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Adding Nation of Cowards blog to blogroll

August 31, 2009

One of the hottest pro-white blogs to start recent is Nation of Cowards.

This blog is excellent.  It has a tremendous blog roll of blogs connected to this movement.  This is growing.  Nation of Cowards is very active and also does a weekly summary of action around other pro-white blogs.   While Vanishing American has paused, this blog is helping fill the gap of linking to and pulling together the pro-white movement.  There is also some activity at the Vanishing American Forum.  I recommend you visit, link to it and comment there and at the VAF.


Make Libya take back all Muslims for Lockerbie Pan am 103

August 31, 2009

Home grown renegade Jack Straw, Scottish occupier Gordon Brown, and Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, and company have now admitted to enough that we know there was a deal of oil for taking back Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi  to Tripoli, Libya by Colonel Qaddafi.  Scottish apostate and traitor Tony Blair was part of this from years ago.

Suzy Jagger and Tom Baldwin

By Simon Johnson and Andrew Hough
Published: 5:10PM BST 30 Aug 2009

Why stop with al Megrahi?  Why not take back Fareed the Weed Zakaria as well?  A good beginning but why stop there?

The better deal was to make Qaddafi take back all the Muslims in the West not just al Megrahi.  That would include the Palestinians as well.  All the Muslims in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, the US, the West Bank, Gaza, Australia, Canada etc.

Take back all the terrorists, not just one.

Heather Lawrence saw a fellow student refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and recite it with the class, the 16-year-old Junior ROTC member saw a teachable moment and took it.

And for that, she’s been suspended five days.

Lawrence’s troubles with administrators at Springstead High School in Spring Hill, Fla., began last Wednesday when she noticed a female Muslim student refusing to participate in the Pledge. The student was wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim headscarf.

Later in the day, Lawrence encountered the student between periods and told her she should stand for the pledge, reported Hernando Today.

“Take that thing off your head and act like you’re proud to be an American,” Lawrence told her.

They should all go back.  Terrorism of Americans of the every day kind like above is now standard.  All the airport taking off of shoes is everyday terrorism.  Why keep them here? Send them back.

Vdare blog answers Kennedy eulogies

August 30, 2009

The outstanding writers at the Vdare blog that Peter Brimelow has put together spent Saturday answering the false and harmful eulogies of Teddy Kennedy pouring out from TV.  This continues their excellent work from the week.  The first step to being a good writer is being a clear thinker.  Vdare is on the right side of logic so that is the first step.

Its writers have done an outstanding job pointing out the truth about Kennedy over the years and in this last week.  If anyone is thinking about where to contribute money, its to this team that Peter Brimelow has put together.   This is the hottest team of writers writing anywhere.

While the elite world wept for Kennedy (and Free Republic pulled a thread last week for being too anti-Kennedy) Vdare pointed out the following:

[Kevin Lamb] @ 12:07 pm

Historian Douglas Brinkley summarized Kennedy’s legacy as if his political contributions ranked with the Founding Fathers.

The parade of odious court historians who bray out a twisted version of history was on display yesterday and the day before.   Vdare was on the scene to point some of them out. However, this is a work for many to follow their lead and join in.  If you have any memories of this or notice transcripts of it in the days to come be sure to post them on your blog if you have one, here in the comments, or some place.  This is valuable work.

The plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin whose career is praising the greatest harm of our most harmful presidents was in full queen bee mode.  She was an assistant to LBJ in the White House.  Not content with her contribution to harming the nation then she went on to try to finish it off with her praise of the poison.   LBJ, FDR and Lincoln and his cabinet she has praised.  This is the trio that destroyed Founding Stock America.

Obama modeled himself on Lincoln in choosing such cabinet or near cabinet luminaries as Larry Summers, Eric Holder, and Timothy Geithner.  This trio is charged by Obama with finishing off Founding Stock America.   Bailing out Wall Street is an example.  They have done nothing to deal with the risk of large financial institutions as even Stanley Fischer pointed out at a recent meeting of the in crowd.  Obama has said he read Despicable Doris’s tome while choosing his team of the Devil’s Disciples.


Steve Sailer points out that Kennedycare will remind people to think KopechneCare.  Kopechne was the first person to get Kennedycare, which consisted of a Kennedy Death Panel of one.  She died not from drowing but from slow suffocation.  You can still see website in the archive.  (Make copies if you want one.)*/

Kennedy left her to die while he went back to his hotel, had a hot shower and a drink and then called friends saing the Protestant bigots will make a big deal of this.

Sailer elaborates on this and points out Kennedy was found with a dead girl in his car and his career lived on just fine.  There are different rules for the genociders and those who are genocided.


[Patrick Cleburne] @ 3:30 pm

With deadly wit, Patrick Cleburne takes apart the nonsense that Kennedy was for the poor.

Obama lauds Kennedy as voice of poor and powerless
Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:44pm

The response of course is “poor and powerless of which nationality”? Kennedy’s sponsorship of, and unrepentant attempts to expand the 1965 Immigration Act disaster has been an unmitigated catastrophe for the American Working class – particularly Blacks – in terms of income and quality of life. It has to some extent benefited Plutocrats like Kennedy and the upper class generally.

This is an extremely important point and builds on discussion previously this week here and at Vdare back and forth on income inequality graphs being U shaped in the 20th century.

Those posts started with two on Novak and then the Kennedy articles have built on those.

(Krugman graph on income inequality discussed here:)

Link to Krugman graph:

Also see Cleburne’s post here pointing out Kennedy’s harm to the working class:


To supplement that discussion, the following references are taken from an earlier post on Joe Guzzardi pointing out how the press has hollowed out itself by its support of immigration.

Berkeley prof Saez’s paper with more graphs of the share of top 1 percent, top 10 percent over the period from before 1924 immigration restriction to today:

“Top Incomes in the Long Run of History” with Tony Atkinson and Thomas Piketty, April 2009, forthcoming in A.B. Atkinson and T. Piketty eds., Oxford University Press, 2010 (Tables and Figures in Excel format)

See Fig 13.8 of Excel sheet.  The U shaped countries from 1900 to 2004.  These are the UK, US, CA, AUS, NZ, IN, ARG, SE, NO.   We can see why immigration is popular with the elites in Europe.

Look at Table 13A.19.  The top .1 percent in Norway is in column F.  The top .1 percent went from being around 1 percent of national income in the 1970’s to being as much as 8.41 percent in 2005 as well as other high numbers.  These fluctuate with the stock market.  The very top have gotten a huge share of national income by immigration keeping wages down. These are the people who own the newspapers and TV stations.  They own Hollywood studios


Patrick Cleburne gives Kennedy his epitaph

In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.”

These words should be his epitaph.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Because of affirmative action, the alleles are not neutral, but non-white ones are favored.  That just makes it happen faster.  In fact, each gene here individually has a world line that goes extinct under immigration as proven here:

Peter Brimelow has assembled a brilliant team of Vdare Veterans to stand against the Feckless Fabulists who are legion in the main stream media.  Their names and faces familiar to us.  Academics who once knew the truth and have grown so accustomed to lies they can hardly notice. They are accustomed to their lies not being pointed out which leads them to tell even bigger whoppers.

Krugman posting the income inequality graph that is U shaped is an example.  The daily liars we are exposed to take a toll on us we don’t realize.  Putnam should do a study of that.  It took courage for Peter Brimelow as an editor to turn his group loose on Kennedy’s funeral day.

Most of the rest of the right was silent.  But it was the proper thing to do.  The MSM had their teams of corporate liars spewing out false statements.  Its always the right thing to do to meet lies with truth and to do so instantly.

No family feelings entitle the MSM to get away with lies, which is exactly what the MSM expected.  Its what the speakers expected.  They were put out on national TV for the nation to come to a halt and listen to them.  They plugged health care and uncivil rights and immigration.  Kennedy himself said it in his remarks prepared for his funeral.  Brimelow had the courage to see through the establishment ploy and not hold back like certain other sites like National (morbid) Review.

==1126 AM

Patrick Cleburne extends the great Vdare coverage of Kennedy Week with this article on the Brazilianization of Martha’s Vineyard.  Americans can’t get jobs where Democrats rule.

North East…Brazil?

Cleburne’s trademark incisive wit on display.

(Lou Dobbs take notice.)

The Guardian asks why MV is Obama’s ideal retreat?  Because Americans can’t get jobs.  Cleburne links to FT in depth article on the history of immigration there.

Cleburne links to two Vdare classics worth reading:

Cleburne also documented that Obama got the hedge fund money

Cleburne links to this informative article on the top hedge funds.

They wanted their bailout and illegals too.  They want the government to pay for their health care as well as legalize their employers crimes on a rolling ongoing basis.  There are many other jobs they don’t want Founding Stock Americans to do, like Attorney General or Supreme Court justice. Obama has complied.

White race not buried at Kennedy funeral Kennedy was

August 29, 2009

It was Edward M. Kennedy buried in the Civil War graveyard of Founding Stock Americans today.  The white race is not counted out yet.  Its up to up.

Kennedy was buried at twilight.  Is that the twilight of the white race?  He tried to make it happen.  But he hasn’t made it happen.

Saga – Ode To A Dying People

Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
Thinking about all these wasted years.
Everything worth living for is gone,
Brother, i find it hard to keep fighting on.
Falling down towards the abyss,
The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
It makes me want to refuse to care,
To watch this all unfold – too much to bear.

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness

Disease encroaching on all i hold dear,
Somehow i gotta get my soul outta here.
Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
I’m finding it hard to try to cope . . .

Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
In a wasteland of meaningless noise;
We don’t stand a chance with dormant pride,
The heroes of our race have already died . . .

If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends. . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .

To imagine it has all come down to this,
Apathy and suicidal bliss . . .

It’s all over except for the cryin’,
With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion . . .

The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed,
White man, fight the flight towards the grave . . .

If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .
If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .

Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way, i can’t bear to witness . . .

Nation of Cowards weekend roundup shows there is life in our movement still:

Ted Kennedy legacy median wages same 1973

August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy is dead.  But his immigration lives on.  So does the ethnic cleansing.

Edward M. Kennedy from 1932 to 2009.

Kennedy’s legacy is 3rd world immigration that is bankrupting the country. He destroyed the greatest country that ever was. But he had many helpers.  Comments:

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Men’s median wages are the same as 1973, women’s are what men’s were in 1963. Men and women’s median wages graph page 19:

Men’s labor force participation rate from 1973 at 75.5 to 68.5 in 2008 and even lower now. SEe Table page 2 of

Ted Sorensen ghost wrote Nation of Immigrants for Jack Kennedy. But it fed into their Irish Catholic resentment of Wasps. Their revenge are the above statistics. Obama has the same revenge need. Medicare, Social Security, safe communities all are being lost to immigration. That immigration comes from envy, resentment and hate. Same with affirmative action.

8/26/2009 9:20:20 AM

Patrick Cleburne at Vdare makes similar points with links to research over the year that shows the statistical verdict on Kennedy’s immigration is the worst event American history.

Cleburne links to the Peter Brimelow and Edwin S. Rubenstein article on their Displacement Index.

==Following all quotation from Vdare

Because so many Hispanics are immigrants and the children of immigrants, Hispanic employment is the best proxy we can find in the monthly BLS job data for the impact of immigration on employment.

And the ratio of Hispanic to non-Hispanic employment indexes (January 2001=100.0) is a good measure of how immigrants have fared relative to native-born workers since the start of the Bush Administration. We call it the VDARE.COM American Worker Displacement Index [VDAWDI].

Here’s how October 2004 looks.

  • The Hispanic employment index was 113.3, signifying the 13.3 percent growth in Hispanic employment since January 2001
  • Non-Hispanic employment was 101.1 reflecting a 1.1 percent rise in non-Hispanic employment since January 2001

So October’s VDAWDI is 112.1 =100.0X(113.3/101.1)

In other words, since George Bush became President the immigrant job growth index has risen 12.1 percent more than the native job growth index.

This means that since Bush took office the rate of immigrant job growth has outpaced the rate of non-immigrant job growth by a factor of more than 12.

==End quotation Vdare

(My WordPress has a bug it appears and it is quirky with indenting so I try to limit that.)

There is a birth displacement effect as well.  If births are in proportion to work, the birth displacement is similar to the work displacement.  This is how the Wright Island Model effect happens.

Edward M. Kennedy.  Chappaquiddick where he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die was a microcosm of his life.  He stopped others who were going to call for rescue of her by a false promise to call himself.  He went to his hotel, had a hot shower and drink, and then called friends complaining about what the Protestant bigots would say the next day.  At that very time, she was alive in an air bubble according to the diver who went down the next day.  The website Ytedk seems to be gone now.

BNP has an excellent column on Kennedy with great comments following.

We need a party like the BNP here in America.  We need one in every white land.

There are other Ted Kennedys.  Lindsey Graham.  John McCain.  Charles E. Schumer.  Barack H. Obama II (or whatever it says on his hospital birth certificate.)

Career Recent
Sen. Kennedy has earned an overall career immigration voting grade of F
View History
Sen. Kennedy has earned a recent immigration voting grade of F-
2006 – 2009
Grades Updated: August 10, 2009

Grades Updated: August 10, 2009

Overall Immigration Reduction Grades


Career Recent
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Comparisons of Career record with others:

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Kennedy was the worst in Congress.  The absolute lowest on immigration.

Check your senator at the same site.  Click on your state on map below:

Support Vdare.  Support NumbersUSA.  You can Free Fax the Senate to stop immigration from your computer at NumbersUSA.  Also support Fairus.  You can comment at Dan Stein.

Following contains some of the low lights from the Senate:

Famous photo of Senators laughing.

Kennedy, Dole, Dodd, Hatch, and Lloyd Bentsen all big immigrationists.  All voted for 1990 increase (?).  Kennedy was the skank of the Senate.  They knew he killed for it.  They took ownership of his crimes including immigration genocide.  They took away our schools and the solvency of medicare and social security by their third world immigration.  It was their hate.  They have contempt for us for voting for them after they vote for immigration.  Over time that turns to active hate of us.  They do what they can to hurt us to justify it. They think of us as a nation of cowards, a nation of Mary Jo Kopechnes.

Kennedy’s legacy is to take away health care from the people, not give it.  The immigrants he brought in are bankrupting government and hospitals.  They have overrun and destroyed schools.  They have taken out know-how to foreign hostile lands.  They have made our communities unsafe.  They have settled hostile tribes like the Hmong and Somalis amongst us.  They have denigrated our people.

They have enforced the hatred of whites in schools and in public and in all forms of entertainment and media.  The Kennedy legacy is of unbridled hate for the Wasp country that took them in.  They meant to destroy it and they halfway did.  Whether it is finished is up to you.  Get involved.  Don’t just take it. Fight it.  The Kennedy genocide cup is half empty.


Skank of the Senate not Patriarch of the Senate.  He was Patriarch of replacement immigration.  But the Senate takes ownership of his crimes.  They express their contempt for us by their praise of Kennedy.

We keep voting for them after they vote for immigration to hurt us.  Over time, that contempt of us turns to hatred of us.  That is why you must vote against Senators who vote for legal immigration.

With millions unemployed and houses in foreclosure, we don’t need more California busting immigration.  When the Senators laugh, they are laughing at us for voting for them after they vote against us on immigration.

Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt because of the same immigration. Schools fail because of the immigrants.  They can never support anyone.  They are a permanent drain.  Many people reading this will one day be denied health care because of these immigrants or by foreign doctors and nurses who don’t care.  When that happens to you, remember the Senators who are laughing.  Remember their praise of Kennedy.  They are celebrating foreign doctors denying you care.

==WaPo blocked above comment probably for skank, so the following was posted:

By praising Kennedy, the Senate takes ownership of all his crimes and deeds. When we vote for them after they vote for immigration they have only contempt for us.  Over time that contempt of us becomes hate of us.  That is what they are expressing now by praising Kennedy.

8/26/2009 12:15:49 PM


The evil immigration the Senate does lives after them. The good was last done in the earlier part of the 19th century.
8/26/2009 12:24:36 PM

Muhammad told Obama to fix health care Bill Maher

August 25, 2009

(Spoof) Bill Maher said

“Obama should wake up tomorrow and say ‘Jesus told me to fix health care’…This Max Baucus guy needs to wake up tomorrow with an intern’s head in his bed.”

Phone in caller (imaginary)

Conan: Hello caller, what is your question?

Caller: Shouldn’t that be, uh, you know, Muhammad who tells Obama to fix health care.

Maher: Are you from the South?

Caller:  Bama.

Maher:  Alabama.

Caller:  Yes, sir.

Maher: You probably think Obama was born in Mombasa, don’t you?

Caller:  I think so, yes.

Conan kills call.

Maher: Southern stupid white birthers.  I apologize for being redundant.  When I said America is stupid that is what I mean.

Conan: Let’s have the next caller.

Caller:  Didn’t Muhammad, I mean Obama call Jesus a prophet in his Cairo speech.

Conan: So, wasn’t he?

Caller:  Its the Muslim that thinks Jesus was a prophet.  Christians believe he is the savior.  That shows Obama is a Muslim not a Christian.

Maher: He didn’t say he was a prophet.  He said something like that but not that.

Conan: Can someone look up the Cairo speech and tell us what he said?

Back stage guy:  Obama said:

and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed (peace be upon them) joined in prayer.

Conan: Next caller.

Caller3:  By saying Peace be upon them and invoking Isra a story from the Koran, Obama was puting Islam above Christianity and saying Jesus had his status in Islam.

Maher: No he wasn’t.

Caller cut off.

Maher: Where do these callers come from?  I’ll tell you the ignorant South.  You thought it was dead, but stupidity lives in the South.  That’s the real birther story.  Ignorant birthers born brain dead.  Or if not the first time, they were born again brain dead.

Conan: Born again brain dead, what would be the point of that?

Maher: To spout stupidity about Obama being a Muslim and getting his orders from Muhammad.

Conan: We have time for another caller.

Caller4:  Wasn’t Obama born in Islam?  His middle name Hussein means he was born a Muslim.

Maher: Its just a name.  His father had that name so they named him for his father.  He hardly eve saw his father again.

Caller4: Obama wouldn’t say Jesus told him anything, because Muslims don’t want to hear that.  He has to satisfy his base.

Maher:  I didn’t know we still had the ignorance on.  Are you from the South?

Caller4: I’m from Mississippi.

Maher: Which state is closer to last in the country on test scores?  Mississippi or Alabama?

Caller5: Its not because of whites that they are at the bottom.

Maher: So its blacks?

Caller5: Yes sir.

Maher: What about Obama?

Caller5: His mother was white.  Also he won’t release his school records or birth certificate.

Conan cuts him off.

Maher: He has released the birth certificate.  The ignorance that comes from the South is incredible.  Its the cradle of stupidity.  Zombie fried chickens with their heads cut off.  That is what Southerners are.

Ben Bernanke Russia Plagiarism Files

August 25, 2009

Questions to ask Ben Bernanke in the FBI background check and by the Senate.  Has he ever heard and if so from whom anything related to the following.  See reference material after these questions.  Has Bernanke heard or know that:

  1. Russia keeps track of plagiarism or apparent plagiarism or possible plagiarism by profs in the West?
  2. Has he heard that in relation to Paul Samuelson and copying by Samuelson in his 1969 paper on dynamic programming that replicated in part work of Nils Hakansson in the Hakansson 1966 UCLA thesis?
  3. Bernanke cited the Sameulson 1969 paper in Bernanke’s thesis at MIT under the supervision of Stanley Fischer.  He also cited the Merton 1969 paper but not the Stanley Fischer 1969 thesis at MIT or the subsequent Stanley Fischer papers.  Bernanke also didn’t cite the Hakansson 1966 thesis or any paper by Hakansson.  Why?
  4. What did Bernanke know at the time of writing his thesis?
  5. Why did Fischer add a citation to the Hakansson paper in his thesis late as he says, which was deposited late in the MIT library and in his publications, but Bernanke doesn’t cite the Hakansson papers or thesis?
  6. Bernanke’s thesis work was after 1975, the year that Soviet economist Kantorovich won the Nobel Prize in economics.   Had Bernanke heard then that the Soviets pressured Paul Samuelson or Kenneth Arrow or economists at Harvard to nominate Kantorovich?
  7. Was this pressure based in part on allegations of plagiarism by Samuelson in the 1969 paper which was an NSF grant paper?
  8. Did Russia also use allegations of still existing coverups by professors in the US and US universities of Russia’s network and efforts to gain atomic know-how?
  9. Did this include refererences to the Fock Letter published in Physical Review in 1947?
  10. Did this include issues relating to Klaus Fuchs?  To J. Robert Oppenheimer?  To Hans Bethe concealing information about Fuchs, Max Born, etc?
  11. To the Max Born assistants who went to China and became involved in its atomic bomb program after Fuchs was arrested in 1950?
  12. To Infeld another Max Born assistant who went to the Soviet zone after the Fuchs arrest?
  13. Did LTCM trade Russian government bonds in August 1998 or earlier based on a belief that Russia was pressuring Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer based on this for low interest IMF loans?
  14. DE Shaw has been said to have traded Russian government bonds, whether accurately or not.  DE Shaw hired Summers and it is reported paid him 5 million dollars.  This was after the US v. Harvard, Shleifer investigation.  What does he know of this?  Did DE Shaw have information about any of this when it was trading Russian government bonds, if it was? After that?
  15. Did DE Shaw know about this by the time Summers was hired by Obama?  Did DE Shaw provide information on this to the FBI in a background check on Summers to be hired by Obama?
  16. Who else traded Russian government bonds based on this information?
  17. Was the private bailout of LTCM arranged by the government or the Federal Reserve Bank in NY or by Goldman Sachs or others because they knew of this and wanted to keep it out of any trial involving an LTCM bankruptcy?
  18. Was this leverage over LTCM to get them to agree to the terms of the bailout group?  Was John Merriwether questioned on this at any time?  Anyone else from LTCM?
  19. Did econ profs at the DOJ Antitrust Division Economic Analsysis Group know this?  Did Carl Shapiro know it?  Was he rehired at DOJ because of a coverup going on at DOJ?
  20. Was information relating to the above concealed from Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom from 1997 to 2005 during US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay?
  21. Did Shleifer know of any of the above?  Did Shleifer use that as leverage to get Harvard to stand by him?
  22. What about associates of Shleifer at companies he was involved in or at University of Chicago or Harvard?
  23. Did Hay get a Ph.D. in math from Moscow State University while US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay was pending so that if he lost his law license he could get an academic job in Europe as a math prof?  Was this to keep him from doing a deal with USAO Mass?
  24. Did DOJ HQ know about this under Clinton, Bush and Obama?
  25. Is Eric Holder part of a conspiracy to cover this up?
  26. Did Obama know about this from Cass Sunstein at University of Chicago while his wife was paid over 300k per year?  Steve Sailer reports that job was abolished after she left it.  Was this money for silence?
  27. Did Elena Kagan know of this?  From the Clinton time? Did she conceal it from USAO mass while she was Dean of Harvard Law School?
  28. Are others at DOJ involved?  Other econ profs in the US government?  Under Clinton, Bush and Obama?
  29. Did Summers get Paula Jones audited in September 1997 while concealing info from USAO Mass and paying hush money to Russia because Clinton knew it and used that as leverage?  Summers was in charge of the IRS reorganization and the IRS was without a Commissioner from spring 1997 to Novemember 1997, effectively leaving Summers in charge.  Did Clinton arrange it that way so he could use this information to pressure Summers to audit Jones?  Was Clinton’s motive to intimidate Monica Lewinsky?  Clinton didn’t commit perjury until Jan 1998.  Once he did so he would be under the power of Lewinsky to destroy him, as was shown. Did he audit Jones to frighten Lewinsky as part of their perjury pact?  Did Clinton permit Russia to continue to pressure an addition 4.8 billion from Summers and Fischer in 1998 after this and during the impeachment process?  Did Russia figure that out and use it?
  30. Did other countries know of this history and use it as leverage against Clinton, Bush or Obama?  Those countries include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, Russia, and China?
  31. Of all the econ profs and law profs under Clinton, Bush and Obama have any revealed any information about any of this?
  32. Did John Yoo know it?  Did he learn it from Berkeley?  Did Paul Wolfowitz learn of it from his father Jacob Wolfowitz as to incidents before his father’s death?  Did they tell Bush?  Did Bush use it during Bush v. Gore?  Gore was linked to Summers and Russia in a troika by House Republican leaders.
  33. Some of them were hired by Bush at SEC and CIA. Did they know of this?  Did they conceal it?
  34. Did Albert Gonzales as AG?
  35. Did Yoo and Wolofowitz owe their independence to their role in this?
  36. Did Libby use this to help get the Marc Rich pardon from Clinton?
  37. Is Obama using this history to espace having to reveal his documents related to his hospital issued birth certificate?  His other concealed documents?
  38. Is this being used as leverage to get health care passed?
  39. For the hate crimes bill?
  40. Was Eric Holder’s Nation of Cowards speech meant to intimidate those in the know, in and out of DOJ, and in and out of government from speaking up with a new administration?
  41. Were the US Attorney firings meant to intimidate DOJ HQ employees or others such as Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom from reopening the US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay case?
  42. Was the bailout of 2008 meant to also keep quiet those on Wall Street who know of this?  Including at Goldman Sachs?

Reference material on the above questions

(taken from prior post)

Paul Samuelson plagiarism “public good”

Edmund Phelps, Insider-Economists’ Insider

Introduction by PAUL A. SAMUELSON

Thus, my much-cited 1969 paper on optimal intertemporal portfolio programming opportunistically used the Bellman-Beckman-Phelps recursive techniques to analyze what defines the best qualitative asset-portfolio mix of the Phelps 1962 aggregate saving. It was not plagiarism but it was horning in on a created public good there for the taking.

No it wasn’t.  It was Nils Hakansson’s Ph.D. thesis at UCLA.  It was not a public good for horning in.  Paul Samuelson got an NSF grant for his horning in.

MIT had the thesis by 1966 because a professor there, Karl Shell, chaired the session at which Hakansson presented it.  It was one of the top theses of all time in economics and caused a sensation in the profession.  It was not a public good at all.  Public good has an ironic meaning when Samuelson get an NSF grant for his 1969 “horning in”.

By David Wessel

Asked about the economics of implementing a cap-and-trade approach to climate change at an Economic Club of Washington event today, White House economic adviser Larry Summers deliberately sought to avoid saying anything newsworthy. Instead, he cited a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. thesis written in 1979 by a then-young economist named Ben Bernanke, now, of course, chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Bernanke cites the Samuelson 1969 paper in his thesis.;jsessionid=F6535BEB64E73E0150C398D6A48A8B55?sequence=1

Page 149 of thesis cites Samuelson but in the citations, Hakansson does not appear.

Stanley Fischer in his 1989 textbook credits Samuelson 1969 and mentions Hakansson not at all.

Nils Hakansson was not even made a Fellow of the Econometric Society.  So many at MIT in 1969 were made Fellows even though they did nothing of comparable worth.


Summers is still continuing the bullying.  But now he is trying to intimidate those who know from coming forward.  Summers is also bullying Assistant US Attorney Sara Miron Bloom not to investigate what is now on the Internet.  Summers is doing this with Obama’s knowledge very likely.  This includes bullying and intimidating the staff of DOJHQ, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, FBI, etc.  They are all being bullied by Summers and Obama and Nation of Cowards Attorney General Eric Holder.

Thomas C. Reed September 2008, page 47

One important “pupil” who paid Fuchs an early visit was Qian Sanqiang. In 1959 Qian was the designated mastermind of Mao’s A-bomb program. In July of that year, Qian made his way to East Germany, where he met with Fuchs at length. (H. Terry Hawkins, now a senior fellow at Los Alamos, told Stillman in 2006, “I read this report in an unclassified publication, that this meeting took place shortly after Fuchs returned to East Germany. Fuchs gave Qian information that greatly assisted the Chinese program.” Also see During those long summer days of 1959, Fuchs gave Qian a full tutorial on the design and operation of Fat Man. In all likelihood, he also added his thoughts on the role of radiation pressure in thermonuclear weapons.

Holder, Obama and Summers know AIP has linked to this blog on this.  They know they are facing investigation for this.  They are using bullying to keep the DOJ staff and FBI staff from investigating this.

Joel Brenner talk mentions Russia’s intense effort towards end.

“But he said Moscow appears less interested in U.S. commercial and military technology than other countries”

The above is all speculation and hypotheses.  This is draft and preliminary.  All other disclaimers apply.  Comments and corrections welcomed.

Stupid Nation Building Presidential Game Show

August 23, 2009

The rules of Stupid Nation Building:

  1. A country that wants nukes arranges a terrorist attack on the US.
  2. This is blamed on some other nearby country.
  3. The other country is very difficult to nation build.
  4. Then the country that wants nukes is paid money and allowed to develop nukes and even sell the know-how.  Sanctions on it from last president for trying to build nukes are removed.  It is proclaimed a long term ally and our savior, except that might offend them, so our long-term partner in the region.
  5. In exchange they lend “assistance” to the US to nation build the terrorist nation nearby.
  6. The assistance never works.
  7. The terrorist nation being nation built always requires more troops and money.
  8. That country itself exports drugs and terrorism even more than before.
  9. It uses the aid from the US, captured weapons, etc. to organize international terrorism on a larger scale.
  10. Elect a new president and repeat.

Game invented by Yale man George Bush and his staff of Yale-cons.  Continued by (affirmative action) Harvard man Obama and his staff of Harvard-libs.

Obama Kennedy deal birth certificate for Chappaquiddick truth

August 23, 2009

(Spoof) Barack Hussein Obama and Edward Killer Kennedy announced a historic deal today.  Kennedy will tell the truth about how he killed Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in exchange for the Coast General Hospital Mombassa Zanzibar later Kenya  birth certificate recording Obama’s birth in his homeland of Kenya.

Rahm Emmanuel announced the deal to a Town Hall Meeting.

Rahm: This is an historic change from Democratic politics.  We are finally going to tell the truth about —

(interruption from crowd)

Man1:  About Obama death panels.

Rahm:  No

Man2: About the genocidal immigration Kennedy sponsored.

Rahm: No

Man3: That Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia were behind 9/11 and the government knew that within the same day?

Rahm: We didn’t know about UAE’s involvement until the next week.

Man3: Only because it was moving slowly through the bureaucracy.

Rahm: Maybe.

Man4: That desegregation and integration are ethnic cleansing.

Rahm: No.

Man5: That affirmative action is part of the slicing of non-Jewish whites from Harvard and Stanford.  Blacks and Hispanics get 12.5 percent each on the bottom, Asians and Jews get 25 percent each off the top and non Jewish whites get 25 percent?

Rahm: No

Man6: That the slicer elite is lying to us about everything that is keeping us down.   Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, men’s labor force participation rate was over 80 percent in the 1940’s and is under 70 percent today from immigration.

Rahm: No

Man7: The bailout was to help the powerful and was a bigger theft than Madoff.

Rahm: No

Man8: The Obama deficits will bankrupt the country.

Rahm: No.

Man9: That Bernanke is bringing stagflation?

Rahm: No.

Man10:  That Russia really did use plagiarism files to get low interest rate loans from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990’s and LTCM and other hedge funds knew it and bought Russian government bonds to make money from it and then Harvard concealed that from the USAO Mass investigation from 1997 to 2005?

Rahm: This place has to run out of men sometime.  I’m leaving now though.

Man11: What about that Lockerbie was state sponsored terrorism and when Libya got away with it that gave Pakistan and Saudi Arabia the idea they could do it on 9/11?

Man12: Or 7/7?

Rahm: I’m leaving.  No more truthing for me.  I’m going back to the old ways.  We will lie to you and the media will lie to you for TV stations.  You are all Southern White Bigot Republicans.

Bill Clinton wakes up.   He turns to his partner.

Bill: I had a horrible nightmare that Rahm Emmanuel was going to tell the truth about the Paula Jones audit and the audits of the other women and Judicial Watch.  But fortunately, Ted Kennedy and Obama got to him in time.

Press watches people not the powerful

August 22, 2009

Joe Guzzardi at Vdare discusses why the liberal press keeps losing readers and has declining circulation.  Its because they are against their readers.

Men’s median wages is the same as 1973, women’s are what men’s were in 1963.  Men and women’s median wages graph page 19:


The logical outcome when corporations offer a product for sale that their audience doesn’t appreciate is that the clients go elsewhere.

Men’s labor force participation rate from 1973 at 75.5 to 68.5 in 2008 and even lower now.  SEe Table page 2 of


When asked specifically about the slant of their hometown newspaper, nearly half of the respondents (47 percent) said their local paper is more liberal than they are.

Income inequality graph is U shaped, high before 1924 immigration restriction, then low during it, then high again today.  It has gone up with the accumulation of immigrants  and their children since 1965.  Krugman has no explanation.

(Patrick Cleburne comments on this graph at Vdare in response to a column here.)

Cleburne: to Novak’s ignorant assertion – which gave no sign of awareness of the 1924 cut-off

The liberal press can’t explain this graph, because it shows their advocacy of immigration is corporate propaganda.  But its corporate propaganda against their own customers.

Guzzardi: When over time you lose 40 percent of your customer base, you’ll go out of business.

Fertility is an inverted U shape over the same time period, rising during immigration restriction when income inequality fell and then falling afterwards.  Fertility rises from 1940 to peak at 1957 and fall by end of 1970’s and then stay low.  Immigration actually picked up in numbers in the 1950’s even before the 1965 Immigration Act in the US.  The following has US and Canadian fertility graphed from 1940.

This is from Stat Guy

Scott Gilbreath aka StatGuy Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Canadian fertility is at 1.5 even lower than the US.  The destructive impact of liberal PC forced on the people to keep quiet while this goes on is even more powerful in Canada.  Here in America we still have Southern White Birther Bigots (nd ask where is the beef certificate?  That is supposed to be the press’s job.)  as well as no sense Italians like Joe.


If you doubt that most reporters are not pleased with themselves, then log onto any of their self-serving websites like the Society of Professional Journalists.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


The crucial question some newspapers should ask is whether they react to their readers’ opinions with quiet contempt.

The sad answer for too many is: yes.

The conclusion is that the press’s job is not to watch the powerful do this to us and make them stop, its to watch us and stop us from stopping this happening to us. That is why the declining circulation doesn’t change the message. The press is a money losing proposition much of the time. But its a way for the elites to keep the people in line. That is why we need our own media like Which needs support.

The crucial question to ask is why genociding whites still pays better than fighting the genocide? Who Whom as Steve Sailer reminded us recently to ask. Part of the answer is at the graph of income inequality. The top .01 percent are getting a huge share of national income. Who are those top .01 percent? They get their money be pushing us down with immigration. Who are they?

The crucial question to ask for us as individuals is why we don’t support Vdare, NumbersUSA, and others who are fighting this? Why don’t we speak out more? Why are we just taking this?

Saez’s paper with more graphs of the share of top 1 percent, top 10 percent over the period from before 1924 immigration restriction to today:

“Top Incomes in the Long Run of History” with Tony Atkinson and Thomas Piketty, April 2009, forthcoming in A.B. Atkinson and T. Piketty eds., Oxford University Press, 2010 (Tables and Figures in Excel format)

See Fig 13.8 of Excel sheet.  The U shaped countries from 1900 to 2004.  These are the UK, US, CA, AUS, NZ, IN, ARG, SE, NO.   We can see why immigration is popular with the elites in Europe.

Look at Table 13A.19.  The top .1 percent in Norway is in column F.  The top .1 percent went from being around 1 percent of national income in the 1970’s to being as much as 8.41 percent in 2005 as well as other high numbers.  These fluctuate with the stock market.  The very top have gotten a huge share of national income by immigration keeping wages down. These are the people who own the newspapers and TV stations.  They own Hollywood studios.

At the top of the press, the pay is very good.   They fly around the world.  Bob Woodward and Tom Friedman are paid by the Post and NYT to stay in their homes and write books.  So its very good for those who go along with this.

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