Charles Johnson Stupid in charge

April 27, 2009

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, or is it, .. has announced, by example, the principle that the Counter Jihad movement shall be run by the stupidest person with the largest blog.  Strange that these go together.   JW has also switched its comment format in the stupid direction, as Auster has pointed out in somewhat less abrasive terms.

Auster covers CJ’s latest attempts to break up the Cologne Conference, yet another conference to try to get real action to stop Muslim immigration and the threat to Europe and the West:

One would think that counter jihadis should have IQ’s above 115 in large number since they are thinking for themselves.  Yes it seems in little evidence in the mainstream counter-jihad blogs.  It seems hard to see CJ as being much above 115.  Auster has pointed out how little of substance he writes, realizing his poor ability.  This is one of the few things one can respect in Charles Johnson, his self awareness that he knows nothing of substance.

But like the past CEO of Lehman, CJ doesn’t spend his time learning what his quants think, he spends his time keeping his quants from pointing out the truth to him.    Thus the IQ of Lehman was reduced to the IQ of its CEO.  Moreover, not the actual CEO IQ but the greed adjusted IQ, GAIQ.  In CJ’s case, its the power adjusted IQ, a closely related concept.

Thus the counter jihadis are being led by a leader whose power adjusted IQ is substantially below 115.   Given Spencer’s ability to learn Arabic he must have a high IQ (unlike native speakers).  But seriously, given his books, his sense of humor, etc. its obvious his IQ is far above Johnson’s.  So we have a Lehman situation.  The power mad greed mad person is controlling and dominating the smart person from just telling how it is and working to achieve success.

The Cologne conference is linked to some group that has Germans against Islam, so it must be Nazi.  That’s about the level of CJ’s mind.  Any white person against Muslim immigration is a Nazi, and therefore the real enemy.

CJ is obviously one of these:

CJ’s favorite word is the same or similar, which is close enough to defenestrate, defenestrate.   CJ spends his time excommunicating.  We don’t need him.  No one needs him.

Finally, will CJ allow for an audit of all his bank accounts?  Will CJ sign an affidavit as to the list of all his accounts and let someone examine where the funds come from in all his accounts?

Once you take money from say the Saudis to denounce a fellow person, they own you by blackmail.   Then they can make you denounce anyone.  Not saying this is the case for CJ, but will he allow an audit and sign an affidavit that he isn’t taking money to denounce Spencer or others?  Its the job of Saudi intelligence to buy people out like that and then squeeze them.  They have a lot of money to do that.   CJ should welcome the chance to show his motives are sincere, well let’s say not motivated by Saudi money.

If one looks at the escalating attacks, it would fit a pattern of taking money to denounce minor bit players and then being subject to pressure to do more or be exposed.  So at that point, he has to denounce Spencer.   Then he is told he has to disrupt the Cologne conference, the way he was told to disrupt the previous conference and spread the racism attack on it like radioactive dust.

Not saying this is what happened, but wouldn’t CJ welcome the opportunity to have all his accounts audited and sign an affidavit that those are all he has?

From an earlier Auster column:

A reader writes from Belgium:

This picture was taken on the terrace of the rooftop restaurant of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. It shows Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter together with Markus Beisicht, the leader of the “Pro Cologne” group that is organizing an anti-Islamization conference in Germany on May 9:


The entire drama of the PC counter-jihadis revolves around whether they are willing to say stop Muslim immigration or support BNP, etc.  That is, they are always holding up the effort to just stop Islam and Muslim immigration, denuke Pakistan, stop Iran from getting nukes, etc.  Its always about their drama about them.

Auster has documented this over and over.  He points it out in his latest series about how self-infatuated they are and unserious.  Over and over again, the counter jihadi movement comes to a halt while we wait with baited breath whether the PC anointed ones will sanction someone who is actually trying to do something to stop Muslim immigration, get elected, rally popular support etc but who says the word white or indicates they know who the victims are, i.e. whites.

Will the PC anointed ones call them fascist or this time let them speak w/o being called Nazi by their seeming allies.  Over and over, some blog or person or unfortunate in police custody for exposing Islam somewhere is castigated for saying the word white or indicating the white victims have a white identity and a right to their white identity and to keep white lands white and to organize on that basis.   Auster has pointed this out over and over.

The PC anointed ones have long since gone past the point that they have made clear that white victims who claim white identity have no identity but Nazi and thus are not entitled to any human rights and certainly not to maintain white majorites in white lands.  This is exactly the same position as the Muslims or the worst on the left.

The PC anointed ones fight amongst themselves on who is fit to denounce whites speaking up as Nazi or give those whites an exception good for one conference, blog, trial, etc.  Its beyond disgusting.  The speed at which they dump on whites who assert white identity is in fact faster than the Muslim invaders or even the Leftists.  Can you even say Muslim invaders on their blogs anymore?

The total ineffectualness of the Bush years is precisely mirrored in their inability to articulate an active strategy of victory.  Bush had no strategy for victory. Bush was opposed to white identity.  Bush failed.  The PC anointed ones have not articulated any different strategy than Bush’s failures.

They are infatuated with themselves and whatever money they can eke out of it.  They busily denounce and purge anyone who advocates more than they do.  They oppose anyone who does more than they.  They oppose those who organize real activism.  Interesting isn’t it?

They flee anything unPC that might interfere with their income streams.  They don’t want to leave anything on the web that a leftist might point to which might keep someone giving them money.  Their whole mentality is PC mercenary.  The only thing important is them and that they are not sullied so they can fight on.  But their effort is always to protect themselves to fight later by denouncing someone fighting for real now.  They have to keep their income stream so they can keep fighting.

Their bottom line for what is right and wrong is leftism.  Auster has shown this over and over.  White identity is evil in their mindset and they denounce it over and over.  They are the same as Bush in this regard or John McCain.  How many times do they have to do a Bush or a McCain before we can see it and say it?

Their world revolves around linking or delinking.  Who is worthy to be linked to and who should be delinked to.  That is their level of activism.  That decision is made based on the linkee not asserting white identity in any way or that whites have an identity or that they can organize and act on it.   How many times do they have to act like Bush McCain Rove for people to see it?

People on our side are put in prison and the PC anointed ones debate whether they are worthy to have their blogs linked to.  Is that who you want at your back?  If you are the one in prison for expressing your right to survive as a white person in a white majority country, are they the ones you want to depend on?

Remember Virgil Goode?  He lost his re-election bid.  Who of the PC anointed ones put in a word for Virgil Goode in his re-election bid?  Or was he too white Southron for them?  Out of their minds.  They were busy on the important topic of who they should stop linking to.  That is the real issue for them.  That is what it was last year.  The year before and will be next year.  Who will they delink from?  That is their big issue every year.  The big drama.

Meanwhile those on our side really doing something can go in and out of prison, have their trials, be attacked, and lose their jobs and houses and the PC anointed ones will still be on the issue of who is worthy to link to?  Who has said whites deserve to live in white majority lands?  Delink. Delink.  Daleks delinking:


How many times have you felt a sense of betrayal in your gut as you read the PC anointed ones delink or denounce someone or defend after denouncing some blogger in prison for saying whites deserve a white majority in their own lands?  How many times have you held back from saying anything because the PC blogger was doing good work or was on our side?  How many times did you vote for a GOP candidate for president or senator who actually supported mass 3rd world legal immigration?  Did you vote for Bush?  McCain?  Isn’t it time you started supporting the ones really fighting for you?  Like BNP?  Like Vlaams Belang?  Like Vdare?  Like NumbersUSA?  Like Fairus?  Like Lawrence Auster?

Notice one thing different between BNP, Vlaams Belang, Vdare, NumbersUSA, Fairus, Lawrence Auster and the PC anointed ones?  The others were fighting long before 9/11 for you.  You maybe were not fighting for you while they were.  The PC anointed ones saw a good business opportunity after 9/11.  But they advocate the same things as before 9/11, mass 3rd world immigration.

The PC anointed ones don’t link, with few exceptions to anyone who was fighting for you before 9/11.  The PC anointed ones don’t link, with a few exceptions, to anyone who was fighting for you before you were fighting for you.   What message does that send?  Bush and McCain don’t fight for you, they fight for legal mass 3rd world immigration?  The PC anointed ones support that too, or won’t oppose it.  By and large they don’t link to those fighting it and often call them Nazi.  Same as Bush and McCain and Rove.  How long until you see the obvious?

With a few exceptions, to the PC anointed ones, everyone fighting before 9/11 is Nazi in their opinion.  If someone wrote a book, was at conferences, was fighting to stop mass 3rd world immigration before 9/11, then they are considered Nazi or white supremacist or fascist or beyond the pale today by the PC anointed ones.  Think about that. Everyone fighting the fight before 9/11, the PC anointed ones call Nazi.   That tells you who is on your side.  Who thinks you have a human right to survive in the same country you were born in with a white majority not threatened because of how you look, talk, act or what you say?  Its the ones the PC anointed ones call Nazi.

Bottom line, who you are, how you talk, what you look like, etc. the PC anointed ones don’t think you have much in the way of rights at all.  The ones calling for real action to stop 3rd world legal immigration before 9/11 the PC anointed ones call Nazi.  The ones advocating it now, the PC anointed ones call Nazi.  The PC anointed ones don’t advocate victory.   The PC anointed ones saw a good chance after 9/11 to make money.

But they don’t advocate for you to survive in a majority in the land you were born into the majority. They call that Nazi.  They call all who advocate that Nazi.  That was their opinion before 9/11 and that is their opinion now.   Nothing has changed.

Those fighting for you with real measures before 9/11 are doing it now.  The PC anointed ones are calling them Nazi now and did before 9/11.  The PC anointed ones are looking for a good way to make a buck, not to save your lands as the same white majority lands you were born into.  They call that Nazi.

They call the people alive then Nazi.   All your ancestors, they call Nazi.  Anyone who looks like you who lived before you were born, they call Nazi.  Any country of people who all looked like you, they call Nazi. They say expunging you and yours by 3rd world immigration is the only way to expunge the Nazis.  Anyone opposing that is Nazi.

If someone looks like you and lived in the past they are Nazi.  If an organization has people who all look like you, its Nazi.  If a movie has only people who look like you, its Nazi.  If a school or neighborhood looks all like you, its Nazi.  If a political party has people who all look like you, it looks like Nazi Germany.  That’s what the PC anointed ones say too.  If it advocates for that to continue its an exposed Nazi.  That’s what the PC anointed ones say. Same as Michael Steele.  Same as Bush McCain.  Same as Obama.  Same as Osama.

The PC anointed ones agree on the same values as Charles Johnson, delinking and deNazification.  The question is who is delinked and who delinks.  Lenin’s who, whom.  Charles Johnson’s, who links, who is linked to, or actually who delinks, and who is delinked.  The PC anointed ones all agree that this is what morality is.  They only disagree on who controls the delinker and who will order you who to delink from.  CJ says he has that power.  The other PC anointed ones say they do.  But they all agree that this is what the good is.  Same with the entire PC right and PC left.

You look like Nazi Germany to them.  Same as any movie, school, neighborhood, political party or anything else.  You are Nazi because of the way you look.  Only mass 3rd world immigration can cure that, by getting rid of you.  The only way to stop the Nazi look is for white people to cease to exist.  That’s their bottom line.  They are delinking to you because you look Nazi.

If you say stop legal Dalek immigration, they say you are Nazi.  They say the Daleks are need for DeNazification of a country whose people all look like you.  Delink you.   Delink you.  You are now delinked.  You are now delinked.

Its a mathematical theorem that 3rd world immigration causes complete genetic replacement.  None of them oppose that.   None of them support anyone who opposes it.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

This is what they advocate.  Stopping it is Nazi.  That is their bottom line, you go extinct.  You and all yours. Anyone trying to stop it before or after 9/11 is Nazi in their book.

Isn’t it time to listen to what they say?  Same as Bush, McCain and Rove?  Start supporting the ones who were for you before 9/11 and who are for you now.  BNP.  Vlaams Belang.  NumbersUSA. Vdare.  Fairus.  Lawrence Auster.

The above is draft and preliminary.  Its not mean to assert anything.  These are hypotheses or speculation or questions or opinion.  They are not based on any non public information.  Corrections and comments welcome.  This is subject to change.


2 Responses to “Charles Johnson Stupid in charge”

  1. Jed Says:

    In Britain the Daily Mail Newspaper is classic anointed ones. Richard Littlejohn´s articles are singing of the BNP hymnsheet and then he turns around and calls the BNP pondlife. Daily Mail and Fox News are safety valve bread and circus smokescreens for the masses.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Your phrase is perfect.

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