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China at war with West already

March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009
Spy chiefs fear Chinese cyber attack

They have told ministers of their fears that equipment installed by Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, in BT’s new communications network could be used to halt critical services such as power, food and water supplies.

The warnings coincide with growing cyberwarfare attacks on Britain by foreign governments, particularly Russia and China.

Chinese in the West are loyal to China.  They have race loyalty.  Just see their reaction to every time a Chinese spy is caught or anything else.  Steven Chu has done all he could to promote and expand Chinese networks in the US including inside government labs.

We have a cowardly press.  We have a cowardly Congress. We have a cowed populace.    To update Rousseau, whites are born free and are everywhere in the chains of PC.  All that is needed for the White West to survive is for those in PC chains to stand up.


China says West at Cold War with China.

It is a mistake to think that China’s leaders are wise and not racist.  China’s entire history is extreme arrogant racism.  Moreover, that is typical in Asia.   It is evidently genetic for Asians.  Asia’s history is full of ethnic cleansing.  The Asian way of war is ethnic cleansing.  That’s all they understand.  To the Chinese, they either ethnic cleanse us or we do it to them.  That is why they spread nukes to Pakistan to use on us.

Chinese are extreme racist xenophobes.  That is their entire history.  It is genetic.  Those who think Chinese can be loyal to anything but Chinese or China are mistaken.  Chinese are genetically programmed to ethnically cleanse whites.  That is the reality.  China has an entire culture and history of extreme racist arrogance and supremacy.  That is genetic.


Latte Island added to blogroll

March 28, 2009

I should have done this earlier but late is better than never.  Latte Island is not afraid to use words like black and white when appropriate.   That’s a small list.  Its an inspiring site of courage and conviction.   Latte Island celebrated its one year anniversary.  I hope it keeps going for many years to come.

Mirror Site

Palestinians the Bernie Madoff of countries

March 28, 2009

Taki at Takimag on Israel as the Bernie Madoff of countries.

Lawrence Auster:

As we show below, Taki has it backwards.  Its the PLO, Hammas, etc. that are the Bernie Madoff of countries.   They are the false claimants to be a country as a legal moral ethical entity that spreads and rewards good and stops the spread of bad internally, externally and into itself.

The Palestinian authority is the Bernie Madoff of countries.  This is because a country is supposed to be a legal moral entity that upholds both law, morality and justice.  Palestinian entities do the opposite.  A portfolio manager is supposed to invest your money not steal it. So its Palestinian entities who are BM of countries.

Palestinians teach hatred, genocide, immorality, blood lust, and murder.  They teach that intentionally to children.  They are a pathogen of history.

One can analyze human affairs and history in terms of genes.  But then one must choose.  Its not that every gene is equal.  Its not that whichever gene wins, its the same.  Its not that whatever gene occupies a land should own it.  Genes are not rooted to land.

Genes spread, everywhere and always.  Its a question of which ones.  That is the real issue of morality.  Helping bad genes exist means helping bad ones spread. That means the end of human civilization. Spreading bad genes means the end of goodness, morality, law and ethics.  Thus to support the victory of bad genes over good can’t be justified on moral grounds, since its the destruction of morality itself that it leads to.

Human development means weeding out bad genes.  Human destruction means the spread and even persistence of bad genes.  Bad genes that persist anywhere will spread.  Thus human development means the spread of good genes and their replacement of bad genes everywhere.  That is morality.

Genes that are the carriers of morality must replace those that are the enemy of morality.  That is the only moral course.  There is no morality at all in genes that undermine morality replacing those that do. To let such genes persist anywhere is to let them spread everywhere.  Thus morality requires their being culled out. That is the only possible morality. Anything else is the end of morality itself.

Opposing genes that carry morality and supporting those that oppose morality is to oppose morality.  Liberalism is about opposing and destroying morality.  Liberalism is amoral.   Liberalism is actually evil.  It casts itself in the role of Satan.   It uses lies as its preferred method.  It says it will do good but delivers evil.  The outcome is always evil but the promise good.  This is the essence of Satanism and is what Bernie Madoff has pled guilty to in the instances in his plea.

Morality is about self control.  Palestinians are about the opposite.  Palestinians have shown their lack of self control and that they idolize violent emotion and physical violence over education, work and cooperation.  They have intentionally chosen violence over cooperation.

Whatever money Palestinians are given, they waste.  This is whether it comes from Arabs, Christians or Jews.  The result is the same.  They are incapable of being good stewards of money. Or of land. They destroy and despoil any land they are given.  When Gaza was given to them by Israel, the Palestinians proceeded to destroy the buildings and improvements to the land.

Taki’s fallacy is useful because it leads us to the truth.  This is like much of neoconism.  A neocon is someone who advocates defeat against every foe that threatens the West while pretending to fight at least one of them.  A conservative is someone who advocates publicly the measures needed to defeat at least one foe of the West.  There are few conservatives.

For example, a conservative advocates drafting 2 million men, invading Iran removing its nuclear program, surrounding and blockading Pakistan to do the same, and the invasion of Saudi Arabia to remove Islam at the source.  Or a conservative advocates the end of 3rd world immigration and measures that will remove the 3rd world invasive population over time from the West.  A conservative is against know-how transfer to China and for stopping Chinese immigration and the gradual return of Chinese to China, because they are a fifth column in the West.  There are few conservatives.

Taki is at his core the same as Frum. Takism and Frumism are at the core the same.  They both shy away from advocating victory for the West.  Or rather, Taki shies away, and Frum is an opportunist as Auster has pointed out who is really the deadly enemy of the West.  Taki is a dilettante who can’t remember his lessons.  One hopes he can learn, but it never happens.  Taki is a perpetual C student on Western survival and anything else which requires a combination of theory and fact.  Auster on the other hand is excellent and a fearless realist on that combination when analyzing the threats and remedies the West must pursue.

Peace Corps covers up rape of whites

March 16, 2009

The Peace Corps is engaged in covering up the rape of white women in Africa and other countries.  Vanishing American covers the story and has links to more information.  Vanishing American rightly calls it sacrifice.  This is a theme I return to below.

The Peace Corps has become a reverse slave trade.  It is a rape service for blacks in Africa and Latinos in Central America.  This is hate of whites.  All those who are part of this take ownership of it and are guilty.

Churches are not the least guilty, but the most guilty.  They are lying.  They are committing sin according to their own moral law.  They do it for a Pharisee Pride in PC.   They are the very ones Christ came to call to account.  They are part of this reverse rape and slave trade.

What does evil is evil.  They are not examplifying Christianity but mocking Christianity.  To make the rape and murder of white women by blacks the highest expression of Christianity is a perversion of Christianity.

They don’t call the Muslim slave trade that ruled Africa for over 1000 years to be Christian, at least not directly.  But the reverse rape trade they do call that.  Bringing down what is good and raising up what is bad is not Christianity and was never Christ’s message.

Christ didn’t preach helping Satan build a Slum of Evil on a Hill.  These PC Christians are doing just that.  They are tearing down cities on a hill and putting up hells on hills and taking pride in it.  This is a Satanic pride.  They can’t build a city but they can destroy it.  Pride in destruction of what is good is the heart of Lucifer’s pride.

“Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”  Milton, Paradise Lost.     That is exactly the pride and the plan of these PC Christians.  They are not doing God’s work but destroying God’s work.  It was the people who founded this country who did God’s work.  Those tearing it down mock and condemn those who built it.  The ones tearing this country down are the ones who should be condemned, not those who built it up.  Building this nation up in a world of savagery was the great accomplishment.

How can you tell if you are following God’s law or your own pride in destruction?  A policy that makes things worse is not God’s plan.  Third world immigration is not God’s plan because it creates chaos and destroys that which is good.  Peace Corps and immigration are both that.

The Peace Corps was a Kennedy initiative.  Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in an air bubble in a car he put under water while he called friends at his hotel.  Others at the scene were going to call for rescue.  But Kennedy stopped them by falsely promising he would call when he got to his hotel.  Instead he showered, had a drink, and called friends saying the Protestant bigots would attack him in a mean spirited way when they heard this.  He said that while she was still alive waiting for help. The diver reported that the next day.

Mission of sacrifice

Peace Corps volunteers face injury, death in foreign lands

By Russell Carollo and Mei-Ling Hopgood
Dayton Daily News

Comments from Atlanta story on West Africa killing below. Other comments are worth reading.  Please make a copy of the comments page because such comments can disappear as VA says.
Kate Puzey killed in Benin in West Africa.  This is reported in the link below.  Its partly an AP story so I don’t quote from it.

Susan commented 18 hours 57 minutes ago

My prayers are with the Puzey family for the loss of their daughter. The world needs peace makers and these volunteers give it their all. My daughter was a volunteer in Gabon in 1995. The volunteer before her was raped and murdered and the Corps never divulged that information to us. Some facts are never made public and should be. We need dedicated volunteers but we also must make sure they are safe.

Jamie commented 18 hours 12 minutes ago

I was a volunteer in Benin 4 years ago. I was raped, and beaten. The peace corp did nothing to help me. I still have nightmares every night. Reading this article brings back so many painful memories. Why can’t the peace corp just admit that dozens of pcv’s are raped every year.
outraged commented 18 hours 39 minutes ago

My daughter was a PCV in Mocambique in 2004-2005. She came home early because she was raped by someone widely suspected of being HIV positive. She asked the Corps if they would get her in contact with other volunteers who had been raped, thinking it would help to talk to someone who had been through it. She was told that it had never happened before. Knowing this could not be true, she pressed them, but they stuck to that story. She was also advised, by a Peace Corps counselor, to “just think of it as a night of bad sex”. Outrage does not begin to describe what I still feel 4 years later.

Don’t just do nothing.  You can free fax Congress from your compueter with NumbersUSA and Fairus to stop immigration.  Support Vdare.  Tell your Congressman and Senator.  Tell them to make the Peace Corps release all the information and the coverup.

File FOIA requests, especially parents.  Get the files.  Parents should sue the Peace Corps.  These are crimes of deliberate intent by the Peace Corps and the government.

Think Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne.  Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick and Americorps.   The tax audit of Paula Jones while Larry Summers was in charge of the IRS reorganization and there was no IRS Commissioner in September 1997 when the audit came down.

It isn’t just coincidence that these men found these corps and cover up.  They are trying to cover up their own wrong doing in their own mind.   Peace Corps and Americorps are founded on lies and live lies.   Everyone who participates in these lies and covers up is part of it.

Family members who don’t seek justice for their loved ones are failing in their duty.  When a child is killed or raped, the parent has the responsibility to expose it and seek out justice.  That is as much a duty as raising the child to do good.

The good are protected by punishging the guilty.  Its a moral obligation to seek that. Its not vengeance.  Its how you protect other good children from being raped.  Its the hard duties that morality speaks to.

Cheap forgiveness that lets rape and murder increase is not true Christian forgiveness.  Enabling rape and murder to continue is not Christian forgiveness.  Its a sin.  Its the dereliction of duty by those given it.

God gives a moral duty to the relatives of those raped or killed to seek justice and punish the wrong doer.  That stops him and deters others.  That is true Christian Charity.

Parents who neglect this duty can be criticized publicly.  They don’t deserve to get away with it.  God’s law must be upheld.  God wants cities on hills, not hells in the hills.  Its a moral duty on those who survive to seek justice and stop the rape and murder.  Neglecting that duty is a sin.

Those whose acts promote rape and murder are doing wrong.  Making America worse or sending children to be rape hostages in Africa or Latin America is not Christian or doing God’s Will.  Its a perversion of it.   Even those afflicted have moral duties and a moral calling to do right.  Its a sin even for victims to neglect their moral duty.

Peace Corps Rapes are an entire category of evil.  Its a moral obligation to expose them and hold them accountable.   Those who do it and the powerful men who are behind this type of cover up, Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton among others.   When this rape was done, it was done by Sir Teddy Kennedy because its his policy. Those who join that policy are part of it.

What lesson does the Peace Corps teach?  It teaches its ok to rape whites.  It teaches its ok to kill whites.  It teaches whites deserved it because the Peace Corps covers it up. That sends the message the whites were guilty.  That sends the message of the Reverse Slave Trade.  Blacks are justified to kill whites and rape white women because of the slave trade.  Churches say that’s what Christ taught and that’s why Christ died on the Cross.   Lucifer couldn’t be more pleased.  Neither could Trotsky or Stalin or Marx.

PC Christians preach that when a black rapes and kills a white that is the highest expression of Christianity.  They live that. That is the their teaching and their morality.

Each time a black rapes and kills a white its like a crucifixion in their minds.  The victim is really blessed in their mind.  The parents and minister and church that sent the child is closer to God and Christ by having lied the victim into this crucifixion.

The minister and congregation feel closer to God in their minds by this crucifixion of someone’s daughter by a black man raping and killing her.  They feel one with Christ.  Voting for Obama is the same thing in their mind.   Voting for Kennedys is too.  They are blessed by this act in their mind and God will reward them and praise them in Heaven for it.

All the while they destroy God’s cities on hills and leave hells on hills in their place.  They mock God.  They do evil in his name. They are PC Pharisees.  They are Pharisee-archs.  9/11 was their doing too.

The PC Christians take pride in 9/11 by continuing Muslim immigration and 3rd world immigration.  They take pride in their work.  The luridness of the crimes is a source of satisfaction and excitement to them.  It is like a pagan sacrifice.   Bring a picnic lunch to the crucifixion of a white woman by a black man.    That is the symbol that PC Christians worship.  That is the image.

A black man raping a white woman is their modern day version of Golgotha.  Every place that a black man rapes a white woman is a piece of the rock to these Christians.  Every time it happens is a celebration.  Every time it proves their superior moral worth to the people who founded this country.

They destroy this country and the children and descendants of those who founded it.  They do it in the name of Sir Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton and George Bush, whom they confound with men of God and true vicars of morality.  They live in the City on a Hill built by fighting and hard work.

Vanishing American had an essay on one of the Puritans who said to future generations don’t cast aside what they built.  Maybe it was Jonathan Edwards.  I will try to find the quote later.  Perhaps others can supply the reference or link.   The modern PC Christians have created a Hell on a Hill.  They are recreating Golgothas in their mind in every community in America and the world.

PC Christians worship black celebreties as fertility gods. A black man raping a white woman is a 3rd world religious rite for them.  Third World Christianity which mixed 3rd world paganism with Christianity and Islam is the True Christianity to the PC Christians.  They intend to do all in their power to make this the state religion of America and the White West.  They do intend to sacrifice all whites on an altar to black fertility power.

The only times these Christians feel authentic is when celebrating black fertility.  The only time they feel they can speak in tongues is when its a 3rd world tongue.  The only time they can feel free is when part of a drunken carousal of all that the white race built up over centuries of hard fought struggle.

The only time they feel empowered is when they destroy that white world.  That means the rape of every white women, old or young in their minds.  That means every white killed in an orgy.  This is why they keep celebrating the Clintons and the Kennedys. They serve them up the ritual sacrifice they want.  The Clintons and Kennedys do it them.  Rape Juanita Broderick and leave Mary Jo Kopechne to die in an air bubble.

But now they have a black celebrity to celebrate as their fertility god in the White House.  They won’t ever go back.  The Republicans had to have theirs in Michael Steele.   They are one and the same with the the new religion of worshiping black celebrities as fertility gods.  That is the religion of the PC Right and Left.    They are united in their worship of black fertility gods.

A black man raping a white woman is the central rite of this new religion.  Preferably a young blonde, who must symbolizes whiteness.  But every white woman is to be exposed to their 3rd world altar of sacrifice.

If they are Christians, they call it Christianity.  They celebrate Islam and every other religion that embraces these rites and engages in them.  Only then can they feel free.  Only in the excitement of these orgies are they unconstrained and can really feel.

They need to fill the churches and their minds with this.  They need to fill young minds with this power.  They need to see young women make the trip of sacrifice to Africa and Latin America.  This is a trip of redemption for whites.  It symbolizes whites bowing down to blacks and Latinos and others of color.  It is true submission.  It is the pride of submission.

The rape and murder of white women in Africa symbolizes the fate of the white race.  A fate they have been working for and wish to see consummated in their own life time.  This is the fulfillment they seek.  Every step towards it is a step closer to achieving their union with their god.

The ones raped and killed are the lucky ones in their mind.  They feel real feeling during the ceremony and their emotions are freed.  That is the meeting with their god, a black fertility god.

That is who they worship in the White House and who they mean to set over us in every school, workplace, police station, prison, court house and local government.   That is their vision.  They see the final killing of all whites as the Rapture.  That is the Second Coming in their fusion religion.

They will do all in their power to make it happen.  They hate those who speak out against their god and their vision.  They will do all they can to villify those who speak out.  They will try to destroy them.

They see that as proving their worth to their god in their fusion religion, the new Christianity, fusion Christianity.   It is a Christianity that sets blacks, Latinos and other non-whites above every white.  It is a Christianity that sets PC above Christianity and Islam above PC.

This is their new establishment of religion.  It is state sponsored, media sponsored, university sponsored, court sponsored and is all powerful and all controlling.  It is in fact just like Islam in that respect.  Which is why they submit and defer to Islam over all other religions including PC.

Don’t be silenced by them. Speak out and speak back. Don’t be cowed and don’t apologize.  Apology is one of their rituals of thought control, just as black rape of white women is.  They are fused together symbolically and in these Peace Corp cases literally.  Apology signifies submission to this rape of the mind just as sending these girls to Africa is submission to the rape of body.  As the comments above show, these women feel this rape of the mind for years afterwards.  The goal of the PC Churches is to inflict that same rape of the mind on every person, even those not raped in the body.  Celebrating the rapes and condinging them and saying they are a necessary sacrifice is part of the rite of submission.  They say they are a necessary sacrifice when they say the rapes and murders must go on and that the reverse slave trade can’t be stopped.  The reverse rape trade set up by the Kennedys and carried on in Sir Kennedy’s name can not be stopped.  Instead we must submit to it.  Submit our bodies and our minds.

I felt I heard God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth and carrying out His works.” [Speech, 6/23/07]

“How to Become a Muslim”

This verse is used on the page How to Become a Muslim.

So here we have it. When God showed Abraham the perfect religion, He commanded Abraham to Submit (”Aslimu”) and Abraham said “Aslamtu li rabbil aalameen”. This is how MUSLIMS (or converts) should attest their faith (or to convert);


Fusion Christianity submits to Islam as the highest expression of 3rd world fertility.  That is the ultimate meaning of Fusion Christianity.  Its ultimate rite is the rape by a black man of a Peace Corps white volunteer in Africa.  That brings everything together.  That is the Crucifixion rite of Fusion Christianity.

Africa is the ultimate Golgotha.  But they mean to have a Golgotha in every school, every workplace, every courthouse, every prison, and every house of government, education or religion in the land.  There will be no refuge.  It will be constant.  Only then can they see their vision consummated in their lifetime.

Madoff deserves segregrated prison as do all

March 12, 2009

March 12 (Bloomberg) — Bernard Madoff, scheduled to plead guilty today to masterminding the largest Ponzi scheme in history, may have to fight off prison inmates who want to squeeze him for money or blame him for the Wall Street crash.

Its really blacks and Hispanics that will bother him.  It was Justice Ginsberg who did this to him. She said prisons could not separate the races despite the prison authorities of all races thinking it was the only rational way to run a prison based on experience.  Instead of the cruel guards and wardens, it turns out that they are the ones who want it better for the prisoners.

Its Justice Ruth Ginsberg (and Breyer, O’Connor, Souter and Kennedy) who wants to hurt them for the sake of cruelty itself.  She turns out to be the evil person not the guards or wardens.  Its the Supreme Court that is the evil one.  How familiar that is.  It legislates against the facts, morality and the law.

Steve Sailer:

Links to data etc:

This has parallels to the Chandra Levy case.  Levy was killed by an immigrant, Ingmar Guandique, from Salvador.  The majority of Jewish activists support immigration.  Levy was Jewish and was killed by him.  He also attacked two blonde women who fought him off.  The Levy family still blame Condit and have not spoken out against 3rd world immigration.

Like Justice Ginsberg and Breyer, the Jewish supporters of immigration end up hitting their own.  Now its Madoff facing prison conditions.  Because his sentence will be long, he may not get a safer prison.

In effect, although this is harsh, the Jewish supporters of immigration wanted the two blonde girls to be the victims of Ingmar Guandique.  Instead it hit a Jewish girl.  But like 9/11, they see Virgil Goode as the real enemy and keep supporting immigration to finish off Goode and his ilk.  But they hit their own as well.  When will they wake up and see that?

Continuing to support immigration after Levy was killed is saying they want to get the two blonde girls still that fought off Guandique.  Its the same as those who said Virgil Goode was a bigot, which I believe included Paul Wolfowitz.

The intent of 9/11 was to kill more Jewish people on one day than any day in history.  The average for the Holocaust was about 6000 killed a day.   If the Jewish ratio killed in 9/11 at WTC was 1/4, then 24,000 killed would have been enough relative to the average Holocaust day, and 50,000 total, would have exceeded the peak day.  This was the Muslim intent in coming here.  Yet many Jewish people, including Paul Wolfowitz, say that Virgil Goode is the real bigot and their real enemy.

They also see the two blonde girls as their real enemy, and want them to suffer the same fate as Chandra Levy, and being attacked is already bad enough.  Now its Madoff who is the collateral damage.  The problem is that immigration makes everyone collateral damage, even the non-whites.  It makes it a genetic graveyard.  All genes here and all those that come every year go extinct.  Only hate can motivate someone to support immigration.  Only hate that will see their own destroyed to get the others.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

  1. Population is bounded from above
  2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
  3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

How many Chandra Levy’s must die for them to learn?  How many 9/11’s for them to learn?  How many Madoffs subjected to brutal conditions from blacks and Hispanics in prison for Justice Ginsberg to learn?  Hating whites and wanting them raped hits your own.  That’s the lesson to learn.

Of course, it wasn’t just Ginsberg.  Breyer, Souter, O’Connor and Kennedy were also part of the self-hating whites who did this to other whites.  They all have done the worst a judge can do.  They have inflicted their own hate on prisoners who can’t do anything about it. This is worse than Gitmo.

Jewish activists for racial integration in prison are the ones who are doing this to Madoff, as well as others.   They really need to ask themselves what their motives are.  Why do they keep making things worse for Jews and non-Jews alike?  Why do they think they are not full of hate?  (Others too can ask themselve that.  But the point has to be made to Jewish activists as to why they are doing what they are doing for them to stop.  Why are they hurting their own with 9/11, Chandra Levy rape and murder, and now Madoff subjected to Hispanic and black gang rape risk in prison?)  As Human Rights Watch points out, its black and Hispanic gangs that rape whites in prison.  It is racist.

Why have the same hate for whites that Eric Holder has?  He hates Jewish people as much as other non-blacks.  Probably more.  Obama too sat in that church and heard South Side Sermons for 20 years.  In Sum, Jewish activists for immigration or against segregration have to ask themselves, why?  Why are they for 9/11?  Why are they for the killing of Chandra Levy?  Why? Why do they keep saying Virgil Goode is the real bigot?  Their real enemy?  Or Sarah Palin?  Or whoever it is this month?  Why do they need an Archie Bunker figure to hate?  Even though the consequences are so harmful to Jewish people?

Bernie Madoff should go to a decent prison, not one with Hispanics and blacks who form gangs and rape whites.  Prisons should be segregated as much as possible.  Given the excessive population, caused by 3rd world immigration which brings the violent as well as cuts off chances for those here already, prisons could be segregated down to small ethnic groups.  A separate Jewish prison is where Madoff should go.

Every white ethnic group should get a separate prison. So should separate Asian groups and Latinos.  So should different black groups, e.g. Somalis and Haitians.  The same should apply to schools and colleges.  Separation and segregration is the way to fairness.  History shows that is what people want and that divesity is itself cruel punishment.  People strive to make it unusual not usual.  Its only cruel rulers who try to make it usual.

The guards and wardens should be of the same group as the prisoners.  Just like there are women guards for women’s prisons.  This is the way to ease things.  Finer distinctions can be made as to education, IQ, etc within groups so that the prisons are small and manageable.  The worst prisoners should go in separate high security facilities.  Madoff is obviously not in that group.

Most non-violent prisoners should be kept out of prison entirely.  The size of Madoff’s fraud makes it harder for him to fit that group and the chance that he has additional assets off shore.  One of the reasons to keep the non-violent out of prison is so they are not subjected to the harsh condition of diversity.

Segregation in prison would also make them better places for people to learn.  More could learn new skills, job and personal, by being in segregrated prisons than the current ones.  Black and Hispanic gangs make prisons intolerable. Those gangs should be separated so that blacks and Hispanics have a chance as well, or more of one.

Like can teach like.  They will find more inspiration from their own than from others.  They understand each other better and interact better. The result is better results.   Prison reform can be a model for society.

Diversity is a harsh condition of punishment

March 12, 2009

Diversity has been prove to be a harsh condition.  To work in diversity is to work in the equivalent of Stalin’s work camps.  That is what the so called 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Immigration Act and 1990 Immigration Act and expansions in between have done.

It is now proven science, that diversity itself is cruel and unusual punishment.  Unusual because human history shows by the genes that people separate and segregrate to avoid the harshness of diversity.  This is why emigration as an individual is difficult, but invasion as a people is easy.

Now that there is a mass of Hispanics and Asians in California, they don’t marry with whites because diversity marriage is a harsh marriage.  (at Vdare, probably Steve Sailer.) Its cruel punishment to be in a diversity marriage.  Which is why they break up. (Also Vdare, ?)

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 8, 2009; Page A01

“The number of native- and foreign-born people marrying outside their race fell from 27 to 20 percent for Hispanics and 42 to 33 percent for Asians from 1990 to 2000, according to Ohio State University sociologist Zhenchao Qian, who co-authored a study on the subject. The downward trend continued through last year, Qian said.”

Diversity is divorce.  Diversity is singlehood.  Diversity is misery.  Diversity is global melt down.  Diversity is war.  Diversity is stupid.  Diversity is imposed on us by those who hate us.  Diversity is divide and rule. Diversity is deviant.  Diversity is dumb.  Don’t be numb, fight back with NumbersUSA, Fairus, Vdare, etc.  You can free fax from NumbersUSA and Fairus to Congress from your computer.

Michael Steele meant Nazi Germany not Hill

March 11, 2009

(Spoof) The Republican National Committee issued a clarification of Michael Steele’s comments about the rats, that is mice scurrying on the Hill.

Reporter:  Herr Reichmarshal Spokes-person Joseph Goebbels, is that the correct form of address for the spokes-person of the Reich Nazi Committee?

Joey Gerbils:  My name is Gerbils not Goebbels.  Another fine misunderstanding you got us into with your bad electronics.

Reporter:  Joey, what did Michael Steele mean when he said that the rats were scurrying in Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: He didn’t say they were scurrying in Nazi Germany.

Reporter: So he said they were scurrying like the Hill was Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: He didn’t say Nazi Germany this time.

Reporter: But that’s what he meant, wasn’t it?

Gerbils: No it was the Republican Party Convention he said was like Nazi Germany.

Reporter: So you confirm he did call the Republican Party Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: No what I meant to say is that he was misquoted calling the Republican Party Nazi Germany, not that he called the Hill, Nazi Germany.

Reporter:  Do you want to look at youtube on that?

Gerbils: Lets move on.

Reporter: Is the RNC the Fuhrer bunker now?

Gerbils: It feels like it.

Reporter: Can we quote you on that?

Gerbils:  No you may not.

Reporter: But he did say the Hill was like a Nuremberg Rally?

Gerbils:  Nein, er sagte das nicht.   I mean, he didn’t say that.

Reporter: Und was ist nachste fur Herr Steele?

Gerbils:  Wir nehmen Amerika.  Sieg Heil.  Sieg Heil.

Autochthon D. L. Hughley

Herr Michael Steele spricht mit Frau Laura Ingraham.

Michael Steele RNC fire whites hire blacks Hispanics Asians

March 4, 2009

Shortly after his January 30 victory in the chairman’s race, Steele fired virtually everyone at the RNC — a move many outsiders applauded after the party’s back-to-back losses in 2006 and 2008.

Actually, Republicans strongly against immigration were re-elected.  The ones who talk like Steele were the ones defeated.   John McCain is an example of one of those.  Without Sarah Palin, McCain would have got far fewer votes.

I asked Priebus what sort of change Steele is contemplating.  “You’ve already seen that Michael is going to be placing a new department on its own called the Coalitions Department, which goes to Michael’s promise that he is going to try to build better bridges among various groups,” Priebus said.  “It could be veterans, Catholics, African-Americans, Hispanics — all types of groups that we need to build bridges with.”

Fire whites hire blacks.  Fire whites who got whites for stopping immigration and hire blacks who will get non-whites elected for increasing immigration, know-how transfer to China, India, Pakistan and Russia, and all the other policies of Bush McCain Kennedy Obama surrender and appeasement.

In Steele’s mind the Republicans elected by opposing immigration are Nazis.  In Steele’s America, those Republicans won’t be re-elected.  Steele is more of Bush McCain.

Obama America and Britain only connected by language

March 4, 2009

Obama says that America and Britain are only connected by the English language and nothing else.

Mr. Brown is the first European leader to meet with Mr. Obama since the president took office in January. Some observers in Britain are concerned the new administration is not committed to the decades-long “special relationship” enjoyed by London and Washington.

Mr. Obama dismissed those concerns as “misguided,” saying the U.S. and Britain are sustained by a common language and culture.

Obama returned the Churchill bust from White House that was loaned after 9/11.

Patrick Cleburne

–Following from Patrick Cleburne

The reason why according to The Telegraph

a bust of Mr Lincoln now sits in the Oval Office where Epstein’s Churchill once ruled the roost.

is that Obama detests founding-stock Americans (and, no doubt, their cousins). Lincoln’s bust is in the Oval Office because he killed more of them than anybody else. Obama hates them partly because of his traiterous mother and partly because in Affirmative Action America that is the attitude that pays.

— end Cleburne quote

Brenda Walker

These may be the “Britons” that Obama identifies with:

1831 when all America was All American

March 4, 2009

Vanishing American

Our present system is not ‘ours’, and does not represent us or our interests. It is not only not responsive to our will as it pretends to be, and it is in fact downright hostile to our interests. It is a system which works to thwart the popular will, and which is inimical to the survival of the legitimate people of this country, the established American people. As such, according to our Founding Fathers, it is no longer a legitimate government.

Robert Reis in a comment there also uses the wonderful word pathocracy to describe our condition.

VA links to Henry George writing in 1883

Jorg Banner:

Comment at VA

Great post VA.  This is one I would call Vanishing American Classic (VAC).  It vacs up the facts and gives you the explanation.  When people want to know what happened, how we turned it around despite what seemed impossible odds, they will read this and other posts to find out.

In the fall of empires and civilizations, I think one cause is the destruction of the middle class genes of the native stock.  These are the people who manage the society in the middle.  When you eliminate their genes, and those jobs are done by people of non-native stock, the native stock group is already dead.

Its cutting off the genetic head of the native stock.  This is what Stanford is doing.

African American    676     (10%)
American Indian or Alaska Native    187     (3%)
Asian American or Pacific Islander  1,563   (23%)
White   2,628   (38%)
International   462     (7%)
Mexican American    495     (7%)
Other Hispanic  334     (5%)
Unidentified    467     (7%)

If you can do this to all middle class niches in the society, then you kill the native stock genes and the country of the original native stock is dead.

Cut off the genetic head,
and the native stock is dead.

Obama is targeting white middle class.  This is the Ayers Alinsky Trotsky plan.  It likely is the real cause of the fall of the great civilizations of history from before Greece and Rome to the present.  We see it now in England, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain to name a few of its victims.

The critical period was 1831 to 1880’s when  America died.   It was mostly done by 1865.    Immigration, the Civil War, and the unrepatriated blacks killed the original America.  The Civil War was also the triumph of the tyrants and demopathy and pathocracy in America.

Henry George in 1883 as quoted by Vanishing American:

It behooves us to look facts in the face. The experiment of popular government in the United States is clearly a failure. Not that it is a failure everywhere and in everything. An experiment of this kind does not have to be fully worked out to be proved a failure. But speaking generally of the whole country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Lakes to the Gulf, our government by the people has in large degree become, is in larger degree becoming, government by the strong and unscrupulous.”

The America de Toqueville witnessed in 1831 was the last time when all America was All American.  Note that the usurpers and dispossessors always say the opposite.  They say America was never America until they were in power.  That is their constant refrain.

But in fact the usurpers killed it, and they did it between 1831 when de Tocqueville came and saw the native stock American’s America and 1883 when Henry George wrote of the already multiculti multiethny America.  That America had already switched from small town values that VA talks about in her essay to the take over of entire cities by gangs that George talks of and by 1983 had become the destruction of entire cities or great portions of them such as befell Detroit, the South Side of Chicago, much of LA, Atlanta and so forth.
The Ellis Island Wave resented the original and real America for taking them in and strove to eliminate its genetic head.  Their humor and comments show that today.  Kill its genetic head and the native stock is dead.  That is their animating impulse.  Their leaders constantly say that, no matter their success or prizes.  No matter the issue or provocation.  When Muslims kill all, the Ellis Islanders come out and say the real enemy are the native stock who they equate with bigots, racists and the KKK.  In fact, the attacks of Muslims, Hispanics and the constant killing by blacks spur them on to say that they resent the native stock and their parents and grand-parents taught them that.

Their enmity is so great they celebrate the final ethnic cleansing of the native stock from any position of power or influence even at the price of their own group’s demise from the new immigrants.  This is hate.  This is all consuming destructive hate.  But it pours out every day on MSM.  Its the one true message.


When America is attacked, New York City is the beachhead of the assault, except when it comes across the Pacific from China or another Asian power.  Those are often sneak attacks.

New York has loudly proclaimed its hostility to America from the 19th century to the present.

On 9/11, New York MSM couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the country that we were the real bigots and racists, not the 19 immigrants.  They made it clear then and since that their real enemy was the native American stock, same as ever.  Every attack since has been the chance for them to reaffirm their true loyalty to the enterprise of removing the native stock from every crack and denying them any place of their own, no matter how far removed from the seats of power.

Their leaders in all walks of life constantly pour out that refrain.  It is the simple truth, that’s why they resent it so much when we say it.  That’s when they erupt into real hate speech.  Hate speech directed at us, their real enemy.

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