Tom Ridge enters Democratic Primary against Specter

May 2, 2009

(Spoof) Tom Surrender Ridge today declared he will contest Pearlin Arlen Specter for the Democratic Primary.

Obama asked about the RINO’s coming into the Democratic Party said, its really a unity party.  The DemoGOP party is for immigration and against whites.  We even agree on Turkey in Europe to rape white women.

Pearlin said he welcomed the challenge from his fellow RINO Albino: I’m against white people everywhere.  Tom Ridge is disloyal to white people.  We can compete on who is worst for white people.  That is the primary I like.   Its win win.

Tom Ridge:  George Bush taught me to hate whites.  Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell also helped me with my lessons.  I hate myself and am disloyal to the white race.

Pearlin:  He is a very difficult opponent to beat with those positions, but I believe I can win.


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