Obama America and Britain only connected by language

March 4, 2009

Obama says that America and Britain are only connected by the English language and nothing else.


Mr. Brown is the first European leader to meet with Mr. Obama since the president took office in January. Some observers in Britain are concerned the new administration is not committed to the decades-long “special relationship” enjoyed by London and Washington.

Mr. Obama dismissed those concerns as “misguided,” saying the U.S. and Britain are sustained by a common language and culture.

Obama returned the Churchill bust from White House that was loaned after 9/11.

Patrick Cleburne


–Following from Patrick Cleburne

The reason why according to The Telegraph

a bust of Mr Lincoln now sits in the Oval Office where Epstein’s Churchill once ruled the roost.

is that Obama detests founding-stock Americans (and, no doubt, their cousins). Lincoln’s bust is in the Oval Office because he killed more of them than anybody else. Obama hates them partly because of his traiterous mother and partly because in Affirmative Action America that is the attitude that pays.

— end Cleburne quote

Brenda Walker


These may be the “Britons” that Obama identifies with:



2 Responses to “Obama America and Britain only connected by language”

  1. UK Voter Says:

    Gordon Brown is the leader of the Labour Party, because they are in government, he has ended up representing the British people. We do not vote in a specific PM, only the party. That said, I think it is fair to say that he does not represent the majority of Brits. In fact, our electoral system is such that the Labour Party managed to get a massive majority with just 43% of the popular vote, so in fact, 57% of us voted for another party.

    As the primary architect of the system that allowed our banks to get in such a mess, he is not flavour of the month and therefore, I can understand why Obama would not want to get too close. However, the British have been a steadfast ally of the United States for decades and any snub can and will be taken personally by the British. Not because we believe that there is a “special relationship”, because most of us know that this has been vastly overplayed, but because we are embarrassed that our ministers keep going to the USA and acting like love sick puppies. We are a proud nation, the UK and the USA have shared values and goals, but we want to be treated like an equal, not a bystander.

    Gordon Brown is too thick skinned to notice that Obama owes him little or no respect, but Obama risks chucking out the baby with the bath water if he humiliates the British people. Friendships are easier to destroy than form, if Obama does not recognise that, then I suspect he will not be the great leader that all of America deserves and expects.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Good up to last bit, not all of America expects it.

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