Vanishing American thread on Founding Fathers and nation question

July 5, 2009

Vanishing American discusses the question of whether we are a nation and links to a thread with discussion of the Founding Fathers and their many motives, economic and otherwise.

Why should economic harm inflicted by a foreign people not be a reason for separation then?  Or now?

My comment there:

One interpretation of the DofI is that it says separation precedes both Liberty and Survival. One can not be ruled by another people and have Liberty or Survival. We are currently ruled by a coalition of non-whites and renegade whites who say quite clearly that we have no say in our lives or the rules of society, because for us to do so is to violate their sense of morality.

The DofI says in such conditions, separation precedes Liberty and Survival.  Without separation, there is no Liberty or Survival but only a despotism that becomes progressively absolute.  Such a situation then leads to those who have power seeking the extermination of those they are oppressing.  This is our situation today.

They mean for us to be dispossessed of our own land.  They mean for us to have no say in what the rules of the land are.  They say that would be immoral. They say we can not associate with our own nor make decisions for ourselves about our lives that matter.  This means its time for separation. That is what the DofI says.

In the case of those ruling us, its clear they mean to inflict such economic harm on us by their measures that our numbers will dwindle and our race cease to exist.  This is more extreme than what impelled the separation in 1776.

On July 4, 1776 they declared independence.  They didn’t write a Constitution, they fought for their freedom without it being written in a Constitution.  They knew that when a foreign people rule you, you have neither Liberty nor Survival.

They waited for more than a decade to write a Constitution.  The reason is that separation precedes liberty and survival.  When ruled by an oppressor the law is oppression and is twisted against us whatever it says.  That is what is happening now.  The DofI says in such circumstances the answer is separation.

We are a separate people.  That we could suffer such economic harm from immigration and those ruling us make no effort to stop it, shows they don’t identify with us.  The DofI says that they will never do different and that separation is the only answer.


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