Calling all the clans together to vote BNP

May 21, 2009

June 4, 2009 Vote BNP in the European Union elections to the European Parliament.  Vote for Nick Griffin.  Only in Britain.  This is your Declaration of Independence from LibLabCon ethnic cleansing of the British nation.

Vanishing American linked to this video this morning.

Wherever in Britain you live, vote BNP.  South North, East West.  Vote BNP.

You have to fight for your freedom.   Every person who wants to free and have their land free of invaders has to fight.   Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and the rest are freedom takers, not freedom givers.

Your freedom doesn’t come from them, it dies in them.  They hate your freedom.   They hate British freedom everywhere.  They resent it.

They resent those who fought for your freedom in the past.  They call them bigots.  They resent those who fight for it now.  They call them bigots.

They resent your having any young ones to leave freedom to.  They call that diversity.  They call that immigration.  They secretly call it the end of you.

In secret they have stolen money all together.  In public they are stealing your land, all together.  Stand up for your freedom to say the truth.  Stand up for the freedom to say they are genocide deniers.

Stand up for your right to own the land, which means exclude others.  Stand up for your freedom.  Stand up now.  Take back the land that was not theirs to give.

You never know when the last chance to take your freedom may pass you by.  Freedom once lost is twice difficult to get back.  The same with land.  Vote BNP June 4, 2009.  Let that day stand with July 4, 1776.  Let that day be the day Nick Griffin is elected to the European Parliament.  Let that day be a new birth of freedom as great as 1776.

We hold these truths to be self evident that the British people are created equal and endowed by their creator with a land of their own, to hold and to keep and to exclude all others from.  That land is now in peril.  A great battle is taking place although few shots are being fired.  This battle will determine the future of Britain.

The battlefields of this war are fought on blogs and in minds.   They are won not on the playing fields of Eton, now enemy held ground, but on the play grounds of Birmingham and on the meeting grounds of Bristol.

This is a war that is for all the ages.  We fight to preserve the heritage of the past and the hope of the future.  No enemy has ever fought so hard to defeat.  Never have we been so deeply betrayed from within.  Never have the stakes been so high.  Our ultimate survival is at stake.  Without a land of our own, we can not be a people of our own.  We can not be.  We cease to exist.

That is the truth our enemies know.  That is the truth that those who come to destroy us know.  They come and come.   Look not to leaders lost to lead you.  You must lead yourself.  You must lead others.  History has thrust you into the saddle to fight or to flee.  But there is no where to flee.  Not over the sea.  Not anywhere.  Its the same battle in every land that British live in.  British must fight or die where they stand.  They know that and mean to take our lands from us everywhere.

June 4, 2009.  One of the great battle days of history.  Be there.  Be counted.  Vote BNP.  Britain past expects that every man will do his duty and vote BNP.  The men of history would not hesitate to vote BNP.  They know who is on their side and who betrays them in the midst of a great battle.

There is no doubt now that Blair, Brown and Cameron are the great knaves of the history of the greatest band of brothers to stride the earth.  Be part of that band.  Vote BNP on June 4, 2009.  Join the band that stretches over history.

The band that stretches back into the deeps of time when this race of warriors was forged.  This race of scientists was born.  This race of free men was grafted to this land to hold it forevermore.

You are one of that race.  Vote BNP on June 4, 2009 to preserve it.  Hand it on as it was handed on to you.  That is the duty of each generation.

Put your ballot to the sticking point and win this day for Britain past, present and future.  We across the sea look to you on this day to stand up for our freedom as we have stood up together in the past for our mutual freedom and survival.  This is just such a time again.

Vote for BNP.  Get others to.  Get them to the polls.  See that the ballots are fairly counted.

They call us bigots but they burn the ballot of truth, that they are genocide deniers.  Get thee to the polls and make June 4, 2009 a day that your grandchildren will ask you where you were and what you did on that glorious day.

You will say I voted BNP.  I got others to the poll to do the same.  I saw that the ballots were counted.  I stood in the long red blooded line that goes back to the beginning when men first set foot on this island and took it for their own.

This is my Britain and my people.  I fought for her in her hour of need.  Vote.  Gather the clans together to vote.  Make sure the ballots are counted in the light of day and not stolen in the dark of night like our land has been by the betrayers.

Make June 4, 2009 a day of victory.  Make it a day to shine across the sea and give light to Britons in far off lands.  Make June 4, 2009 the day that British stood up across the world and said this far and no farther.  We will not given an inch more. Vote BNP.

We are a great and powerful people.  When we are united, we can not be defeated.  History has proven this time after time.  When we are united right is on our side.   Vote BNP on June 4, 2009 for all the Britons in the world.  Vote for all the Britons of the past.  Vote for all the Britons yet to be. Their existence depends on you.

It comes down to the choice of individuals in the great uncertain moments of history.  Many on both sides have pushed their side to the point where history hangs in the balance.  Which way will you go?  Will you say I can only do a little so I won’t do that?  As it has been said, this is among the greatest mistakes we can make.  Your little counts.

This contest has now come down to the few.  The very few.  Not the many who are deluded or afraid.  We need you.  We need your effort.  We need your courage.  We need your voice.  We need you.  Be there.  Be there June 4, 2009.  Gather the clans together and vote BNP.


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