Peace Corps covers up rape of whites

March 16, 2009

The Peace Corps is engaged in covering up the rape of white women in Africa and other countries.  Vanishing American covers the story and has links to more information.  Vanishing American rightly calls it sacrifice.  This is a theme I return to below.

The Peace Corps has become a reverse slave trade.  It is a rape service for blacks in Africa and Latinos in Central America.  This is hate of whites.  All those who are part of this take ownership of it and are guilty.

Churches are not the least guilty, but the most guilty.  They are lying.  They are committing sin according to their own moral law.  They do it for a Pharisee Pride in PC.   They are the very ones Christ came to call to account.  They are part of this reverse rape and slave trade.

What does evil is evil.  They are not examplifying Christianity but mocking Christianity.  To make the rape and murder of white women by blacks the highest expression of Christianity is a perversion of Christianity.

They don’t call the Muslim slave trade that ruled Africa for over 1000 years to be Christian, at least not directly.  But the reverse rape trade they do call that.  Bringing down what is good and raising up what is bad is not Christianity and was never Christ’s message.

Christ didn’t preach helping Satan build a Slum of Evil on a Hill.  These PC Christians are doing just that.  They are tearing down cities on a hill and putting up hells on hills and taking pride in it.  This is a Satanic pride.  They can’t build a city but they can destroy it.  Pride in destruction of what is good is the heart of Lucifer’s pride.

“Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”  Milton, Paradise Lost.     That is exactly the pride and the plan of these PC Christians.  They are not doing God’s work but destroying God’s work.  It was the people who founded this country who did God’s work.  Those tearing it down mock and condemn those who built it.  The ones tearing this country down are the ones who should be condemned, not those who built it up.  Building this nation up in a world of savagery was the great accomplishment.

How can you tell if you are following God’s law or your own pride in destruction?  A policy that makes things worse is not God’s plan.  Third world immigration is not God’s plan because it creates chaos and destroys that which is good.  Peace Corps and immigration are both that.

The Peace Corps was a Kennedy initiative.  Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die in an air bubble in a car he put under water while he called friends at his hotel.  Others at the scene were going to call for rescue.  But Kennedy stopped them by falsely promising he would call when he got to his hotel.  Instead he showered, had a drink, and called friends saying the Protestant bigots would attack him in a mean spirited way when they heard this.  He said that while she was still alive waiting for help. The diver reported that the next day.

Mission of sacrifice

Peace Corps volunteers face injury, death in foreign lands

By Russell Carollo and Mei-Ling Hopgood
Dayton Daily News

Comments from Atlanta story on West Africa killing below. Other comments are worth reading.  Please make a copy of the comments page because such comments can disappear as VA says.
Kate Puzey killed in Benin in West Africa.  This is reported in the link below.  Its partly an AP story so I don’t quote from it.

Susan commented 18 hours 57 minutes ago

My prayers are with the Puzey family for the loss of their daughter. The world needs peace makers and these volunteers give it their all. My daughter was a volunteer in Gabon in 1995. The volunteer before her was raped and murdered and the Corps never divulged that information to us. Some facts are never made public and should be. We need dedicated volunteers but we also must make sure they are safe.

Jamie commented 18 hours 12 minutes ago

I was a volunteer in Benin 4 years ago. I was raped, and beaten. The peace corp did nothing to help me. I still have nightmares every night. Reading this article brings back so many painful memories. Why can’t the peace corp just admit that dozens of pcv’s are raped every year.
outraged commented 18 hours 39 minutes ago

My daughter was a PCV in Mocambique in 2004-2005. She came home early because she was raped by someone widely suspected of being HIV positive. She asked the Corps if they would get her in contact with other volunteers who had been raped, thinking it would help to talk to someone who had been through it. She was told that it had never happened before. Knowing this could not be true, she pressed them, but they stuck to that story. She was also advised, by a Peace Corps counselor, to “just think of it as a night of bad sex”. Outrage does not begin to describe what I still feel 4 years later.

Don’t just do nothing.  You can free fax Congress from your compueter with NumbersUSA and Fairus to stop immigration.  Support Vdare.  Tell your Congressman and Senator.  Tell them to make the Peace Corps release all the information and the coverup.

File FOIA requests, especially parents.  Get the files.  Parents should sue the Peace Corps.  These are crimes of deliberate intent by the Peace Corps and the government.

Think Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne.  Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick and Americorps.   The tax audit of Paula Jones while Larry Summers was in charge of the IRS reorganization and there was no IRS Commissioner in September 1997 when the audit came down.

It isn’t just coincidence that these men found these corps and cover up.  They are trying to cover up their own wrong doing in their own mind.   Peace Corps and Americorps are founded on lies and live lies.   Everyone who participates in these lies and covers up is part of it.

Family members who don’t seek justice for their loved ones are failing in their duty.  When a child is killed or raped, the parent has the responsibility to expose it and seek out justice.  That is as much a duty as raising the child to do good.

The good are protected by punishging the guilty.  Its a moral obligation to seek that. Its not vengeance.  Its how you protect other good children from being raped.  Its the hard duties that morality speaks to.

Cheap forgiveness that lets rape and murder increase is not true Christian forgiveness.  Enabling rape and murder to continue is not Christian forgiveness.  Its a sin.  Its the dereliction of duty by those given it.

God gives a moral duty to the relatives of those raped or killed to seek justice and punish the wrong doer.  That stops him and deters others.  That is true Christian Charity.

Parents who neglect this duty can be criticized publicly.  They don’t deserve to get away with it.  God’s law must be upheld.  God wants cities on hills, not hells in the hills.  Its a moral duty on those who survive to seek justice and stop the rape and murder.  Neglecting that duty is a sin.

Those whose acts promote rape and murder are doing wrong.  Making America worse or sending children to be rape hostages in Africa or Latin America is not Christian or doing God’s Will.  Its a perversion of it.   Even those afflicted have moral duties and a moral calling to do right.  Its a sin even for victims to neglect their moral duty.

Peace Corps Rapes are an entire category of evil.  Its a moral obligation to expose them and hold them accountable.   Those who do it and the powerful men who are behind this type of cover up, Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton among others.   When this rape was done, it was done by Sir Teddy Kennedy because its his policy. Those who join that policy are part of it.

What lesson does the Peace Corps teach?  It teaches its ok to rape whites.  It teaches its ok to kill whites.  It teaches whites deserved it because the Peace Corps covers it up. That sends the message the whites were guilty.  That sends the message of the Reverse Slave Trade.  Blacks are justified to kill whites and rape white women because of the slave trade.  Churches say that’s what Christ taught and that’s why Christ died on the Cross.   Lucifer couldn’t be more pleased.  Neither could Trotsky or Stalin or Marx.

PC Christians preach that when a black rapes and kills a white that is the highest expression of Christianity.  They live that. That is the their teaching and their morality.

Each time a black rapes and kills a white its like a crucifixion in their minds.  The victim is really blessed in their mind.  The parents and minister and church that sent the child is closer to God and Christ by having lied the victim into this crucifixion.

The minister and congregation feel closer to God in their minds by this crucifixion of someone’s daughter by a black man raping and killing her.  They feel one with Christ.  Voting for Obama is the same thing in their mind.   Voting for Kennedys is too.  They are blessed by this act in their mind and God will reward them and praise them in Heaven for it.

All the while they destroy God’s cities on hills and leave hells on hills in their place.  They mock God.  They do evil in his name. They are PC Pharisees.  They are Pharisee-archs.  9/11 was their doing too.

The PC Christians take pride in 9/11 by continuing Muslim immigration and 3rd world immigration.  They take pride in their work.  The luridness of the crimes is a source of satisfaction and excitement to them.  It is like a pagan sacrifice.   Bring a picnic lunch to the crucifixion of a white woman by a black man.    That is the symbol that PC Christians worship.  That is the image.

A black man raping a white woman is their modern day version of Golgotha.  Every place that a black man rapes a white woman is a piece of the rock to these Christians.  Every time it happens is a celebration.  Every time it proves their superior moral worth to the people who founded this country.

They destroy this country and the children and descendants of those who founded it.  They do it in the name of Sir Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton and George Bush, whom they confound with men of God and true vicars of morality.  They live in the City on a Hill built by fighting and hard work.

Vanishing American had an essay on one of the Puritans who said to future generations don’t cast aside what they built.  Maybe it was Jonathan Edwards.  I will try to find the quote later.  Perhaps others can supply the reference or link.   The modern PC Christians have created a Hell on a Hill.  They are recreating Golgothas in their mind in every community in America and the world.

PC Christians worship black celebreties as fertility gods. A black man raping a white woman is a 3rd world religious rite for them.  Third World Christianity which mixed 3rd world paganism with Christianity and Islam is the True Christianity to the PC Christians.  They intend to do all in their power to make this the state religion of America and the White West.  They do intend to sacrifice all whites on an altar to black fertility power.

The only times these Christians feel authentic is when celebrating black fertility.  The only time they feel they can speak in tongues is when its a 3rd world tongue.  The only time they can feel free is when part of a drunken carousal of all that the white race built up over centuries of hard fought struggle.

The only time they feel empowered is when they destroy that white world.  That means the rape of every white women, old or young in their minds.  That means every white killed in an orgy.  This is why they keep celebrating the Clintons and the Kennedys. They serve them up the ritual sacrifice they want.  The Clintons and Kennedys do it them.  Rape Juanita Broderick and leave Mary Jo Kopechne to die in an air bubble.

But now they have a black celebrity to celebrate as their fertility god in the White House.  They won’t ever go back.  The Republicans had to have theirs in Michael Steele.   They are one and the same with the the new religion of worshiping black celebrities as fertility gods.  That is the religion of the PC Right and Left.    They are united in their worship of black fertility gods.

A black man raping a white woman is the central rite of this new religion.  Preferably a young blonde, who must symbolizes whiteness.  But every white woman is to be exposed to their 3rd world altar of sacrifice.

If they are Christians, they call it Christianity.  They celebrate Islam and every other religion that embraces these rites and engages in them.  Only then can they feel free.  Only in the excitement of these orgies are they unconstrained and can really feel.

They need to fill the churches and their minds with this.  They need to fill young minds with this power.  They need to see young women make the trip of sacrifice to Africa and Latin America.  This is a trip of redemption for whites.  It symbolizes whites bowing down to blacks and Latinos and others of color.  It is true submission.  It is the pride of submission.

The rape and murder of white women in Africa symbolizes the fate of the white race.  A fate they have been working for and wish to see consummated in their own life time.  This is the fulfillment they seek.  Every step towards it is a step closer to achieving their union with their god.

The ones raped and killed are the lucky ones in their mind.  They feel real feeling during the ceremony and their emotions are freed.  That is the meeting with their god, a black fertility god.

That is who they worship in the White House and who they mean to set over us in every school, workplace, police station, prison, court house and local government.   That is their vision.  They see the final killing of all whites as the Rapture.  That is the Second Coming in their fusion religion.

They will do all in their power to make it happen.  They hate those who speak out against their god and their vision.  They will do all they can to villify those who speak out.  They will try to destroy them.

They see that as proving their worth to their god in their fusion religion, the new Christianity, fusion Christianity.   It is a Christianity that sets blacks, Latinos and other non-whites above every white.  It is a Christianity that sets PC above Christianity and Islam above PC.

This is their new establishment of religion.  It is state sponsored, media sponsored, university sponsored, court sponsored and is all powerful and all controlling.  It is in fact just like Islam in that respect.  Which is why they submit and defer to Islam over all other religions including PC.

Don’t be silenced by them. Speak out and speak back. Don’t be cowed and don’t apologize.  Apology is one of their rituals of thought control, just as black rape of white women is.  They are fused together symbolically and in these Peace Corp cases literally.  Apology signifies submission to this rape of the mind just as sending these girls to Africa is submission to the rape of body.  As the comments above show, these women feel this rape of the mind for years afterwards.  The goal of the PC Churches is to inflict that same rape of the mind on every person, even those not raped in the body.  Celebrating the rapes and condinging them and saying they are a necessary sacrifice is part of the rite of submission.  They say they are a necessary sacrifice when they say the rapes and murders must go on and that the reverse slave trade can’t be stopped.  The reverse rape trade set up by the Kennedys and carried on in Sir Kennedy’s name can not be stopped.  Instead we must submit to it.  Submit our bodies and our minds.

I felt I heard God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth and carrying out His works.” [Speech, 6/23/07]

“How to Become a Muslim”

This verse is used on the page How to Become a Muslim.

So here we have it. When God showed Abraham the perfect religion, He commanded Abraham to Submit (”Aslimu”) and Abraham said “Aslamtu li rabbil aalameen”. This is how MUSLIMS (or converts) should attest their faith (or to convert);


Fusion Christianity submits to Islam as the highest expression of 3rd world fertility.  That is the ultimate meaning of Fusion Christianity.  Its ultimate rite is the rape by a black man of a Peace Corps white volunteer in Africa.  That brings everything together.  That is the Crucifixion rite of Fusion Christianity.

Africa is the ultimate Golgotha.  But they mean to have a Golgotha in every school, every workplace, every courthouse, every prison, and every house of government, education or religion in the land.  There will be no refuge.  It will be constant.  Only then can they see their vision consummated in their lifetime.


23 Responses to “Peace Corps covers up rape of whites”

  1. socrates737 Says:

    You are a wretched creep to speak of the killing of Kate Puzey among all of the hate-filled words on this blog.

  2. Varjags Says:

    Nosocrate….(because to achieve Socrates level, You need more than the time from fish evolution to ape)…..!
    Your words are hate speech and it’s not free speech,so go in corner,You racist,sexist,xenophobe etc….. How You can live? You the evil of Humanity:)

  3. I first saw this case mentioned at Boing Boing – and I thought that you might be interested in the spin that they put on it:

    More of the “nothing to see here, move along mentality”.

  4. Jed Says:

    Well written powerful article. Gives it to the PC nazis right up the ass. Hence the outraged responses. Keep breaking their hearts. They deserve it for the danger they are putting our people in.

  5. Gecko Says:

    Because I have a young friend who was in Benin at the same time I was aware that this beautiful loving young woman, Kate Puzey, only child, had been murdered. Otherwise I would not have known anything. Hardly any coverege at all. I check online every now and then to follow up and see what justice has been done and keep Kate Puzey and her family always in my prayers. I can’t understand what is so hush hush, why no follow up on this story but I begin to get a glimmer with your take on it. Thanks for posting it.

  6. oldatlantic Says:

    Thank you for your note with this information.

  7. NA Says:

    If this piece is meant to stimulate positive awareness about the problem: women being raped and/or murdered in the Peace Corps and it being noticed, the race, Christianity and the lather are political, battle of idea discussions that will ultimately thwart any progress and cause immediate repulsion, due to the narrow minded text, emotion provoking stories and essentially a piece crafted to a motive. If one really wants change, this seems to be more focused in portraying a group of peoples beliefs and an image in a poor light.

    Women are raped everywhere everyday and the statistics in the Peace Corps of rapes women cannot rival the thousands of women raped every year on college campuses and in the work place, within the United States.

    I have never heard of PC Christians, and even if there are people with those beliefs, you are stereotyping an entire group of people. The U.S has some of the highest homicide rates for a country that is so rich, so before a person criticizes the acts of people abroad and of an organization, an ENTIRE organization. Every rape and death is very significant; however, our own judicial system calls women that have claimed abuse quite often, and it is NOT the system but people that make these decisions.

    Also, specifying race is both ignorant and regressive, as the Peace Corps is not made of solely white individuals, and furthermore, the ability to classify someone as ‘white’ is becoming outdated and overused. There are people in Africa, Central and South America that look just like the ‘white’ women whom were taken advantage of in the Peace Corps.

    In addition, the article completely excludes the Caribbean, Asia, and Eastern Europe. There is no doubt that is could be a possibility that rape is overlooked within a large organization like the Peace Corps, but I am also fully aware that the figures probably do not compare to college campuses/schools/doctor’s offices and work environments and is no worst then the ignoring we do within our own home.

    Rape is a horrible experience that unless one has gone through it, counseled or been close to someone severely affected,
    is difficult to grasp and understand. Particularly for men, who are often unaware about how much it occurs. Slavery universally and despite, has been practiced almost as a right to men.

    Rape, being ignorant to men is similar to a person who looks like the majority being ignorant about modern race issues of today, and furthermore a US citizen being ignorant about cultures and political issues in third world countries.

    Lastly, there are stupid people everywhere, at Harvard there will be a horrible professor that will ruin one persons experience and in the government there have been professional criminals that have hurt their citizens, there are ‘liberal’ people that mean well, but who talk down to people with strong religious upbringings out of IGNORANCE, but that does not make all governments bad, all ‘liberal’ people against religion, and Harvard a bad school-and the same goes for the Peace Corps-horrible things happen at the best of places, just like great things can occur from what some thought to be the worst of people.

    Additionally, that does not mean that what goes wrong, even if it is 1 of 1 million should not be taken care of effectively-and that is when a blog like this could stimulate change, but instead it is offensive, perpetuating fear and doubt, putting down a past president (wether it is true or not, it will not fix the problem of better support for volunteers in the Peace Corps-bottom line), and creating more walls between people, like the post said above it is creating seeds for close mindedness, which manifest ignorance-and chosen ignorance is what allows people to believe ‘false’ truths that make what their ignorance has led them to believe ‘true’.

    For example, if you eat low fat cake and then are further told by someone else that low fat cake is healthier than regular cake, and you can eat more of it because of this-you have been duped by stupidity because cake is not healthy, and it could be that you are getting LESS calories it still has low nutritional value and additionally if you eat more of it, you will get the same amount of caloric intake as eating less of a regular cake.

    See all the trees, know as many forest as you can, and then study every tree with enthusiasm and love, that is change.

  8. Old Atlantic Says:

    “I have never heard of PC Christians, and even if there are people with those beliefs, you are stereotyping an entire group of people.”

    PC Christians means Christians with PC views. Definitions stereotype all those within its scope. This is the meaning of meaning.

  9. Old Atlantic Says:

    The PC is covering up rape of whites by blacks. NA, your entire comment is meant to paper over how horrific and hate filled a crime black rape of whites is. Blacks vent hatred on white women when they rape them.

    “Jamie commented 18 hours 12 minutes ago
    I was a volunteer in Benin 4 years ago. I was raped, and beaten.” NA, why don’t you try to explain the beating part of the rape?

    Why didn’t you take Jamie’s case in your comment and address it? Why was Jamie’s name not in your comment? Can you explain that?

  10. Old Atlantic Says:

    When a black rapes a white woman its an act of hate against the entire white race. Obama showed that hate by giving Hillary the finger and calling Sarah Palin a pig. These were verbal and gesture assaults by Obama of these white women for being white. Obama at his inaugural had a prayer invocation of hate against the white race. Obama’s entire church life was hatred of whites.

    Eric Holder, Attorney General of the US, said whites were not covered by hate crime laws. This was a statement of hate and an incitement of hate crimes against whites. Remember also, Obama was a Constitutional Law professor at University of Chicago before he gave Hillary the finger for video and clowned around doing it. To Obama, its funny.

  11. Old Atlantic Says:

    “Rape is a horrible experience.” Isn’t race rape a worse experience NA? Especially when a black man rapes a white woman?

  12. Old Atlantic Says:

    Maybe its better to say, Eric Holder testified that whites are not covered by the hate crime law designed by Eric Holder and Barack Obama intentionally not to cover whites. This is then a continuation of Obama’s giving Hillary the finger and shows that Hillary symbolized all white women. That finger gesture by Obama symbolized all black men raping all white women.

  13. Old Atlantic Says:

    The finger gesture by Obama symbolized Obama raping Hillary. Given Obama’s other comments and actions before and after he showed this rape was because the victim was white, i.e. Obama chose his victim, in his fantasy, because of her race.

    Obama’s hate crime law is designed to exclude covering Obama if he acted out his rape fantasy. It also protects other black men who act out Obama’s rape fantasy against a white women.

    Obama taught Constitutional law, so he is aware of civil rights, of rape, and of code words and code language. Obama has used code language against whites for his entire public life. Obama’s repeated gestures of the finger against whites, including McCain, and calling Palin a pig and his inaugural invocation prayer to hate whites are knowing and intentional. Obama taught Constitutional law, he knows a pattern and he is doing that.

    Sending white girls in the Peace Corps to be raped is part of that pattern. They are naive about blacks and black hate. Obama’s entire pattern is to take advantage of that innocence and return rape and harm for it.

    NA, don’t you bear responsibility for white girls who join the Peace Corps and don’t understand the risk they face? Don’t all those who cover up the facts of black rape of white women bear that responsibility? They lie these young girls into being raped in Africa by covering up the truth about black rape of whites, both here and there.

  14. Old Atlantic Says:

    If Obama did rape Hillary in an OJ moment, then his entire sequence of statements, gestures, and lies would be admissible as evidence of his hatred of whites and that this was the basis of his crime. That is, if the Holder Obama covered Obama raping a white woman where he chose his victim for being white. But Obama and Holder explicitly exclude that.

    Under Obama Holder Hate Crime Law, a black man can rape a white woman explicitly because she is white. Moreover, he can do it because Obama signaled to do it, and say that’s the reason and it still doesn’t matter. That’s some revenge and hate Obama and Holder have going. They signal black men to act on the rape signal of giving Hillary the finger and then take away their liability for the hate crime. Call it Catch Obama Holder.

  15. NA Says:

    To begin, this is my relationship with rape:
    -My grandma was raped, my great grandmother was raped, my mother is a result of a rape. I have friends that have been raped.
    I have another friend who made a documentary about rape and how women do not speak up, or are not listened to. A professor, who powerfully shared her rape story to us.

    The issue is women not being heard effectively when being raped, and organizations not having the proper training to deal with it correctly, additionally, being that the Peace Corps is not the easiest venture, the majority of the white female public is not being innocently sedated into the romanticized ideals of Peace Corps Service.

    I have felt sexually harassed, but with all the rape around me and in the media, I do my best to be hyper aware, and learn self defense and hope (as I do not have the ultimate control!). Additionally, please quote the horror of rape for me from another person’s story, as my whole family is affected by it, I have no idea who my grandfather is, which is hardest for my mother of course, but comes to us, mostly in strength by tradition of women and women who have been raped (never a victim!-cheesy but so true).

    In response: Jamie was not mentioned because that is Jamie’s story, and it is a step to share something like that on the blog in a post and I feel it best in its context and left alone. I respect her willingness to share and it as her own, not for me to make comments about and distort for my views (as Old Atlantic quoted me and distorted my words out of context). Traditionally, many will see that rape and beating come together…If one talks to enough victims, unless they were pre-sedated, you will see they are often attached.

    Rape is horrible to the point of having no words to describe it [since Old Atlantic previously criticized the strength of my verbal language], no matter the color, and I have been exposed to ‘black’ people with hate and it is just as disgusting as irish, japanese, christian, muslim hating people. It seems you think people are in denial about black people being racist, but a ‘black’ person will often be the first one to tell you of their problems with ‘white’ people-and it all boils down to the same ignorance that unifies the country in constant mess, conspiracy and lack of united force.

    I’m a woman and like for many women, there is a bond of pain that is felt by one another when we need one support from one another: from innocent cat calls, to butt smacks, to pressured sex/kissing, to ripping of our most intimate parts because we are dry with fear.

    Also, there is a war going on (which means I doubt Obama is concentrating on getting white women raped), plus Obama’s mother is what you would classify as ‘white’. I do doubt the legitimacy of your argument and am trying to be open minded, but I am weary of your sources and opinions (please share if you would like) especially because you appear to have some prejudice against groups of people (i.e I do not think you like ‘black’ people).

    I have ‘white’ female friends (South America/Africa etc…) currently in the Peace Corps[the female of color had the most issues-she served in Africa], and one in Mozambique (Africa) specifically, having a positive experience. In addition, I have ‘white’ female friends that have gone abroad to Africa/South America (self-interest), and again, had the time of their lives. I give these opposite views, not to negate! the horrific stories shared, but to show that there are a multiplicity of experiences when people travel abroad, and in this case to Africa/South or Central America.

    I am not doubting your point that rape could be a real issue in the Peace Corps, and seeing that less than 300 people within the Peace Corps are visually or choosing to identify as African American/of African Descent, of course the majority of rapes would occur to women of American women of European descent, and even more so, in some areas white women may be more desired, in part due to the Western ideal of beauty that has been popularized, or there may just not be a lot of ‘white’ women in the area… (just as women of color are desired in areas where there are lower numbers that look like them), but it should be noted that being American, comes with some part of the attraction (due to perceived or assumed wealth). Another factor, is that gender equality has not been accomplished worldwide, so depending on where the female Peace Corps volunteer is sent, this could affect her stay in her home site. Lastly, it is hard for me to write this paragraph because it forces me to stereotype and generalize the intentions of people, just like me, in other countries, and I feel everything is truly on a case by case basis (generalizations usually cause dead ends).

    *I apologize for the typos in my previous post! Hopefully, this will have less!

  16. oldatlantic Says:

    I appreciate your comments both times and relating your personal experience. Let me suggest that personal experience is the motivator but not the decider. From personal experience, we get the energy to do what is hard. Part of what is hard is to learn data sources, study the analysis, and to persist when our attention wanders. Part of what is hard is to educate others. This means on our personal experience, but also the numbers and sources. Part of what is hard is to cause change. This includes education but goes on to support organizations or efforts by individuals to change. Its the repetition and drudgery of this work that is hard. But that is where our personal motivation from experience most counts. I am glad you are making an effort here with these comments and I thank you for that.

    “In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites”

    Blacks killed 420692 people in the US from 1950 to 2000. Using BJS data one can arrive at total killed from 1950 to 1951 by blacks in the US.

    Homicide statistics are particularly useful because the crime is more clear cut than rape.

    “The issue is women not being heard effectively when being raped, and organizations not having the proper training to deal with it correctly, ”

    This is only one issue. Reducing the number raped and in particular of violent rape that is accompanied by beatings and or torture or murder. Jamie wasn’t just raped, but beaten. That came from hate. Others are murdered. These were hate rape beatings and killings. The White South African farm murders are hate. Often old white women are raped. When an old white woman is raped the offender is typically black.

    Its random whether a zygote, newly formed single cell of sexual reproduction, is male or female. Thus males and females can not be biologically at war with each other.

    But non-whites are in fact causing the genocide of whites. That is a theorem. Moreover, it is accompanied by the emotion of hate. This is getting stronger not weaker as they win. Thus rape of whites is not going down or becoming milder.

    “We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

    Genocide of whites by immigration is a theorem of population genetics. Rape of white women by non-whites is part of that process.

    Labor force participation rates of men and men’s median wages have fallen from immigration. This also likely increases rapes. Women have to take longer commutes at night or in the morning.

    A teen or young adult in my neighborhood was going to work at 5 AM in the morning and raped across the street where I live by a black.

    White farm murders:

    These involve rape torture.

    Search rape Sweden Muslims to see information on rape by Muslims of whites there.

    “The number of rape charges per capita in Malmö is 5 – 6 times that of Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is a larger city, but the percentage of immigrants is much lower. And it’s not just the rape statistics that reveal a scary increase in Malmö or Sweden. Virtually every kind of violent crime is on the rise. Robberies have increased with 50 % in Malmö only during the fall of 2004. Threats against witnesses in Swedish court cases have quadrupled between 2000 and 2003. During the past few decades, massive immigration has changed the face of Sweden’s major cities, as well as challenged the viability of the welfare state. In 1970 Sweden had the fourth highest GDP per capita among developed countries with income about 6% above the OECD average. By 1997 it was at fifteenth place with an average GDP per capita 14% below average. Malmö has a heavy concentration of Muslim immigrants in particular. According to some estimates, it will be a Muslim majority city in no more then 10 years. Crime is rampant in the growing ghettos:

    Search France 100 car burnings night. They burn 100 cars a night in France still.


    ==Generalized Genocide quote from Wiki (they don’t use that term but we define the following as generalized genocide)

    Lemkin’s broader concerns over genocide, as set out in his “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe”, [5] also embraced what may be considered as non-physical, namely, psychological acts of genocide which he personally defined as:

    * “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group.”

    ==end Wiki quote

    Whites are being genocided world wide. Rape of white women and white men in prison is part of that.

    “February 27, 2005
    SCOTUS: Segregation Worse Than Interracial Homosexual Rape!”

    By Steve Sailer

    The two female justices, Ginsburg and O’Connor wrote the opinion that white men would continue to be raped by black and Hispanic men in prison by preventing prisons from segregating prisoners by race. This is the Supreme Court forcing rape of white men by blacks and Hispanics as a means of punishment of white men.

    The only analog is Muslim raping of women in prison. If a woman is a virgin and sentenced to die, then she is raped before the execution in Iran.

    Chandra Levy was raped and killed by Hispanic immigrant Guandique who raped another woman and tried to kill her.

    Search illegal immigrants rape.

    Rape of men in prison is largely a racial matter and its blacks and Hispanics raping whites.

    “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

    What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man. ”

    These are among the most brutal rapes. They also are ones more likely to end with maiming or death.

    ” In 2006, there were 194,270 white victims and 17,920 black victims of rape or sexual assault. In the 194,270 cases in which the victim was white, 50.6% of the offenders were white, 16.7% were black, and 15.5% were other. In the 17,920 cases in which the victim was black, 0% of the offenders were white, 43% were black, and 32.3% were other.

    In the United States in 2006, 32,443 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.”

    “On Saturday, January 6, 2007, Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee, went on a date from which they would never return. On their way to the home of another couple, they were carjacked and kidnapped. Over the next 24 hours they were beaten, gang-raped, tortured, and murdered.”

    Blacks did that. Search Knoxville Horror for more.

    Bludgeoned to death by black man.

    Search Hispanic rape or black rape for more.

    I appreciate your telling your personal story and discussing this. However, the emotion you have needs to be used as the energy to learn the full dimension of rape. Brutal rapes that end in murder or involve torture or maiming or that are promoted or covered up by government have a race or Islam dimension. I hope you can study this part of the story. Women are lied into rape and murder by blacks by denying the truth. OJ’s wife Nicole Brown Simpson was lied into thinking black men were the same as whites.

    Katie Piper dated a black man off the Internet. He hired a South Asian to throw acid in her face. That happened after he raped her. She actually agreed to meet with him after she broke it off, then he raped her, then she agreed to meet with him, and he had her acid attacked at the meeting.

    “What happened next was terrifying by anyone’s standards. To a young girl from a comfortable home in a South of England market town, it was unimaginable. Lynch raped her in the hotel room before holding her captive for eight hellish hours.

    He smashed her head, beat her, threatened to slash her face with a razor and said he would hang her with a belt. Later he claimed to have been high on steroids.

    His face was so contorted and I knew that I was dealing with a very sick person,’ she says. ‘I didn’t think he was going to let me leave that room alive.

    She decided not to go to the police, gripped by the fear that he would kill her if she put one foot wrong. Nor did she tell the truth to the doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, where her head wound was glued.

    She agreed to leave her flat and walk to an internet cafe.

    Katie admits: ‘I was nervous about leaving the flat but thought that I could end this thing if I read the email. The whole time Danny was on the phone to me, making conversation, asking me what I was wearing. I was exhausted so I told him.’

    This was how her assailant, directed by Lynch, picked her out.

    ‘I saw a man in a hooded top walking towards me,’ she says. ‘He was carrying a cup. I assumed he was a beggar so I reached into my bag for some change. He came up close, like he was going to speak, and threw liquid from the cup at my face.

    ‘The pain was indescribable,

    You can see her face at above link and the photos of the black man and South Asian man who did it to her. This is hate. This is racial hate.

    Katie Piper was lied into thinking that black men were the same as white men. She was lied to the same way the Peace Corps lies to white girls. This is organized lying to whites to disarm them mentally.

    Katie Piper was treated the same way that white women in the Peace Corps are treated. Some of those end in murder and involve beatings.

    From the Lemkin definition above:

    ” * “Generally speaking, genocide … signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.”

    The Supreme Court ordering that white men be raped by blacks and Hispanics in prison, the Peace Corps lying about black rape of white women in Africa, often ending in death or beatings, the rape waves in Sweden by Muslims, etc. all are part of generalized genocide of the white race.

    ” Susan commented 18 hours 57 minutes ago
    My prayers are with the Puzey family for the loss of their daughter. The world needs peace makers and these volunteers give it their all. My daughter was a volunteer in Gabon in 1995. The volunteer before her was raped and murdered and the Corps never divulged that information to us. Some facts are never made public and should be. We need dedicated volunteers but we also must make sure they are safe.”

    From above. The Peace Corps lies about black rape of whites the same way Katie Piper was lied into taking these beatings and rape from Daniel Lynch and his acid throwing accomplice. This is hate of whites.

  17. oldatlantic Says:

    “That approach was erroneous, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote for the majority on Wednesday. ”

    “The court stopped short of declaring the policy unconstitutional, although that was the implication both of Justice O’Connor’s opinion and of a concurring opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

    It was the two women who wrote the opinion not allowing segregation by race in prison. This is the only way to stop inter racial rape in prison.

    Let me repeat from the other comment, the Supreme Court ordered that whites be gang raped by blacks and Hispanics in prison and live in cells where a black or Hispanic rapes them on a regular basis as part of the punishment of white men in prison. This is part of generalized genocide under the Lemkin definition. This was a hate ruling against white men.

    As of 2001, Human Rights Watch estimated there had been 140,000 rapes of men in prison mostly by blacks and Hispanics of whites. This is not the per year figure I believe. These numbers may be garbled at various sites.

    Also this:

  18. Old Atlantic Says:

    If you reread the Katie Piper story you can see she was programmed to explain away the actions of blacks. If a white man had done that to her, she would not have gone back to him after the rape torture in the hotel room. Katie Piper was conditioned to take this abuse from a black man and explain it away.

    We see the same thing with Obama giving Hillary the finger and calling Sarah Palin a pig. White women are programmed by society to take this from black men. Even when its done on videotape they just take it, the same as Katie Piper did. Its the same with white women being raped by Muslim men in Sweden.

    White women need to be deprogrammed to stop taking this. More Muslim men are coming here. White women need to wake up. They are condemning white women to be raped in horrific ways because they are afraid to be called prejudiced or racist. White women are accepting to be raped by black men, Hispanics and Muslims because they are more afraid to be called racist.

    They let themselves be raped and acid attacked after being raped because they are more afraid of being called prejudiced. This is being programmed for self destruction. This is where consciousness raising is needed.

    This is part of generalized genocide, this programming of them. This is where personal experience as a motivator comes in. Changing this is hard work. Even the Supreme Court is on the side of hate of whites and has to be changed.

    White women should not condemn their daughters and sons to be raped by non-whites in brutal and horrific rapes. White women should not be afraid of being called prejudiced to condemn their children and descendants to this horror. White farm murders in South Africa are the future here if we can not summon the courage to be called bigoted and racist while we propose the solution of stopping non-white immigration and sending non-whites back to their own countries.

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