Michael Steele RNC fire whites hire blacks Hispanics Asians

March 4, 2009


Shortly after his January 30 victory in the chairman’s race, Steele fired virtually everyone at the RNC — a move many outsiders applauded after the party’s back-to-back losses in 2006 and 2008.

Actually, Republicans strongly against immigration were re-elected.  The ones who talk like Steele were the ones defeated.   John McCain is an example of one of those.  Without Sarah Palin, McCain would have got far fewer votes.

I asked Priebus what sort of change Steele is contemplating.  “You’ve already seen that Michael is going to be placing a new department on its own called the Coalitions Department, which goes to Michael’s promise that he is going to try to build better bridges among various groups,” Priebus said.  “It could be veterans, Catholics, African-Americans, Hispanics — all types of groups that we need to build bridges with.”

Fire whites hire blacks.  Fire whites who got whites for stopping immigration and hire blacks who will get non-whites elected for increasing immigration, know-how transfer to China, India, Pakistan and Russia, and all the other policies of Bush McCain Kennedy Obama surrender and appeasement.


In Steele’s mind the Republicans elected by opposing immigration are Nazis.  In Steele’s America, those Republicans won’t be re-elected.  Steele is more of Bush McCain.


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