Appalachia New York finance genociding us then like now

May 4, 2009

Vanishing America discusses Bill O’Reilly blaming the culture of the people of West Virginia and Appalachia for their poverty.

However, the cause was New York and other northern financial interests that cheated the people of their land, corrupted government, denied them an education in their own schools, and subjected them to a systematic program of genocide and fear.  Its the same now.  Every element of what was done to West Virginia and Appalachia by New York is being done to us all.  In a sense, Appalachia was the testing bed for the removal of whites and their ethnic cleansing in all of America.

The outside interests have taken the people’s land and destroyed it in mountain top removal.  They corrupt politicians with outside money.  They deny the people a livelihood.  In the 19th century, people were cheated out of their land one way or another.  It was backed up by criminal politicians and judges who were part of the money interest.  The same is true today, where law schools are part of the money interest completely.  That includes economics departments and the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department, Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the SEC.

The schools today are indoctrination for white genocide.  The education is deliberately destroyed by the same interests.  Whites are excluded from Harvard and Stanford, undergraduate and graduate.  The whites in West Virginia have no chance to get into those schools.

New York financial interests have corrupted Congress for H-1b  and general immigration.  These people hate us.  Its the Appalachia plan country wide and white world





3 Responses to “Appalachia New York finance genociding us then like now”

  1. Angel-Sachsen Says:

    I think this quote sums it up nicely OA, on what is the principal underlying psychological reason for these feelings of dejection on the part of so many–

    …particularly Anglo-European men, in ‘our’ country:

    The True Proletarian

    “The true hallmark of the proletarian is neither poverty nor humble birth but a consciousness–and the resentment which this consciousness inspires–of being disinherited from his ancestral place in Society and being unwanted in a community which is his rightful home…’

    …and this subjective proletarianism is not incompatible with the possession of material assets….”

    Arnold Toynbee
    “A Study of History” Vol. V

  2. Says:

    thank you for this

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