Appalachia Reservation Proposal ARP

January 30, 2009

Convention on the
Prevention and Punishment
of the Crime of Genocide

Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.

Article 2

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


It is a scientific theorem that one way migration causes genetic replacement.

That this is a violation of the 1948 Convention on Genocide.

That this was known science in 1948.

That the 1965 Immigration Act was a violation of the 1948 Convention and this was known in 1965.

That communities of Founding Stock Americans are losing their traditional way of life.

That speech patterns are being lost.

That local culture and identity is being destroyed.

That distinct genetic groups are being destroyed and abolished contrary to human rights and genocide protocols of international law.

That the human rights of Founding Stock Americans are no longer acknowledged by other groups and that founding stock Americans are considered non-human by the cultural, political and legal elites,

That the exercise of the Christian religion as communities of Founding Stock Americans is being denied for which purpose they founded America

Therefore it is resolved that

The entire Appalachian System including mountains and waters is declared a separate reservation for Founding Stock Americans (FSAs).

FSA’s include those in America and up to the start of the 19th century great wave of immigration (and those of the same stock who came later).  Because of homogeneity, immigrants up to the Civil War or of the same strains would be permitted on the reservation as identified by the 1924 Immigration Act classification system.

The Ellis Island Wave or Second Wave Americas are those who came to America from Europe from the Civil War to 1924 or those of the same stock as these who came after.  The pre Civil War Americans from Europe can be considered first part of Second Wave Americans or included in First Wave Americans.  That includes those of the same stock as these.

Similar reservations could be declared for the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi Valley, the Lone Star State of Texas, parts of California, Oregon, Washington State, the Great Lakes Region, etc.  These would typically include FSA’s and Second Wave Americans.

These latter regions would include the stock that settled them historically including 19th century immigrants.  Also Second Wave Americans who are deeply rooted in the reservations for Founding Stock Americans would be allowed to remain in them.

A second reservation system as indicated above would be established for the joint use of Founding Stock Americans and Ellis Island immigrant waves from the Civil War to the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act (and the same stock that came later).  This would cover areas settled jointly by the two waves or areas densely settled by the second wave such as the Coastal New England Reservation.  Northern New England stretching from Maine along the Canadian border and down Upper New York State and into the rest of the Appalachians would be part of the Appalachian Reservation for FSA’s.  From there to the coast would be the Second Wave American reservation for joint use of FSA’s and SWA’s.  The Mid-Atlantic Coastal Reservation would include New Jersey at the least and be for FSA’s and SWA’s.

Immigrants from 1924 to 1965 would be classified in the same way as in that act.  In effect, the 1924 classification scheme would be the draft of the reservation system eligibility.  This would include post 1965 immigrants who fall into the 1924 protected peoples.

Post 1965 diversity immigrants not in the 1924 classification would not be allowed into the reservations and would have to move out.   These include from Mexico, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  Those persons were brought with the specific intent of violating the genocide treaty.

The national system of reservations would protect the communities, traditions, religions, and ways of life of the different waves of immigrants or founding stock.  This would preserve their way of life.

It is acknowledged that the current immigration system is scientific genocide in accordance with the Wright Island Model which is already accepted science for decades.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

In exchange for the adoption of this reservation system, politicians in all 3 branches of government would not be subject to prosecution for genocide.  But that requires ending all further immigration and relocation to the extent possible of post 1965 diversity immigrants to their countries of origin. (Post 1965 immigrants of the same stock as FSA’s and the Ellis Island Wave (i.e. SWA’s from Europe) would not be included.)  The reservation system could be adopted without that return, but politicians in the 3 branches of government might not get immunity because their genocide handiwork had not been reversed.  If the 1965 diversity component is returned, then the harm inflicted will have been partly repaired and that would be the basis of giving the amnesty to the politicians who participated in genocide of FSA’s and Second Wave Americans, SWA’s.

In essence there are 3 waves.

Founding Stock Americans.   Europeans who came up to the Civil War.  Also those of the same ethnicity who came afterwards.

Ellis Island Americans or Second Wave Americans.  These are Europeans who came through Ellis Island.

Ethnic Cleansing Wave or Wright Island Model Wave or Genocide Wave.  These are those who came post 1965 who were not European.  They came from Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc. and were intended to ethnically cleanse Europeans and to violate the genocide convention according to the math of the Wright Island Model.

The Ethnic Cleansing Wave was brought by Second Wave Americans who resented Founding Stock Americans.  They were intended to finish them off and remove them as having control over America.  These intents were clear violations of the Genocide Convention and are Wright Island Model methods of genocide.   They have to go back in order to deny the result of genocide.

Other groups can be mentioned.

Native Americans would continue to have their reservations.

Hispanics or others in Spanish or other territories at the time they were taken to the US.   They but not others from Latin America could stay.  The others were brought for the purpose of genocide, which crime can’t be allowed to succeed.

Hawaii is a natural place for Asians who came before the Ethnic Cleansing Wave to have a reservation.  However, whites with roots in Hawaii should be allowed to remain.

Blacks would not be considered part of the FSA’s or Ellis Island Wave.   They would either be in cities like Detroit or the South Side of Chicago or they would follow the noble purpose of lifting Africa up instead of pulling America down.   Blacks in the US have an IQ of 85 at least 10 points higher than blacks in Africa.  Blacks in the US are on the bottom and pull it down.  In Africa, they would be on the top and pull it up.  This seems their manifest destiny because it is a great and good thing for them to do, whereas staying in America they are simply an evil that destroys cities and the institutions of society and preys upon the others so they can’t walk at night.  Obama could lead them back to Kenya.  With genetic testing, it can be determined which part of Africa they most belong to.  Because behavior is genetic, they will fit in there and contribute positively according to the institutions of their own people.  In America, they contribute negatively because the institutions are adapted to different genes.  Here they interfere negatively and destroy.  That is not a great and noble purpose for them.  Because of their lack of purpose here, they are predators and beggars.  Back in Africa they would be contributors and leaders.   They are a legacy of an earlier stage of evolution.  In America, they are a hindrance to progress.  In Africa, they would be part of progress with the genes from Europe they have picked up.  They would have a moral purpose in Africa.  Their lives would then have meaning.  In America, their lives can never have as much meaning because they are a prior stage of evolution that holds us back. We can call this following in the footsteps of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. who did return to Africa where he did fit in.

Local communities should start to adopt Reservation Declarations.  These parallel the Declaration of Independence.   The list of grievances are similar, except that immigration especially post 1965 diversity immigration is genocide immigration and intentional ethnic cleansing according to the Wright Island Model.

The Old South would be another reservation area.  That would cover the states of the Confederacy including Texas.  The Rocky Mountain Reservations is another.  The Great Plains is another.  The Great Lakes is another.  The Mississippi Missouri is another.  These may overlap and require the derivation of borders for them.   Another would be the Southwest Desert.   Western reservations would include Mexican or Hispanics there at the time they entered America.  19th Century Asian immigrants would receive protection in their China towns and other districts.

Note that unlike global warming, the WIM is a mathematical theorem, there is no doubt about its validity.  A proof for lay math people is indicated from the internal OAL link above.

Local communities and states should start adopting Reservation Declarations of Independence indicating their support of the Appalachian Reservation Proposal or its variants for the other reservations.

Within these reservations, Indian reservations would continue.  There could also be other smaller reservations for local communities to preserve themselves.  The Amish.  The Mormons.   Hasidic Jews.  And many others not so well known or even as distinct.

These are not simply arbitrary rules.  Behavior is genetic.  Ellis Island Wave Immigrants and the Ethnic Cleansing Wave have both ethnically cleansed Founding Stock Americans.  Both still think any type of hate humor against Founding Stock Americans is funny.   Both routinely put down FSA’s.  This is genetically encoded antagonism that is semi-permanent over the time scale of centuries.

Its because behavior including conflict is genetic that there need to be reservations.  This is why the Ethnic Cleansing Wave has to go back to their original lands.  They will not try to ethnically cleanse FSA’s or Ellis Island Wave when they are back in their own lands, as they are genetically programmed to do here.   Blacks fit into that same scientific analysis.

Steve Pinker: behavior is genetic:

James Watson said the same thing.   Pinker can be considered a representative of Second Wave Immigrants and Watson of FSA’s.  They both come to the same conclusion.  Behavior is genetic.  This includes anti-social and aggressive behavior.  That includes of the Ethnic Cleansing Wave against FSA’s and Ellis Island Wave and of the Ellis Island Wave against FSA’s.  An antagonism they display every time they can, such as the hate waves against Sarah Palin.

Vanishing American has done a better job than any in documenting the treatment of FSA’s and their ethnic cleansing in every way from this land.  This includes removing books by or about FSA’s by Ellis Island or black or Ethnic Cleansing Wave immigrants.   Those other waves, particularly after Ellis Island, can’t accept the cultural contributions of FSA’s as is.   If they can’t mutute them into being hostile to FSA’s they get rid of them.  That is why FSA’s need their own reservations.  That FSA’s let in the Ellis Island Wave is reason that the other reservations be primarily joint reservations.  But some sole Ellis Island Wave reservations fit into this scheme.

Similar analysis applies to Australia, Canada and Europe.  Post WWII ethnic cleansing immigration in these lands was intentional genocide especially of British stock.   That genocide can only be stopped by those waves returning to their own lands.  The genetic based conflict applies there as well as here.

Others have pointed out that WWI and WWII were about getting one state for each nationality and that this work came at a heavy cost of life.  The breakup of the Soviet Union was the same thing.  We should respect the truths of history by our arrangements for the present and future not act in defiance of them.

Humans can’t change their biology yet or fast enough.  Thus their arrangements must reflect reality as James Watson meant to discuss when he was attacked. The attackers believe the only logical conclusion is separation and a return of the Ethnic Cleansing Immigrants to their own lands.

In fact, we do agree on the logical conclusion, that’s why the PC don’t want the discussion.  History has gone to the logical conclusion when people could, separation.  Diversity means that people don’t fit into the institutions of their society which can only be adapted to one set of genes at a time.  Diversity is like misshapen atoms and molecules that can’t fit together as they used to.  The result is cancer and a complete collapse of the larger systems built from them.

Advanced genes can only spread through the human population if more copies are made each generation than in the prior generation.  Instead we are doing that with the inferior alleles.  The result is reverse evolution.   From a health point of view, or evolution point of view, the direction of immigration is reversed.  The advanced alleles should spread to the 3rd world and replace those there, not the primitive alleles already replaced in Europe should override the new innovations made in those genes in Europe, such as ASPM.

The above is draft and preliminary and subject to revision.  Comments and suggestions welcome.


6 Responses to “Appalachia Reservation Proposal ARP”

  1. Very thorough analysis and interesting ideas for a solution to our predicament.
    Thanks for the mention, too.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks VA. Much of it is taken or inspired from your many columns.

  3. […] The above link has some similar material. It shows how the Wright Island Model proves that immigration is genocide as a theorem in population genetics. The Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem is actually better than standard WIM. […]

  4. Jason Says:

    Now you know how the Indians feel.
    Justice. Is. Served.
    The Founding Stock Americans are guilty of genocide, does Christianity still smile upon hypocrisy?

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