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Sir Teddy Kennedy White Rape Peace Corps

April 28, 2009

Lawrence Auster is right on that our modern society is a (Kennedy Bush Rove McCain Obama) Chappaquiddick factory for the rape of white women.

Bill Clinton Americorps is the same thing.  Kennedy rape them in Africa, Clinton rape them in America.  Kennedy left a woman to die in an air bubble.  Clinton raped a woman and audited her and others to intimidate another woman he was in a perjury pact with, and who knows whom else over what else.


Science and the religion of equality

April 28, 2009

The PBS show on the history of disbelief is on.  It shows the conflict between the organized Church and the development of new sciences of astronomy and biology.

Today, it is the religion of equality that is the dominant religion of our time.   Organized Christianity has submitted to the RofE.    (Note RoE and return on equity or return on equality or religion of equality all have same initials. The return on equality is negative.)

Atheism means not believing in one sense.  Someone who doesn’t believe in the religion of equality is a modern atheist.  They dissent from the establishment religion of our time, which is the religion of equality.

Science, as we saw with James Watson, is now in total conflict with the religion of equality. Atheists from the RoE are those who believe its proven that races are not equal.  Races exist and are not equal.  Moreover, they differ in moral value.  Whites have superior moral value to blacks.  This is the core of modern atheism to the RoE.

Atheism has to be defined in terms of what it is it doesn’t believe in.  Atheism today means disbelief in the moral equality of races.  Some races are morally superior to others.  This is the essential element of forbidden thought.  This is the core of Atheism to the RoE.

“Why I am not a believer in the RoE.”  We need a modern Bertrand Russell to write this.  Or rather, we need to take on the job ourselves and do it.

The same methods used against the authority of the Catholic Church can be used against the RoE.  The scientific evidence.  The intolerance of RoE.  The misuse of power by RoE.  The abuse of the body and the mind by the RoE authorities.

RoE also inflicts abuse of children or the powerless by the powerful.  That is abuse in all forms, physical and mental.  The RoE teaches lies.  It teaches young white girls to go live alone in Africa and be raped and sometimes killed.

The RoE is increasingly evil.  It demands absolute authority over every part of life, including science.  It exercises its power without restraint in many cases.

Everything that challenged the Catholic Church also challenges the RoE.  Astronomy and physics make it absurd to believe in the equality of every person.  Medicine and biology do as well.  So does Darwin.  Economics and social science, as positive science also teach that its absurd to believe in equality of races or individuals.  History teaches it.  All fact teaches that races are not equal.

Races are not only not equal in IQ tests, they are not equal in morality or moral value.  The white race is superior in moral value to the other races.  This is the central tenet that the RoE does not tolerate.  It is the core belief of RoE that the white race is less than or equal to other races and in fact strictly less than in a moral sense.

But it is precisely the truth that the white race is strictly superior in morality to other races.  One way we can see that is that the white race lays down morality for all other races.  Its the white race that insists on saying what morality is.  It acts as the morally superior race and does so unquestioningly of its right to.

In a practical sense, this is required.  The white race is a moral race.  The others are much less so.  Because the white race is the most moral race, it can’t leave morality to the other races, because they don’t care enough about morality for the taste of the white race.

This is the weakness of the RoE.  The others races are not in fact capable of maintaining a religion that suits the morality of the white race.  This is becoming more and more clear.  Thus the only way to keep the morality that the white race wants is to keep the white race sufficiently pure and in charge.

The RoE is white supremacist through and through.  RoE has never departed one iota in practice from total white supremacism.  No non-white person is allowed to articulate any moral position not authorized by white establement authority.  To the RoE, white supremacism in morality is absolute.

This is the only way to reason with it.  Everything RoE wants will disappear if the dominance of the white race disappears.  RoE recognizes this in its own practice, while denying it in speech.

Scientists are secretly adherents to atheism from the RoE.  They know that science disproves it. So do scholars in any field.  They even know that whites are not inferior to East Asians.  Whites have creativity, verbal expression, etc. that are not matched by those of other races. They also have a moral sense that is stronger than those of other races.

This is a white world in science and math.  It is a white world in economics and technology.  This is a white world in engineering.

But above all other things, this is a white world in terms of morality.  Whites lay down the line absolutely on morality. They know that other races can’t be trusted in this task, just like they can’t be trusted in any other.  This is because morality is the core of every task.

Character, integrity, truth, and honor are what matter most, no matter what the job.  This includes in the matter of the RoE.  Other races can’t be trusted to administer the RoE because they aren’t moral enough and they don’t believe in the RoE.

Non-white races simply take advantage of it.  But once they have power, they knock down the RoE for their own advantage.  Moreover, not of their race but of individuals who gain power.

Liberals believe in an omnipotent force of equality.  But this is easily falsified.  Thus they have to command adherence to their false doctrine.  They have to use force to compel adherence.  They have to control humor above all.  When humor can be turned on the RoE it fails to deceive.

This is why the RoE calls all humor showing the falsify of RoE to be racism.  Humor that shows the inferior of blacks or other races to whites is declared the ultimate racism.  That leads to the total absolute attack.

When humor is used to show inferiority of non-whites, the RoE stops everything and all work and activity to condemn it.  This takes over from all other tasks.  This is understood by the RoE to be absolute.

Once whites can ridicule openly the inferiority, moral and intellectual of blacks, then the RoE is falsified and people can say it.  Once its shown that blacks are inferior to whites in morality by humor, then the RoE is falsified.  It falls apart completely.

This is why humor showing the inferiority of blacks is so strictly forbidden.  It is the unforgivable sin.   This is true even above humor about Jewish people.  The latter is not as unforgivable as humor depicting blacks as inferior morally and intellectually.  This is because the latter is so true that people can’t disregard it without risking their lives.

Everyone is aware all the time of the physical danger of blacks and their inability to restrain themselves from retaliating by any means they can against white superiority, whether expressed or not.  Blacks can’t exhibit true impartiality as can whites.  All whites know this is true.  They know it all the time.  It is encoded in their behavior and in what they are forbidden to say.

The fundamental act of disobedience to the Religion of Equality is to say that:

  1. blacks are mentally inferior
  2. blacks are morally inferior
  3. blacks are incapable of impartiality
  4. blacks abuse their power
  5. blacks do not have a morality of truth
  6. blacks are an inferior race
  7. blacks destroy what they control
  8. blacks are a remnant of an earlier stage of evolution
  9. blacks are unfit for civilization
  10. blacks are a threat to the survival of civilization
  11. blacks can’t partake of the same morality as whites to the same extent
  12. blacks are a threat to morality itself.
  13. blacks are a threat to the RoE.

One could go on.  One could articulate 95 counter-theses to the RoE.

The Reformation of the Religion of Equality is to return to the fundamental principles, which are not equality itself but deeper.  Equality for blacks in large numbers is a threat to civilization and morality itself.

The Star Trek episode where the android realizes that survival is the missing equation that justifies it turning on the humans is the same as this.  Survival of morality requires that whites maintain purity and maintain their dominance.

The RoE can’t be overthrown.  But it can be reformed.  It must be reformed for it to continue to exist.

Atheism to the RoE is to deny equality of the races.  Reform of the RoE is to shift the RoE from equality of the races to the survival of morality and civilization.  This, in the end, is to overthrow the RoE.

The RoE knows that.  But the RoE knows its fate is to end with the white race.  The death of the white race is also the death of the RoE.  Thus the RoE must be reformed at a fundamental level.  This means a return to more important principles.

Atheism to the RoE is to deny black equality.  It is to deny that blacks are morally equal to whites.  Its to assert that the black race is morally inferior.  Its to assert that the white race is superior to all other races in morality.  Its to assert that the white race must remain pure and dominant to other races.  This is atheism to establishment RoE.

Needless to say, these bring out a total excommunication from civil society to assert them.  Denial of job.  Denial of a position in any educational institution, student or faculty or worker.  This is total atheism.  Total atheism brings total excommunication.

This excommunnication is administered with total fanaticism and power.  All other tasks stop to administer the punishment and put the mark of Cain on the person.   We see this from time to time.

This was done to James Watson, Jimmy the Greek, Senator Geore Allen, Nick Griffin of the BNP, and others.  It is a total stop society, and everyone participates.

Some peope are in a permanent state of this at a lower level.  David Duke.   Jared Taylor.   Lawrence Auster.  Vdare and Peter Brimelow and the various authors.  Steve Sailer.  The list goes on.  These people are agnostic up to atheists to the RoE.

They are heresiarchs to the RoE.  David Duke is a heresiarch on multiple levels.  Most try to be an atheist to only of the tenets of RoE.   The hatred leveled at those who come out as openly atheist to the RoE is as total as those burned at the stake in prior centuries.  Prison is used against them.  The physical threat from the state is real.  The RoE pretends it is the state that administers the punishment, just as the Catholic Church did, or just as in another well known case the religious establishment did.

To be a real atheist today is to be an atheist to the RoE.  The consequences are just as real as in the high power of the Catholic Church.  The courage required is as great.  But the necessity is greater.  This is because RoE is engaged in genocide of the white race.  This calls forth action.  No matter the cost. The very survival of the white race and its morality requires this.  Even RoE requires it.

It is an absolute need for the white race to survive and on top for the morality the white race worships to stay in control.  It appears the survival of the human race long term in a form we could tolerate requires it as well.  This is becoming more clear to everyone.  That is why some of the best scientists have come out.  This is why James Watson spoke out.  This is why Shockley spoke out.

We are going to lose the white race and its civilization and its morality if we don’t have this conversation.  (I just heard something similar to that from the RoE box.)  But the truth is that its the white race and its survival and its morality and civilization that require this conversation.

This is not optional.  This is an absolute requirement.  This can’t be put off.  This has to be dealt with now.

Everything else has to stop while we talk about the survival of the white race.  Its survival in a pure form.  Its survival as dominant to the other races on this planet.  This is the conversation we have to have.  We have to have this conversation right now.  Everything else has to stop while we talk about this.

Charles Johnson Stupid in charge

April 27, 2009

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, or is it, .. has announced, by example, the principle that the Counter Jihad movement shall be run by the stupidest person with the largest blog.  Strange that these go together.   JW has also switched its comment format in the stupid direction, as Auster has pointed out in somewhat less abrasive terms.

Auster covers CJ’s latest attempts to break up the Cologne Conference, yet another conference to try to get real action to stop Muslim immigration and the threat to Europe and the West:

One would think that counter jihadis should have IQ’s above 115 in large number since they are thinking for themselves.  Yes it seems in little evidence in the mainstream counter-jihad blogs.  It seems hard to see CJ as being much above 115.  Auster has pointed out how little of substance he writes, realizing his poor ability.  This is one of the few things one can respect in Charles Johnson, his self awareness that he knows nothing of substance.

But like the past CEO of Lehman, CJ doesn’t spend his time learning what his quants think, he spends his time keeping his quants from pointing out the truth to him.    Thus the IQ of Lehman was reduced to the IQ of its CEO.  Moreover, not the actual CEO IQ but the greed adjusted IQ, GAIQ.  In CJ’s case, its the power adjusted IQ, a closely related concept.

Thus the counter jihadis are being led by a leader whose power adjusted IQ is substantially below 115.   Given Spencer’s ability to learn Arabic he must have a high IQ (unlike native speakers).  But seriously, given his books, his sense of humor, etc. its obvious his IQ is far above Johnson’s.  So we have a Lehman situation.  The power mad greed mad person is controlling and dominating the smart person from just telling how it is and working to achieve success.

The Cologne conference is linked to some group that has Germans against Islam, so it must be Nazi.  That’s about the level of CJ’s mind.  Any white person against Muslim immigration is a Nazi, and therefore the real enemy.

CJ is obviously one of these:

CJ’s favorite word is the same or similar, which is close enough to defenestrate, defenestrate.   CJ spends his time excommunicating.  We don’t need him.  No one needs him.

Finally, will CJ allow for an audit of all his bank accounts?  Will CJ sign an affidavit as to the list of all his accounts and let someone examine where the funds come from in all his accounts?

Once you take money from say the Saudis to denounce a fellow person, they own you by blackmail.   Then they can make you denounce anyone.  Not saying this is the case for CJ, but will he allow an audit and sign an affidavit that he isn’t taking money to denounce Spencer or others?  Its the job of Saudi intelligence to buy people out like that and then squeeze them.  They have a lot of money to do that.   CJ should welcome the chance to show his motives are sincere, well let’s say not motivated by Saudi money.

If one looks at the escalating attacks, it would fit a pattern of taking money to denounce minor bit players and then being subject to pressure to do more or be exposed.  So at that point, he has to denounce Spencer.   Then he is told he has to disrupt the Cologne conference, the way he was told to disrupt the previous conference and spread the racism attack on it like radioactive dust.

Not saying this is what happened, but wouldn’t CJ welcome the opportunity to have all his accounts audited and sign an affidavit that those are all he has?

From an earlier Auster column:

A reader writes from Belgium:

This picture was taken on the terrace of the rooftop restaurant of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. It shows Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter together with Markus Beisicht, the leader of the “Pro Cologne” group that is organizing an anti-Islamization conference in Germany on May 9:


The entire drama of the PC counter-jihadis revolves around whether they are willing to say stop Muslim immigration or support BNP, etc.  That is, they are always holding up the effort to just stop Islam and Muslim immigration, denuke Pakistan, stop Iran from getting nukes, etc.  Its always about their drama about them.

Auster has documented this over and over.  He points it out in his latest series about how self-infatuated they are and unserious.  Over and over again, the counter jihadi movement comes to a halt while we wait with baited breath whether the PC anointed ones will sanction someone who is actually trying to do something to stop Muslim immigration, get elected, rally popular support etc but who says the word white or indicates they know who the victims are, i.e. whites.

Will the PC anointed ones call them fascist or this time let them speak w/o being called Nazi by their seeming allies.  Over and over, some blog or person or unfortunate in police custody for exposing Islam somewhere is castigated for saying the word white or indicating the white victims have a white identity and a right to their white identity and to keep white lands white and to organize on that basis.   Auster has pointed this out over and over.

The PC anointed ones have long since gone past the point that they have made clear that white victims who claim white identity have no identity but Nazi and thus are not entitled to any human rights and certainly not to maintain white majorites in white lands.  This is exactly the same position as the Muslims or the worst on the left.

The PC anointed ones fight amongst themselves on who is fit to denounce whites speaking up as Nazi or give those whites an exception good for one conference, blog, trial, etc.  Its beyond disgusting.  The speed at which they dump on whites who assert white identity is in fact faster than the Muslim invaders or even the Leftists.  Can you even say Muslim invaders on their blogs anymore?

The total ineffectualness of the Bush years is precisely mirrored in their inability to articulate an active strategy of victory.  Bush had no strategy for victory. Bush was opposed to white identity.  Bush failed.  The PC anointed ones have not articulated any different strategy than Bush’s failures.

They are infatuated with themselves and whatever money they can eke out of it.  They busily denounce and purge anyone who advocates more than they do.  They oppose anyone who does more than they.  They oppose those who organize real activism.  Interesting isn’t it?

They flee anything unPC that might interfere with their income streams.  They don’t want to leave anything on the web that a leftist might point to which might keep someone giving them money.  Their whole mentality is PC mercenary.  The only thing important is them and that they are not sullied so they can fight on.  But their effort is always to protect themselves to fight later by denouncing someone fighting for real now.  They have to keep their income stream so they can keep fighting.

Their bottom line for what is right and wrong is leftism.  Auster has shown this over and over.  White identity is evil in their mindset and they denounce it over and over.  They are the same as Bush in this regard or John McCain.  How many times do they have to do a Bush or a McCain before we can see it and say it?

Their world revolves around linking or delinking.  Who is worthy to be linked to and who should be delinked to.  That is their level of activism.  That decision is made based on the linkee not asserting white identity in any way or that whites have an identity or that they can organize and act on it.   How many times do they have to act like Bush McCain Rove for people to see it?

People on our side are put in prison and the PC anointed ones debate whether they are worthy to have their blogs linked to.  Is that who you want at your back?  If you are the one in prison for expressing your right to survive as a white person in a white majority country, are they the ones you want to depend on?

Remember Virgil Goode?  He lost his re-election bid.  Who of the PC anointed ones put in a word for Virgil Goode in his re-election bid?  Or was he too white Southron for them?  Out of their minds.  They were busy on the important topic of who they should stop linking to.  That is the real issue for them.  That is what it was last year.  The year before and will be next year.  Who will they delink from?  That is their big issue every year.  The big drama.

Meanwhile those on our side really doing something can go in and out of prison, have their trials, be attacked, and lose their jobs and houses and the PC anointed ones will still be on the issue of who is worthy to link to?  Who has said whites deserve to live in white majority lands?  Delink. Delink.  Daleks delinking:


How many times have you felt a sense of betrayal in your gut as you read the PC anointed ones delink or denounce someone or defend after denouncing some blogger in prison for saying whites deserve a white majority in their own lands?  How many times have you held back from saying anything because the PC blogger was doing good work or was on our side?  How many times did you vote for a GOP candidate for president or senator who actually supported mass 3rd world legal immigration?  Did you vote for Bush?  McCain?  Isn’t it time you started supporting the ones really fighting for you?  Like BNP?  Like Vlaams Belang?  Like Vdare?  Like NumbersUSA?  Like Fairus?  Like Lawrence Auster?

Notice one thing different between BNP, Vlaams Belang, Vdare, NumbersUSA, Fairus, Lawrence Auster and the PC anointed ones?  The others were fighting long before 9/11 for you.  You maybe were not fighting for you while they were.  The PC anointed ones saw a good business opportunity after 9/11.  But they advocate the same things as before 9/11, mass 3rd world immigration.

The PC anointed ones don’t link, with few exceptions to anyone who was fighting for you before 9/11.  The PC anointed ones don’t link, with a few exceptions, to anyone who was fighting for you before you were fighting for you.   What message does that send?  Bush and McCain don’t fight for you, they fight for legal mass 3rd world immigration?  The PC anointed ones support that too, or won’t oppose it.  By and large they don’t link to those fighting it and often call them Nazi.  Same as Bush and McCain and Rove.  How long until you see the obvious?

With a few exceptions, to the PC anointed ones, everyone fighting before 9/11 is Nazi in their opinion.  If someone wrote a book, was at conferences, was fighting to stop mass 3rd world immigration before 9/11, then they are considered Nazi or white supremacist or fascist or beyond the pale today by the PC anointed ones.  Think about that. Everyone fighting the fight before 9/11, the PC anointed ones call Nazi.   That tells you who is on your side.  Who thinks you have a human right to survive in the same country you were born in with a white majority not threatened because of how you look, talk, act or what you say?  Its the ones the PC anointed ones call Nazi.

Bottom line, who you are, how you talk, what you look like, etc. the PC anointed ones don’t think you have much in the way of rights at all.  The ones calling for real action to stop 3rd world legal immigration before 9/11 the PC anointed ones call Nazi.  The ones advocating it now, the PC anointed ones call Nazi.  The PC anointed ones don’t advocate victory.   The PC anointed ones saw a good chance after 9/11 to make money.

But they don’t advocate for you to survive in a majority in the land you were born into the majority. They call that Nazi.  They call all who advocate that Nazi.  That was their opinion before 9/11 and that is their opinion now.   Nothing has changed.

Those fighting for you with real measures before 9/11 are doing it now.  The PC anointed ones are calling them Nazi now and did before 9/11.  The PC anointed ones are looking for a good way to make a buck, not to save your lands as the same white majority lands you were born into.  They call that Nazi.

They call the people alive then Nazi.   All your ancestors, they call Nazi.  Anyone who looks like you who lived before you were born, they call Nazi.  Any country of people who all looked like you, they call Nazi. They say expunging you and yours by 3rd world immigration is the only way to expunge the Nazis.  Anyone opposing that is Nazi.

If someone looks like you and lived in the past they are Nazi.  If an organization has people who all look like you, its Nazi.  If a movie has only people who look like you, its Nazi.  If a school or neighborhood looks all like you, its Nazi.  If a political party has people who all look like you, it looks like Nazi Germany.  That’s what the PC anointed ones say too.  If it advocates for that to continue its an exposed Nazi.  That’s what the PC anointed ones say. Same as Michael Steele.  Same as Bush McCain.  Same as Obama.  Same as Osama.

The PC anointed ones agree on the same values as Charles Johnson, delinking and deNazification.  The question is who is delinked and who delinks.  Lenin’s who, whom.  Charles Johnson’s, who links, who is linked to, or actually who delinks, and who is delinked.  The PC anointed ones all agree that this is what morality is.  They only disagree on who controls the delinker and who will order you who to delink from.  CJ says he has that power.  The other PC anointed ones say they do.  But they all agree that this is what the good is.  Same with the entire PC right and PC left.

You look like Nazi Germany to them.  Same as any movie, school, neighborhood, political party or anything else.  You are Nazi because of the way you look.  Only mass 3rd world immigration can cure that, by getting rid of you.  The only way to stop the Nazi look is for white people to cease to exist.  That’s their bottom line.  They are delinking to you because you look Nazi.

If you say stop legal Dalek immigration, they say you are Nazi.  They say the Daleks are need for DeNazification of a country whose people all look like you.  Delink you.   Delink you.  You are now delinked.  You are now delinked.

Its a mathematical theorem that 3rd world immigration causes complete genetic replacement.  None of them oppose that.   None of them support anyone who opposes it.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

This is what they advocate.  Stopping it is Nazi.  That is their bottom line, you go extinct.  You and all yours. Anyone trying to stop it before or after 9/11 is Nazi in their book.

Isn’t it time to listen to what they say?  Same as Bush, McCain and Rove?  Start supporting the ones who were for you before 9/11 and who are for you now.  BNP.  Vlaams Belang.  NumbersUSA. Vdare.  Fairus.  Lawrence Auster.

The above is draft and preliminary.  Its not mean to assert anything.  These are hypotheses or speculation or questions or opinion.  They are not based on any non public information.  Corrections and comments welcome.  This is subject to change.

Math and physics at West Point

April 25, 2009

Thomas Ricks at WaPo says close West Point and other service academies.  Says they are same as community colleges and don’t teach because profs don’t have Ph.D.’s.

“The average SAT score for the incoming class of 2010 is in the area of 1285.”

Person answering is a recruiter for West Point.

You can look at the fundamental concepts exams in math.  This is the level required before starting.  They cover some algebra, geometry and trig.

These are the physics courses:

NE300      NUCLEAR REACTOR ANALYSIS     3.0     3      33     MAJ KLING
NE350     NUCLEAR REACTOR DESIGN     3.0     2     21     LTC VIAR
NE355     ADV NUCLEAR REACTOR DESIGN     3.5     1     10     LTC SONES
NE400     NUCLEAR ENGINEERING SEMINAR     1.0     2     8     COL MUSK
NE489     ADV IND STDY NUCLEAR ENGNRG     3.0     1     1     COL MUSK
NE489A     ADV IND STUDY NUCLEAR ENGNRG     3.0     1     1     COL MUSK
NE496     ADV NUCLEAR SYSTEM DESIGN PROJ     3.0     1     9     COL VISOSKY
PH201     PHYSICS I     3.5     5     66     MAJ BLAIR
PH202     PHYSICS II     3.5     60     966     MAJ CAMPBELL
PH252     ADVANCED PHYSICS II     3.5     7     106     CPT TRIMBLE
PH366     APPLIED QUANTUM PHYSICS     3.5     2     17     MR BLANC
PH374     MEDICAL RADIATION PHYSICS     3.0     1     14     MAJ PHILLIPS
PH381     INTRMED CLASSICAL MECHANICS     3.0     2     15     LTC CROSS
PH456     SCIENCE AND POLICY     3.0     1     10     BG BLACK
PH472     SPACE AND ASTROPHYSICS     3.0     2     19     DR FEKETE
PH481     STATISTICAL PHYSICS     3.0     1     10     DR HARRELL
PH484     QUANTUM MECHANICS     3.0     1     8     COL WINKEL
PH489     ADV INDIV STUDY IN PHYSICS     3.0     1     3     LTC COLE
PH489A     ADV INDIV STUDY IN PHYSICS     3.0     1     2     LTC COLE

The qm course

“This course begins with a basic introduction to the fundamental postulates of quantum theory. These postulates are then used to develop Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Schrodinger’s equation. Solutions to Schrodinger’s equation are sought, first to relatively simple systems such as square wells and harmonic oscillators, and then to the hydrogen atom. The properties of the hydrogen atom are studied in detail. The course also covers approximation methods used for physical systems with small perturbing forces acting on them.”

“Core Mathematics at USMA consists of four primary courses, and two developmental courses. The courses are:


MA100 our developmental pre-calculus course. About 50 of our entering freshmen (fourth class cadets) take this course.

MA101 our developmental “just-in-time” Introduction to Calculus for students needing review of pre-calculus topics.

MA103 Mathematical Modeling and Introduction to Calculus, the first of our core courses for all cadets. This is the first of four courses in the USMA mathematics core curriculum. The focus of the course is to use effective problem solving and modeling techniques to find solutions to complex and often ill-defined problems.  The course lays the foundation for calculus and differential equations through difference equations.

MA104 Calculus I. This course builds upon the foundation laid in MA103, as the cadet learns about differential calculus in single and multi-variable problems.

MA153 Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Calculus I is the first of our core courses for those students who have validated single-variable calculus through AP exams and previous calculus courses.  This course combines the topics of MA103 and advanced coverage of topics in single variable calculus and differential equations.

MA205 Calculus II. This course builds upon the foundation laid in MA104, as the cadet learns about integral calculus in single and multi-variable problems.

MA255 Enhanced Multivariable Calculus. This is the second of our core courses for students who have validated single-variable calculus.  This course covers infinite series, vectors and vector valued functions, and multivariate functions.  A focus on Differential Equations continues the exploration of the calculus begun in MA153.

MA206 Probability and Statistics. In this capstone course, the cadet learns the fundamentals of probability and simple hypothesis testing. The cadet completes a taxonomy of models {stochastic/deterministic, linear/non-linear, continuous/discrete} and completes two capstone projects. ”


Elective Mathematics at USMA consists of the following courses:

Service Courses:

  • MA 364 Engineering Mathematics

  • MA 366 Vector Calculus and Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

  • MA 372 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Foundation Courses:

  • MA 363 Vector Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations

  • MA 371 Linear Algebra

  • MA 376 Applied Statistics

  • MA 383 Foundations of Mathematics

  • MA 386 Introduction to Numerical Analysis

  • MA 387 Mathematical Analysis I

  • MA 391 Mathematical Modeling

  • MA 491 Research Seminar in Applied Math Projects

Applied Mathematics Stem Courses:

  • MA 385 Chaos and Fractals

  • MA 396 Numerical Methods for Solution of Differential Equations

  • MA 461    Graph Theory and Networks

  • MA 462    Combinatorics

  • MA 464    Applied Algebra with Cryptology

  • MA 466 Abstract Algebra

  • MA 484 Partial Differential Equations

  • MA 485 Applied Complex Analysis

  • MA 487 Mathematical Analysis II

  • MA 493A    Operational Calculus and Transforms

  • MA 493B    Real Variable Theory

  • MA 493C    Topics in Numerical Analysis

  • MA 493D    Introduction to Topology

  • MA 493E    Topics in Analysis

Statistics/Optimization Track Courses:

Miscellaneous Courses:

  • MA 488 Special Topics in Mathematics

  • MA 498    Senior Thesis I: Research and Proposal

  • MA 499    Senior Thesis II: Paper and Defense

Integrative Experience Courses:

  • MA 490    Applied Problems from Math, Science and Engineering

  • XX 490     Integrative Experience (from any other department)

None of the articles or comments at WaPo actually looked at the courses or the preliminary exams in math at West Point that I could see.  Turns out you can get a pretty good education in a lot of technical subjects there, math, physics, engineering, etc.  That’s the way its always been at West Point.  They graduated engineers like Robert E. Lee.

Czechs betray West detain David Duke

April 25, 2009

Czechs detain David Duke.

Czech freedom didn’t come from a law on Holocaust Denial.  It came from the sacrifice of Americans.  Americans fought for their freedom in World War II and in the Cold War.  Now they detain David Duke in total ingratitude.

The people who fought for Czech freedom are the ones who voted for David Duke.   The Czech stopping of Duke is treachery to those who saved them, the real ethnic people, British stock and other whites.  Czech freedom was bought and paid for by white cracker boys who died on battle fields to win it for them.  Now they put them in prison and claim they are morally superior to those whose sacrifice gained them freedom.


Czechs apparently have ordered Duke from country.

== How do we remember the Holocaust and honor those who died to stop it?


Genocide the next smartest genes we can find, i.e. white people alive today using immigration.

Moral People:

By stopping the immigration based Holocaust of whites going on today.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

==April 26, 2009 8:23pm

The laws on Holocaust denial tend to undermine any moral authority anyone hopes to gain from the Holocaust.  They turn it sour and simply make it a fight about who is up and who is down, who wins and who loses.

Buchanan and A nation of scrub stock

April 25, 2009

Zachary Roth speaks ill of his white elder, Buchanan.

Speaking of Pat Buchanan, Roth writes

“His most recent effort, “The Rooted and The Rootless,” takes as its premise the notion that there’s a “blood-and-soil, family-and-faith, God-and-country kind of nation” that’s competing with a minority represented by the “rootless” Obama and his “aides with advanced degrees from elite colleges who react just like him.”

Already, we’re in National Socialist territory here, but let’s leave that aside (with Buchanan, once you start down this path, it can be hard to stop…). What jumped out at us was Buchanan’s contention that the “blood-and-soil” part of America…

Roth links to another ashamed to be white attack on Pat Buchanan.

Auf Wiedersehen, Pat
Jacob Weisberg Posted Thursday, Sept. 16, 1999, at 3:16 PM ET

The Zachary Roth thread is a classic liberal ashamed to be white thread. The speaker calls out for whites to come forward and acknowledge they are ashamed to be white. He is not disappointed with the spontaneous coming forward.  One after another, whites write how ashamed they are to be white.  They say they want to bring the scrub stock here and make America A Nation of Scrub Stock.

This is Birth of a Nation in reverse.  These short stock whites can’t recognize the depth they owe to their “racist” forbears.  The civilization they were born into was made by racists and wrung from the despoiling hand of non-whites.

White Civilization doesn’t just happen.  It has to be won by stopping its destruction by non-whites.  That’s the truth of history.

Every old city in America has beautiful 19th century houses built by whites that are now despoiled by non-whites.

The fate of Olde Towne East, from Mansions of the white to scrub stock is discussed by Mencius Moldbug:

If Zachary Taylor wants to know what racism is, he can go to these white mansions and see what their state is now.  The ethnic cleansing of whites from their beautiful homes is racism.  That is scrub stock racism.  That is all that the scrub stock bring to this land or any white land, is their racism and decay.  Urban decay is a euphemism for scrub stock.  There are thousands, brought to us by the Zachary Roths and Jacob Weisbergs.  Now they call it white racism, blaming the victims.  Blaming Pat Buchanan for calling it what it is.

Stephen Hopewell discusses his small town experience here:

Roth cites this from the 1913 NYT that talks of scrub stock in 1913.

1913 is when those mansions were still being built instead of turned into scrub stock crack houses.  1913 is when the New York Times was a great paper, not one borrowing money from a Mexican billionaire.

That is the decay of America.  It is becoming the Nation of Scrub Stock.  It was once A Nation of White Stock and not just any white stock but the best, Nordic Stock and British Stock.  Those are the stocks that brought civilization to the non-white in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

What is scrub stock?  Scrub stock is what turns 19th century mansions into 21st century crack houses.  Scrub stock are blacks and Hispanics and other non-whites with some exceptions.  Time for scrub stock to go back to their scrub stock lands instead of despoiling what is left of 19th century America and England.

This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle,
This earth of Majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise;
This fortress built by Nature for herself,
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands;
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,
This nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings,
Fear’d by their breed, and famous by their birth.

  • John of Gaunt, scene i Richard II

This breed of kings and scientists is now being replaced by a breed of scrub stock.    This civilization is falling.  White apology for white superiority is despicable and treason to ancestors.

Lesser breeds of scrub stock now infect these blessed realms.  They must be expelled.  Nature and Nature’s God give us a call to reason and moral truth.  We must restore this nation to a Nation of Philosophers and Scientists and send the scrub stock back.

Who Will Raise Their Voice?

Our Union Jack:

Department of Hate Security

April 24, 2009

DHS, the department formerly known as the Department of Homeland Security, is now renamed Department of Hate Security.   Those thinking this is the BNP’s job might want to think about it.

(Notice above is published by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch, and that is not a spoof, look it up.  I noticed that after the rest of this post was written.)

Department of Hate Security won out over the many other excellent entries:

Department of Hoax Security

Department of HELOC Security

Department of Honky Sewer  (as in flushing us down it)

Department of Honky Surrender

Department of Homosexual Security

Department of  (Pervez) Hilton Sickness

Department of Hospitality and Servility

Department of Hosting Somalis

the 2nd runner up:

Department of Hispanic Sympathy

Runner up

Department of Hispanic Supremacy


Note that Department of Hussein’s Sublimity had to be rejected because of the rule of not naming something after a sitting god.

No one is using it yet:

Your search – “department of hate security” – did not match any documents.

So Department of Hate Security (TM).

Licensing available.


“extremism and radicalization branch”

Their mission, should you accept it, is to work with DOJ Civil Rights lawyers to turn governments against white people everywhere.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

DHS: Exterminating white people everywhere.


Extremism and Radicalization Branch warning.  Beware this man, or his followers, who preaches extremism:

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

The secret name of DHS is

Dalek Host Service

DHS finding extremists and removing them root and branch:

Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division finds that the environment creates extremism, because there are still whites left.

Some quotes from the DHS report, Extremism and Radicalization Branch,

DHS reminds you:  Appease pirates, crush whites.

Vote BNP EU 2009 elections with pride

April 24, 2009

BNP is the only political party in the world advocating the survival of the British people.  British people everywhere should support it.  Critics of BNP call it fascist or Nazi.  However, most critics of BNP do not advocate stopping all immigration into British lands.

Its a mathematical theorem that this immigration is causing the total and complete extinction of every gene in every British person everywhere in the world.  That’s genocide.  That’s racism.  That’s the real stuff.  Those advocating this immigration or not opposing it are the real racists.  They are advocating actual total extinction of every single gene in every British body on the planet.

The above link has some similar material. It shows how the Wright Island Model proves that immigration is genocide as a theorem in population genetics. The Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem is actually better than standard WIM.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

1. Population is bounded from above
2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

Many different assumption sets lead to IVST. As long as one group that flows in bounded away from zero per year has a survival factor such that a fixed multiple of it bounds the survival factors of other groups, then its survival factor and all other groups flowing in and all those already there fall to zero. Moreover, IVST applies to each individual gene if we imagine them as tagged.

So imagine every gene in the country gets a serial number that includes the date and as it enters each gene that enters gets a serial number that includes the date. As two genes parent another, the serial number is the date of creation plus both serial numbers of the parents. Then over time the survival factor of any date goes to zero. This is from crowding out assuming the total number of tagged genes is bounded above.

The proofs and numerical examples of the ISVT are within the grasp of non-mathematical readers with a little effort.  They are the same as common sense. They are the same as what ordinary people know and say is the consequence of immigration.

Those who just want authority can look at this:

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The IVST is actually easier to learn the proof of and is a better theorem for our purposes.  But if you just want an authority link you can use the above.

BNP nor its leaders have ever advocated the continuation of policies guaranteed to cause the extinction of any ethnic group or race.  But those calling BNP Nazi are now in many cases advocating policies that are proven mathematically to cause the complete extinction of all whites and all British people in particular.

For them to call BNP Nazi or similar terms while not advocating total cessation of all immigration into British lands or white lands is to be hypocritical in the extreme.

Al Gore today said some people still believe that the moon landings were fake.   Well, that immigration causes genetic replacement is a mathematical theorem.  Its not a study or guestimate.  Its a mathematical theorem.  Its more established than global warming is caused by human activity.

Genocide of whites in general and British in particular is happening.  The evidence is all around us and some of it referenced in the above links.  Those calling BNP Nazi, white supremacist, fascist, etc. while they don’t advocate a total cessation of all immigration into British and white lands are also, in effect, denying mathematics.

Vote BNP in the EU 2009 parliament elections if you are eligible.  Support BNP if you can’t.   Tell those who call it Nazi that they should read the math.  The math is not difficult and no person who can call BNP Nazi is incapable of reading the proof of IVST at the above link.  There is no excuse to be calling BNP Nazi.  There is no excuse to say you won’t advocate cessation of all immigration into white and Brisith lands.  (The only exception would be white exchange immigration between the white lands.)

This is the math and science of it.  You don’t need to be a stochastics process professor or a former quant at Lehman Brothers to understand the proof.  Its accessible to anyone willing to pay attention and work through it.

“Who will raise their voice?”

Look at the people in the above video.  Those who have not advocated stoppling all immigration into British and white lands are for the complete genetic extinction of every British face in the above video.  We can see what is happening.  They can too.  They call BNP Nazi.  They call BNP fascist.

Are they your teachers, those calling BNP Nazi or fascist?  A teacher has to have moral authority.  Those calling BNP Nazi are commonly not advocating the cessation of all non-white immigration into white lands and British lands.  That means they lack moral authority since they can’t summon the moral courage to say stop to genocide, even when its a mathematical theorem published on the webpage of the US government.  Lacking that courage, they have no moral authority (at least on this).  Having no moral authority, they can not be your teacher (at least on this).  So don’t listen to them on this.  Stand up and say or write with pride:

I support the survival of the British people.  I support stopping all non-white immigration into white lands.  I support the BNP.

If you can, vote BNP in the EU elections and every election you can.  Do the same for Vlaams Belang and all the other parties advocating the genetic survival of white people in their lands.  Parties that advocate any level of continued non-white immigration are advocating white genocide.  They have no moral authority.  They are the real racists and real genociders.  That’s the math.

No one and no court can overturn a mathematical theorem.  Those who pretend they can should explain themselves.  But instead they hide the truth and ignore it and don’t answer to the truths of math.  What are they doing?  What cause do they serve?  Who do they think they can fool?  You?

Are you going to listen to those who are trying to fool you?  About your own genetic survival and of your entire extended family?  If anyone in your extended family is facing economic pressure, high college loans, or any other effects of the high immigration we have had, then that tells you the answer.  Support the BNP.  They tell the truth and are the only party in the world that advocates what is actually needed to stop the genocide of the British people everywhere.

You can post your support of BNP here:

All other major and most minor political parties in the world advocate immigration proven and published to cause the genetic replacement of the British people and white people everywhere.

Nick Griffin explains what is at stake in the EU elections in 2009:

The admission of Turkey into the EU is one issue.

The project of mass 3rd world immigration into the EU is an issue.

The EU taking control of immigration policy over the UK.

The UK has the most massive immigration into its country in history.  It is genocide as the theorems above show.


Phil Woolas of Labour Party says vote for any party but BNP.  Woolas is a denier of the British Holocaust by immigration.  Not surprising, because he is a living practitioner of it.

Bush Powell Rice Obama betrayed us on North Korea nukes

April 23, 2009

North Korea has nukes.  George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and Barack Hussein Obama all betrayed us on North Korea getting nukes.  They all stood aside as this happened.  All of them opposed John Bolton who wanted to act.  Rice, Powell and Obama are openly anti-white.

Obama showed he was anti-white by giving finger to Hillary Clinton and John McCain and calling Sarah Palin a pig.  That was calling all white people pigs.  Obama wants NoKo to spread nukes to Muslim states who will spread it to terrorists and use them here.  So do Rice, Powell and Bush.  Bush hates whites for voting for Perot in 1992 and embarassing his father with a defeat.  The Bush family hates whites for that.  Rice did all she could to get Turkey into the EU so that Muslims could rape white women.  Obama, with his finger at Hillary and calling Sarah Palin a pig, is also on this OJ track.

Links to the Obama finger and pig Youtubes:

Nuclear know-how spread by students who came to the West:

Obama appointed Steve Chu in charge of our nuclear labs at DOE.  Chu’s parents came from China and Chu supports the pipeline of students and know-how back to China.  Chu has said he will give our know-how on new energy to China.

China deliberately spread nuclear know-how to go to Muslim states to be used against whites.   Bush, Powell, Rice, and Obama all know that and are covering it up.  See above link for info on that from Thomas C. Reed and Danny B. Stillman.

Perez Hilton posts vulgar drawing of Carrie Prejean

April 21, 2009

Background on story of Perez Hilton’s question on gay rights to Carrie Prejean, Miss California.,22049,25363645-5001026,00.html

Perez Hilton was a judge in the Miss America contest.  But he put an improper drawing on a photo of Carrie Prejean, Miss California, on his webpage after the contest:

He also called her a dumb bitch for not supporting gay marriage.

He has a crude drawing on the photo of another woman as well.

This may be a long standing pattern with him to use these drawings of women.  This is hatred of women.  Perez Hilton is a gay activist.  He is someone the Hollywood community has lifted up as presenting their values and their attitude towards middle America.

The vulgarity of it is stunning.  When a person agrees to be a judge they agree to act as if neutral and impartial, not as if they routinely put up such drawings on their website.

What it shows is the overweening arrogance of gay activists.  They hate straights as was pointed out at another website or a comment, I don’t remember where I saw that opinion.  But it is true.  They hate the people and they hate the community and its morality.  They become part of the 5th column trying to destroy it.  They become actively disloyal.   Gays spread disease and it takes hate to do that.  That was going on long before aids.  To do that shows a hatred of morality, which is what gay activists demonstrate over and over by their violation of morality.

DOJ Civil Rights Division gay lawyers in Philadelphia are another example.  When Christians were at their parade, they had them prosecuted to an extreme.  Eventually the charges were thrown out, but after great cost to the Christians in time and money.

Stories on Philadelpha 4 or Philadelphia 11

Philadelphia Eleven all freed by court:

DOJ Civil Rights Division is the real hate group.  Eric Holder is the real hate leader in America along with Obama.

Perez Hilton is following Obama’s example of vulgar gestures towards women.

See also Texas Darlin on Obama’s tour:

Obama’s inauguration was the same thing.  Links to inauguration and Obama giving finger to Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and calling Sara Palin a pig, and smiling at his inauguration when whites were attacked by one of his chosen black speakers.

Perez Hilton was born to parents from Cuba and may be posting his drawing to attack Carrie Prejean for being part of white middle America.

“Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. (born March 23, 1978 in Miami, Florida) is an American blogger and television personality.”

This is the same thing we hear from Michael Steele that white America looks like Nazi Germany.  To Steele, Miss California looks Nazi.

This is the attitude of the left and Hollywood.  It is an attitude of hate. This is where genocide by immigration comes from.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

We are being genocided by them.  They hate us.  They say it openly.  This is ethnic cleansing.  Their talk is ethnic cleansing talk.  Get involved.  You are being ethnically cleansed.  Stop being quiet about it.  There is no right time to wait when you are being ethnically cleansed.  Now is the time to speak up against it.

Support, NumbersUSA, Fairus, etc. is having a fundraising drive.


“On September 15, 2008, named Perez Hilton as the Hispanic of the Year in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.[27]

Perez Hilton personifies Hispanic values in the opinion of Hispanics.  He has contempt for the morality of Middle America and for white Americans.  He spews that out.  At some point, that shows hatred of whites.   He has been doing his blog for years it appears from Wiki.  Much of it appears to be contempt for white morality, including claims that he violated copyright laws.

This contempt for law and morality of whites is linked to and becomes or comes from hatred of whites.  Its hatred of the white country and the country whites created.  Its hatred of the whites and the wish and action to ethnically cleanse whites and take this country from them.

This is hatred of whites.  Its real.  It is the hate that Hispanics show.  Its the deeds that Hispanics live.   Its not family values.  Its hatred of and ethnic cleansing of and genocide of whites in their own country.


A black judge said the contestant was wrong to say what she thought.   That judge said many were offended at her answer and didn’t like her.  Note the black judge can’t tell the difference between saying what you think as if its optional and telling the truth to a direct specific question asked by a judge.

The black morality is you say what gets you ahead.  When you are in
power, you get to indulge your prejudices and enjoy power over others and subjecting them to fear.  This is also the Hispanic attitude.

The white attitude is when a judge asks you a specific question, you tell the truth.  This is why blacks and Hispanics are not fit for power.  This is why we need to separate.  Its why our schools and prisons are so bad for whites now.  Its why government doesnt’t work.  Non-whites with these attitudes fill positions of power and use that
power in a non-judicious unfair way.  Moreover, these two judges don’t even realize they are showing they are bad judges who are the worst type of judges, ones who see their position as one of power just to indulge themselves, not to be fair.

Whites think a judge is supposed to lean over backwards to be fair.   Whites think a judge is there to do judstice.  This Hispanic judge and black judge think when someone answers their question with the truth its an affront to them and a chance for them to take offense and hurt the person to show their power.  This makes the person respect them.  They think respect is servility and lying to those in power.   The black and Hispanic judge don’t think a judge is there to serve the parties but that the parties are there to cater to the judge as someone who has power over them.

This is why they corrupt corrups and schools and police stations and everything else.  Its why their places are places of violence.  Its why everyone flees black and Hispanic countries or cities.  They carry these attitudes towards their own people, although they indulge them more against whites who are foolish enough to give them power they don’t understand the proper way to exercise.

These two bad judges and the others like them have damaged the Miss America pageant.  They asked a direct question and got a direct answer.  Then in public they say that people shouldn’t tell the truth to judges and think its offensive and arrogant to tell a judge the truthful answer to a question if its not what they want to hear.  This is corrupt to the core.

They are corrupt in their DNA and can’t even understand what judge means.  They think judge and tyrant are the same thing.  They think its about power.  You are service to power and you dominate the servile who are cowering before you.  This is why apologies, affirmative action, and immigration make things worse not better.  It empowers non-whites to attack.

This is why its a human rights abuse for whites to have to live with non-whites.  This is why non-whites have to go back to their dysfunctional lands that they made that way and leave whites to their own lands and ways.

But whites can’t expect this to happen from non-whites who will destroy whites even though it destroys civilization on earth and destroys the future of earth.  Whites have  a moral duty to stop this and save civilization and the future.  That means a moral duty to keep majorities in white lands and incentivize non-whites to return to their lands even though they have destroyed them.

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