Obama America’s first Morlock born president

May 21, 2009

(Spoof) Barack Hussein Obama II was born as a Morlock.  His father was a Morlock.   He was raised as a Morlock although he denies it.  He was registered in school as a Morlock.  He was raised in a Morlock majority country that required a religious affiliation.  He bowed to the King of the Morlocks.  He gave the finger to Eloi.  He said America is a Morlock nation.  His books reek of his devotion to Morlock nationalism as shown by Steve Sailer.

Obama: I am not a Morlock.  I was never a Morlock.  Your president is not a Morlock.

The Eloi accepted that and even said it was racist and bigoted to bring the issue up.  Obama would never show his birth certificate which might reveal more of his Morlock identity or Indonesian Morlock Passport.  Instead he paid legal fees to fight the same case in many states, i.e. show his birth certificate, Indonesian passport, answer questions on his citizenship status in Indonesia, Kenya, Canada and British Commonwealth, which he shows such distaste for in his tacky gifts.

Sarah Palin was chosen by the 5th columnist Eloi John McCain as an authentic Eloi who would appeal to the easily fooled Eloi.   Which did boost his campaign greatly even though it was just an escalator for Eloi to be eaten.


This started from comment I posted at a thread at Nicholas Stix.


Nicholas said…
OAL, that would make it a parallel category to “Diversity kills.” Now, “race-blindness” and “diversity” used to be antipodes, but thanks to the pioneering work by mishmashologist David Brooks, the man who turned the likes of “Barack Obama” and his wife into “valedictocrats,” they are becoming identical.

OA: Good point. To pursue it in Auster terms, to the Eloi, race blindness is accepting the Morlocks as diversity. To the Morlocks its what’s for dinner.


==Use of phrase “first Muslim born president”  by


==Morlock and Eloi at Auster’s site:

Vanishing American article that had the first coining of phrase Race Blindness is a Social Construct.


See comments there along with those at Nicholas Stix.


And always remember, Eloi may hate you, but Morlocks will eat you.


It has been reported that what the Tricky One actually said was:

And remember, others may hate you, but they don’t win unless they eat you and then they digest you.

47 seconds final section, you can be the judge.


Full Farewell Adrress of


(And the reason Eloi will hate you is for telling the truth about Morlocks eating you.)


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