Obama: America has largest Muslim nukes

June 3, 2009

Obama at his press conference in Cairo said today that America has the largest stockpile of Muslim bombs.

Bassad:  What about me?  Why can’t I have nukes?

Obama:  All you need is a qualified Imam to issue a fatwa for you to have nukes.  Then it shall be done.

Bassad: That’s a lot better than airstrikes from you know whom just because I bought from North Korea.  What are they racist?

Obama: You have lived next to them.  Who would know better?

Errorfat:  When do my people get a homeland? When is Jerusalem our capital again?

Obama: When has it not been?   Did not the Prophet ascend from the Rock?  Is it not blessed?  Can an infidel possess what is Holy?

Fareed the Weed:  Will you come on my show, Smite the Infidel, Build the Bomb, and tell that to the bigots in West Virginia?

Obama:   I shall certainly do so.  We have to let them know America is ours.  Inshallah.

Fareed the Weed:  Doesn’t America need a new birth certificate in Islam?

Obama: It will replace the old one in the Muslim Archives Building very soon.  My new US Attorney for DC will work on it.

Fareed the Weed: Since America’s nuclear stockpile is now a Muslim stockpile, does this end the pandering to the bigots about Iran’s rightful peaceful nukes?

Obama: Only the most racist among them could say otherwise.  My new US Attorney for DC will see to that.

Fareed the Weed: And Pakistan’s as well?

Obama:  I enjoyed Pakistan’s gifts as a young man. They paid my way through college when I brought them back to sell to the Infidel, carefully using my Indonesian passport to enter and leave Pakistan so that the infidel customs in America would not search me.  Allah was with me on that one.

Fareed: As with so many things.

Dr. Qudeer:  When will the infidel pay restitution for the wars of their colony?  The children of Egypt have suffered untold misery because we had to divert our scarce resources to defense against this infidel incursion.  It has been almost 70 lean years from this pest.

Obama: The 70 bad years are ending.   Three score or so is the limit of the bad years.  We shall be in Jerusalem before the three score and ten years have fallen.

Dr. Qudeer: When you address the Ummah tonight Obama, what shall you tell your people?  Will they finally be free of the infidel occupations?

Obama: The infidel have submitted to me.  The Ummah is in charge.  Their nukes are ours. Their weapons labs are ours.  Our people are flocking into them.  We have the FBI WMD.  We have their Department of Energy.  They are at my feet.  I rule them now.  Their nukes are mine.  Inshallah.


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