Obama Beer Summit: the unteachable moment

July 30, 2009

The Crowley Obama Gates COG Beer Summit is the unteachable moment.  Not to mention untouchable moment as well.  Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley.  President by default Barack Hussein Obama II and Henry Louis Gates Jr. aka as Skip.  From what? Skip class? Skip thinking?  Go directly to Race Hustling?

Gates is a race hustler.  So is Obama.  Their careers are based on lying about race.  Same with Charles Ogletree, the mentor of Barack Hussein Obama and the lawyer of Harvard prof Gates.

Crowley’s life depends on knowing the truth about blacks.  Crowley’s job retention depends on knowing the truth about what liberals let you say about the truth about blacks and keep your job.

To the media, this is the “All Irish Summit”.  But in reality its fish out of water summit.  Obama and Gates are race hustlers elevated by a suicidal white race that ignores reality.  Crowley is paid by that suicidal white race to protect it from what it won’t admit, non-white violence and ethnic cleansing.

But Obama and Gates are bigger ethnic cleansers than any pair of ordinary black robbers.  They are ethnic cleansers on a nation wide scale.  They should answer to a court on a charge of genocide of the white race.

The summit is the unteachable moment for white liberals in the MSM.  They greet it as the teachable moment.  They claim it teaches we are all the same?  Except whites are racist?  To the left, Crowley already is a white cop, which is the same as KKK and Nazi to them.  Why is that?  That is a teachable moment.  The reason is because cops deal in the reality of blacks.  White liberals don’t, except when on the street with them, moments they work hard to make rare and short.

The teachable moment is that blacks simply don’t belong in white society.  Admission to white society is and must be based on genes.  Blacks are destructive of white society by their presence.  We must separate from blacks.  That is the teachable moment.  That is why the teachable moment is the untouchable moment.  No respected white can touch the truth about this moment.  This makes it the unteachable moment for respectable whites.

The future of the white race doesn’t lie with respectable whites.  That is the teachable moment.  The future of the white race lies with the other type of whites.  Are you one?

The Impossible Dream Man of La Mancha.  Peter O’Toole.


Crowley is the one who is really holding up the civilization of the West.  That is what is an impossible dream if the West is multi-racial.  Only the mono-racial white West can survive as the White West and as Western Civilization.

Separation.  “The world will be better for this.”


Obama nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Beer Summit.

Obama at White House: This affirmative action recipient feels as entitled to the prize as Theodore Roosevelt.  In fact more so.  As a descendent of slaves, only I can know what it is to be in this White House and rise above the injustices.

Reporter whispers to other: But he isn’t descended from slaves.

Reporter 2: As far as my editor is concerned he is now.



For NRO, better a year late than 8 years too late.


No Obama  moment is untwittable.  Or is it untwitable?


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