Obama Cairo: First I come for the Jews

June 8, 2009

Obama’s life’s work is the final solution of the white problem, the genocide of the white race.  This is as a disciple of Alinsky and the left.  They do it with gradualism.

Introducing Islam into the West is the new Alinsky gradualism.  Islam is not tolerant and will finish the white race including the Jewish people.

Gaffney analysis of Obama Cairo speech.  Deconstructs it and shows its a promise of Islamic supremacy over Israel and the United States.



The Jews in Obama’s cabinet are frozen by the Russia plagiarism files problem.  They have legal liability and depend on Obama.  They can also hope for a pardon from Obama.  Eric Holder at DOJ has power of prison over them.

Larry Summers gave Russia over 20 billion in low interest IMF loans while Russia had kompromat on Stanley Fischer and the Summers Samuelson family and their universities and financial service links.  Goldman Sachs is part of that tangle of compromised entities.

(The main kompromat is that Russia used pressure over plagiarism in physics to get Fuchs into Los Alamos and other benefits in physics.  Thus later pressure becomes not just covering up plagiarism but potential legal risk for ongoing covering up of atomic espionage.  This applies to any pressure applied in 1970’s in econ to get Nobel Prize nominations.

Russia may have taped conversations in Poland in 1972 and 1974 at econ conferences for Western and Eastern bloc profs in economics.  They then replay those in the 1990’s for Summers and Fischer and point out the legal liability now is not just plagiarism but that the profs in 1970’s were told it was to cover up atomic spying as well.  So the legal liability increased to accessory to atomic espionage potentially.  Summers could hardly go to a law firm and ask for a legal opinion on this risk.

Russia also pushed the buttons of atomic physicists in 1990’s by Sudoplatov allegatations that Oppenheimer, Fermi and Szilard allowed spies to be hired at weapons labs.  Pontecorvo was brought by Fermi.  Oppenheimer had Max Born as thesis adviser as did Klaus Fuchs.  Born had 3 Chinese students, 2 now listed by China as heroes of its weapons program.  Fuchs is now reported to have helped the Chinese in the 1950’s after getting out of prison.

Fuchs was arrested in January 1950.   4 Max Born former assistants then went to China or the Eastern bloc, one before then.   Oppenheimer lost his security clearance.  One Born assistant left England for Australia.  Born left England for Germany putting him close to East Germany, easily accessible in the 1950’s by car.

When the Sudoplatov book came out, the US atomic physicists came out and denounced the allegations.  They were on the News Hour on PBS.  This was during the time that Russia was running Aldrich Ames (convicted 1994) and Robert Hanssen.  They tipped Russia off they had moles.  Russia had an oligarch handle the Fischer Summers IMF relationship consistently over the course of the 1990’s.  LTCM had people familiar with the econ history who were identified as the ones pushing he big bets on Russian bonds in August 1998 in the days leading up to Russia’s default as if they had inside information that Russia would not default according to one book.)

Stanley Fischer was Ben Bernanke’s thesis chairman at MIT.  Fischer is now in Israel, safe from prosecution in the US.  But the rest are here and subject to that risk.  Obama and Holder control it.

Bill Clinton and Bush and many in their administrations are subject to this risk as well. Elena Kagan and Cass Sunstein have to consider their liability as well.  As do many others.  Thus Obama controls many at DOJ and elsewhere in the legal profession including on the courts and in the law schools.

Obama positioned Hillary Clinton at Secretary of State so that he could come for the Jews first.  He controls her by controlling the prosecution of Bill Clinton for his role including the IRS audits of Paula Jones In Sep 1997  that Summers likely orchestrated while Clinton knew Russia was pressuring Summers for IMF loans.  The USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and Russia activity was public in spring of 1997.  US Supreme Court ruled in spring 1997 that Jones could sue Clinton and depose him.

The IRS commissioner resigned in spring 1997 and a new one was not appointed until Nov 1997.  Summers controlled the IRS reorganization underway since at least 1996 as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.  Only Clinton and Lewinsky knew in Sep 1997 that they would both lie about their affair under oath. That gave Lewinsky power to destroy Clinton once he perjured himself.

By auditing Jones in Sep 1997 Clinton showed Lewinsky he was powerful and could have her father audited or others in her family.   Clinton likely knew from NSA overhearing profs in Europe talk about this as well as from people who likely told him what was going on for the good of the country.  So Clinton had this over Summers who along with Harvard and Shleifer were not telling this to USAO Mass.  Shleifer had this over Summers and Summers ordered Harvard not to fire Shleifer while Summers was president.  The Harvard econ department knew this the whole time.

So did people at Goldman Sachs.  The LTCM rescue in 1998 during the Russia crisis was in part to cover this up.  LTCM had bought Russian government bonds betting on their kompromat over Fischer and Summers.  But the Russian oligarchs instead wanted to short the Russian currency and make money off that.  There is evidence they did that.  They also wanted to show the profs at LTCM, Scholes and Merton, that they were smarter than them and that they couldn’t not outsmart Russia to trade on this information.  Boris Berezovsky was likely the mastermind of this and he had been a math prof in the area of math that deals with the problems in the 1969 papers of Samuelson and Fischer and Merton that used Hakansson’s 1966 work without proper acknowledgement.

Bush and the neocons used this information to get Clinton to sign the Iraq 1998 neocon amendment to make regime change in Iraq the goal of the US.  That was during his impeachment.  They had that on him then.   Now Obama has that on the neocons.

Obama thus neutralizes both the Clinton team and the Bush team.  He has the power of prosecution over both.  He is thus free to propose measures that will result in the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people in Israel by the Muslims.  His measures make that a virtual certainty.

Obama’s Four Pillars of Second Holocaust of White West

  1. Immigration of non-whites
  2. Affirmative Action for non-whites
  3. PC-MC: Whitesbeing made to affirm their own genocide
  4. Diversity (No Segregation, no avoiding it for whites. No where to hide. Also universal in all white lands.  No white land left untouched.)

Obama engaged in genocide denial right at Buchenwald Concentration Camp and in his Cairo speech as in everything.  Immigration is genocide of the white race as we speak.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


This math applies to the Jewish people in Israel, as well as in the U.S.


Carl Shapiro at DOJ Antitrust Division is a Berkeley econ prof who got his Ph.D. at MIT.  He is another node of Obama controlling DOJ.  Controlling antitrust lets him go after whatever company he wants.  It gives him control of M and A at Goldman Sachs, since he can have antitrust refuse to approve their merger deals.  Same with FTC antitrust people.


Shapiro was in the same spot in 1995 under Clinton.  He was there during the Russia pressure on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to get IMF loans.  He was followed directly or after one other by Daniel Rubinfeld in 1997 at DOJ in the same spot who was Paul Samuelson’s research assistant c. 1971 after Robert C. Merton and who was at MIT in 1969 when the MIT papers copying the work of Nils Hakansson were published including NSF grants for Samuelson and Merton.  Hakansson became a prof at Berkeley in 1969 and has been there ever since and is now emeritus.

Joel Brenner head of counter intelligence was a trial lawyer in the antitrust division.  He has said that Russia is pressuring people with kompromat.  He also recently said he is not allowed in his position to be specific or to pursue law enforcement cases in effect.  He is trying to have it both ways. Warning us in general terms of what Russia did but say he is not allowed by law to expose it.   But Obama has hired the very people who were pressured by Russia.  The universities and investment banks involved are all linked in the bailout as they were in prior years.

Carl Shapiro may try to impose antitrust on banks:



Cass Sunstein may have been the one to first tell Obama about this.  Elena Kagan was in the Clinton administration and appointed by Summers to Dean of Harvard Law School while USAO Mass investigated Harvard from 1997 to 2005.  Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom was kept from learning this by Harvard and the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Is Carl Shaprio DOJ related to Carl Shapiro Madoff victim for 500 million?  (Actually Carl J Shapiro invested starting in the 1970’s and took money out and so made money from Madoff.)



Ben Berannke’s Ph.D. thesis at MIT:


Title: Long-term commitments, dynamic optimization, and the business cycle.
Author: Bernanke, Ben
Other Contributors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Economcis.
Advisor: Stanley Fischer.

Note it was the breakthrough in dynamic programming of Nils Hakansson in 1966 that Stanley Fischer copied in his 1969 MIT Ph.D. thesis, attributing it to Samuelson instead of Hakansson.  MIT had the Hakansson thesis in 1966 because Karl Shell had it then and approved it for presentation at a session of the Allied Social Sciences Meeting.

site:dspace.mit.edu Stanley Fischer thesis dspace

Stanley Fischer advised on many theses at MIT.

“Results 110 of about 316 from dspace.mit.edu for Stanley Fischer thesis.”

Bernanke in his thesis cites the Merton and Samuelson 1969 papers, but not Fischer and not Hakansson.  Fischer knew that he did that and approved it.   Russia applied pressure at the two conferences in Warsaw in econ in 1972 and 1974 to get Samuelson and Arrow uncles of Summers to nominate Kantorovich of the Soviet Union for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics is a likely conjecture.  Russia in Matekon accussed Harvard econ prof Leontiev and NP winner of in effect plagiarism if input output from Soviets.   In the 1990’s, they made up with Leontieff (alt spelling) but were clearly using that as pressure.  Samuelson has an essay on Leontieff in 1999 it appears (see below) where he drops that the Soviets researched the date of Leontief’s birth and changed the year.  Samuelson points out they were going through his file.  This is after several years that the Russians were pressuring Summers.  See the bottom of page 1.


Carl B. Shapiro is the economist


However the relation of the Shapiros works out, the overall configuration of the Obama administration is to give him undue influence and control over the staff of the DOJ and the government.  This gives him the ability to pursue a pro Muslim anti Jewish policy in Israel.  Obama’s policies would achieve the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people in Israel (and the US) as pointed out above with the Wright Island Model material.

Carl B Shapiro is being brought back to DOJ antitrust as part of the coverup it appears.   They know that they are vulnerable to investigation by Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom still at USAO Mass.  Others too could investigate them.  Bringing back Shapiro sends a message to Wall Street and the financial services industry to keep quiet about this or face antitrust action.

Jewish activists to save Israel like Pamela at Atlas Shrugs don’t realize how Obama has neutralized many Jewish cabinet or DOJ appointees and thus is free to ethnically cleanse the Jewish people in Israel.  The same applies to Bush appointees like Paul Wolfowitz.  Obama believes he has played the situation perfectly and gathered in many who were vulernable to prosecution from Clinton and Bush in DOJ and in foreign policy so that he controls them.

Israel hired Stanley Fischer as central bank governor in January 2005.  This was announced after the AEA meetings had ended, late on the Sunday.  This prevented anyone from bringing this up at the meetings.  But this gives Obama leverage over Israel.  he can expose this.  By not prosecuting the AIPAC people involved in alleged spying he keeps that case open for later going after them or making them testify against others.

Obama thinks he is also buying off the Jews by the bailouts that Bernanke and Summers want.  Obama thinks he can give the Jews money in New York and genocide them in Jerusalem.  This is the South Side of Chicago in his brain. (Jewish doctors are injecting black babies with aids. He listened to that for almost 20 years every Sunday in Rev Wright’s church.) He thinks that makes him morally superior.  So in his mind, it justifies his doing it.  He’s paid them for the right to do it.

Obama can thus pursue an openly pro-Muslim policy and seem to have Jewish support for it in his cabinet.  This neutralizes opposition and makes it ineffective.  Obama thinks he is smarter than the KGB and its successor organizations were.  He is the smart one to finally use this history, and he is using it to ethnically cleanse the Jewish people from Israel in favor of the Muslims.  Thus making Obama one of the great “geniuses” of history.  One of the great evil geniuses.

When Obama came back to Europe from Cairo he wouldn’t have dinner with the president of France, Sarkozy, who is partly Jewish.  Instead Obama had a private dinner in a private room with his wife and children only.  He needs time alone with his family while he is doing this.  They also went to a museum instead of meeting with Sarkozy.  They were staying a short walk from Sarkozy’s presidential palace.

Obama wouldn’t let the Queen of England attend some ceremony or other.  He is feeling all powerful.  He is the leader of the Muslims in their jihad against the Jews and the Jews can’t stop him because he has outsmarted them.  That is what he thinks.  So far, its working.

The above are hypotheses or speculation.  This is draft and preliminary and subject to revision.  Comments and corrections welcome.  All other disclaimers apply.


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