The right of segregation shall not be abolished

May 13, 2009

The right of segregation is a fundamental human right.  No person or group should be denied this fundamental right.  Taking away segregation from whites was a hate crime.  It was the hate crime of the elites.

The right of white people to live in lands of their own without other races present is a fundamental human right of the white people.  This right is being denied.  The denial of it is a hate crime of historic proportions.

White people have the right to their own schools with their own teachers telling their own stories as positive.  They have the right and the duty to exclude non-whites from schools at all levels.

Each ethnic group of whites has its own right to live in its own homelands as their own exclusive lands.  This is what the BNP has said.  The PC anointed ones call the BNP racist even as they advocate or don’t oppose genocidal immigration from the 3rd world in all white lands.  The PC anointed ones are not our friends.

We have the rights to schools of higher education which are segregated by race and even by white ethnic group or religious heritage.  This is a fundamental right.  We can not have our highest oracles of learning be from ethnic groups who see our extermination by immigration be our teachers.  The same applies to newspapers, movies, TV, radio, etc.

The rights of free speech, association, religion, etc. all guarantee these rights.  These are the ancient rights recognized by all people in all times.  The right to a land of your own where you exclude even closely related ethnic or national groups is the historic right of a people to a land.  This is what they fight for.  This is the only proposition nation that is real.

The only proposition nations that are real are those based on blood and soil, loyalty to one’s own.  That is all that is real because biology says so and history proves it.  The taking of a blood and soil nation to give a proposition nation in return is a lie.  It is genocide.  It is ethnic cleansing.  It is hate.

The proposition nation claimed by hostile intellectuals and MSMers is a bare faced lie. They are simply engaged in genocide out of their hate.  The time to ignore this is passing.  We can not leave them in positions of power in society.  They are not true teachers who have the benefit of those they teach at heart.  They are false prophets of a false religion, the religion of equality.  They are revealed as liars by the hatefests they indulge in such as against Carrie Prejean, Sarah Palin, Jimmy the Greek, James Watson and others.

The Declaration of Independence assumes a people distinct from a state.  A nation is a people not a government.  The DofI makes no sense if nation and state are the same thing.  It also makes no sense if there is a proposition nation.  How can there be a proposition before there is a nation to make a proposition nation?

The 13 colonies said they were a nation, a common people.  A people of blood and soil. They said they were a distinct unique people with the right to decide on what state government they had.   The proposition of the DofI is that blood and soil people can choose their own government and choose to alter one that is hostile to them.  The DofI then lists the humilitations and injuries done by a government hostile to the people. The list reads like the speeches of non-whites in Congress who advocate all of those things be done to whites.

Congress is pursing genocide with immigration against the Founding Stock Americans and whites in general.  That comes from deep seated hate of the FSA’s or Wasps.  This is the real hate walking the land in America today.   Legal immigration is a hate crime.  It is the hate crime of our age.  Whites have a fundamental human right to stop it and reverse it.  The gains from genocide have no moral basis.  Liberalism is genocide in today’s world.

Proposition nation is a mask for genocide of an actual nation. It comes from hate of the people genocided.  In this case, its hatred of founding stock Americans aka Wasps.  Its based on the same lie as the expropriation of the Statue of Liberty. France gave the SofL to the Founding Stock America who it supported in 1776 not to the Camp of the Saints flotsam and jetsam who came to destroy that founding people.

The SofL to the Ellis Island Wave symbolizes their ethnic cleansing of New York City and the coast of New England from FSA’s.  FSA’s are now under 10 percent of Harvard undergrads or junior faculty most likely.   This is ethnic cleansing.  The Ellis Islanders celebrate their victory over the Wasps.

Ellis Islanders led the return of mass immigration in 1965.  They say over and over, their grandparents taught them to hate Wasps.  They hate Wasps so much they will genocide their own grand children to finish them off.  That’s hate.  Its open hostility.  That is what we hear over and over.

The organized groups for genocide of FSA’s say what they intend by immigration.  They show their hate openly in the attacks on Sarah Palin, James Watson, Carrie Prejean, etc.  Prejean said the same as Obama and they attack her but not him.  Its because they hate her for being a blonde.

They intend to genocide all the blondes and all the redheads and all those who have too many genes in common with them.  That is their plan.  That is what proposition nation means, it means genocide of real blood nations.  That is their real proposition.

Proposition nation means everywhere and always the genocide of white people.  This is what it means in Europe and America and Australia.  Those advocating it are advocating the genocide of white people.

They have taken control of the TV, movies, schools, and universities.  They teach the lie of proposition nation and in their heart is hate, hate of whites and the intention to genocide them.  That is why the Wright Island Model has no effect on them.  They intend the genocide in the first place.  That is why proposition nation is hate speech.

Proposition Nation is a lie to cover genocide.  Its disdain for the victims who are made to praise their own destruction in schools and on TV and everywhere.   Its a lie that comes out of the left’s expropriation of all this good created by the FSA’s in the DofI and Constitution and before them in Magna Carta and Locke.  The left twist it into a mantra to teach children to praise their own genocide and their own suffering at the hands of non-whites as that genocide goes on in time.

Proposition nation is a nation of crime and ethnic cleansing aka white flight.  Proposition nation is white farm murders in South Africa.  Proposition Nation is Detroit.   Proposition nation is the streets of London with Muslims proclaiming their hate, the same hate felt for British people by the LibLabCon unitary party of occupation.

Proposition Nation is 9/11.  That was the proposition nation clearly shown.  Even as the smoke rose, the genociders blamed the bigots instead of accepting responsibility for immigration itself as genocide.

It is the right of the people to abolish their own genocide.   That is the right the people must rise to today.  They must throw off proposition nation as a lie.  There are no propostion nations.  There are only unitary nations.   That is the truth that whites must embrace to survive.

The white race has the right to unitary white nations where non-whites are excluded.  That means the ending and the reversal of non-white immigration.  That means a majority white Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley.  That means a pro-white media and pro-white TV and ads and movies.  That is what rights have the right to and must assert their right to or perish for cowardice.

Segregation in their lands from non-whites is the right to life of the white race.  That right is being thwarted by those who hate the white race.  They make their hatred of the white race constantly evident in our face.   The attacks on James Waton, Carrie Prejean, giving the finger to Hillary Clinton and John McCain are stark open hatred on display.  Calling Sarah Palin a pig was showing that hate.

The right to life of the white race is the same as the right to exclude non-whites.  That means ending non-white immigration and returning non-whites to their lands.  That is the only right and just remedy for genocidal immigration.

Proposition nation is genocide of the white race.  Those advocating it hare haters.  All their speech and humor and movies and TV are hate speech.  Whites need to stop being part of the proposition of genociding the white race.  Whites need to support their own when the hate wave engulfs them, even if they are weak and don’t know the right things to say.  Because all these attacks are attacks on the existence of the white race.

All these attacks are intentional hate speech and hate waves.  They are the reality of those who hate us.  Their words are always of hate because they are projecting their hatred of us on us.  That is what the deep haters do, which is what they are.   Proposition nation equals genocide of the white race.  Don’t buy into or give lip service to it.  Denounce proposition nation as much as you can, secretly if you have to.

Don’t join in the hate attacks on the white victim of the current hate wave, no matter how badly that person does in standing up or wilting.  Its when whites know other whites will support them no matter what that they will find courage to stand up to these attacks.  These attacks are attacks on the white group and the group has to respond to them to protect its members, no matter how uncouth they sound or how low their IQ or ability to clothe their words in PC.  Because we don’t want to be muzzled.

We don’t want our people to have to speak in euphemisms.  Euphemisms won’t stop legal immigration.  Euphemisms won’t start reverse emigration of non-whites.  Euphemisms are genocide and the death of the white race.  The ones who hate us know that.

This also applies to pseudocons who advocate proposition nation and legal non-white immigration.  They hate us too and want our extinction as well.  They push proposition nation because they know proposition nation equals genocide of whites.

Its their hate on display when they push proposition nation.  Its open for all to see.  Now we need to stand up and say it.  They know the consequences of it, so do we, our genocide.  Now we are either cowards who will die alone separately or we can come together and defend our group and our race which is our real nation.

Race loyalty is the real basis of a nation not the proposition leading to our genocide by those who hate us openly and show that in every attack on one of ours.  The group hates on selected whites show the hatred of those attacking us.  It shows the hatred that is liberalism today.  Its a hate that can’t be appeased only defeated.

Stop being the fool of those who hate you.  Proposition nation is a way to dupe you into being for your own extinction through losing your own lands.  Losing your land is losing your existence.  Its one and the same.  Those pushing proposition nation know that.  They push it on us out of hatred of us.

Don’t give lip service to proposition nation.  Stand up for a white nation as much as you can.   Never join the hate waves against the white who is exposing the lie that proposition nation is.    To paraphrase Nixon, others may hate you (and they do), but you only destroy yourself when you agree with them.  When you fight back and throw proposition nation back in their lying teeth is when you stand up for your own freedom.

Your freedom can’t be separated from your existence.  Your existence can’t be separated from your race.  Your race can’t be separated from your nation.  Your nation is the white race.  Anything else and you have no existence and thus no freedom.

Everything that happens proves this over and over.  We fight in Iraq for their nation while losing ours here.  That is because those pushing the Iraq war were neocons who want our genocide.  So they do it.  We have to stop going along with it silently.  Support those fighting it.

They take away our cities and call us bigots for being ethnically cleansed from our own cities.  That is their proposition.  Their proposition is to hate us and make us repeat their hate of us as if its truth.  That is what we must stop doing.

The neocons were exposed as torturers and killers.  They were exposed as liars.  They have lied and protected Pakistan so it could build nukes because those nukes would be used on us.  They did nothing while Iran built nukes because they wanted those nukes used on us.  They hate us more than they love anything or any land or people.  That is what moves them.  That is their faith. That is their proposition.

We must oppose their proposition with our proposition.  Our proposition is that the white race is our existence.  Our proposition is that white only lands are the only lands where we have freedom of speech, association and religion.

Our proposition is that we have the fundamental right to white only lands.  Our proposition is to end non-white immigration and start non-white emigration.  That is our proposition.  That is our only road to survival.  That is our only road to freedom.


4 Responses to “The right of segregation shall not be abolished”

  1. Dr.D Says:

    OA, I agree with much of what you say here.

    I have to say, you have used the term “proposition nation” about six different ways, and they cannot all mean the same thing in this essay. May I suggest that you re-read it and reconsider your usage of that term? There may be the need for other terms.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Dr. D. thanks for the proof reading. I notice what you mean. But it will probably be in later essays I try to make a better distinction, since I have little time now from my work.

  3. ben tillman Says:

    Very powerful.

  4. oldatlantic Says:

    Ben, thanks. OA.

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