Try and hang Somali pirates same day

April 10, 2009

Somali pirates should be tried and hung the same day as caught.  Congress should pass legislation immediately authorizing this.  The legislation would provide as follows.

When pirates take any person captive and are notified by the US or other authorites that they should surrender the captive or are in plain sight of US military or other authorized forces and do not surrender the hostages, then once captured the US military shall try and hang them the same day.

When the hostages are maliciously treated, the hanging need not be by the most rapid means.

The US commander shall notify the pirates if practical that they have the opportunity to surrender the hostages unharmed and not be tried and hung the same day.  Once this notification is given, the standard of due process of law is met.  This is traditional in the law of the sea.

The US commander shall once capturing them, then try and hang them the same day or if not practical the next day.  This constitutes due process of law because the pirates were given the opportunity to surrender their hostages and refused it.


4 Responses to “Try and hang Somali pirates same day”

  1. John Sycamore Says:

    I have heard the preposterous idea that “we should prosecute them under US law”. Some of these ideas are aimed at a normal citizen who could be scared into submission. Somali pirates are desperate people and they are not scared. Moreover are we going to further burden our judicial system by prosecuting them?. They need to be hung on the spot but prior to that, the war ships sitting in idle need to turn their heads toward the west and say; “you see your village?” as the guns leave nothing standing in Somalia.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    I agree hung on the spot and then displayed for days for other pirates to see. When the pirates gather as they did in this case, take one ship, hang them and leave them up for the other pirate ships to see.

  3. Monica Kie Says:

    I agree, hang the Somali pirates ASAP.

    Putting them in prison in the US ia a REWARD for them. Witness the big grin on the face of the supposed “teenage” pirate captured last week.3 squares a day and a warm bed… that is heaven for these desperate men.

  4. oldatlantic Says:

    Perceptive point.

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