Lou Dobbs great American birth certificate is a story

July 31, 2009

The birth certificate is a legitimate story.  Will Obama withhold his own birth certificate from his own presidential library?  Will Obama withhold his own kindergarten records from his own presidential library?  Fill in the blank.  Elementary School in Indonesia, high school in Hawaii, Occidental College, Columbia, Harvard Law School, mosque in Indonesia, Rev Wright’s church, his faked up first job out of college, his order to HLS classmates to keep silent, the inability to find anyone who saw him at Columbia, his Pakistan trip friends who have not spoken to the media, etc.


Websites like Rawstory put on moderation hold comments from the right for hours or days.  They are fake newsites.  They are propaganda sites.


What proof is there that his ratings fell over this story?



Why is the left so hyper to attribute Lou Dobbs dip in ratings to this story?  Ratings are a short term random walk when there is no big news story.  Are ratings seasonally adjusted for news?  Its the end of July and the big news is the Beer Summit.  The real big news is health care which the left won’t cover truthfully.  Its taking health care from whites forever.  Destroy the insurance companies and whites can never again buy good medical coverage.  Instead they get government health care.  That means non-whites denying them treatment and Sotomayor backing them up.

The left lies constantly.  The left is emboldened in its lies by Obama not having to disclose his original birth certificate before the election.  Obama did that to send a signal that the MSM didn’t have to report the truth about him on anything.  They understand that.

The birth certificate not being released stands for the proposition that Obama is above the truth.  That is what the whole Left believes.  That is why every thing they advocate is to poison white people and ethnically cleanse them from this country.

H-1b is ethnic cleansing of whites.  So is the Obama health care.  So are Obama taxes.  So are Obama nukes for North Korea and Iran.  Lou Dobbs is one of the few and only anchor to speak up on this.

Lou Dobbs stopped UAE from having control of our ports.  That saved thousands and likely millions of lives.  Leftists who live in big cities especially ports might want to think about.  Their life is owed to Lou Dobbs stopping the UAE which was part of 9/11 from having free access to our ports.  See the Complete 9/11 Timeline.


Should we call the people who were opposed to UAE having our ports, Porters?  I am a porter.  That China shouldn’t control our weapons labs are labers?  I am a laber. That China shouldn’t control our universities, Universityers?  That they shouldn’t control our venture capital industry in Silicon Valley, Valleyers?  That H-1bs, shouldn’t take American jobs, Jobbers?   I am a Jobber.  I am a Lou Dobbs Jobber.

No one has the right to take my job from me from China or India.  Nor that of my extended family or people I know.  Congress doesn’t have the right to take my health insurance and give it to people from China, India and Mexico.  I earned that insurance and so did those in my extended family.  Its not the Left’s right to take that away from me.  That makes me a Healther.

Lou Dobbs is the last line of national defense until you get to your own shotgun.  That makes me a shotgunner.

Lou Dobbs, proud to be an American.  Its my right to see Obama’s original long form birth certificate and all his other records that he is holding to prove that he doesn’t have to disclose anything or tell the truth about anything.  That is what this debate is about.

The Left says anything the right wants or says is hate.  Its hate to want to see Obama’s records.  Its hate to want to keep my health insurance that I pay for.  Its hate to want to keep my financial savings.  Its hate to want a safe neighborhood.  Its hate for white firefighters and cops to be treated with dignity.   Its hate for me to be alive.  Only hate can keep me alive.  That is what the left says.  They say it everyday.

The Left freely hate and never hold back.  They never apologize for hate. They still have not apologize for their bringing in the 19 immigrants who did 9/11.  They have not apologized for making Touhy afraid to stop a terrorist for being racist.  The blood of 9/11 is on the Left’s hands.  They don’t apologize, they do the same over and over.  The attack on Crowley was the same as athe attack on Tuohy before 9/11, to make the terrorists safe to kill us and the police afraid to protect us.  To the Left all politics is about the ethnic cleansing of white people.

The Left hates Lou Dobbs. The left has designated Lou Dobbs a person to be hated.  The Left is doing a shout out of hate on Lou Dobbs now that they hounded Sarah Palin out of office. The Left loaded her with legal bills and then the fake ethics lawyer said that Palin could not have a legal defense fund while governor.  When do ethics lawyers make up new laws?  Isn’t that what left judges do?  Its Lou Dobbs who tells the truth on the Left.  So they hate him.  Without Sarah Palin to kick around, its back to Lou Dobbs.  The new 2 minute hate is the old 2 minute hate, Lou Dobbs.

The Left is also angry that Crowley was invited to the White House instead of having to go to the Apology House.  They can’t stand that and they looked around for an old hate target.  Lou Dobbs was there covering that Obama has not disclosed his long form birth certificate.  That ‘s true.  Obama’s lawyers have admitted that its true in court that Obama has not disclosed that birth certificate.


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