No nukes for Iran Khamenei fatwa ‘most treacherous’ Britain

June 19, 2009

No nukes for Khamenei.  We need to draft 2 million men and do a ground invasion of Iran.  That is the only way to keep them getting nukes.

Martin Fletcher:

What Khamenei says is Islamic law.  This is a fatwa.  Just like America is the foremost enemy of Islam.  This is why we can’t let them have nukes.  Death to Britain is effectively the fatwa.  By saying Britain is “most treacherous” in a formal sermon, Khamenei has effectively said it is a duty under Islam to destroy Britain and kill all British wherever you find them.  That means we must do a ground invasion to keep Iran from getting nukes.

In Mumbai they said

““kill whites, especially British and American tourists””

British doesn’t mean Pakistani.  When they say they want to kill British it means those of British descent anywhere in the world.   When the British people everywhere are united we can not be defeated.  We must rally and defang Iran before it gets nukes.  Then surround and blockade Pakistan to give up its nukes.  The same with North Korea.

The people who chant “Death to UK” or Death to British are not British when they come to the UK or US or Australia no matter how long they stay.  They will keep killing us to the n-th generation.  That is historical fact.  We must send them back.  Or we shall be nuked with our own nuclear weapons.

The head of the FBI’s WMD is a Muslim born in Iran.

Even in 2007, they shouted Death to UK before a match:

The spectators shouted “Death to UK” before the match. A black banner was attached to the entrance of the stadium showing the text “Death to UK”.”


Spirit: Iran says Death to Israel. Death to the Jews.  You can vote for Obama or McCain.

AIPAC: Do we get to laugh at Letterman jokes about Palin if Obama wins.

Spirit: Yes.

AIPAC: Its worth it.


This is real.  Choices have real consequences.  What you say and do matters.  The future really depends on what we do now.  Americans are used to no consequences for their choices. That time is over. We are now in the time of conesquences.  Think about it.


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