Dutch judges rule Muslims can’t leave Islam

February 23, 2009

(Spoof) Dutch judges ruled today in the Geert Wilders trial that Muslims can not leave Islam and can not criticize or change Islam.

Wilders had made a motion that if the judges were to rule against him it would be tantamount to ruling that Muslims could not criticize their own religion and leave it.    What if a Muslim decided Islam was just a cult of the desert and decided it was false and stupid and a lie his lawyers asked.   What if he wanted to tell his friends and family his new insight? Isn’t every time a Muslim leaves Islam a statement by that Muslim that Islam is false?  Isn’t saying Islam is false an attack on Islam?

What if Saudi Arabia passed a law allowing all religions and criticism of any of them in any way. Suppose people in Arabia started mocking Islam and many left.  Isn’t that what we want?

The judges agreed.  They declared that Muslims can not leave Islam in Holland.  They said Muslims may not criticize Islam.

What about changing it the lawyers shouted?

No, Muslims can not change Islam because that is an attack on Islam.

Geert’s lawyer: So they must adhere to the form of Islam proclaimed by the government of Saudi Arabia without deviation?

Judges: yes.

Geert’s lawyer: And that applies world wide.

Judges:  yes.

Geert’s lawyer: Any anyone, Muslim or infidel who says otherwise will be put into prison in Holland or in any court adhering to the law, which is universal?

Judges:  Yes.  Islam is universal and the law must be as well.

Geert’s lawyer:  So Islam can’t be criticized even by Muslims and so can’t be changed, even by Muslims.  Only the original form of Islam can apply and no person can leave Islam anywhere in the world, because that would be to deny Islam.  This is the universal law everywhere in the world.

Judges: Yes.

==Motions to submit to the court for ruling

Can a Muslim leave Islam in Holland?

Can a Muslim have reasons for leaving Islam in Holland?

Can the reason a Muslim leaves Islam be that Islam is a wicked faith in that Muslim’s mind?

If that is the reason they want to leave, the true reason, then are they forbidden to leave Islam in Holland?

But if the reason they wanted to leave was to drink alcohol that would be allowed in Holland?

Can a person leave Islam and say the reason?

If the reason is Islam is a wicked faith can they say that?

If someone asks them why did you leave Islam can they answer?

Can they say, I think Islam is a wicked faith?

If they think Islam is the same as Nazism can they say it?

Can they even leave Islam if that is true, cross their heart hope to die, reason?

Before a person leaves Islam, can they say to others, Muslim or not, I am thinking of leaving Islam because I think

a) its like Nazism.

b) its a wicked faith.

c) it commands evil.

Can they discuss any of those reasons?

After they leave the faith can they say that is why?

Can they try to get other Muslims to leave Islam by saying their beliefs?

What about others?

What about those who believe Islam targets them?

Can they state their belief?

Can they try to get Muslims to leave or change Islam because of what they think Islam is?

Wasn’t all of the above allowed for those leaving Christianity over centuries?

Aren’t things like that about Christianity taught in schools, movies, newspapers, etc. in Holland and other Western lands?  Isn’t there a war on Christianity where anti-Christians can say anything they want against Christianity and attribute any bad thing to it?

These motions should be submitted to the court in the Netherlands in the Geert Wilders trial.

Doesn’t this show the real reason for the prosecution of Geert Wilders is because he is a white politician who the white establishment in the Netherlands loathe?  They loathe him for being loyal to whites and saying the truth about Islam and non-white immigration?  That is why he is being prosecuted?




Comment posted Gates of Vienna

How can a person reform Islam if it can’t be criticized?

How can a person leave Islam if they can’t condemn Islam?

If a person thinks Islam is a wicked faith, is it illegal
for them to leave Islam in the Netherlands?

If that’s their true reason, they can’t leave Islam?

Or if they do, they can’t say it?  Even if asked?

Wilders should submit motions to the court asking above and other questions at my site.

Is it against the law in Holland for a person to leave Islam because they think Islam is a wicked faith?  Or they think its close to Nazism? Submit that to the court.

<a href=”https://oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/dutch-judges-rule-muslims-cant-leave-islam/”&gt;
More motions and questions </a>

Is the Dutch court ruling that:

  1. Islam can not be reformed
  2. because to reform Islam it must be criticized
  3. and criticizing Islam is illegal under Dutch law
  4. and therefore Islam can not be reformed.
  5. Since leaving Islam is a criticism of it, in fact is to condemn it, leaving Islam is also forbidden under Dutch law.
  6. Dutch law requires that Muslims not leave Islam and that Islam stay as the unreconstructed form of the original Koran and the original Muslim invasion of Europe.   That is Dutch law.

3 Responses to “Dutch judges rule Muslims can’t leave Islam”

  1. Old Atlantic Says:

    So under Dutch law, Saudi Arabia can not change Saudi laws based on Islam because that would be an insult to Islam. The same applies in Iran and Pakistan. That is what the judges in those countries believe too.

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