Zogby to GOP: Ditch whites go non-white

July 27, 2009


Contrast this with Vanishing American discussion of how the right defines itself as secular, religious, or survival of the white race.  For Zogby, appealing to Hispanics is logically prior to religion or genetic survival of the white race.


Someone posted a link over on Free Republic, to a list of various types of conservatives. The three broad categories are Secular Right, Religious Right, and — ‘Xenophobic Right.’

Zogby conservatives are ones like the Bush family that follow the interest of the GOP leadership and not GOP whites.  Genocide the whites if it gets a Bush elected is Zogby “Conservatism”.  This is really a form of fascism.  It exalts the power and importance of the elite and the leader and says that the people, their genes, and their civilization don’t matter.  Zogby Conservatism is the leading spirit of the GOP.  Zogby Conservatism nominated John McCain and George Bush.  Lindsey Graham is a Zogby Conservative.


Zogby may refer to:

  • James Zogby (b. 1945), American founder and president of the Arab American Institute; Brother of John Zogby
  • John Zogby (b. 1948), American pollster; President & CEO of Zogby International; Brother of James Zogby
  • Zogby International, a marketing, opinion, and polling research company founded by John Zogby

Zogby may also refer to the genocide of the white race by immigration.  Zogby may refer to the election of whites disloyal to other whites.  Zogby may refer to thinking of the present as important only and not the past or future.  Zogby may refer to opportunism in selling polling services or advice.  Zogby may refer to immigrationism, that America and Europe are for immigrants and for race replacement of whites.

The Freeper question could be rephrased as are you a

a) immigrationist, i.e. America’s purpose is race replacment of whites

b) white race conservative, that the white race needs to survive and that America or what follows it should support that end.

Or it could be stated as:

a) Are you an opportunist who sees himself as exploiting fools and betraying them

b) one of the fools being race replaced by immigration and losing your job security, health care, social security, etc.

Or it could be stated as

a) Madoff conservative.  One who sees society as a way to fool and cheat.

b) Madoff victim.  A fool who actually votes for and praises the person stealing you blind and leaving you with nothing but unpaid and now unpayable bills.

The Bush family is a Madoff family.  The RNC is a Madoff Committee.  They believe in conservatism of the Madoffs by the Madoffs for the Madoffs.   The Bush family, Lindsey Graham, John savings and loan McCain, and Michael Steele are Madoff Conservatives.  Zogby sees Madoff as a man he looked up to and admired.  Perhaps Zogby also lost some money in the stock market, has a house whose price has dropped, and needs to sell some hot pollster tips about going Hispanic to other Republican “leaders” who are in the same situation.

==My comment at VA:

There should be a first layer, which is those in favor of genocide of whites and those opposed.  The Wright Island Model is a theorem.  You use theorems to guide in setting the classification.  Because that web site didn’t use the theorems first, or science at all, to set its classifications, it came up with the wrong ones.

The categories given are not even exclusive.  Secular and religious are exclusive and exhaustive of that category.  But genocide by immigration is not the same logical category.

The poor thinking is because the right is afraid to talk about race reality.  It also shows that religion and secular are not well understood either. Religion is equated with anti-abortion too much is also part of the problem.

Whites are distinct by genes and these give rise to different behavior and a different civilization.  That civilization requires its members to have the right behaviors.  That requires them to have the right genes. That requires them to be white.

Therefore non-whites must be excluded from where white civilization is to endure.

If logic, science, and theorems are not used to set up the categories, then the definitions, or pseudo definitions used are confusing and illogical.  This prevents coherent thought.  This limits useful discussion.

Immigration and gene replacement are so dominant in their effects that those have to be considered first on their own level.  Those in favor of aspects of white civilization need to realize that if they are for immigration or affirmative action or switching medicare to help non-whites have children instead of elderly whites live, that they are for destroying that white civilization on an almost permanent basis.

Religion should logically be about or include the relation of the individual to society as well as the state of the individual and the relation of both to God.  The disintegration of society by the process of immigration is thus relevant to immigration.  Its logical for religion to oppose such a disintegration.

Seculars should see that reverse evolution by replacing advanced genes is to cut off human progress and essentially give up on this planet.  But we are on this planet, so that is illogical.  Religion too should not give up on this planet.


Religious immigrationist: the way to get right with God is eliminate the white race.

Secular immigrationist: Libertarianism means it doesn’t matter to me if the white race ceases to exist, or the human race.   If that’s what they want. Libertarians don’t mind if
the next super collider destroys the earth if it wants to.  Its restricting the freedom of particles to stop them turning the earth into a black hole.  Let asymptotic freedom ring.  The particles or humans are free to move about the planet.  No restrictions on anything.  Restriction is restricting.   (Even though its necessary to the freedom of others, but who cares, Libertarian thinking ends with the mouth.)


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