White consciousness is a contraction mapping

July 4, 2009

A contraction mapping is one for which any pair of outputs are closer together than the corresponding pair of inputs.  If you take the output of a contraction mapping and feed it back in, it iterates to the same fixed point no matter where you start.

Honest discussion of the white situation by whites is a contraction mapping.  What comes out of one of our brains goes in the other and as this iterates the results get closer together.  This is if the discussion is rational.  I think even the Left sees this.  Clinton celebrating white reduction is a form of it, since he acknowledges the facts in part.  He also ended welfare as we know it, but it morphs anew.

The reason that white consciousness is a contraction mapping is that the processes of the state are all contraction mappings of whites.  Each iteration of the affirmative action slicer, of immigration, welfare, uncivil rights, and false schools leads closer to whites being zero.

White discussion of our situation that is honest and fact and reason based gets closer and closer to this realization no matter far how apart it starts.  This is one reason I post on lib cites like Rawstory.  Many libs agree with it all.  I have found this with Democrats who call for candidates.  Its usually women and the wages of women are usually a concern and they recognize that immigration is keeping them down.

We are in the midst of the Great Contraction of whites but also the Great Contraction Dialogue of white reason on our situation.  We are converging to a fixed point, the fixed point of white consciousness of our situation and the need to act to change it. We are also realizing its our moral duty to act in ways that will actually work.

We have been lied to about the morality of race consciousness and we are waking up to that.  This will go on until we reach the fixed point of the realization that we have the moral right and duty to separate from non-whites and this separation means non-whites leaving all white lands.

This essay started as a comment at Vanishing American.






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