Vote BNP watch for Labour fraud at polls

June 3, 2009

Voting BNP is voting for yourself.  Voting against BNP is voting for your self destruction.  Its voting for Britain’s self-destruction.   Labour steals money.  That they admit.  Labour steals votes, that they do.

BNP’s Nick Griffin has pointed out one way Labour pulls fraud on voting day.  They simply mark voters on the rolls as having voted and fill out their card.  Polling is open to 10 PM.  If you vote towards the end of the day, see if they crossed your name out already when they check it.  If they have, call the cops or the BNP.  Even if its just your word on it, its probable cause to start an investigation which may turn up others or other evidence.  It also discourages them from trying it again, as well as others.  Be polite if you do this.

Comment posted at above:

Be polite when you raise this point.  You can ask the person why your name was checked off already.  They may make up a reason that admits that it was.  Others may hear that.

Even if its just your word against theirs, that is probable cause to start an investigation.  That may reveal others complained, or past complaints, or other evidence.  This will also deter that person and other polling place workers who hear that someone complained.

When you complain, try to avoid stating conclusions of law, but instead say what you saw, heard and did.  If the authorities try to brush you off, then say that this raises the issue of vote tampering.

So instead of saying, they stole my vote, you say, I saw my name already checked off on the roll of voters.   If you chatted the person up when you saw this, you may be able to repeat their admission.  Try to be non-confrontational to the extent possible.


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