Bush Powell Rice Obama betrayed us on North Korea nukes

April 23, 2009

North Korea has nukes.  George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and Barack Hussein Obama all betrayed us on North Korea getting nukes.  They all stood aside as this happened.  All of them opposed John Bolton who wanted to act.  Rice, Powell and Obama are openly anti-white.

Obama showed he was anti-white by giving finger to Hillary Clinton and John McCain and calling Sarah Palin a pig.  That was calling all white people pigs.  Obama wants NoKo to spread nukes to Muslim states who will spread it to terrorists and use them here.  So do Rice, Powell and Bush.  Bush hates whites for voting for Perot in 1992 and embarassing his father with a defeat.  The Bush family hates whites for that.  Rice did all she could to get Turkey into the EU so that Muslims could rape white women.  Obama, with his finger at Hillary and calling Sarah Palin a pig, is also on this OJ track.

Links to the Obama finger and pig Youtubes:




Nuclear know-how spread by students who came to the West:


Obama appointed Steve Chu in charge of our nuclear labs at DOE.  Chu’s parents came from China and Chu supports the pipeline of students and know-how back to China.  Chu has said he will give our know-how on new energy to China.


China deliberately spread nuclear know-how to go to Muslim states to be used against whites.   Bush, Powell, Rice, and Obama all know that and are covering it up.  See above link for info on that from Thomas C. Reed and Danny B. Stillman.


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