Madoff deserves segregrated prison as do all

March 12, 2009

March 12 (Bloomberg) — Bernard Madoff, scheduled to plead guilty today to masterminding the largest Ponzi scheme in history, may have to fight off prison inmates who want to squeeze him for money or blame him for the Wall Street crash.

Its really blacks and Hispanics that will bother him.  It was Justice Ginsberg who did this to him. She said prisons could not separate the races despite the prison authorities of all races thinking it was the only rational way to run a prison based on experience.  Instead of the cruel guards and wardens, it turns out that they are the ones who want it better for the prisoners.

Its Justice Ruth Ginsberg (and Breyer, O’Connor, Souter and Kennedy) who wants to hurt them for the sake of cruelty itself.  She turns out to be the evil person not the guards or wardens.  Its the Supreme Court that is the evil one.  How familiar that is.  It legislates against the facts, morality and the law.

Steve Sailer:

Links to data etc:

This has parallels to the Chandra Levy case.  Levy was killed by an immigrant, Ingmar Guandique, from Salvador.  The majority of Jewish activists support immigration.  Levy was Jewish and was killed by him.  He also attacked two blonde women who fought him off.  The Levy family still blame Condit and have not spoken out against 3rd world immigration.

Like Justice Ginsberg and Breyer, the Jewish supporters of immigration end up hitting their own.  Now its Madoff facing prison conditions.  Because his sentence will be long, he may not get a safer prison.

In effect, although this is harsh, the Jewish supporters of immigration wanted the two blonde girls to be the victims of Ingmar Guandique.  Instead it hit a Jewish girl.  But like 9/11, they see Virgil Goode as the real enemy and keep supporting immigration to finish off Goode and his ilk.  But they hit their own as well.  When will they wake up and see that?

Continuing to support immigration after Levy was killed is saying they want to get the two blonde girls still that fought off Guandique.  Its the same as those who said Virgil Goode was a bigot, which I believe included Paul Wolfowitz.

The intent of 9/11 was to kill more Jewish people on one day than any day in history.  The average for the Holocaust was about 6000 killed a day.   If the Jewish ratio killed in 9/11 at WTC was 1/4, then 24,000 killed would have been enough relative to the average Holocaust day, and 50,000 total, would have exceeded the peak day.  This was the Muslim intent in coming here.  Yet many Jewish people, including Paul Wolfowitz, say that Virgil Goode is the real bigot and their real enemy.

They also see the two blonde girls as their real enemy, and want them to suffer the same fate as Chandra Levy, and being attacked is already bad enough.  Now its Madoff who is the collateral damage.  The problem is that immigration makes everyone collateral damage, even the non-whites.  It makes it a genetic graveyard.  All genes here and all those that come every year go extinct.  Only hate can motivate someone to support immigration.  Only hate that will see their own destroyed to get the others.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

  1. Population is bounded from above
  2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
  3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

How many Chandra Levy’s must die for them to learn?  How many 9/11’s for them to learn?  How many Madoffs subjected to brutal conditions from blacks and Hispanics in prison for Justice Ginsberg to learn?  Hating whites and wanting them raped hits your own.  That’s the lesson to learn.

Of course, it wasn’t just Ginsberg.  Breyer, Souter, O’Connor and Kennedy were also part of the self-hating whites who did this to other whites.  They all have done the worst a judge can do.  They have inflicted their own hate on prisoners who can’t do anything about it. This is worse than Gitmo.

Jewish activists for racial integration in prison are the ones who are doing this to Madoff, as well as others.   They really need to ask themselves what their motives are.  Why do they keep making things worse for Jews and non-Jews alike?  Why do they think they are not full of hate?  (Others too can ask themselve that.  But the point has to be made to Jewish activists as to why they are doing what they are doing for them to stop.  Why are they hurting their own with 9/11, Chandra Levy rape and murder, and now Madoff subjected to Hispanic and black gang rape risk in prison?)  As Human Rights Watch points out, its black and Hispanic gangs that rape whites in prison.  It is racist.

Why have the same hate for whites that Eric Holder has?  He hates Jewish people as much as other non-blacks.  Probably more.  Obama too sat in that church and heard South Side Sermons for 20 years.  In Sum, Jewish activists for immigration or against segregration have to ask themselves, why?  Why are they for 9/11?  Why are they for the killing of Chandra Levy?  Why? Why do they keep saying Virgil Goode is the real bigot?  Their real enemy?  Or Sarah Palin?  Or whoever it is this month?  Why do they need an Archie Bunker figure to hate?  Even though the consequences are so harmful to Jewish people?

Bernie Madoff should go to a decent prison, not one with Hispanics and blacks who form gangs and rape whites.  Prisons should be segregated as much as possible.  Given the excessive population, caused by 3rd world immigration which brings the violent as well as cuts off chances for those here already, prisons could be segregated down to small ethnic groups.  A separate Jewish prison is where Madoff should go.

Every white ethnic group should get a separate prison. So should separate Asian groups and Latinos.  So should different black groups, e.g. Somalis and Haitians.  The same should apply to schools and colleges.  Separation and segregration is the way to fairness.  History shows that is what people want and that divesity is itself cruel punishment.  People strive to make it unusual not usual.  Its only cruel rulers who try to make it usual.

The guards and wardens should be of the same group as the prisoners.  Just like there are women guards for women’s prisons.  This is the way to ease things.  Finer distinctions can be made as to education, IQ, etc within groups so that the prisons are small and manageable.  The worst prisoners should go in separate high security facilities.  Madoff is obviously not in that group.

Most non-violent prisoners should be kept out of prison entirely.  The size of Madoff’s fraud makes it harder for him to fit that group and the chance that he has additional assets off shore.  One of the reasons to keep the non-violent out of prison is so they are not subjected to the harsh condition of diversity.

Segregation in prison would also make them better places for people to learn.  More could learn new skills, job and personal, by being in segregrated prisons than the current ones.  Black and Hispanic gangs make prisons intolerable. Those gangs should be separated so that blacks and Hispanics have a chance as well, or more of one.

Like can teach like.  They will find more inspiration from their own than from others.  They understand each other better and interact better. The result is better results.   Prison reform can be a model for society.


4 Responses to “Madoff deserves segregrated prison as do all”

  1. latte island Says:

    I don’t think Ginsberg and other crazy Jewish liberals are necessarily motivated by hate for non-Jews. I think a lot of it is based on a refusal to see cause and effect, because of emotional repression. I see the same thing in some liberal Christians. For instance, despite the high rate of black on white crime in South Africa, their liberal clergy, I think they’re called “dominees,” insist on tolerance, even while whites are being exterminated by blacks. I think this is exactly the same mindset as the Jewish liberals here, who see perfectly well that blacks, hispanics and Muslims are targeting Jews both as Jews and as white people, but they feel powerless to speak out, because that would damage their self-image as Jews, who supposedly have higher moral standards than other groups and have to be perfectly tolerant no matter what’s happening. Jewish liberals have varying degrees of awareness. Some see the problem of anti-white violence but can’t talk about it, and the more emotionally repressed ones don’t even see it, because it’s taboo.

    I agree with your statement that Jewish liberal lawmakers “want” to hurt whites. Not in the sense that they consciously want that, but in the legal sense that someone who shoots into a crowd at random, is guilty of wanting to kill the person who is killed.

    Did I hear Proskauer Rose is involved in Madoff (involved a lot of clients too) and acted as Allen Stanford’s attorney. Investors who lost money in these scams should start looking at the law firm Proskauer’s assets for recovery. First, Proskauer partner Gregg Mashberg claims Madoff is a financial 9/11 for their clients. Then, Proskauer partner Thomas Sjoblom former enforcement dude for SEC and Allen Stanford attorney, declares PARTY IS OVER to Stanford employees and advises them to PRAY, this two days before SEC hearings. Then at hearings he lies with Holt to SEC saying she only prepared with him but fails to mention Miami meeting at airport hanger. Then Sjoblom resigns after SEC begins investigation and sends note to SEC disaffirming all statements made by he and Proskauer, his butt on fire.

    Proskauer Rose and Foley and Lardner are also in a TRILLION dollar FEDERAL LAWSUIT legally related to a WHISTLEBLOWER CASE also in FEDERAL COURT. Marc S. Dreier is also a defendant in the Federal Case.

    The Trillion Dollar suit according to judge Shira Scheindlin is one of PATENT THEFT, MURDER AND A CAR BOMBING. For graphics on the car bombing visit

    The Federal Court cases

    United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Docket 08-4873-cv – Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. – TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT

    Cases @ US District Court – Southern District NY

    (07cv09599) Anderson v The State of New York, et al. – WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT

    (07cv11196) Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al.

    (07cv11612) Esposito v The State of New York, et al.,

    (08cv00526) Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.,

    (08cv02391) McKeown v The State of New York, et al.,

    (08cv02852) Galison v The State of New York, et al.,

    (08cv03305) Carvel v The State of New York, et al., and,

    (08cv4053) Gizella Weisshaus v The State of New York, et al.

    (08cv4438) Suzanne McCormick v The State of New York, et al.

  3. Old Atlantic Says:

    Latte Island, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree that the point is to confront them with the consequences of their actions so that they can reform their behavior and use their talents to achieve positive outcomes.

    The Human Rights Watch website on gang rape of whites in prisons is powerful and they, all who support integrated prisons whoever they are, should be asked to explain why they support it. Likely they will say it will change. But when?

    Why should Madoff be subject to gang rape in prison while we wait for blacks and Hispanics to change? And, of course, its genetic. They will attack Madoff because its their nature to be violent. That he stuck it to the rich won’t bother them, that’s what they do too.

    Eliot Bernstein, thanks for your comment with detailed information. I have been meaning to learn more about Proskauer Rose and you’ve given me some great links for that in important cases.

  4. oldatlantic Says:

    “That approach was erroneous, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote for the majority on Wednesday. ”

    “The court stopped short of declaring the policy unconstitutional, although that was the implication both of Justice O’Connor’s opinion and of a concurring opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

    It was the two women who wrote the opinion not allowing segregation by race in prison. This is the only way to stop inter racial rape in prison.

    Let me repeat from the other comment, the Supreme Court ordered that whites be gang raped by blacks and Hispanics in prison and live in cells where a black or Hispanic rapes them on a regular basis as part of the punishment of white men in prison. This is part of generalized genocide under the Lemkin definition. This was a hate ruling against white men.

    As of 2001, Human Rights Watch estimated there had been 140,000 rapes of men in prison mostly by blacks and Hispanics of whites. This is not the per year figure I believe. These numbers may be garbled at various sites.

    Also this:

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