Separation First, Constitution Second

July 5, 2009

This is a continuation of the comment on the prior post.

First a little more and then the prior comment is reposted below that.


Separation first.  Its revolutionary, but not so revolutionary.  Its what the countries in the EU need.  Its what we need. Its the only way to have Liberty and Survival.

Harvard is ours.  Its all ours. Boston is ours. All ours.  They didn’t build those cities.  We did. We built them out of nothing. Same with those universities.  They don’t have any right to attend them, much less take them over and turn them against us.  Separation first.  Liberty and Survival are built on separation.  That is the message of the DofI.  That’s what it says in big bold letters.  Seems revolutionary but isn’t once you think about it.  Its what distinct peoples have always wanted.  Its what Slicer Coalitions have always opposed.

The Slicer Coalition is oppressing us because its the nature of things for them to abuse their power over us and act to eliminate us. That is what the DofI says.  And we were much closer to the English than the Slicers are to us.

Separation sounds shocking and revolutionary but its not.  Its the real meaning of July 4.  Its the truth the South knew in 1861.  Its the truth the Slicer Coalition of that day denied.  Its the truth the Slicer Coalition of 1964-1965 denied. Its the truth the Slicer Coalition of Obama denies.  A Slicer Coalition exposed in his cabinet where FSA’s are few and made to wear hijab while he speaks to his people, the Muslim World, the Ummah.


This isn’t the background?  Thanks for commenting.  I have mixed feelings myself, but I am just trying to follow the evidence where it leads.  One reason I point out this is draft and preliminary.  Also the slicer coalition may have morphed into being more negative towards FSA’s as a consequence of the total path of events, their actions and FSA’s.  So they may have grown into being intentional slicers.

Is it inevitable?  I am not sure, but there is evidence or reasons to think it is inevitable.  It is reversible?  I am not sure, but again there are reasons to think it may be, especially considering how things have evolved.  How much push back is enough?  Does it have to have a vision or plan that makes sense?  Is there one short of separation given that the Slicer Coalition has evolved this way once already and seems to pick up more momentum from past success?

Having tasted our blood and defeat once, can they ever give it up?  Their rhetoric and what they insist be taught in the schools suggests they have no room to give back on anything.  They have staked out absolute positions that imply mathematically our complete extinction to zero.  They are absolutist in their thinking, rhetoric, and actions.

These are all a feedback loop that has locked them mentally into not even being able to see that there is an alternative to our complete extinction, and certainly our loss of all power and control over our own destiny.  They will never give that back is what they say and do.  That grows worse with each cycle as our numbers grow less.

If they don’t believe that they can do anything but push our extinction, how can we make them change that idea in their minds? Except by separation?  If they work inside every institution to turn it against FSA’s who wrote the Constitution, how can they do otherwise?

For them, every step is absolute and irrevocable.  Their analysis of Supreme Court decisions says so.  Everything they do they say is because we are absolute evil.  What they do never counts against their groups only individuals.  What we do counts against us as genetic inevitability.  They have defined FSA’s as Satan and this is genetic and laid down in effect by their God, which happens to be them.  Its like the Koran and their Prophet rolled into one.

For them, the Gates of Ijtihad are closed on us.  We are absolute evil and are to be extincted absolutely.  We are to have no say in our present or future.  That applies even at the lowest level of what we do inside our own homes or even inside our own brains.

Their view is that they are infallible on these subjects. They view it can’t be discussed.  They view it as proven beyond all discussion.  Its Holocaust Denial to deny that we are evil.  Its Holocaust Denial to deny that we must have no control over our future or present or teaching our children or what we think or believe or say.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to stop our being genocided.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to deny that all of these points are an immutable law of morality and are encoded into the universe.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to disagree or object or even point out what is happening.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to challenge their infallibility or even speak up, even on blogs or in private meetings.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to exist. That is their position.

Its Holocaust Denial for us to deny that we are, should be and will be total deprived of all rights and liberty and all control over our present or destiny.  That is what the FSA’s wrote in the Constitution they say, that genocide of FSA’s is an immutable law and the purpose of the Constitution and the Declaration.  Its Holocaust Denial for us to deny that we should be and must be totally deprived of everything including our existence.  Their Holocaust Museums are Temples to the Moral Rightness of our losing all control over our own lives, children’s education, future, present, homes, and lands.  They are Temples to our being Holocausted.  That is their rhetoric, their actions and their beliefs.

Sorry to go on this way, but it just seems to come out.  How can one look at what they believe, say and do and not see this?  How can one not see that each success they have in taking away anything from us simply leads them to more?  How can one deny this isn’t the same scenario as Rhodesia and South Africa? They say these are the same.  They say we are the same. They say their coalition is the same as the one that took over Rhodesia and South Africa.  They won’t admit their moral and factual mistakes there.  Instead, they simply suppress the truth of what is happening there and here.  They censor us everywhere and in every institution.

They use the institutions of government to do this.  They claim our constitution mandates our extinction as its living intent.  A living intent they made up but insist is absolute proceeding from them being in power.  That is what it comes down to.  They are in power and their absolute position is to extinct us. Same as the first decades in the Soviet Union.

In sum, its Holocaust Denial for them to be denied their Holocaust of us.  That is what it comes down to.  That is what they say.  Its they who proclaim what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa is the same as here and that they are the same coalition here as they were there.  Its they who say this and sing it and continue to deny that anything bad happened.  What happened and is happening there they say is what should happen to us here when they aren’t busy denying it is happening and using hate law speech and censorship to control us.

How is it possible not to say these things now?  Once we start, don’t we have to evolve to this point?  That’s the point of the contraction mapping analysis of White Consciousness.  They are using slicer games to extinct us.  Therefore our developing White Consciousness is a contraction mapping. Each iteration of our thinking and talking to each other leads us closer to the fixed point realization that we need separation.  It comes out of one of our brains in writing or speech and then goes into another and we converge on the realization that they are genociding us and separation is the answer.  That is why they suppress our speech and won’t let us have any exclusive organization of our own, even private clubs, churches, or families for that matter.  They know that the iteration of our thinking and writing and talking and meeting is the realization that they are genociding us, that its their genetic nature to do so, that they abuse any power they have over us, and that only separation is the way for us to survive.

This is because we need separation to teach our young and old for that matter that we are a great people who have a right to exist and to control our destiny as well as our present.  Only with separation can our schools teach that.  Only with separation can our holidays celebrate our separate existence as a separate people.  That is the real meaning of July 4. The real meaning of July 4 is that Founding Stock Americans are a separate people.  That’s what it means.  Nothing else. That was the point of the war that FSA’s just by themselves are a separate nation and must be separate from the others.

The meaning of July 4, 1776 is that FSA’s have to have their own separate nation to prevent others from harming us out of government power.  The meaning of July 4, 1776 is that FSA’s are a separate blood and soil nation.  That is why they said that one people needed to separate from another.

We FSA’s are a separate people and we need to separate from the others for the reasons set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  All the injustices listed there done by a different people have been done a thousand or more fold to us by the other peoples who form the Slicer Coalition.  That Coalition has usurped every institution we built and turned into a slicing game against us. The result is our loss of all ability to advocate for ourselves, to control our own destiny or present and avoid the extinction planned for us and proceeding by the other and distinct peoples who are part of the Slicer Coalition.

The nations of the Slicer Coalition are separate nations.  They need to go back to their lands.  The Declaration of Independence lists some of the wrongs done to us when other nations rule us.  That is what the Slicer Coalition is doing now.  Separation is the answer according to the Declaration of Independence.

We have to talk now about what we think now.  If one lesson from our history is clear, the failure to put it down in writing, exactly what people really thought was the mistake that let us be led here.  We have to say right now what we really think.  If its wrong, then it can be corrected. But as it iterates we converge to the fixed point of White Consciousness.  We are a separate and distinct nation.

The members of the Slicer Coalition are separate and distinct nations.  The Declaration of Independence says that means we get separate countries.  That is what the League of Nations said after WWII.  That is what the Slicers said in their homelands around the world.  They said they get distinct and separate nations and we have to leave.

Well now they are here saying we have to leave, but leave existence.  Its they who have to leave.  If we are allowed to think, write, and listen to each other and iterate on that, we arrive at that conclusion.  Its the fixed point of White Consciousness.  We are a separate people, they want to extinct us, they abuse us from any position of power they have over us, and they have to leave.

They know that is where we will converge to. That is why they remove our comments.  That is why they censor us.  That is why they threaten our jobs.  That is why they pass hate speech laws only against us.  That is why they say we can’t form separate associations while they can.

They are turning around everything in the Declaration of Independence that we said is the reason we need a separate country for our separate people and using it to extinct us.  Everything put in the Constitution to protect FSA’s they turn around and use to deny that to FSA’s while giving it to them. That includes free association for them in separate groups but not for us.  That means free speech for them including calling us bigots and saying what is happening is inevitable and no freedom for us to say anything.

That just shows all over again that the DofI and Constitution are right, we need separation from them.  Separation is the basis of Liberty is what the meaning of the Declaration of Independence is.  Its in capitalized words written so large no one can see them.  But that is what it means.  We celebrate the DofI not the Constitution.  The reason is because separation is the basis of our freedom not the writings in the Constitution.  That is what the Founding Fathers wrote.  That is what they fought for.  They fought for separation first and a written Constitution afterwards.

The Slicer Coalition inverts that.  They take the written Constitution and rewrite it to mean no separate associations for us, no free speech etc.  That is why the Founding Fathers practiced separation first, written constitution second.

They didn’t write a Constitution on July 4, 1776, they declared independence.  The Constitution was an afterthought. Separation is the basis of Liberty. That is what the Declaration of Independence declares.  You can’t be free or survive if another people rules over you.  That is what we are seeing today.

Its not so new you see.  Its really old.  A country of our own.  Its an old idea. Its in the Old Testament.  Its what every people want.  Separation first.  Because separation brings real liberty from oppression instantly.  A written Constitution can’t work when you are occupied by a different nation.  It just interprets the law against you.

Separation first, Constitution second.  That is the proper order. That is what we must celebrate on July 4.  That is what Jefferson and the others said.  The Constitution doesn’t give you your freedom.

Freedom is something you take, not something you are given to paraphrase Jock Ewing.  That is what the Declaration of Independence says.  You take freedom by separating from other people who rule over you.  Because they can’t ever rule for you.  Isn’t that what the libs say is the lesson of Iraq?  The lesson of colonialism?

For us to stop being their colony what do we do?  The Declaration of Independence was for just the situation of being colonized by a foreign people.  You separate from them.

Read the Declaration of Independence.  It tells us what to do. The answer is there. Separate first.  Liberty comes from separation.  A distinct nation needs a distinct country.  Read it.  Foreign occupation means government and law itself are tyranny and the instrument of oppression.  That is what it says.  Separate first, Constitution second.  Separation is the basis of survival.  That is what it says.  That is the lesson of history.  We are a distinct people from the Slicer Coalition.  They must separate from us.  The details need to be worked out, but that the DofI tells us the answer.

That is why free speech and association our forbidden to us by the Slicer Coalition using their occupation of government and the schools.  The Declaration of Independence makes clear that free speech and freedom of association are essential to survival as well as liberty.  The Constitution made those permanent rights.  The Slicer Coalition said there is a living constitution which takes those rights from us.  Time to read what the DofI and Constitution say.  Separation is the only basis of liberty and survival. Separation first, Constitution second.


Once you let FSA’s think for themselves, separation is the inevitable answer.  Separation is the basis of Liberty and Survival is the fixed point conclusion of letting FSA’s think for themselves.  That is the mistake the Slicer Coalition is intent not to repeat.  They think they know better than the British or the North before the Civil War.

The Slicer Coaltion believes in total occupation up to and including the mind of those oppressed.  That is what Communism is, the modern totalitarianism that includes the mind of the victim as the battlefield of the occupation.

What Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Orwell and the Left realized was that if you let them think and associate with themselves and iterate on that, they arrive at separation is the basis of liberty and survival.  Separation first, the rest later.

That is what the Declaration of Independence says.  That is what the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions say, separation is the only way one people can avoid being oppressed by another.  That is what is happening now.  The Slicer Coalition is oppressing the FSA’s and the non Jewish whites along with them.

The FSA’s and non Jewish whites have become one people separate and distinct from the Slicer Coalition.  That is why the Slicer Coalition oppresses us and villified us.  That is why they deny us free speech and association.  They know they are a separate people.  They know separation is the only basis of our liberty and survival.  They know that and seek to head it off.  They mean to extinct us and have all this land for themselves.  They mean for us not to have a moment’s peace and security from now until the time we cease to exist.

Separation First, the rest later.  The Lesson of July 4, 1776 is that FSA’s are a distinct and separate people who need their own nation to avoid being oppressed and supressed.  That is what the Communists know and teach.  That is what Obama was taught and practices.  That is why we must have separation from the Slicer Coalition.  They have to go back to their lands.

We must have a land of our own.  That is the lesson and the real lesson of July 4, 1776.  That is what must be taught on every July 4.  The opposite is what the Slicer Coalition teaches on July 4.  That is why we don’t feel it as a celebration but a humiliation.  That has changed from July 4, 1976.  Its happened that quickly.  Its time for them to go.

They have to go because they have proved they abuse every position of power over us.  They have to go because they have tasted genocide of us in Rhodesia and South Africa and Detroit and the South Side of Chicago and Harvard.  They have to go because they are genocing us.  That proves they are the evil ones.  That proves they are the racists.  That proves they have to go and leave us a land of our own.

They know that is the conclusion we will reach if we can reason on our own.  If we can say and write what we notice, and then build on what others of our own say and write and iterate on that freely and without interruption or harassment or bullying, then we will converge on the same answer our FSA’s forbears reached, separation is the only basis of liberty and survival.    That is what the Declaration of Independence plainly says.

That is why they lie and say it says proposition nation.  It says the opposite.  It says a distinct people have to have their own nation or they are oppressed.  It says separation is the only real basis of Liberty and Survival.  It says that when there is not separation the law becomes a method of oppression by one distinct people of another.

They say the Declaration of Independence has no force because of the Constitution. But the Declaration says different.  The Declaration says Constitutions are meaningless without separation.  The Declaration says a distinct people ruling over you will oppress you whatever the law says.  The Declaration says that is what experience teaches as of 1776.  All experience since then teaches the same.

The Slicers say the same for their lands, which they claim as the rest of the earth.  Their oppression is universal extinction of us.  That is why we must separate.  Separation is the basis of our Liberty and Survival. Only then can we teach that lesson each generation and each July 4 to our own.


2 Responses to “Separation First, Constitution Second”

  1. Hal K Says:

    The simplest way to rephrase “keep … in the background” is to just say that I don’t believe that advocating for separation is good for the white cause right now. This applies more to prominent organizations and activists than to your blog, but I just wanted to express my opinion on the subject.

    If whites start speaking up for themselves as whites and the anti-white coalition still prevents a cessation of immigration and affirmative action, then we will have to see where the conflict leads. At that point, perhaps it would be helpful for more whites to talk about separation, since it might scare some sense into the anti-white coalition, hypothetically speaking.

    You say that the slicer coalition will never allow the harmful anti-white policies to be rolled back, and that is why separation is the only answer. What if whites do start speaking up for themselves as whites and the slicer coalition does back down, though? What would that scenario look like? The growing low-IQ segment of the population is going to become a tremendous burden over the next century or two, and the East Asian countries will not have this problem. In other words, the future looks bleak, regardless of whether affirmative action and immigration can be stopped, but the sooner they are stopped (particularly immigration) the less bleak things will be. There might be some sort of separatist movement in what is currently the U.S., but no one knows how this will all play out.

    What is most crucial at this point in time is for whites to start asserting their interests as whites. There is no way that whites will jump directly to separatism from pretending that they have no interests as whites.

    Nonwhites are not intentionally trying to kill off whites. They are just looking out for their own interests, which means bringing more of their co-ethnics into the country, etc. I did say that there is currently a one-sided conflict going on. Maybe in an ideal world the nonwhites would realize that whites were not in their right mind and say “Hey, snap out of it,” but that is not the world we live in unfortunately. Instead they just encourage our politically correct delusions. The nonwhites will take as much as we are willing to give them, right up until we disappear, if it comes to that. This annihilation is currently taking place with our consent and blessing. The first step is to remove the consent. This has not happened yet, which means it is premature to talk about separation.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    I know it seems premature. But as I think about it, my thinking leads there. I think bloggers should write what they think the evidence is and what it implies. Then if its wrong it can be corrected. I think we should follow where the evidence leads. Right now that seems to lead to separation. Its what the Founding Fathers were led to. The DofI talks of the British as our kindred. But the Slicer Coalition is far less our kindred than the British were of FSA’s.

    The only way to get somewhere is to follow what one thinks. The time to write something is when you think it or feel it. If its wrong, one can correct oneself or be corrected. But if its right, then its the right thing to write.

    Bloggers need to follow what they believe in at the moment and see where it leads. One should not be unable to veer course if arguments or evidence suggest another one. I consider these writings tentative and subject to revision and offer them in that spirit.

    The 1776 Revolution sounded bold and revolutionary, but the idea that FSA’s are a separate people who need a separate nation is what they said. Franklin most of all wanted to keep the same ethnic group. He was the most scientific of them all. He invented the idea of positive and negative electricity. There is a sort of distinction between us and the others as fundamental.

    They can see the consequences of immigration at the top and bottom, its to dispossess us of institutions like Harvard as well as steady jobs for the white working class and middle class. They continue to support the measures that lead to this. Obama and Eric Holder are in full swing to push these policies and their coalition supports them. They have to take ownership in what they support. They support our dispossession.

    They say we should have no say in our future. They don’t want us to have any say in how any institution is run or in the rules of society. They want all those rules against us. They say we can’t object. They say this is the inevitable moral nature of things.

    Each harm to whites they conceal or say is their doing and take ownership of it. They take ownership of the harm to whites in South Africa and Rhodesia. They support the same policies here knowing what happened there.

    They mean for us to have no say in our future or our lives. They make those as bad as they can in every way, legal, economic, and moral. They make our schools teach that we are evil. They make entertainment say that. They make every holiday a celebration of the immigration that mathematically causes our extinction and is already dispossessing us.

    They don’t allow us to have associations of our own or to organize our own separate existence as best we can in schools, businesses, clubs, etc. They mean for us to have no say in our lives. They make rules to harm us as the normal course of those rules. They use their power to harm us to the maximum extent, economic, emotional and moral as well as political.

    The DofI says separation is the answer in those conditions. One can not be ruled by a foreign people without suffering oppression is the message of the DofI. When the foreign people mean us such ill and manifest it and mean for us to have no say in our lives as the basis of their morality, then the need for separation is clear.

    When one party says we can’t have any say in our lives or the rules of society, then the time for separation has arrived. They say morality means we have no say in our lives and that we are dispossessed completely. The British didn’t make such claims in 1776. They do mean to have an absolute despotism over us and to use it to harm us and to use that harm to cause our numbers to dwindle to zero. They mean to eliminate our race. They say it and celebrate it. That implies separation is the only answer.

    When they say we get no say in our lives or the rules of society means we say its time for separation. Its that simple. They do mean an absolute despotism. They do mean to eliminate our race. Its happening and they continue it and celebrate it every place in the world its happening.

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