Nick Griffin BNP elected MEP Hurrah for England

June 7, 2009

God for Nick, England, and St. George.  Congratulations to BNP and all its supporters.  What a great job. Well done against one of the great lie and smear campaigns in history.

No one should doubt when Cameron, Blair, Brown, and the rest say they hate BNP, what they mean is they hate British stock people everywhere.  Same as Obama does.  Same as the left does.  Same as those programmed to hate white people by the left world wide.

This is a victory against hate.  This is a victory by a man prosecuted twice out of hate.  This is a victory for British people everywhere. We have a champion, Nick Griffin.  We shall not be exterminated from this planet without a fight.  Shakespeare, Newton and the King James Bible still are in the ring and have not been counted out.

Comment left at above:

A great victory for the British people.  The land of Newton, Shakespeare and the King James Bible is not yet counted out.  So fitting that the day of voting and the day of counting should straddle the 65th anniversary of D-Day.  When the British people everywhere are united, they can not be defeated.  History has proven this for over a hundred years.  Together we can defeat any foe.


And when the white race is united behind the united British people, the white race can not be defeated and it can save and regain all of its lands everywhere.  The ever growing threat of the long dark night of the left can be lifted from the earth.


This blessed plot, this earth, this England.

Who will raise their voice?

The British people will that’s who.


Obama showed he took ownership of the left’s hate out of Sarah Palin when Obama called her a pig.  Daily Kos fueled the hate attacks on Palin and has a close relationship with the Obama campaign.  Obama gave the finger twice to his white opponents, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  Nick Griffin has never done anything like that.  Instead, Griffin was twice prosecuted for private speech.  Nick Griffin is a real gentleman.  Obama shows us his hate openly.  He did that again in his Cairo speech.


One Response to “Nick Griffin BNP elected MEP Hurrah for England”

  1. Jed Says:

    Nice one.

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