re Bonnie Erbe Round Up Hate-Promoters Now

June 15, 2009

Bonnie Erbe of CBS News is calling for the round-up of hate promoters.

This is discussed by Vanishing American, “Force, justice, tyranny”.

As VA points out James von Brunn said that the US is a 3rd world dump or something close to it.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

CBS and the rest of the press promote genocide of whites by immigration.  The theorem says that.  So they are the extremists, since genocide of the white race is extreme.  Its the left that is extremist.  James von Brunn’s son has denounced him.  But prior to the von Brunn attack, CBS had already decided that von Brunn’s son and all his extended family would be genetically replaced by immigrants.  Thus von Brunn was in a genetic sense, already dead.  So was his son.  CBS News killed them.  So did the US government.  So did Harvard and Stanford.

VA points out that the left are willing to call all their ancestors some equivalent of racist, xenophobic, right wing extremist and the like.  All dead whites are bigots is their view.  Since all whites are genetically dead already from the WIM, the left is saying all whites are extremists and are racist.

Immigration all by itself is extremist violence.  It causes genocide of the entire white race.  That doesn’t mean a mixture, the white genes disappear completely.  That is extremism.

Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem

June 4th, 2007 Assume that

  1. Population is bounded from above
  2. The flow of immigrants is unbounded from above
  3. The survival probabilities of the genes of each immigrant are equal.


For any given cohort of immigrants at time t, the survival probability of their genes at T > t, p(t,T) must go to zero as T goes to infinity.

The same happens to all the genes here at time t, see the link for the discussion of that.

The total genetic extinction of every gene and every gene that comes here.  That is extremism.  That is leftist extremism.   What they call right wing extremism is just asking to be left alone and to be allowed to live.  But the left has already defined the white race as dead.  The left has already defined all white people as already dead.

The left has defined all white genes as already dead.  In which case, the shooting of Pvt. William Andrew Long by an American born black convert to Islam was shooting someone already dead.  CBS News declared William Long officially dead prior to a Muslim shooting.  The Muslim shooting William Long was just carrying out what CBS had already decreed.

VA points out the link to David Yeagley

“Hatred of America is what liberalism is all about.”

The Wright Island Model proves that.  Old America, White America, is already genetically extinct under leftism.  Leftists hate what they kill.  So Leftists hate America.

Leftists hate freely.  Leftism means freedom to say hateful things of whites without having to think about it.  Leftists don’t moderate their hate.  They simply blurt it out.  They simply act on it in supporting immigration, affirmative action, hate speech laws that restrict whites who object to being genocided by the left.

The Leftist attack on Sarah Palin is an example of how they can speak and think later, if ever.  Letterman’s writers wrote the joke without having to think about it, because as Leftists they are entitled to hate Sarah Palin as the fertility symbol of whites.

To the Left, Sarah Palin married a white man and had 5 white children.  They have promoted her to the fertility goddess of whites.  Her pristine white daughters then are joked about as being knocked up by a Latino baseball player.  This is automatic hate jokes from the Left.  Letterman’s staff didn’t have to think about whether it was fair, because hating Palin, the symbol of white fertility, already is fair.

The Wright Island Model is the Left’s Law.  Its already the law of the left that whites go extinct.  The left has already decreed that whites are already genetically dead.  Thus joking about Palin’s daughters being knocked up is already allowed.  Leftists can hate her and freely joke about her.  That includes the employees of CBS, the writers, and David Letterman.

CBS promotes hate of whites as policy.  All in the Family did that over 30 years ago.  That is CBS corporate policy. Ads are part of it.  They promote Wright Island Model convergence to the genes of the immigrants, the third world in effect.

The Left freely vents hate on Sarah Palin and her daughter in this thread:

Fallaci Admirer is the author.  The Left freely vents hate on FA as well.

From David Yeagley:

It is also true that Barry’s DHS gal Janet Napolitano has officially made “right wing” and “extremism” close to legal terms now, so that, if such labels can be attached to you, you just might be arrested.

Janet Napolitano is likely aware of the Russia Plagiarism Files case by now as are many at Obama’s DOJ.  Larry Summers is working for Obama and the FBI has a file on him as on all employees.  Obama was an employee of University of Chicago while it was working with Harvard and others to cover up this history.  Obama’s wife was paid over 300k a year when Obama became a Senator in 2004, while US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay was still pending.

Napolitano has become complicit is something she has to think about.  Obama chose Eric Holder who had been Deputy Attorney General under Clinton while Russia was getting the 20 billion dollars in low interest IMF loans from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.  The DOJ Antitrust Division has hired Carl Shapiro as DAAG who was the same c. 1995 under Clinton while Russia s was getting the loans and who was a Berkeley econ prof where the victim of Samuelson, uncle of Summers, and of Stanley Fischer, was a prof.

Shapiro got his Ph.D. from MIT In 1981.  Bernanke’s supervisor was Stanley Fischer and he got his about the same time.  Russia likely used pressure on Samuelson to pressure Samuelson and Summers’ other uncle Kenneth Arrow to nominate Kantorovich for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics which the Soviet Union was desperate to get.  Obama’s entire administration including DOJ leadership is likely complicit in this.

David Yeagley:

But the liberals know the most important weapon in the war is simply words. Liberals must have control over words.

This gives the left a monopoly of hate.  That lets them vent out hate on Sarah Palin and joke about her white daughters being knocked up by a Latino baseball player.  They also have a monopoly of prosecution by DOJ.  That they need as well.  Hate plus DOJ let them prosecute anyone who threatens to expose them without having to think twice about it.

The VA post linked to above closes with a quote from Pascal on the link between justice and force.  That link is supposed to happen in the Department of Justice.  The DOJ is aware of the Russia Plagiarism Files case.  It appears they knew it under Clinton.

They let Russia get the money.  They let Harvard conceal that from the USAO Mass from 1997 to 2005.  They let other countries use this as they could including Pakistan, India and China at the minimum if not also Saudi Arabia.  They are counting on fear to keep their own employees from turning them in.  Joel Brenner was a trial lawyer in the antitrust division in 2001 and is now head of counter intelligence, not head legal counsel, the head itself.  He has warned Russia is using kompromat.  He has said it was not just for technical know-how but was primarily how influence works in US society.  He has said his position doesn’t allow him to do law enforcement work.

Eric Holder and Jamie Gorelick had access to counter intelligence info under Clinton.  The Gorelick Wall Memo meant that Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom did not.  Gorelick went from DOJ to being a trustee of Harvard.  She offered presidency of Harvard first to Gore, who turned it down and then Summers.

Larry Summers hired Elena Kagan from University of Chicago law school to be Dean of Harvard Law School.  Kagan had been in the Clinton administration as well at DOJ.  Cass Sunstein went from Chicago to Harvard and is an advisor to Obama and is now in his administration.  Kagan is now in the DOJ and maybe promoted to the Supreme Court.  She is for hate crime speech and jurisprudence based on results according to some critics.

Holder said we are a nation of cowards on race to DOJ employees after coming in.   He has to keep DOJ employees and victims and witnesses from coming forward.  In the meantime, foreign countries like India and Pakistan are trying to get all they can before this becomes known to a wider public.  India got its nuclear deal.  Pakistan is building nuclear weapons as fast as it can and working to put them on missiles on subs.   Iran and North Korea are also trying to get all they can.

The Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill got the same intelligence as the others and more.  He let Russia use that kompromat on Summers.

What did Clinton get?  An audit of Paula Jones in September 1997 when Summers was in control of the IRS reorganization, there was no IRS Commissioner at the time, and Summers and Harvard were already under investigation by the USAO Mass district, which became public in spring of 1997.

In spring 1997, the US Supreme Court ruled the case against Clinton by Paula Jones could go forward and she could depose Clinton. Clinton entered a perjury pact with Monica Lewinsky and in September 1997 he was going to put himself in her power once he lied under oath.  That didn’t happen until Jan 1998.  So Clinton needed to remind Lewinsky that he had power.

By auditing Jones in September 1997, Clinton sent the message to Lewinsky that he could audit her father and family.  Only Clinton and Lewinsky knew in September 1997 that they were in a perjury pact.  So this fortuitous audit had a value that only those two could know of.  The only way Clinton could have influenced that audit was through Summers in charge of the IRS reorganization since 1996 and number 2 at US Treasury behind Rubin.

Harvard was concealing information already from the USAO investigation of Shleifer of the Harvard econ department who had a grant from the US with HIID and who was spending time in Russia and then it turned out investing in Russia while advising Russia with US grant money.  That had to have a lot of chatter picked up by NSA as well as the old academic kompromat used by Russia in the 1970’s on Summers’ family.

Econ profs in Europe knew of that and NSA wiretaps of them are legal.  Clinton thus was in a position to get this info as well as the Deputy Attorney Generals Jamie Gorelick and Eric Holder.  Elena Kagan was part of that team as well.  She was Dean of Harvard Law from 2003 onwards, and the USAO case didn’t close until August 2005.  So she is part of it.  Obama was getting paid by U Chicago through his wife at over 300k per year to keep quiet.  He likely knew some from Cass Sunstein, also now in his administration.

The above is draft and preliminary.   This is speculation or hypotheses.  This is subject to revision.  Comments and corrections welcome.  All other disclaimers apply.


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