What emotion unites us to repel invaders?

July 8, 2009

Greens decide to invade the land of the blues and tell the blues their plan. The Greens tell the blues they can’t do anything about it.

The blues have a meeting to discuss this.  One of the blues, Hotspur, speaks up and says they need an emotion that will unite the blues to fight back and stop the Greens and expel the Greens already here plus any blues who go over to the Green side.

Everyone bows their head trying to think of the name of that emotion.

Oaf: Is it love?

Politicus Correctus:  Love of the Greens you must mean.

Oaf: Yes that is what I must mean.

Hotspur: That won’t work. That would make us give them money to do it.

At this point, the Greens tell the blues that blues are not allowed to have meetings with themselves and that some Greens will now join the meeting.  These Greens, loudly proclaim they are Blues, immediately start speaking up and bullying the old blues.

Hotspur stands up and says these Greens aren’t blues.  They have to leave.  They are the same Greens as those invading the blue lands.

The Green-Blues eyes became full of ire.  They say that Hotspur is full of hate and has to leave now.  They tell Politicus he has to make Hotspur leave. Politicus the blue leader tells Hotspur to leave.

The Green-Blues then tell Oaf to continue his point about his deep love for Greens and how that love is the basis of his life.  Oaf given this encouragement then spends the next two hours relating all the good that Greens have done unto him and that only more Greens coming will get the work done that blues don’t want to do which makes blue life possible.
The Green-Blues then prompt Oaf to say its the love of Greens that unites us.  Oaf says yes.  Politicus agrees.  The meeting is over.  The blues disband.

This parable got started after reading this thread at VA and the comments there.



2 Responses to “What emotion unites us to repel invaders?”

  1. OA – clever parable. It’s very illustrative of how it works.

    As you reminded us on my blog, we have to be able to feel all our emotions, even (and maybe especially) those that the politically correct manipulators tell us are wrong.

    And on the other side of the spectrum we need the love for our own and for our heritage to be really motivated to save ourselves and our progeny.

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