Michael Steele meant Nazi Germany not Hill

March 11, 2009

(Spoof) The Republican National Committee issued a clarification of Michael Steele’s comments about the rats, that is mice scurrying on the Hill.

Reporter:  Herr Reichmarshal Spokes-person Joseph Goebbels, is that the correct form of address for the spokes-person of the Reich Nazi Committee?

Joey Gerbils:  My name is Gerbils not Goebbels.  Another fine misunderstanding you got us into with your bad electronics.

Reporter:  Joey, what did Michael Steele mean when he said that the rats were scurrying in Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: He didn’t say they were scurrying in Nazi Germany.

Reporter: So he said they were scurrying like the Hill was Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: He didn’t say Nazi Germany this time.

Reporter: But that’s what he meant, wasn’t it?

Gerbils: No it was the Republican Party Convention he said was like Nazi Germany.

Reporter: So you confirm he did call the Republican Party Nazi Germany?

Gerbils: No what I meant to say is that he was misquoted calling the Republican Party Nazi Germany, not that he called the Hill, Nazi Germany.

Reporter:  Do you want to look at youtube on that?

Gerbils: Lets move on.

Reporter: Is the RNC the Fuhrer bunker now?

Gerbils: It feels like it.

Reporter: Can we quote you on that?

Gerbils:  No you may not.

Reporter: But he did say the Hill was like a Nuremberg Rally?

Gerbils:  Nein, er sagte das nicht.   I mean, he didn’t say that.

Reporter: Und was ist nachste fur Herr Steele?

Gerbils:  Wir nehmen Amerika.  Sieg Heil.  Sieg Heil.




Autochthon D. L. Hughley


Herr Michael Steele spricht mit Frau Laura Ingraham.



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