Subtilis in letter tends to exclude Ivins

May 23, 2009

Re the 9/11 Anthrax case where the FBI has indicated they believe Bruce Ivins did it in the lab at Ft. Detrick working alone from Friday Sep 14, 2001 to Friday Oct 5, 2001.

Re the subtilis found in the letters.  Assume it was found in the second batch of letters.  This would be consistent with

a) first batch was disappointing

b) did experiment with subtilis in between and then did second round using that experience and know how.

c) Used same equipment for final anthrax run as did subtilis experiments on.

For Ivins this would mean he used the subtilis the last weekend September 28 to Sep 30.  But that isn’t time to do a full run from prep to dried spores.  That’s the same time as the first weekend Sep 14 to Sep 16 if he did it.  So he couldn’t have had a perfect run from Sep 28 to Sep 30 with subtilis from growth to dried spores.

The subtilis means someone did a practice run that worked perfectly.  If the practice run failed, you wouldn’t do a real run with anthrax, you would keep experimenting with subtilis.  So to get a perfect subtilis run he needed more than a weekend.

So the FBI would have to claim he did subtilis runs in the lab during the week from Sep 17 to Sep 28 and got a perfect run from growth to dried spores.

In this case, he was doing subtilis or anthrax constantly from Sep 14 to Oct 5.  In that case, it would have been noticed.

Its not like his lab mates had to remember from now back to 2001.  The anthrax was public knowledge shortly after the second mailing and they were involved in the investigation soon after.  So if Ivins had done an anthrax run Sep 14 to Sep 16, then subtilis runs during the week from Sep 18 to Sep 28 and then anthrax run from Sep 28 to Oct 5 they would have noticed.

The subtilis only makes sense as a practice run and they used the same equipment.  It only makes sense as a practice run if it really worked.  So they had to have time, which means they used subtilis from Sep 18 for at least a week to get a good growth and then get nice dried spores in the quantity of grams.

So whoever did it, was working in the lab with anthrax and subtilis from at least several days before Sep 18 to Oct 5.  That excludes Ivins doing it in his lab.


Ed Lake says that subtilis was in the first letters and not second.  In that case, Ivins would’t have had time to do a practice run and a real run from Sep 14 to Sep 16 2001.


Discussion of how Ivins could or couldn’t have prepared the dried spores in the second letter and added the silicon:’s-anthrax-investigation-have-been-raised-on-this-case-closed-blog/

The egg method so far has not been discussed:

Step 1 Have a chicken grow an egg, but first feed the
chicken silicon based feed.

Step 2 Inject the egg with anthrax to grow the anthrax.

Step 3 Hard boil the egg to dry out the anthrax and cause sporulation.  (Hot water doesn’t hurt bacteria method and simulates the Texas sun which can hardboil eggs. (Source John Wayne movies))

Step 4 Simply pour the powdered spores directly from the egg shell into the envelopes.

Mail at the closest mailbox in Princeton NJ.

(Some of the hijackers stayed in Northern New Jersey around 9/11.  An accomplice may have still been somewhere around NJ.)


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