Perez Hilton posts vulgar drawing of Carrie Prejean

April 21, 2009

Background on story of Perez Hilton’s question on gay rights to Carrie Prejean, Miss California.,22049,25363645-5001026,00.html

Perez Hilton was a judge in the Miss America contest.  But he put an improper drawing on a photo of Carrie Prejean, Miss California, on his webpage after the contest:

He also called her a dumb bitch for not supporting gay marriage.

He has a crude drawing on the photo of another woman as well.

This may be a long standing pattern with him to use these drawings of women.  This is hatred of women.  Perez Hilton is a gay activist.  He is someone the Hollywood community has lifted up as presenting their values and their attitude towards middle America.

The vulgarity of it is stunning.  When a person agrees to be a judge they agree to act as if neutral and impartial, not as if they routinely put up such drawings on their website.

What it shows is the overweening arrogance of gay activists.  They hate straights as was pointed out at another website or a comment, I don’t remember where I saw that opinion.  But it is true.  They hate the people and they hate the community and its morality.  They become part of the 5th column trying to destroy it.  They become actively disloyal.   Gays spread disease and it takes hate to do that.  That was going on long before aids.  To do that shows a hatred of morality, which is what gay activists demonstrate over and over by their violation of morality.

DOJ Civil Rights Division gay lawyers in Philadelphia are another example.  When Christians were at their parade, they had them prosecuted to an extreme.  Eventually the charges were thrown out, but after great cost to the Christians in time and money.

Stories on Philadelpha 4 or Philadelphia 11

Philadelphia Eleven all freed by court:

DOJ Civil Rights Division is the real hate group.  Eric Holder is the real hate leader in America along with Obama.

Perez Hilton is following Obama’s example of vulgar gestures towards women.

See also Texas Darlin on Obama’s tour:

Obama’s inauguration was the same thing.  Links to inauguration and Obama giving finger to Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and calling Sara Palin a pig, and smiling at his inauguration when whites were attacked by one of his chosen black speakers.

Perez Hilton was born to parents from Cuba and may be posting his drawing to attack Carrie Prejean for being part of white middle America.

“Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. (born March 23, 1978 in Miami, Florida) is an American blogger and television personality.”

This is the same thing we hear from Michael Steele that white America looks like Nazi Germany.  To Steele, Miss California looks Nazi.

This is the attitude of the left and Hollywood.  It is an attitude of hate. This is where genocide by immigration comes from.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

We are being genocided by them.  They hate us.  They say it openly.  This is ethnic cleansing.  Their talk is ethnic cleansing talk.  Get involved.  You are being ethnically cleansed.  Stop being quiet about it.  There is no right time to wait when you are being ethnically cleansed.  Now is the time to speak up against it.

Support, NumbersUSA, Fairus, etc. is having a fundraising drive.


“On September 15, 2008, named Perez Hilton as the Hispanic of the Year in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.[27]

Perez Hilton personifies Hispanic values in the opinion of Hispanics.  He has contempt for the morality of Middle America and for white Americans.  He spews that out.  At some point, that shows hatred of whites.   He has been doing his blog for years it appears from Wiki.  Much of it appears to be contempt for white morality, including claims that he violated copyright laws.

This contempt for law and morality of whites is linked to and becomes or comes from hatred of whites.  Its hatred of the white country and the country whites created.  Its hatred of the whites and the wish and action to ethnically cleanse whites and take this country from them.

This is hatred of whites.  Its real.  It is the hate that Hispanics show.  Its the deeds that Hispanics live.   Its not family values.  Its hatred of and ethnic cleansing of and genocide of whites in their own country.


A black judge said the contestant was wrong to say what she thought.   That judge said many were offended at her answer and didn’t like her.  Note the black judge can’t tell the difference between saying what you think as if its optional and telling the truth to a direct specific question asked by a judge.

The black morality is you say what gets you ahead.  When you are in
power, you get to indulge your prejudices and enjoy power over others and subjecting them to fear.  This is also the Hispanic attitude.

The white attitude is when a judge asks you a specific question, you tell the truth.  This is why blacks and Hispanics are not fit for power.  This is why we need to separate.  Its why our schools and prisons are so bad for whites now.  Its why government doesnt’t work.  Non-whites with these attitudes fill positions of power and use that
power in a non-judicious unfair way.  Moreover, these two judges don’t even realize they are showing they are bad judges who are the worst type of judges, ones who see their position as one of power just to indulge themselves, not to be fair.

Whites think a judge is supposed to lean over backwards to be fair.   Whites think a judge is there to do judstice.  This Hispanic judge and black judge think when someone answers their question with the truth its an affront to them and a chance for them to take offense and hurt the person to show their power.  This makes the person respect them.  They think respect is servility and lying to those in power.   The black and Hispanic judge don’t think a judge is there to serve the parties but that the parties are there to cater to the judge as someone who has power over them.

This is why they corrupt corrups and schools and police stations and everything else.  Its why their places are places of violence.  Its why everyone flees black and Hispanic countries or cities.  They carry these attitudes towards their own people, although they indulge them more against whites who are foolish enough to give them power they don’t understand the proper way to exercise.

These two bad judges and the others like them have damaged the Miss America pageant.  They asked a direct question and got a direct answer.  Then in public they say that people shouldn’t tell the truth to judges and think its offensive and arrogant to tell a judge the truthful answer to a question if its not what they want to hear.  This is corrupt to the core.

They are corrupt in their DNA and can’t even understand what judge means.  They think judge and tyrant are the same thing.  They think its about power.  You are service to power and you dominate the servile who are cowering before you.  This is why apologies, affirmative action, and immigration make things worse not better.  It empowers non-whites to attack.

This is why its a human rights abuse for whites to have to live with non-whites.  This is why non-whites have to go back to their dysfunctional lands that they made that way and leave whites to their own lands and ways.

But whites can’t expect this to happen from non-whites who will destroy whites even though it destroys civilization on earth and destroys the future of earth.  Whites have  a moral duty to stop this and save civilization and the future.  That means a moral duty to keep majorities in white lands and incentivize non-whites to return to their lands even though they have destroyed them.


4 Responses to “Perez Hilton posts vulgar drawing of Carrie Prejean”

  1. alicia banks Says:

    carrie needs to stop whining about not winning and scaoegoating perez!!!…

    see more at:


    she needs to just deal with her loss!

  2. Vanishing American Says:

    ‘Hilton’ or whatever ‘his’ real name is would not even be a celebrity, in a sane world. His behavior is crude, childish, and inexcusable.

  3. Old Atlantic Says:

    VA I agree. His being a judge at the Miss America pageant shows how we have degenerated. In years past, they would never have considered him.

  4. Nomad Says:

    Perez Hilton makes a living off of destroying other people. He’s a parasite. This incident with Miss California is simply him being himself.

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