Obamacare Rahmocaust on elderly white females

July 26, 2009



Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. He has already been appointed to two key positions: health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Emanuel, however, believes that “communitarianism” should guide decisions on who gets care.

Emanuel, however, believes that Commucaustism should guide decisions on who gets care and on who doesn’t.   (Commucaust from Mencius Moldbug.) Who Whom.  The Emanuels didn’t need to read their Lenin to know who whom.   They learned it growing up.  Its the Chicago way.  Its the Axelrod way. Axelrod becomes Axelord.

Who: Obama’s Slicer Coalition, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews.

Whom: Non-Jewish whites.

Asians and Jews have doctors.  Jews have lawyers.  So they will get their health care in the new system.  But non-Jewish whites won’t.  Its the Slicer Coalition in action.  The white victims are the nation of cowards.  Slicers of the World Unite.  That is what Obama preached in Cairo to the Ummah.  Of course, who gets sliced in the end remains to be seen.  Don’t remain silent while you are sliced.

The Slicer Coalition and the Commucaust of non-Jewish whites after World War One are beginning to look more and more alike.  Don’t be silent while you are sliced.

More on Slicer Coalition at Stanford and Harvard here:


This follows up on analysis of Ron Unz, Pat Buchanan, Steve Sailer, others at Vdare on the process of replacement of non-Jewish whites from academia.  We are seeing the same Slicer Coalition now removing non-Jewish whites from the health care system.  It will be Slicers who decide the health care of non-Jewish whites.

The elite Slicers will get health care.  So will elite non-Jewish whites.  But the rest of the non-Jewish whites and the bottom of Asians and Jews will be at risk.  Jews far enough out from the inside are expected to take one for the team.  Outside Jews have to be sacrificed for the sake of Inside Jews. Something to think about.

Also are you sure you will be an insider when the time comes?  Or will you be one lonely elderly white person in a ward run by foreign doctors and foreign nurses?  No Jewish doctor.  No Jewish lawyer.  Just you.  And you are weak and on tubes.  Hard to be assertive when they control the life support tubes running into your body.  They can just turn them off or pull them out.  Kind of like a sci fi movie.  Justice Sotomayor is there to say this was the right medical decision made at the time.  This is true for every white to think about.   When you are 75 years old are you an inside anything anymore?

The inside team always says what matters is our not being taken out by being loyal to our group. So Saudi Arabia got away with 9/11 because criticizing it would be a loss of status for inside neocons when they had the chance to finally get Saddam.  Couldn’t jeapordize that.  This is true of all the groups.  This is the message of the RNC and Fox to whites.  Something to think about if your health care is going to be sliced like your chance at a good job was sliced by H-1b’s and student visas.

The Slicer Coalition counts on the losers on its side to go along with their policy because the non-Jewish whites suffer more.  What is it for?  If you are an outsider of the Slicer Groups you are like a Madoff feeder fund investor.  You come in late and go out without anything.  The insiders say what matters is their staying viable for power.   This is the same mantra that is fed down the whole stack.  Neocon think tanks say it to the counter-jiahdi bloggers.  They say it down to us.  All that matters is those above us.   The rest have to be sacrificed.  That includes the White Race.  In the end, Jews get to be part of this bonfire of the White Race as well.  That is their constant message.   Wake up.

Obama giving Hillary the finger


Now he’s leader of the Slicer Coalition.


Obamacare:  Now is the time we have been waiting for.  Remove the tubes from the white people.  Cut off the electronics from China while you are at it.  Let their missile silos go dead.  Let their power grid go dead.  They are ours now.  We rule. We are the ones.  Our time is now.

Non-whites everywhere:  You are the One we have been waiting for.


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