comes from genes.  It comes from white genes that 1830’s America was the way it was.  Those genes also led us to make mistakes tha keep accruing.  We are ignoring reality.  That is why we are running into difficulties.

Despite technological progress, our schools are failing.  Despite technological progress, its harder to teach math in the schools. This is because 3rd world genes are not adpated to math and school.  They are not as advanced.  MCPH1 and ASPM are not part of them.  Ignoring genetic reality results in failure over and over. Eventually, our entire society fails.

ASPM came along in 4000 BC in the Middle East and Europe.  That is what resulted in writing.  We are now in the process of destroying the civilization created by ASPM and other genes by eliminating those genes.  That is the real truth.  Obama embodies that replacement.  His entire team examplifies it as does his entire inauguration ceremony.

If we are to seek forgiveness, it should be for lies.  It should be for destroying the civilization created by ASPM and other genes by destroying ASPM and other genes.  Help us make choices based on the predictable outcomes.

We need a morality of predictable outcomes or we will continue to see decay as the theme Obama examplifies along with Bush and Clinton who pushed the same genocide of ASPM and other advanced genes.  PC is an ideology of genocide, the elimination of the advanced genes by imposed equality of outcomes.

The pursuit of happiness is the right to search.  Equality of outcomes, affirmative action, immigration, etc. are about stopping search from finding the answer.  The answer is to select the good genes.

You can only have progress if each generation you make more copies of the good genes and fewer of the bad than you start with.  Unless you create more copies of good genes than at the start of each generation, they can’t spread through the population. This is the basis of health.  You can’t have progress without it.

We are doing the opposite.  By immigration, welfare, etc. we are creating more copies of bad genes each generation in the West than at the start.   The result is to overcome the technological progress and send us backwards.  We see that in the failure of every institution of society.  This is a failure of genetic policy.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Everything else converges to the immigrants characteristics as well.  The violence converges to the violence of the immigrants.  The stealing.  The corruption.  The indifference. The lies.  The hate.  The misuse of power.  The destruction of institutions from within.  The failure of schools.  The failure of government.  The failure of banks and money.  These all fail because that is what is true of the 3rd world societies.

3rd world genes are pre 40,000 BC genes.  They are before MCPH1.  They are before 4000 BC ASPM.  We are going back to before the birth of writing by getting rid of the genes that created writing.  That is why the schools fail.

==From Wiki

A new allele (version) of ASPM appeared sometime between 14,100 and 500 years ago with a mean estimate of 5,800 years ago. The new allele has a frequency of about 50 percent in populations of the Middle East and Europe, it is less frequent in East Asia, and has low frequencies among Sub-Saharan African populations. [1]

The mean estimated age of the ASPM allele of 5,800 years ago, roughly correlates with the development of written language, spread of agriculture and development of cities.[2] Currently, two alleles of this gene exist: the older (pre-5,800 years ago) and the newer (post-5,800 years ago). About 10% of humans have two copies of the new ASPM allele, while about 50% have two copies of the old allele. The other 40% of humans have one copy of each. Of those with an instance of the new allele, 50% of them are an identical copy [3] suggesting a highly rapid spread from the original mutation.

==End Wiki

You can’t spread a gene unless you make more copies each generation than you start with.  3rd world immigration and fertility mean that isn’t happening.  Instead its the reverse.  That is why human institutions are failing world wide.

Ian Jobling’s White America movement

January 20, 2009

Comments posted there in reply to a comment against having white in the name of the movement White America.

The point of having the word White in the name of the movement is precisely to stop being reduced to a cheer leader for own extinction.  When the goal is equality or freedom, the result is just being a me too cheer leader to non-whites displacing whites.

If we want white survival we have to say so.  That means we need a movement that has it in its name.  We don’t want PC me too’s like Bush and McCain to come and shut down the real discussion.

How can censoring what we want to say move us anywhere?  We want to say that we have a right to survive.  That’s what moves us.  We want to say we want to keep our own lands, we have a right to them and we mean to do what we can legally to keep them.  We mean to challenge the morality of laws that encode our genocide as their mathematical conclusion.

We want to say what we think.  If we want to be censored, we can find that at school, work, church, and everywhere else already.  We have that.  That’s what we want to fight
Additional reasons to have white in movement name.

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood…Make big plans, aim high in hope and work.
Daniel H. Burnham
US architect & city planner (1846 – 1912)

We want to keep the white lands.  We don’t want to fade out of history.  We want to say the truth that we created this civilization and its ours.

We also don’t want to be silenced about the truth about genes, crime, diversity, 3rd world chaos, the loss of our schools and institutions, and the lies that permeate all of our society about race.  PC is an ideology of genocide of whites. We want to say that and object to it.  We have to have white in our movements name to do that.  If we don’t, we will be taken over by the PC whites who want to be cheer leaders for our genocide and tell lies about why what is happening is happening.

Vanishing American on PC left claim of white Racist DNA

January 19, 2009

Comment at Vanishing American

(See comments at VA, this was posted as a comment there.)

This is another reason to convince us to be active not give up.  Cabbageroll you have some good points.  Pointing out how badly interracial marriage is for whites is useful too.

One example is Barack Obama’s mother.  Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was already married when he met 17 year old Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii, an interracial “paradise”.  One that has had many reports in the last year of being anti-white racist in the extreme including during the 1970’s when Obama was growing up there at an impressionable age.  Not that the South Side of Chicago was any less so in the 1980’s or today.

Stanley Ann Dunham is another white woman determined to “end racism” by her womb as Cabbageroll discussed above.  Many white women will now want to emulate her, even though BHO Sr was married at the time he met 17 year SAD and then ditched her for a scholarship to Harvard.  As Steve Sailer pointed out, he could have had one in New York that would have supported SAD and his half-white son, but he didn’t choose that.  Wonder why?

IQ gene that whites have but not many blacks is here:

A new allele (version) of ASPM appeared sometime between 14,100 and 500 years ago with a mean estimate of 5,800 years ago. The new allele has a frequency of about 50 percent in populations of the Middle East and Europe, it is less frequent in East Asia, and has low frequencies among Sub-Saharan African populations. [1]

The mean estimated age of the ASPM allele of 5,800 years ago, roughly correlates with the development of written language, spread of agriculture and development of cities.[2] Currently, two alleles of this gene exist: the older (pre-5,800 years ago) and the newer (post-5,800 years ago). About 10% of humans have two copies of the new ASPM allele, while about 50% have two copies of the old allele.

How many think we should switch back to two copies of the old allele?  That would mean going back to before cities.  Like Detroit?  Like burning Paris?  Lile Birmingham, Manchester and London?

“A derived form of MCPH1 called haplogroup D appeared about 37,000 years ago (anytime between 14,000 and 60,000 years ago) and has spread to become the more common form throughout the world except Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Could be that BHO Sr didn’t have the new alleles of MCPH1 and ASPM.  How sad.  Should we go back to before 37,000 years ago?  That seems to be the proposal of this woman against racism.

Two Links from VA article

Please go to the VA article to see one on Germany.

Migration Watch Ireland taken down by Nigerians

January 18, 2009

==From Vdare:

Irish eyes not smiling

Hat tip, The Irish Savant, for bad news: The net closes in Friday January 16 2009

Migration Watch Ireland has had it’s site taken down after being referred to the police. Quoting Politics.ieIt seems they fell foul of the Nigerian Candidate, one Frances Soney-Ituen, who is standing in the Locals in Athy, Co Kildare next June and who complained to the local Leinster Leader… When this Site didn’t come up with an answer to their liking quick enough it looks like somebody called in the Garda Internet Unit.”


Anyone who wonders if its worth time spending on fighting immigration by non-whites should get the answer here.  A Nigerian is running for office to take away our freedom?  This is evil for Migration Watch? Is it evil for you?  This is invasion to Migration Watch, is it invasion to you?  This is the real hate to Migration Watch?  Is it to you?

If you fear to speak out about this, then start voting to stop non-white immigration.  Non-whites are not hear to help us, they are here to end us?  This proves it?

Thank God our ancestors risked their lives to get us some real freedom.  Too bad Ireland’s missed this somehow, although it may be interpretation.  Freedom means freedom subject to PC, i.e. freedom to obey.

Do you agree with the statement: PC is an ideology of hating whites and anti-white genocide?

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They take our lands, schools, become our presidents and judges, kill us, take away our jobs and wages, our retirement security and our physical security.  Finally they genocide our genes.  Does this show they hate us?

Immigration is Ireland’s New Holocaust.  Its not just hyperbole, its a published theorem in math.  That makes it true.  Call it hatemath in analogy to hatefacts.

UPDATE: It seems I unwittingly stole the idea for the word hatefact from Peter Brimelow, who used the term “hate facts” in a speech last November.

Blogs hosted in the US might want to consider making their entire blog a petition to the US Congress to stop immigration in the US.  They can say that reference to other countries even requests to stop it there are simply part of the petition to the US.  They can say the US should learn from the experience of others, something non-US are saying all the time.  You don’t have to be a US citizen to be protected by the First Amendment.  Anyone can petition Congress or speak in the US.  If the blog is hosted in the US and is a petition to the US Congress, then a foreign government is injecting itself into the US to do something about the blog.  In the about section of your blog you can add that the entire blog is a petition to the US government and it should be understood as meaning that in the above sense.  Copy this whole paragraph into your about section.  (This is not legal advice.)

This is draft and preliminary.  Comments and corrections welcome. Restate above as questions. The above is formulated as a hypothesis differing from PC for the reason of contrast and hypothesis testing.  All other disclaimers apply.  This is a petition to the Congress of the United States to stop non-white immigration to the US.  This is protected by the first Amendment as free speech and the right to petition to Congress.

Bush Farewell address: Americans are cowards

January 15, 2009

(Spoof)  George W. Bush (W for Weasel in Chief) addressed the nation tonight and denounced Americans as cowards.

Bush: You are losing your country and you deserve to.  You are cowards.  You are so afraid of the word bigot that you let people like me give away your country.  You even voted for my re-election after you knew I intended to do it.

I despise you.  That’s why I’m giving away your country.  Hello.  How stupid are you?  You are cowards to the core.  You elect someone who is against you.  After 9/11, I sided with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia against America.  You re-elected me.   You deserve contempt and disdain and I have it for you.

3rd world immigration is replacement immigration.  You know that but don’t protest.  Your wages are the same as 1973.  You have lost job security.  This has now spread to every part of our society which is bankrupt from top to bottom.  This is because of 3rd world immigration that my father and Kennedy foisted on you in 1990.  You didn’t protest then and you don’t protest now.  You deserve to lose your country and you are.

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